Stars Attend the Seoul Premiere of Wolfboy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young

The cast of Wolfboy traveled from Busan, where they attended the film festival there last weekend, back to Seoul just in time to hold a star-studded movie premiere in the city. Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young were in attendance, as were many of their famous entertainer friends. With a hit drama in Nice Guy plus releasing a well-received movie in Wolfboy, Song Joong Ki is surely flying high right now and he totally deserves it. I’ve been watching him since he caught my eye in Triple, and since then he’s never let me down with a performance even if the project is overall lackluster. I admit that his co-star Yoo Ah In was more memorable in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but since then Song Joong Ki has been hitting it out of the park more. The same can’t be said of some of his same-generational young leading men, some of whom reveal their limitations when they pick bad projects or bad roles, thereby diminishing my affection for them. I’m just thrilled Joong Ki has such a savvy eye for picking projects and I fervently hope he continues to challenge himself in both film and television. He and Park Bo Young continue to look beyond adorable together, though this time his NG co-star Moon Chae Won showed up to add a bit of leading lady jostling to the mix. Check out the who’s who below and be prepared to avert your eyes at some truly questionable attire.

Park Bo Young. She continues to rock the little pretty shift dresses and glow with confidence and happiness.

Moon Chae Won. Goodness, how cold was it that day? Did Moon Chae Won have a run-in with a vampire? You have a lovely neck, you should show it off more, sweetie.

Yoo Ah In. You are henceforth BANNED from leaving the house unless someone else dresses you.

Lee Yoo Bi, looking young in an edgy pretty way. Choco here to support her oppa!

Kim Bum. Looks great albeit a bit boring.

Min Hyo Rin. OMG, what….just what the hell……I cannot even speak anymore.

Jaejoong. Thank you for restoring my vision.

Kim Yoo Jung. I think its time Moon Geun Young officially handed her “Nation’s Little Sister” title to this lovely young lady here.

2 PM guys, one of whom I recognize as Junsu.

Park Shi Yeon. She’s wearing way too many things on her, but still very pretty nonetheless.

Joo Won. Other than Song Joong Ki, he might be also having the best year of his career with Ojakkyo Brothers, Gaksital, 1 Day 2 Nights, and now Secret Lovers.

Ji Sung. Took time out of being The Great Seer to support his dongsaeng.

Kwang Soo. Aways tall and gawky.


Stars Attend the Seoul Premiere of Wolfboy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young — 37 Comments

  1. OMG stellar guests. Agree on all takes on the WTFery of outfits. Also I’ve been wondering this since NG started – is it just me or is Park Shi Yeon possibly preggers? I dunno, but I always remember her as very fashionable and sexy, and these days even in the drama she looks not so much like she’s gained weight but very lethargic looking…

    • I think she might be. I don’t know if it was the angle of the picture or the dress but I thought she looked pregnant at the Busan Film Festival.

  2. Hehehe koala, that is not Junsu in that 2PM picture. Chansung on the left and Junho on the right ^^

    Anyways there were some very questionable outfits at this premiere but I’m happy to see so manh familiar faces come support this movie~ especially my lovelies Kim Bum and Kwang Soo hehe 🙂

  3. Oooh, that are a lot of ugly outfits! And on such pretty people too, it´s a shame..

    Offtopic: I just just skimmed through the first episode of the new “Full House”. I have no idea what´s going on but – did anyone see THAT ENDING of the episode?? I now wonder if maybe that was another reason why the show had trouble finding a broadcaster other than redundancy and the ugly styling of the actors..

      • SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Mouth-to mouth respiration (is that the correct term? I had to look it up..) on stage disguised as fanservice (kissing) between the first and second male lead…


      • Whuh? OK, this I have to see 😉 where did you watch it? I can’t seem to find the first ep anywhere

      • Yeah, I was really surprised. We´ve all seen scenes like that in dozens of dramas – but between two men – that´s a new one! I actually gasped out loud! 😉
        I don´t know if I can write here where exactly to find it but I just checked and the first episode has been uploaded to at least one of the usual streaming sites.. Please tell me what you make of the scene, when you have watched it, will you?

      • heehee i’ve just stumbled on screenshots of the scene in question: XD
        That’s new (but I like how they’ve played with the whole idols fanservicing deluded fangirls ;)) The site you mentioned is unavailable to me, but i’ll dig it out somehow.

        I also saw that they improved NMW and HJE’s hair in later episodes! Colour me shocked 😛 I may watch this drama for the unintentional funny

      • Oh, I´m sorry! I´d give you the direct link in a heartbeat but I am not sure I am allowed to do so.. Do you mean viki? That site is mostly unavailable for me too.. 😉 Have you tried the soompi thread?

        I found the acting kinda awkward too be honest, I couldn´t help but laugh seeing Blondie awkwardly shuffling along the stage.. 🙂

        Improved hair? That´s good news indeed!

      • LOL Blondie is Park Ki Woong’s character? Oh no, I don’t think my brain could recover from seeing that 😛 Thanks, I’ll check out the soompi thread.

