Yoo Seung Ho Reportedly Signs on as the Second Male Lead in Missing You

Drama Llama say whut??!? One of the biggest question marks in K-drama land recently is the question of who is the second male lead in the upcoming MBC drama Missing You. The drama is less than two weeks away from its premiere, and the original second male lead it courted in Chun Jung Myung turned the drama down in no uncertain terms time and again. I’ve made it clear that the whole thwarted first love story feels stale and sullen to me, but with Yoon Eun Hye onboard I’m watching this sucker come hell or high water, even if I’m one of the few folks who doesn’t get the Yoochun appeal. Since my Eun Hye agreed to star in this drama, I really want it to succeed, and not having a confirmed full cast is one huge warning sign that the behind-the-scenes casting issues might portend cracks in the eventual product. With that said, every day I would wait for an announcement on the second male lead, not sure if I wanted my fave actors to take part to increase my desire to watch this drama, or hope that it was someone I didn’t particularly care for in case the drama sucked and I can stop watching without feeling as bad. So it was to my utter jawdropping shock to hear that Yoo Seung Ho has signed on as the second male lead of Missing You. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Did wearing that atrocious wig in Arang and the Magistrate damage his brain cells? Does my baby boy need an intervention, cuz unni here is on the next flight to Korea to liberate him if his agency strong-armed into this. This is just so weird I have no words. Yoo Seung Ho! With Yoon Eun Hye! The mind does not compute. He proved to me he can be a certifiable romantic leading man in Operation Proposal, where he was age-appropriately paired with Park Eun Bin. This here just leaves me speechless.

I love that Yoo Seung Ho takes on supporting parts as much as he does leading roles, because that just shows me he understands acting isn’t about name recognition as much as its about developing the craft and choosing roles that challenge him. With that said, I do not see how the sure to be mopey schmoopy second male lead role in a weepy melodrama like Missing You is good for his resume. I am truly baffled if he is indeed inked for this role, though this just makes it pretty much a done deal that I’m watching this sucker from beginning to end, and second lead shipping until the end of time. Yeah, bring on the noona-dongsaeng romance! Eun Hye and Seung Ho? A pairing that has never ever crossed my mind, but will be forever my ship in Missing You if it is indeed confirmed that he’s joining the cast. I hope he’s burned that wig from Arang, and I can’t wait to see him in modern garb again.


Yoo Seung Ho Reportedly Signs on as the Second Male Lead in Missing You — 76 Comments

  1. My jaw just drop on the floor. Completely slackjawed at this casting. YSH is my ICMYM but this drama is a gonna be a train wreck. The problem is.. I’m still onboard.

    • I’m watching this train wreck even if it goes down in flames. If LizzyD is all weepy over the Joo Won-Choi Kang Hee casting, imagine me crying blood tears here with this here….insanity. ARGH. Korea, you kill me!

      • KDramaland is gonna bleed me dry because I now have 2 dramas I will watch!!!! My love for JooWon and YEH are strong, that I can’t abandon their dramas right now. Will support it as long as I can!

        I think I’ll ask Santa for a good helmet this christmas to protect my self from the headdesking that these dramas might induce.

      • Koala Unni Jiejie- didnt you tell me to move on when I cried over Joo Joo Yeobo? I’d laugh at you except I’m too busy crying over Yeobo AND now Baby Jailbait to gloat. I wonder what they promised him?? They better not give him an old geezer mid part hairdo to make him look older. I hate kdrama land a really lot.

      • @LizzyD

        I firmly believe in drama karma, and yes, I did mildly chuckle at your Joo Joo Yeobo’s plight in that Secret Lovers thingamagigie. And of course that just means someone I love is joining Missing You as the second male lead. It’s drama karma 101. Kdrama lands makes us all bipolar, from homicidal to euphoric at the drop of a hat.

        I can’t figure out which will be the hotter mess – MY or Secret Lovers.

        Though I just want to send YEH a note for her to ROB THAT CRADLE GOOD and make sure she gets some love from our bucket baby jailbait. Love him, even though he sucked donkey balls in Arang and I loved his pet goat more there. He’s forever and always my precious baby jailbat.

      • @LizzyD

        What did they promised him?? Don’t you think it’s not enough for him to have some play I mean work time 🙂 with Yoon Eun Hye? Okay he is “just” the second male lead, and this project is a mess from the beginning, but he is still a young actor who has a chance to work with a gorgeous and talented Noona, or is there something I(as a foreigner) miss here?

  2. OMO, why am I suddenly hoping there will be a big,long kiss between YEH and this adorable puppy? I’m on board now too – no matter what. 😉

    • If ONLY this were a J-dorama.
      The second leads get more skinship than the firsts in most of the dramas.

