Written Preview for Episode 12 of Nice Guy

Do you want to kill me, drama? Do you want to kill me from the excess ofย feelings? Oh the feelings, it just rolls over me in waves and waves anytime I see a glimmer of happiness with Eun Gi and Maru. Seeing them not only happy, but happy together, that sends me into the throes of giddiness the likes of which require me to run around the room just to burn off the excess energy. I thought the pictures earlier of them walking along the shore and through the grassy field were swoon worthy enough, but obviously Nice Guy wants to just pour on the glorious OTP interactions some more. Look at them! He plays the harmonica for her. She sits there at peace, the kind of peace that she’s never had in her entire life, but the moment she met Maru something she saw in him made her throw everything away to seek a measure of the simplest of happiness with him. And now that she doesn’t have her memories or her acquired knowledge, all that becomes just baggage that she’s shed and in return she gets the measure of peace she so desperately lacked her entire life.

For Maru, from the moment he told the lie that he killed that man in the motel room and took the blame for Jae Hee, this is perhaps the first time he’s chosen to live his life because of what he wants that is a positive step in his life. He wants to be with Eun Gi, to help her, to care for her. He wants it even knowing he might have to walk away eventually. For now, she needs him and he is there for her, despite us all knowing that he needs her just as much. I actually feel like this is Lee Kyung Hee‘s most romantic melodrama since Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School (just my personal opinion), and if NG continues the pace and ends well, it has a high chance as surpassing SD as my fave of her dramas. Normally I worry that a drama runs out of story in the second half but with NG there are still so many issues to deal with, namely Maru’s hematoma and facing the consequences of the bad deeds he did to earn money for Choco, Jae Hee getting what she’s owed, and Eun Gi figuring out her love vis-a-vis Maru and her identity as the heir of Tae San.

Written preview for episode 12:

Jae Hee cannot believe her eyes despite seeing Eun Gi standing in front of her. What’s even more shocking is that Maru is with her. Maru starts to assist Eun Gi in regaining her position at Tae San and starts to exert pressure on Jae Hee. Lawyer Ahn is suspicious of Eun Gi’s sudden personality and behavior change and starts to observe her carefully. Eun Gi feels despondent and pain from her memories that come and go and she tries to find comfort and security from Maru who is beside her. Maru, who now has a pure heart towards Eun Gi, works hard to create happy memories with her.


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  1. I love how eun gi and maru announced that they’re engage.. It made jae hee’s mouth open wide hahah… Cant wait until tomorrows episode

  2. Kyaaaaah!!! I’ve seen these BTS stills but its always nice to swoon with you, Koala. I feel like doing a himono-onna style log roll all over my living room watching these two! So perfect. Their chemistry is off the charts, even from these BTS stills alone.

    And I must say, that last photo is definitely not Kang Maru…that’s classic Joong Ki expression/smile right there! So cute that they seem to be having fun on set despite the heaviness of this drama.

  3. I want to enjoy the moment we’ve all been waiting for but it scares me that they look so happy that it will soon come to an end.. hence it’s just the halfway T_T waaa >.<

  4. Actually I wish Eungi doesn’t regain her memory. There was nothing but pain. She is so happy now, she only needs Maru by her side and everything is okay for her.

    Wondering if Secretary’s and Joonha’s wish for her to regain her power in Taesan really is what she wants. Taesan was a prison for her.

    • Nooooooooooooooooooo! Don’t say it out loud.
      This is one of those be careful what you wish for thingies. Monkey’s Paw

      I can just see it now…
      EG holding her beautiful newborn baby in her arms as she sits sobbing at MR’s deathbed, and he tells her, “Don’t cry…I’ll always be there with you and little Chaeki…”
      I will die of this.

  5. This drama is seriously just rocking my world. The fits I was having at the end of episode 11 had me contorting my face and hands into the silliest expressions because I just couldn’t handle all the rich, savoury, goodness this drama brings to my soul.

    And all these pictures of Maru and Eun Gi sharing such beautiful and intimate moments together?… *sobs* someone just hold me please.

