Nam Goong Min Cameos as the Ex-Boyfriend in Cheongdamdong Alice with Moon Geun Young

Cheongdamdong Alice is far and away my most anticipated upcoming K-drama in the horizon, even adding in the dramas already announced for 2013. It’s Moon Geun Young‘s comeback drama two years after she did Mary Stayed Out All Night with Jang Geun Seok, which was really a drama that worked for me solely on the performance of those two adorable urchins in their quirky roles. I have to admit that the utter frustration with how M3 devolved into absolute insanity (though the ending was lovely) was part of the fond memories I had of watching that drama live, since it was a collective headdesk experienced by all and sometimes one just had to have a sense of humor about it all. I’m hoping this time around the drama is both a success critically and commercially since I’m rather tired of the Moon Geun Young is the best thing in crappy dramas reputation she’s starting to cultivate. The drama just started filming last week and the first BTS stills leaking out show Geun Young dressed in a bear costume and dancing in public. Without any context I can’t comment on anything other than to scream with joy with I saw none other than Nam Goong Min standing next to her. Kyaaaaaaa! Omo omo omo, Nam Goomg Min has a cameo in the drama playing Moon Geun Young’s ex-boyfriend. Actually he starts off as her boyfriend, but in her quest to become a Cheongdamdong Cinderella she dumps him, and that is where I go “WHO THE HELL DUMPS NAM GOONG MIN?!?!?” Her character must have brain damage in the drama. Though dumping Nam Goong Min to angle for Park Shi Hoo does sound like a fair enough trade in quality of male gorgeousness. If you add in Kim Ji Seok, who plays the second male lead in this drama, I swear Moon Geun Young must’ve won some sort of hot co-star lottery. I’m so happy for her, and can’t wait to see her back on my screen come early December. Can Five Fingers end early?


Nam Goong Min Cameos as the Ex-Boyfriend in Cheongdamdong Alice with Moon Geun Young — 38 Comments

  1. I do love NGM. It would be nice if he got the girl instead of no girl or the other girl in a drama. Do you think he will ever be a first lead?

    He is one of those secretly buff guys under all his clothes and what not.

    • Nam Goong Min besides being a handsome man is an excellent actor. It is time that producers of dramas give him a main character.

  2. I make NO apologies for love love loving MSOAN with The GeunGeun coupling.That period of intense postings , translations & racing home after seeing JKS to post it first here was mad & fun! Now , I wait with bated breath for darling GY to grace the screen again.I don’t care what AiC is.I’m watchin’ it cos of her acting chops..and her Oh-so-cute face & voice!

    • @ rearwindow ,
      she’s different in all her shows. Such a great actress. You can start with
      ‘My little Bride’ where she acted as the little cute wife of Kim Rae Won or in ‘Painter of d Wind’ where she had to act as a talented boy-man gifted painter .Its a sageuk.The if you wanna watch her looking sullen & non-smiling 24/7, then its Cinderella sister. In MSOAN , she’s quirky & cute. Its really a sweet movie. Formula-If you watch her in Painter & Cinderella , then you’ll appreciate her in MSOAN.

      • 10 hands up + legs up!! Painter of the wind is something no any other can potrayed better than Miss Moon. She was ‘The Boy” in POTW! I really really loved her amazing potrayal in POTW.

  3. Would you recommend a Moon Geun Young drama? I keep hearing how amazing she is, but I have no desire to watch Mary Stayed Out All Night, given the bad reviews, and I haven’t seen her act before.

    • Movie = love me not? (it will be remake as a drama with JIS and SHK)
      Drama = Painter of the wind (a bonus with MCW), Cinderella’s sister

      • So far, its all total misses for Moon Geun Young dramas IMO. PoTW started off amazing and stayed that way until episode 10, when suddenly Park Shin Yang threw a hissy fit and the entire second half was rewritten so he and MGY’s characters could explore an attraction that just bogged down the story.

        CU has one of the best first four episodes of a drama I’ve ever seen, the rest is just painful and draggy. She was exceptional playing the bad-but not really bad girl.

        My fave is M3, but only because it at least had some joie de vivre even if the story was stupid. Despite the stupidity of the story, the first 4 episodes were so much fun, and thereafter MGY-JGS remained so cute and chock full of chemistry with each other.

      • @ockoala: Yeah, I have heard mixed things about all of her projects. I’ve heard that she’s great in them all, but that they’re middling-to-bad. Hopefully Alice is a slam dunk for her!

    • OMG. after reading this post heartie, i was JUST going to comment the same exact thing you did.
      I wanted to know what the hype with this girl was that made her just SO lovable!!
      I So yes. I want to know WHAT show just made people be in awe with her.
      The only time i saw her was in her early years ( stairway to heaven ) LONG time ago. So i would really like to see her in another work. But i’ll definitely be tuning into alice.

      • She was not in Stairway to Heaven, that was Park Shin Hye playing the younger version of Choi Ji Woo. Moon Geun Young was the younger version of Song Hye Kyo in Autumn in My Heart.

      • I’m so glad to know I’m not alone! I’ll be following Alice, too. I hope it’s a good representation of her work!

    • MSOAN…couldn’t watch it! But I saw her movies…she’s really likeable person.
      Her cameo on Running man was so sweet…and full of sparks with KJKook 😉

      • @mtoh – hahahaa. Some people just cdn’t take that show. I sorta can understand . I loved it though.
        I think it was spiced up , for me, & many on the GeunGeun thread , by the undercurrents of our CSIing. We were dead sure , there was a hidden romance going on behind the scene.But thats not to dilute MGY’s seriously good acting.Plus she’s kinda an ‘angel’..sweetie pie, in reality.

  4. Nam Gong Min!!! I have a soft spot for that guy, i liked him from the first drama (One Fine Day?) that I watched him in, regardless of its quality. He did an amazing job playing the conflicted guy in CYHMH. Too bad it’s just cameo,

  5. oh…..I cant wait for Moon’s new drama…I miss the cute little girl so much. Haven’t watch a drama with Nam Goond Min but he looks cute

    • Can You Hear My Heart, with Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Jae Won. He doesn’t end up with the girl though.. but it is his most recent project and he did an excellent job. Maru oppa ya….

  6. Oh so cute Moon Geun Young…cant wait for her comeback, I love the fact that she is back and oh her photoshoot esp the Bazaar one is amazing. She is gorgeous in the pics.

  7. i second your opinion, “WHO THE HELL DUMPS NAM GOONG MIN?!?!?”
    i take NGM from PSH any day, PSH is too pretty for me 😛

  8. Nam goongmin <333. Loved him in CYHMH. I just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket and craddle him.

    Ah damn. Kim Ji Suk is in this? Mr. Cafe owner who goes to orphanages to sing with kids aka, Mr. perfect from INR2? Gaaaah. If he plays Mr. Perfect in here too…I …will cry.

    So disappointed with Five Fingers. Joo Ji Hoon, I trusted you. You hurt me so bad.

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