Video Preview for Episode 14 of Miss Rose

Ah Miss Rose, still so sweet and satisfying. Episode 13 was a dense dense episode full of office politics, dueling resignation letters, and plenty of parental interference from all sides. Both Mommy Gao and the Luo parents get involved in the complicated love triangle between Si Yi, Cheng Kuan, and Vivian, though really it’s more like one guy choosing between the right to life his life and love the girl he wants. Si Yi remains passive when it comes to reciprocating Cheng Kuan’s feelings openly, but with respect to everything else she’s all in and fights for him to the extent she can. I appreciate that Mommy Gao can see that Si Yi has softened her son and changed him for the better, so its even more sad that she would hint at Si Yi to let the status quo remain between Vivian and Cheng Kuan. Daddy Luo’s reaction to finding out Cheng Kuan has a maybe fiancee is totally understandable, but Mommy Luo’s reaction is even better. She pretty much tells Vivian that if its hers then no one can take it away, and if its not meant to be, then oh well. LOL, good one Mommy Luo! I like that the parental figures here can express their opinions, but in the end, none of them have tried to behave like complete terrors towards the children.

I find it funny that Xiao Ke has been MIA for 2 episodes straight, and now I’m wondering if there is a rule that if Vivian dominates an episode then Xiao Ke has to be off screen, since its bad for business if both Puff and Tia are away from Dreamgirls activities to film the drama. Either way, more Vivian and less Xiao Ke always annoys me, especially since the Xiao Ke-Sheng Jun bubbling possibility is halted in favor of watching Vivian try to game her way to a man who will stay with her. Folks in Taiwan were taking bets on how long it would be before Si Yi and Cheng Kuan kissed for good, and based on the preview for episode 14, looks like its happened at exactly the same late stage the romance was confirmed in Office Girls between Zi Qi and Xing Ren. I can’t figure SETTV out, sometimes their leads are macking and in the sack by episode 1 (Fated to Love You, Love Forward), and other times its seriously a snails race to see how long they can drag out two people opening acknowledging their feelings. In MR, at least its out in the open for a few episodes now, but neither can act on it until Cheng Kuan deals with Vivian and his debt to President Jiang. I’m not sure either of them will let Cheng Kuan go that easily, but I give him mad props for sticking to his conviction and trying to walk the harder road. Looks like all those pictures of Si Yi and Cheng Kuan on their motorcycle date won’t happen until the next episode. This drama sure knows how to keep me hungry for more.

Episode 14 preview:

Vivian: From now on, you are free. Daddy won’t force you to be with me anymore.

Cheng Kuan: Daddy Luo, please give me a chance. Let me date Si Yi. I will take good care of her, like how well you have been protecting her this whole time.

President Jiang: You are that anxious to look for another job? That desperate to cut ties with me? Are your wings strong now? You can stand alone now? Are you really that heartless.

Cheng Kuan: Those hypothetical questions I asked you earlier, what if those questions aren’t hypothetical, would we really have a chance to be………….

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Video Preview for Episode 14 of Miss Rose — 11 Comments

  1. Haha. I kinda ffed all scenes without our OTP of today’s episode until the preview when the ending had me squeal like a loony. :D

  2. They will probably be interrupted while trying to kiss. In the preview, we don’t see the actual kiss so either it’s akward or they don’t kiss. They are so cute together.

    Koala, where do you watch MR? I’m trying to find it online…ahhh I can’t understand Korean so I rely on subs and recaps but at least I can understand Chinese (although the subs help too!)

  3. Can NOT wait for that kiss!!! And from the looks of the preview….. It’s going to be slow one! Which I’m ok with, as long as is not one of those where they just stand there with their lips lock AND thecamara hoes around&around&around till I get dissy :/ Uff plsss let it be romantic and caring and melting!! PLSSSSS

  4. Ohhh so looking forward to Chengkuan and Siyi’s date in the next episode! Probably won’t be as awesome as Ziqi and Xingren’s trip to Tamsui in Office Girls, but still fun to watch nonetheless.

  5. Hah. Had to restrain myself from watching earlier. One thing I appreciate about this drama, even though there’s angst, they keep moving Cheng Kuan’s feelings forward. Thank goodness for a male with convictions about his feelings. He is so sensitive/attuned to Si Yi, isn’t it? It makes the mad weekly wait worth it, knowing so far, there has not been a useless episode.
    Yeah, ep 14′s preview made me squeal. How sweet, asking the daddy for permission, after he told her to stick to their professional relationship. To have CK piggy back her dad :-)

  6. Thanks for the translations.
    I watched 13 without subs, but that didn’t stop me from yelling at the characters.
    Daddy would be nuts to let CK go, even thought Daddy claimed in past episodes that CK was one of many talented execs working for him.
    But he knows CK, and watched him grow up. And CK’s been making him money for years!
    Just because his daughter’s a brat and can truly love, CK has to lose his career? That is not a businessman’s decision.
    Daddy is practical enough to know when to cut his losses and move on. By that, I mean Daddy needs to tell Vivian to go find another sucker to marry. Let CK have his job, SY and their HEA!!

  7. I don’t mind a bed scene haha. I am so mad too. Why Why Why!!! When there’s no skinship, I want it so bad. But when there’s too much I wish they would tone it down. So much love session in Fated to Love You (btwn don’t like it the drama at all, started off strong but blah towards the middle and end) but not in here. Ugh!

  8. Oh Koala – I dont know whether to thank you or to get mad at you since I haven’t sleep much in the past months. I rarely watch any taiwanese dramas (only ones I can think of are the older ones that make me cry a lot and The Prince who turned into a Frog) but after watching OG and now Miss Rose, I started to watch other ones – old and new like Queen of SOP, ISWAK 1 and 2 to name a few. My love keeps going between many taiwanese guys – Nicky Wu, Joe Cheng, Roy and many others. I need some sleep haha! I noticed I like the guys that are serious yet have a sweet side. Actually my husband is like most of them except not as HOT, adorable YES. He is really quiet, has an intense glare, very attentive, and does come to my rescue if needed (like flat tire lol!)

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