  6. koala sis, i had been swooning since early morning from the newest still to the recap to the written preview and thanks to you! *swoons* ooops, wait… *gets up* btw, i always love you when you love a drama cuz we always get bits and pieces and updates almost every hour by the hour, lols. *swoons back*

  7. i smile like a crazy person at my lunchtime because the cuteness and my friends face LOL… OMG.. i have to finish my homework tonight befor NG airs.. somehow, NG be a positive motivations to not procrastinate my assignment..
    Thank You KOALA…>.<

  8. I’m in the middle of watching ep 11, and still need to read this post (later ;), after I’m finished with this ep)
    but I think, I get now (long way to go for me I confess :D), why the watch in the intro goes backwards. This Innocent-Watch.
    “Back to innocence.” With his caretaking (to a fault)character and Eun Gi’s love, he comes back – in some kind – from his inner disaster and selfdestruction after Jae Hee.
    God. I hope so much he doesn’t die in the end because he neglected his brain-surgery!!

  9. yay! more nice guy posts and beautiful pictures, thanks ockoala ๐Ÿ™‚
    From the start, it may have been a melodrama due to maru’s sacrifices and painful memories from jaehee. But now after the accident, I reckon it is more just like an intense business drama genre not so much of melo. Just like protect the boss minus all the comedy with more little touch of more spicy on the top.. Anyway, I hope that this beautiful journey that we’ve been through with such a mesmerizing cinematography, characters, and plot won’t end up to be a let down. I mean considering this is Kyung Hee’s piece, she can be so cruel sometimes, which I fear the most. Including those extreme sad ending of the protagonist dying NO.. Look at the otp now; adorable adorable baby, let them be together and also live a happy life. Also Maru to live a normal life with her sister, Jaehee to redeem herself and marry her assistant and go to isolated island lol XD

  10. I love the pictures. They convey so much emotion and feeling. The giddiness that comes from the feeling of falling in love. AWWW! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I really hope that this happiness will last till the end…
    But i have a little doubt about that.. Remember in previous episode before? When maru called to the hospital and the doctor said that he has blood clot in his head and need to get a surgery… How is his condition? I don’t like if at the end something will happen to h because he don’t get a surgery…

  12. ohh can you please comment on how maru said to give him half of taesan if he helped eun gi ๐Ÿ˜ฎ does he mean it? or is it just to test joon ha? ๐Ÿ™ i wonder why he said thatt! BTW I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS SO MUCH! its just part of my routine to watch NG and tehn read your reviews right away! its seriously the best combination and helps me think about the drama and love it even more than i already do ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I would not be surprised if the writer decides for EunGi to recover all her memories, believe that Maru has been using her all along, to eventually split and maybe get a revenge despite his protest and broken heart which will have him die by himself miserably at their beach without anyone aware of his medical condition?

    • Maybe, but he won’t die alone – not with Choco and JG around.

      This is a tough one to call – happy, sad or ambiguous?

      The writer’s trend is towards happiness
      (I think I will write an internet novel called: Trending Toward Happiness. If it doesn’t already exist, that is.)
      – but not married with kids happy, just slightly happy now with a promise of more happy later.

      The Kdrama world trend is all over the place.
      Unfortunately the most memorable shows have heart-shatteringly sad finishes. They stick because we keep imagining a do-over in our minds to ease the pain.

      MCW has NO problem with sad endings, but I could see her nudging them towards some happy for a change.
      SJK’s career would benefit from a sad ending, more than a happy one.

      I won’t mention a recent sageuk drama where half of the bromance pair ended tragically and I cried for weeks because of it. BUT in my heart, that young actor went from sooooooo cute, to one whose career I will follow forever and ever.

      It will be interesting to see if the audience falls hard enough for the OTP that they influence the production team into keeping it less than tragic. They are one of the most naturally beautiful pairings I have seen in a while. Seriously, how can you not fall in love with them?

  14. thank u for these goodies madam K….I just can’t believe how amazing this drama is… I just love everything about it….

  15. this is getting so goodddddddddddd!!!!! Maru better treat her right this time. Genuinely loving Eun Gi will be the best revenge.

  16. un i love eungi and the crying scene in epi 11 makes my eyes wet too. love this drama so much have been follow this drama since forever. thank you miss kola

  17. But~ what about the teaser at the end of ep11?! why did Maru asked to have half of Tae San group in return for helping Eun Gi? is his ultimate goal, still, to bring Jae Hee down? I mean, it doesn’t make sense anymore, for him to be bothered by Jae Hee… Then, what other explanations for such a request then? i just dont understand. why did that line appeared? ๐Ÿ™

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