        HJE gets a cute bob hairstyle later on (I mean compared to the crazy ajumma thing she has going on now). NMW’s is admittedly still bad, but less horrifying ha. Check out Full House 2’s facebook page for pics and stuff. Lol that’s where I stumbled on the screenshot of the kiss scene

  4. MCW only showed up for photocall for support and quickly left to the NG film location since she wasn’t done with the filming until early morning. It probably explain her outfit. Eun Gi’s outfit hahaha

    • Eun Gi or not, I actually like Moon Chae Won’s outfit!…and Yoo Ah In’s.
      Hers was wintery and cute. His was edgey, very much like his character.
      Kim Yoo Bi, on the other hand, was boring.

  5. pic of Min Hyo Rin + your reaction = epic laugh LOL
    she borrowed one of the Ahjumma attires of Eun-gi
    Is it that cold in Korea? :O
    OT (out of topic) I’m already seeing long written previews (or rather spoilers) of NG ep 13! I’m not sure if we are going to like what we’ll see (well maybe some 😉 ).

  6. Dear dear Chae Won’s been wearing these drab body-swaddlers since she lost her memory on NG ,hmmm. Not flattering but she’ll get out of it soon enuf , I guess.
    Yoo ah in came straight from mommie’s house , cos thats unni’s 1980’s school sweats , oma’s beret from from courting days & opa’s vintage pants from yonder years. Some cool dude can pull this off but obviously not YAI.
    Pssst… Ji Sung ah! If you wanna put this shade & this much of BB cream , please put some on your ears & neck cos you’re scaring the dickens outta me with that vampire-inspired look. Somebody out there , Ji Sung’s good for a ghostie movie! Hey! but , Joongki’s lookin’ oh-so FINE!! *blowin’ kisses*

  7. I was wondering if anyone else was thinking Park Shi Yeon was pregnant. There hasn’t really been a full-body shot of her for most of the series, and anytime there has been, it’s been from really far away, or she’s been with a strategic loose jacket or chair. But either way, she’s pulling off the crazy/smart Jae Hee amazingly 🙂

  8. Ms. Koala, your comments… ㅋㅋㅋ

    Don’t know why I always confuse Park Bo-young and Lee Bo-young when they’re over a decade apart age-wise. Probably coz I don’t really remember watching either of them anything before.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Song Joong-ki wear a bad outfit. The guy looks good 24/7 365 days a year.

    How did Min Hyo-rin leave the house in that atrocious outfit? It’s burning eyes.

    Glad woori Eun-gi was there to support her fiancé~^^

    Methinks,Yoo Ah In was going for the poor art school student look.

    Kim Yoo-jung is too cute, bless her soul. I definitely think it’s time Moon Geun-young passed the baton. Isn’t she is nearing mid-twenties soon? I swear her My Little Bride image is forever engraved in my head. She may not look any different but I’m pretty sure she’s aged.

  9. About Ji Sung: I think a lot of actors use BB cream…

    About Junsu, Koala, it isn’t him there, but did you know he is no longer Junsu? Now he is Minjun and asked fans to not call him Junsu anymore. It is either Jun.k or Minjun lol

    MGY has been like begging to someone take the ”little sister” status from her, but people always adress her like this, she feels frustrated about it too and even said on a Happy together episode how she thought xx was suitable to be the new little sister but nobody listened her LOL poor thing, it doesn’t help how she looks so young.

    I’m like shipping SJK and MCW or SJK and PBY but sadly this guy is already taken by someone we don’t know (he did admit to be dating someone in the past…. I think it isn’t a celebrity?)

  10. OMG it’s joo wonie i think it’s the first time you write about uri Joo won i always wonder how you see him as an actor…………..

    • I want to say yes, but I think it is one of those phone holder wallets.
      It’s leather, to go with his panties.
      I have to imagine the entire outfit is black leather.
      Well, I don’t have to imagine, I kinda want to imagine.

  11. Everytime there’s a South Korea’s star-studded events, I definitely would scrolled down the page and keen to check out yet always felt let down and full of disbelief.

    Korean stars tend to have terrible fashion sense. They only dressed well in dramas, may be perhaps there’s wardrobe stylist or whatever that decided what to wear.

    In most cases, they always appear hideous and what’s this addiction and trend of short skirts. I’d been seeing this trend for may be like 2 years, regardless of what’s the even, either the weather is fumingly hot and cold to the bone, the short skirts is a fashion compulsary to them.

    Please, these stars really do need to hire stylist. Can’t they just learn something from classy stars like Carey Mulligan?

  12. Aw.. Jaejoong, looking really hot!! I don’t usually see him in these events. I’m glad he was there. Ji Sung looking very casual but good.

  13. thanks for the post koala sis… i always look forward to reading your comments on fashion during this events. and boy did i not laugh so hard at your comments, eg. YAI and Min Hyo Rin among others. gawd! i think someone should lock that “sweater” from MHR and lock and throw it at the bottom of the sea!

    okay, i love JJ and he sure looks good to look at after MHR’s hideous outfit but holding that phone purse, ugh!

    and oh, is it just me but how come most of the people here looks dull, i mean either they look so stressed out or haggard. even joo wonie.

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