      She’s gonna break his heart, isn’t she?

  3. I casually refreshed this site and BAM. I literally was like “WHUT THE” I really do not know how to digest this. O___O. HMMM. Talk about unexpected. Yoon Eun Hye is that noona. You go girl.

  4. holy macaroni!!! this drama is so unstable with its casting! it was unstable with the casting from the very beginning and now this!!! yoo seung ho? huh? this is so freakin crazy and outrageous.

  5. *jawdrop*

    Am still onboard cause I’m curious now… Hope it’ll be enjoyable, doesn’t need to be that good/perfect, just enjoyable would be acceptable for me. *still in daze*

  6. Wow 9 yr age gap? Maybe he’ll be just one of those puppy younger brothers that fall in love with the noona & wants to protect her even if he has no chance? Kinda like in Lie to Me with Sung Joon? I think that’s the only way it’ll make sense. Yeah either way I’ll probably be shipping the 2nd lead with Eun Hye too. Although I don’t love melos that much..I totally love YEH so I’ll giving this a drama a shot..I’m watching for her more than anyone else.

    • Btw…they better give Seung Ho some decent hair this time. He’s very cute with shorter hair. That wig in Arang was so atrocious I couldn’t even recognize him.

      • btw, YSH is playing a 25 year old financial whiz?
        That means, very very hopefully, tailored three piece suits.

        He will look amazing, and I will weep.
        Especially if it is a one sided crush.

    • 9 years isn’t too bad…wasn’t Seo Woo older than that in Flames of Ambition? That said, wasn’t playing a high schooler just this year? whereas YEH has been acting with the likes of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Sang Hyun…its extremely hard for me to imagine her with him, even if he is only second lead

      • We still don’t know if he’ll be playing the typical second male lead. If yes, I think he has the acting chops to pull it off. For his sake I hope not…what a waste of his skills. I totally watched GoS for him…it bored me but he was intriguing in it.

    • Yes, but Sung Joon is three years older than YSH and he just looks older for his age. I had no idea he was only about 21 at the time.

  7. My jaw dropped, I kid you not…if this is true then I want Missing You to succeed and be amazing and blow me away otherwise I’ll be crying because it’ll have been a waste for the actors. And if he’s really signed on then this is my new drama to watch 😛 My love for YSH takes me far. I don’t see the age gap being a problem since YEH looks young for her age (IMO) and has a bubbly personality.

  8. this totally blew me away, definetely not expecting this but hey, im not complaining lol! i like him and i adore yeh so what more can i ask? i dont care where this ride going to take me but i’m definetely onboard!!

  9. This casting news is WTF-certified!! PIE would’ve made more sense than your dongsaeng. No wonder he wasn’t around for the Arang wrap party. This show will either knock everyone’s socks off or be crazy cringe-worthy. ackk, am nervous for the 3 leads.

  10. WTFFFFFFF?!!!!! I want to cry and rip my hair out!!!!!!!!
    I was re-watching scenes from Arang just a couple of hours ago and thinking about how YSH has been making really interesting acting choices for someone his age and with that popularity….How on earth does one give role that was planned for someone like Chun Jung Myun to Yoo Seun Ho??????? WAE?!!!
    and I just tried to imagine him and Yoon Eun Hye together and I think my brain might have cracked open….DOES.NOT.COMPUTE.

  11. so here I was checking for any update on the next Nice Guy episode then BAM! YSH and YEH?! Oh, I’m definitely going down with this. Please drama, surprise us. Please be a good one. T_T

  12. Woah – I was not expecting YSH. Of course, I can get onboard with him if it’s basically a done deal. 🙂

    Bring it on MY! 🙂 Fighting!!![

  13. All I can say is, between this and The Secret Lovers- the Netizens ought to sign a petition to sack those idiotic casting directors.
    I can’t even comment. This and the whole Joo Won debacle is just…

  14. taken from Missing You thread soompi Mariyeh’s post

    Jang Mi In Ae (2nd female lead) likes Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Seung Ho likes Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoo Chun also likes Yoon Eun Hye.

    It makes sense now they said in the script it says that second male lead is younger than the male lead. According to the script main leads are 29 years old and 2nd male lead is 25. In the synopsis Yoon Eun Hye calls Yoo Seung Ho’s character ‘little boy’.

