2013 K-drama Casting Update: Kang Ji Hwan with Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Seung Gi with Suzy

Now that 2012 is heading towards the end, there are really no more K-dramas left to premiere that haven’t been cast yet. Which leaves me looking into 2013 and oh boy it’s shaping up to be a doozy. First off comes the producers behind Giant and History of the Salaryman, truly talented subversive geniuses in my book, and they are returning with a 24-episode weekend drama called The Embodiment of Money on SBS to follow Cheongdamdong Alice. Headlining is rumored to be none other than my beloved Kang Ji Hwan. To say I am ecstatic is an understatement, and even having Kang Ji Hwan’s drama follow Moon Geun Young‘s Alice is a sweet little happiness for me. His rumored leading lady is none other than Giant alum Hwang Jung Eum, who probably wishes everyone will wash away the mess that is Full House 2 with this drama come January. Another Giant alum Lee Bum Soo won’t be joining the cast of Money, but instead has been confirmed to play the antagonist in IRIS 2 with Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae airing next Spring. I swear this awesome actor is trying to win some sort of award of being the best thing in truly terrible dramas. Next comes the already confirmed cast of Noh Hee Kyung‘s melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows with Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, and Kim Bum, which I am already lukewarm about but remain hopeful it’ll be good. Finally comes the news that my precious Lee Seung Gi baby boy is returning to drama land for a sageuk drama airing next Spring called Gugu Medical Book, where he plays a male version of a gumiho (drama say what?), with his leading lady rumored to be Suzy. What kills this awesome coupling for me is knowing that this drama will be written by THE WORST WRITER in the world, the hack who did Baker King, Kim Tak Goo and Man of Honor. Please tell me this last part is a bad dream.

Hwang Jung Eum is not an actress I particularly like, but she was wonderfully winning in Giant and remains her only performance that I’ve truly enjoyed. I couldn’t get pass her hair in Can You Hear My Heart as well as Kim Jae Won‘s complexion so I never finished that drama. I think she’ll shine if paired back up with the Giant team, not to mention I’m game for her to co-star opposite Kang Ji Hwan. I’m even more thrilled he’s picked a drama with such a solid writing and directing tandem. No more hot messes for him! As for Seung Gi and Suzy, I already know they are going to be so adorable together my teeth will hurt. But in a sageuk? Oooooh, I dunno about that. Acting-wise it might be rather cringe worthy. Coupled that a script written by the abomination that subjected me to episodes of Man of Honor, I’m so worried! I swear by the end of MoH I wanted to Hulk-out and destroy something, despite loving both Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young in it. That drama was so bad, even the word bad went on strike and refused to be associated with it. Oh Seung Gi, I hope you’ve thought this one through. I desperately want you back on my screen, but you need to run away from those folks ASAP. Overall I’m relatively pleased with the first drama castings of 2013, and hopefully the final dramas to premiere in 2012 will all be so awesome it’ll tide be over until the new year arrives.


2013 K-drama Casting Update: Kang Ji Hwan with Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Seung Gi with Suzy — 49 Comments

  1. I so agree about Gu Medical Book, the casting seems promising but with that writer- they are doomed.

    I know I shouldn’t judge before anything airs but Baker King was followed by Man Of Honor, and that is saying a lot.

  2. Only excited about HJE part..KJH is not an actor that I particularly like but he’s charismatic and always have chemistry with his leads so I’m looking forward to this.

    Suzy and LSG is interesting but I can’t really imagine them in Sageuk and sageuk is not my type. Lee Bum Soo is awesome in everything, I totally love him in History of a salaryman, the 4 leads of that drama are equally awesome.

    Jo In Sung comeback, YAY… but not so sure about the drama, it sounds soo……. boring from the TWTLI writer.. I never really particularly like SHK even though she’s pretty. It got something to do with the roles and dramas she chosen so hopefully, this is the right drama for her.

  3. Kyaaaahhhh Suzyyy!! Such a cute couple but fingers crossed that the drama won’t be as brain-numbingly stupid as Man of Honour.

      • I’ll be praying too…hopefully our prayers will be heard…chebal! but as of now, I’m super excited to see our Lee Seung Gi on screen again ^_^

  4. Oh omg, I just had a heart attack! lol I saw the title of your post (I read you through Firefox live bookmarks and it just shows the url) and I was like, “Omg! omgomgomg! Lee Seunggi AND Kang Jihwan? Together? In the same drama? *___* ”

    Wishful thinking, chingu!

  5. Lol, your comment about Lee Bum Soo just cracked me up!

    As for LSG, it will be a shame if he goes from TK2H to a drama that’s a hot makjang mess… darn it, it would have been nice to see him in a drama I would actually want to watch. But at least KJW’s will be good? I’ve only seen HJE in Golden Time where she was okay. Not stellar, but certainly serviceable and at least her character wasn’t the usual weak/clumsy/not-very-smart, but with a heart of gold female character that k-drama seem to love so much.

