Written and Video Preview for Episode 13 of Miss Rose

Okay, who switched out corporate raider Gao Cheng Kuan and frumpy secretary Luo Si Yi for the alterna-verse biker versions of them? Not complaining, just totally chuckling here at how cute the Miss Rose OTP look when completely out-of-character. Truth be told, Cheng Kuan can’t just be working all day long and his only hobby drinking wine with Sheng Jun, so for us to discover that he rides a motorcycle and dresses the part isn’t that far-fetched. I think after seeing Si Yi in cut off jean shorts, the drama better stop trying to hammer home the point that she’s not attractive, because Megan Lai is gorgeous with legs that go up to my neck. I hope they are going on an extended out-of-town trip on that bike. After coming down from the emotional roller coaster of Nice Guy, I’m totally ready for more Miss Rose awesomeness come Sunday. Cheng Kuan tries to quit his job for Si Yi, Si Yi tries to quit her job for Cheng Kuan, and the person who should be quitting this entire show Vivian steps up her game and gets both Momma Gao as well as the Luo parents involved in trying to keep a man who doesn’t love her by her side. If that doesn’t reek of desperation I don’t know what does. I’m already sharpening my typing fingers to rip her a new one in the recap for episode 13, because I’m waiting to see how far she persists before finally growing a heart.

Written preview for episode 13:

Miss Screw’s resignation explodes a new threat to Guang Qiang!

Vivian happily grounds Si Yi under her foot but Cheng Kuan doesn’t even consider for one moment before ripping up her resignation letter. Vivian refuses to lose and says one thing that causes Cheng Kuan to decide to fight for the right to live his own life.

You reap what you sow!

Manager Kang and the GM attempt to destroy evidence of their collusion with Chairman Wang, and their discussions are completely overheard by Sheng Jun. The enemy is in the dark and the army is in the open, can Sheng Jun find the evidence at the crucial time and help Cheng Kuan fight back against the enemy before he quits his job?

Vivian uses the gratitude and family card and asks Cheng Kuan’s mom to pressure Si Yi. Then she goes to the dry cleaning shop and announces that she is Cheng Kuan’s legitimate girlfriend. This causes Si Yi to be unable to do anything. Unable to find Si Yi, Cheng Kuan is’s heart is burning up with worry. Where did Si Yi go? Will Cheng Kuan lose Si Yi like this……..?

Previews for episode 13:

Roy is having way too much fun. I wish I were there, too.

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Written and Video Preview for Episode 13 of Miss Rose — 8 Comments

  1. Roy can change look at the drop of a hat. I watched his 2009
    tdrama “The Girl in Blue” and I did not know it was him until
    I checked out who the leading actor was on the www. OMG, he
    was smoking hot in TGIB. Your title screencap has him looking
    like a little boy. He must be one hell of a player, I mean he
    can give his g/f’s variety just by changing his hairstyle. ;-)

  2. Ah… They both look so cool in leather jackets, sun glasses while riding motorcycle. Can’t wait this moment of them. It will be enjoyable to them two in this. Thanks!

  3. All I want to do is quit my job and go to Miss Rose land. Maybe I could go into business with Si Yi, Cheng Kuan, and Sheng Jun. I have marketable skills! Really. Sigh. Off to grade more midterms, but at the end is a Miss Rose treat. Thanks, Miss Rose Fairy, for helping me plow through.

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