    • Now it makes even less sense to me..to think that Chung Jung Myung would’ve had to play a 25 yr …looks like they changed the character to suit YSH….still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a 19yo that still looks to me, tdhe same as he did 3 years ago I.e. like a 16 yo

  15. My jaw dropped after I read the headline then I read the whole post to see if I have hallucinations. Apparently: no! Okay, I’m not utterly shocked. The age difference is almost 10 years, though Yoo Seung Ho looks younger. But I’m going to be fine with it… just didn’t expect this. haha

  16. I was super surprised too!! The age gap makes me worried.. But I hoping for the best. I’m not really a fan of melodrama too, so.. I’m not sure.. But all the actors that I like are cast so I can’t complain about that, YEH since Goong days, Yoochun, and Yoo seung ho since his early career. This should be something, hopefully not disappointing..

  17. For once Yeh now co-stars with younger actors as compared to her previous most of them are the “uncles” categories. So pray hard must be good.

  18. Oh man! For real!!? o.O Just as I thought no other k-drama couple pairing can top the worst pairing ever (Joo Won-Choi Kang Hee), but this…!! T___T

    Now, I’m not sure to watch or not to watch. YSH is such a versatile actor, I like. But YEH, since Goong and Coffee Prince, she’s really like… I dunno… forgotten what acting is? Sorry to say this but have you seen her in Lie To Me? Okay, maybe the storyline sucked (I mean, sucked so badly!), but she was so stiff in it? Idk… I’ll leave it to “seeing is believeing” to walk the talk. Until then, I’m seriously crushed with all these sudden “very-unlike” pairing in kdramaland. Like a punch to my guy. Oopf! @@

    • Ummmm dont blame her for Lie To Me, because she has gotten great reviews for her acting in Lie To Me from the industry critics. They never criticized her for her acting, they only criticized the script.

      • Totally agreed with you Tomama. I’m still on board and I’m willing to give PYC, YSH and the rest of the cast a chance. I love YEH so much.

        I’m not a fan of either of PYC and YSH but I do believe that there is room for improvement. Who knows, I will end up loving them.

        When I first heard the casting of Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince, I have hesitation but I ended up loving GY. YEH & GY have great chemistry.

        By the way, I see potential with YEH-PYC collaboration. Based on the stills, I think they chemistry.

        In Hollywood, they don’t pay much attention with the age-gap between co-stars. Actors/actresses can still do justice with their respective roles regardless whether they portray older or younger as compared to their real age.

      • i really hope this drama turns out good. 2012 saw some of the best and worst dramas of all time. Yay for Reply 1997, Nice Guy, Salaryman (and i’m pretty sure there’s many good ones that i’ve missed), boo for Dr. Jin (big boo! – that was such a waste of cast). 😛 but yeah, it’s just a personal opinion, which i’m sure everyone is entitled to one. just depends which side you’re on. =)

  19. As least Yeh looks young so its not so bad to act with younger actors….you see Faith KHS and LMH ten years gap…but she looks older than her age….sorry…

    So thats the reason CJM unable to take this role to act as 25 yrs old.

    • I don’t think the character was originally intended to be younger. Chun Jung Myung probably rejected the role a long time ago and it was adapted for Yoo Seung Ho in the meantime.

  20. @callie excuse me! But YEH in lie to me has got me with her acting it is in that drama that she won my heart! So now her protector from the likes of you ! So stop saying negative things to my girl coz even if I don’t like the pairing I don’t bad mouth your guy! Let us be civil here!!!!

    • chillax @bunnie. YEH is a good actress. i never said she was bad; she just seemed stiff in the drama with limited facial expressions. just my opinion. lol~ she was really good in Goong, Coffee Prince and even Vineyard Man (saw all of them cuz i really like her acting!). but like i said, seeing is believing. let’s hope this turns out good. *fingers crossed*

  21. I am not a fan of YC and YSH but big fan of Yeh so I am definitely on this drama regardless of whoever her co-stars are. Am not bother at all. I believe she can create great chemistry with all co-stars regardless of young or old.

  22. i’ll watch this drama for my Seung Ho oppa… OMO. Unpredictable. Thankfully the adult cast will appear after NG end so i can marathon adorable Yeo Jin Go in one go.. i really like him. I hope the best for this drama. for YEH and YSH sake. OMO. *try to make my sense.

  23. Very double disappointed me! Now i already give up, but bcoz YEH i’ll try to watch this drama and always support YEH. Aja unni! Saranghae <3 :'(

  24. I’ve read ur post for long time,but i haven’t posted anything.well,at least yoon eun hye doesn’t look like her real age,i mean,her face looks younger than her age,so i think that age gap won’t cause any significant problem.

  25. Hehe, Ms Koala, your puppy is all grown up and is getting ready to became a noona-killer. I didn’t know that he is only 19yo; he has the gravitas of a much older person. I have no doubt that he can pull off the role of a 25yo financial genius–there are plenty whiz kids looking like him bustling about around Wall Street.