  6. At some point, I REALLY want to see Kang Ji Hwan act across Ha Ji Won in a zippy romcom. Or anything, really. What a gorgeous pair those two would make.

    • I saw a bit of LtM and couldn’t get over his voice. Quite distracting but so are his looks…only inversely proportional to me! 😀

      • There’s nothing wrong with his voice. Yes, he doesn’t have a deep strong voice like most korean actors but he is a very refine actor.

        I aagree with @rearwindow. I would like to see him pairing with some of the most talented actresses around and Ha Ji Won surely fits the bill. But I would love if they are doing serious-drama, not rom-com cause that genre will accentuate and highlight more of their talent.

        Please Dear Drama God, hopefully Hwang Jung Eum will pass on this drama and let Ha Ji Won steps into. Please and please. I want Ji Hwan to really nail in a good masterpiece this time. He’s been around for quite sometimes and to think that he’s been overlooked despite that gigantic talent is so frustating.

        Kang Ji Hwan deserves to be on the same level as talents as So Ji Sub. I’m looking forward to his upcoming new drama.

    • Ahh JSW in Giant was a beautiful beautiful thing. I’ll never forget his green suit….
      I did love them together in Giant, but my favorite scenes were with Keun Oppa and her. Giant was one of those series that was soooo long, and I was so involved, the endings (for each character) killed me whether they were happy or sad.
      btw, when will we see Park Sang Min again other than a cameo?

  7. aww, Kim Bum needs his own drama, preferably with KSE! These two were the only watchable ones in the mess that was BOF! *sad face* That said, I like how he’s (they both, actually) doing small roles and growing as an actor a la SJK!!

    When I learned of Seung-gi’s drama casting news I just wanted to squishhhh somebody out of pure delight. I think the ONLY bright spot vis a vis the writer is that she wrote Dalja’s Spring. LSG’s been mulling over this script for a while so I trust his decision to go with this despite the writer’s less than stellar track record. Aja aja fighting!

    • Fighting unnie!
      DJ’s spring.., happy memories.., there’s s’thing about LMK.
      As for Kim Bum.., definitely with Ariel Lin in Kdrama land.

      As for Gi, we had that conversation…

  8. I’m not a fan of saguek but if Lee Seung Gi is in it, I’m game. Haven’t watched Suzy before but heard she is a decent actress. I was really lukewarm when I heard the Hong sisters of the disappointing Beethoven Virus were writing for TK2H but the writing of TK2H while not fantastic, was still better than decent. So I’m hopeful about Gu Medical Book!

    Following Yoon Eun Hye’s casting in Mussing You, I’m so happy that the other half if our Cola OTP Kang Ji Swan

  9. I’m not a fan of saguek but if Lee Seung Gi is in it, I’m game. Haven’t watched Suzy before but heard she is a decent actress. I was really lukewarm when I heard the Hong sisters of the disappointing Beethoven Virus were writing for TK2H but the writing of TK2H while not fantastic, was still better than decent. So I’m hopeful about Gu Medical Book.

    Following Yoon Eun Hye’s casting in Mussing You, I’m so happy that the other half if our Cola OTP Kang Ji Hwan is back on screen too!

  10. Please let Hwang Jung Eum have a decent hair style??? Please!!
    And despite Kim Tak Goo and Man of Honor being a turn off, it did manage to get high and decent ratings..

  11. I was thinking it was Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Seunggi together in the same drama…man wishful thinking!

    But I’m so happy they’re both in new dramas in 2013 I will certainly be watching especially now that my favorite dramas are ending soon (Nice Guy). However, I started to read your recaps of the T-drama, Miss Rose and I’m kind of intrigued. I will continue to read your recaps and then probably watch it. But I’m not a fan of hte once a week episodes…I like having 2 episodes per week because it moves the plot much faster. When is Miss Rose supposed to end?

  12. Sometimes things hurt my stomach to think about:
    * That Winter, The Wind Blows – Noh Hee Kyung‘s melodrama with Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, and Kim Bum (Why KB, why?)
    I can’t imagine even reading a recap, let alone suffer with them. JIS being sad with SHK being sad with KB being sad?
    It’s just too much heavy. But I am also a person that couldn’t watch Gatiskal.
    * IRIS 2 Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae LOVE him. Just don’t like her. I have tried.

    Like KJH with HGE a lot. He is just bristley enough to her sweet. It works for me.

    Last but not least – Puppy and Suzy OTP is brilliant. The fantasy element of the sageuk, I think, gives them leeway on the ancient speech. Really, though, she’s a smart one – I think she will surprise folks.
    Grrrrrrrr on writer.
    How about we pretend this is cable, only give the MOH writer 16 45 minute episodes to write? That would be waaaaaay better.

    • (I forgot to fangirl)

      OMG Hunky with a Mane of Glory? Is that a possibiltiy?
      I’m thinking shoulders and eyes and lips and pretty hair, and I am all a-mush!!!

  13. I would welcome any news of an upcoming Hyun Bin or Lee Dong Wook drama 🙂
    Together, separately. As long as they are acting. 🙂
    Or Jo Jung Suk.