    Hmm, perhaps they rewrote the character a little bit after CJM turned down the role because I can’t imagine that manly dude playing a 25yo. Heh, this should be interesting.

  26. *pick up my jaw from the floor*
    Ok so I had no intention to check this drama out until I saw this piece of news… Just to check out the YSH-YEH pair. Perhaps I may even watch the drama til the end and first time ever second lead shipping… Anywayz I have no doubt YSH will do a superb job in a melodrama! Go YSH!!

  27. I am rewatching SKKS (because I need more SJK in my brain) and re-appreciating Micky’s charms. In that and RP, he plays quiet intensely sexy well. He’s is a stable force. YEH, otoh, has a moving nervous energy. I think that will work for the romance.

    I don’t now how big a part was written for YSH as the second-lead character, but my money says it’ll be expanded. We all agree that Arang didn’t do much for him, but usually YSH steals the show.

    I am really looking forward to the face offs between Mickey and YSH – Pretty Man vs Pretty Boy?

  28. no lo creo, es increible!!! imagino que será más un amor plátonico, en donde él se muestra interesado en ella y busca ayudarla, la acompaña …

  29. Dear drama gods, can you go crazy with this one? Please, PLEASE, let Yoo Seung Ho (his character, that is) end up with the lovely noona. ^__^

    I don’t mind the age gap at all! Love, love Yoo Seung Ho since Queen Seon Deok. With him on board, I now have three really good reasons to watch MY – wuri Eun Hye, my Yeo Jin Goo and Yoo Seung Ho. Yay, MY Y3!

  30. I will wait for the recap to see if it is any good than watching this drama.. It is still pass as I have other dramas that I need to catch up or wanting to watch.. I wish the best of all three actors as they are gonna need it….

  31. OMG,wow I’m really surprised with this news but I love the threesome of: Yoon Eun-Hye Yoo Seung-Ho Yoochun.. My God and I want to see Missing You.

  32. *Remembers cute YSH crying with his broken heart on OP…. noooo this cute guy crying breaks my heart and he is a second guy on a melo? 🙁

    I might ship him and YEH more than YC LOLLOL

  33. It’s my first time knowing this cute guy ^_^ he’s something big, I say. just reading from the comments ^_^

    I REALLY HOPE OUR PRINCESS YOON EUN HYE CAN HAVE ANOTHER “GOOD DRAMA” (as if My Fair Lady wasn’t my favorite) !! I’M WORRIED AND PRAYING FOR HER (this makes me crazy.what does she have to do with me? why would I pray for her? BUT I JUST LOVE THIS GIRL)!!

  34. was NOT going to watch missing yoyu, but ever since this news… -.- tsk now I have to watch it. I guess, the idea of playing a cold bad guy is too hard to resist? Seung Ho ah… I hope the story-telling is good enough. Am so not convinced…. *sighs*

  35. people always make assumptions.. the drama have not yet begin and many said they’re not going to watch… how can you know the drama good or bad just by reading the synopsis only.. just give the drama a chance.. watch it first then only we can judge..

    • I think the synopsis is the 1st door for people to decide if they are gonna watch the show. There are so many films out there, and many factors to influence the decision. Not everyone has the time for everything. If they are not fans of YEH and Yoochun, srsly the overall storyline does not spark interest since this type of story has been told in so many similar ways. That being said, because YSH is on board, I’m gonna give it a chance. 🙂

      • yes.. you have a point there.. but still it’s too early to judge.. maybe the PDnim have different ideas.. who knows..

  36. owwwwwww. . . . . What’s the big deal? THREE PRETTY YOUNG THINGS in one drama and it’s creating havocs already? To think they have only shown us a few seconds teaser. .

    Come on YEh is still young especially for a lead actress. . . How many other actressess has gotten this big at her present age? IDK and IDC. . . I am a bit delirious that my prayers were heard – young lead actors for my favorite young actress (oh and not those old fogeys anymore. . . )

  37. well many people are like that… they thought by reading the gist they got it all but it is diffrent when it is being acted out… like LTM the k people said it sucked and they didn’t finish the drama bcoz prior to its telecast there is negative publicity already but hell when released internationally it was a big hit and me personally up to now i still watched for the nth time!….I still want more…i didnt even know that it did not do much in the rating in Korea tsk tsk.. maybe because i watched it till the end and the actors are so good that ( i was able to laugh and cry with them through it)and totally fell in love with the lead stars. What matters is I enjoyed it…. i don’t go with the flow…

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