  14. I haven’t seen Suzy as the serious type actors, but I do think they will look good together (the obvious!). I’m still iffy about a saeguk, usually I don’t watch it.. Seung Gi should do more other dramas before jumping in to saeguk (my own selfish wish..)

  15. Already commented both, 1st on Twitter, 2nd on DB…but here we go one more time;
    Wuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, glad to see oppa and Gi back!
    Cheers for 2013!

  16. Yaay,,, for Kang Ji Hwan really miss him in drama,, but with Hwang Jung Eum… Hmm I’m just so so with her her,, she’s not my favourite actress. But I will try everything about Kang Ji Hwan…

    For Lee bum soo my favourite ahjussi,, I love waiting him in drama as bad guy heee

    Another waiting list drama with jo in sung and song hye gyo,, I hope it will be good,,
    And for uri kim bum,, please k drama,make him as a lead drama,,like everyone say,, he. Need a drama just for him

    Lee seung gi yaaa,,, please ,,watching your step,,I really want to see you in saeguk, bu
    Man of honor writer( I’m just ok with baker king ) ,, you must be thingking about it again,,and pairing with suzy,, hmm I think its not my favourite dream couple,,

  17. for the Gu medical book the writer apparently she wrote Dal- Ja’s spring which I haven’t watch but always hear everyone praising… and hotelier too so who knows but it looks that after that she followed up with a bunch of crappy dramas….. and to be honest I sort of trust Lee Seung Gi, while I can’t say I loved Shining Inheritance , while i did love tK2H and MGIAG. He has so far chosen good projects they are either a raings hit or just really good and in the guminho case both.

  18. I agree that man of honor is bad, but I like Kim Tak Goo, also
    I can’t imagine lee seung gi and Suzy in saeguk..so, definitely I’ll wait for my one and only Kang Ji Hwan

  19. Lee Seung gi & SUZY?!! Oh crap , my overactive mind’s playing ” Its a small world after all” & Suzy’s skipping in a Disney princess outfit.
    Urgh , m’boy Seunggi just became uber-male in K2H & put Sexy on the forefront of his Resume ,soooo, how can he be paired with Suzy? *clasping head pulling hair* I’d like LSG to be paired with somebody like Moon Geun Young, pretty please.

    • @Jade Butterfly
      You’re killing me with your comment! LOL! Let’s cross our fingers that the writer will drink some kind of magic potion that will turn LSG’s drama into an awesome & unforgettable great sageuk drama for 2013…shall we? Let’s hope for the best and don’t think of the rest…LOL! 😀

  20. Hwang Jung Eum was much less annoying in Golden Time (which everyone should watch btw).

    Worried about LSG/Suzy + worst writers in the history of the world.
    And I love Suzy, but I need a break from her to be honest. Someone else plz.

    Super excited for Alice though!^^

  21. I think the only casting left for 2012 K-Drama is the 2nd male lead for Missing You; but I don’t really care as the teaser of the main OTP (and their younger counterpart) has exceeded my expectation, so bring it on Missing You!

    Lee Bum Soo & Jang Hyuk together on IRIS 2, I’m definitely on board. Both are my favourite actors.

    I will reserve my judgement about Seung Gi & Suzy’s new drama, the writer can surprise us just like Hong Sisters on TK2H.

  22. Jo In Sung and Kim Bum again? hehehehh Dramaverse you are a sick person!! but you cant repair YEH with any of the others we like? But you repair the males. What a B*****

  23. So my reaction is: YAIYYY!!!
    1st. Kang Ji Hwan!! He is a GREAT actor, ok..jinjja!! I watch him 1st in Coffee House and his performance blow me! Ok, this drama isn’t everyone cup of tea, and I should admit the story is quite a mess. But the acting is just so so great!!

    2nd. Seung Gi is back!!! *dance dance
    But the writer is…err, GOD PLEASE HAVE THOSE WRITERS ENLIGHTMENT!! *pray hard
    Waiting for 2013 eagerly!! <3

  24. Hwang jung eum, yoon eun hye and lee min jung are 3 actress that are loveble and i really like them. Giant and histiry is an awesome drama and can’t wait for they next project. Love saeguk if it has a happy ending so i’m also watching LSG in this. For iris 2 and noh yee kyung drama, hv to wait and see.

  25. oh my..my idols are back…..after Yoon Eun Hye was casted in I Missing You…finally Song Hye Kyo is back in small screen again after 4 years, Lee Da Hae is casted also in IRIS 2 and paired w/ Jang Hyuk for the 3rd time (although I was hoping she will reunite w/ Lee Dong Wook) still I’m very happy for her in IRIS 2 although I love to see Kim Tae Hee again (w/ Song Seung Hun probably) and for Suzy…oh our Suzy…she will be paired w/ Lee Seung Gi, excited so much (although I wanted Suzy w/ Kim Soo Hyun again & again) I am also a fan of Seung Gi oppa, so I’m still happy & excited!!!

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