Swoony New Preview for Episode 14 of Miss Rose

Looks like I’m not the only one going bonkers waiting for episode 14 of Miss Rose to drop since the preview showing an imminent and long overdue kiss between the OTP. Episode 13 recap will be late this week since I’ve got other more pressing real life obligations, but hopefully this will satiate all the MR fans who has faith that our patience will be rewarded. The producer for Miss Rose posted this super duper spoilerly picture on his FB page, probably because he knows the best way to whet the fans appetite is to feed us some scraps. Since the OTP kiss is confirmed for episode 14, with no last minute fake-outs or interruptions, this puts the progression of the lead couple on pace with Office Girls, which has gotten slack for taking too long. Like all live-filmed SETTV dramas, no word yet on how many episodes this drama will be, but I’ll put an educated guess at over 20 and likely 24. Episode 13 broke 4 in ratings again (4.41 to be exact), which is stunning since the drama has languished in the high 3s for 8 straight episodes now.

I wonder if folks are tuning in once its clear Cheng Kuan is putting a kibosh on his upcoming engagement with Vivian and making it clear to one and all that he’s gunning for Si Yi. This drama’s maturity still takes me by surprise, seeing how Cheng Kuan is so thoughtful and patient, taking his time to put his affairs in order properly, and then asking Daddy Luo for permission to date Si Yi. That’s such a old-school gentlemanly thing to do, but totally sweet and respectful especially considering how wonderful Daddy Luo has been to him. I’m dying to watch their motorcycle date to the countryside aside from the kiss, because it just feels like they are both free to finally do what they want and be open with each other. No more Vivian, no more President Jiang guilt trip, no more ex-boyfriend wooing on the sidelines. I have this nagging suspicion that Vivian and her dad isn’t out of the picture yet, despite it looking like clear sailing for the OTP. But I’m curious how the drama will progress once Cheng Kuan and Si Yi get together and what other obstacles they will face.

New preview for episode 14:

Cheng Kuan: Vivian agreed to end the engagement promise. Daddy Luo, please consent to Si Yi and me dating.

Daddy Luo: You’ve got guts! But if someone causes her to be unhappy….

Cheng Kuan: I promise to take good care of her. To protect her as well as you have done. Hold on tight. Luo Si Yi, you are the most beautiful scenery in my life.


Swoony New Preview for Episode 14 of Miss Rose — 20 Comments

  1. Touchdown! A real kiss. Maybe two? Since the kiss looks like it happens during the day, while the almost kiss from the preview looks like it happens at night. Ok, I won’t be greedy. One is good enough for me. (for now)

    • ** tip toes ** Looks around ** taps angskeet’s shoulder **
      [whispering] Shhhhh…denali’s out there somewhere…be very very quiet…

      • WHAT?!?! Since when has Denali got dibs? Remember I am the one with the big hat at Cheng Kuan and Si Yi’s wedding spending most of her time helping Yi Chun get over his pain. It will take a long tiem–the dude has been in love with Si Yi for over six years, but I am patient. I can wait.

      • ** tip toes ** taps jomo’s shoulder **
        [whispering] Shhhh… trotwood also has indeed claimed Jonathan Togo’s twin long ago…

        ** clears throat **
        At the wedding while everyone’s attention will be brought elsewhere I’ll be seated next to Patrick Li so I can laugh my *ahem* off as much as possible in whatever languages. ^^

        Aw, Mrs Koala, next weeks’s preview had my heart skip a beat a few times with their grins, stares, their bike ride bringing back some ole memories of mine, his “scenery” line. ❤❤❤

      • TROTWOOD, I meant, TROTWOOD!
        Stupid autocorrect…slinks away…hoping this is even slightly believable…;)

    • We need to see Si-yi smiling a LOT more…Love dad. Love him. Love him.

      Do you notice how Roy just perks right up when he is around SY’s mother? You can tell they IRL are very attached from all the time doing Office Girls.

      By the way, 24 eps? I thought it was going to end at 16. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I mean, watching NG, Faith, The Great Seer, and some really sad Mainland drama about concubines — I need this in my drama life!

      • Funny how Dad is awesome here…but super creepy in Autumn’s Concerto. But love him nonetheless, he’s lovely and his scenes are touching.

  2. Can’t wait for Ep 14. Looks like lots of OTP sweetness! Sooo happy that the kiss is real! I hate the “interruptions” that always crop up in dramas.

    And it does look like possibility of 2 kisses! I have to say though even without the physical aspect, I love how SY and CK’s actions speak louder than words, going at lengths to protect each other without being vocal about their love.

  3. Now, I’m getting all excited… I’m wandering if this is real real real kiss or just a lipping kiss only. I’m not greedy, hopefully the OTP will show their best juicy kisses, not an awkward one. Hehehe…

  4. He has a lovely smile that goes right to his eyes! And she’s really quite gorgeous looking. However, that kiss looks too posed. He needs to loosen up like he did at the end of OG! Perhaps that will happen at the end of MR. One hopes..

  5. i can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! episode 13 is not subbed yet and no recaps yet from unnie koala so i couldn’t wait anymore so i watched it raw, who cares? i am going to learn chinese just because of this drama!!! there is no boating what so ever to appease minds, but it is soooo sweet in its own rightful way that it is excellent it has been long since i watch a 100% totally family drama without any or few skinship, but i am just happy as it is, i so love CK for being the gentleman he is and doing the right thing for both women, first cleaning up with his relationship with Vivian, and second letting himself love SY freely in front of everyone!!!!! can i take a lip to the future? let’s say sunday 10p.m? it will be great!!!!

  6. I was very upset with SY in episodes 13; it seems that CK is not only the mature one but smart as while. I didn’t like the fact that SY acted like she don’t understand what its means for CK to stay employed by Mr. Luo. It’s not like he didn’t’ explained it to her slow a**. To stay at that Company will mean being a kept man by Vivian and her dad! When she come running into CK office after CK announce his registration DID SHE NOT HEAR him say he already have a company line up with more money and title, did she think that he would lose everything!

    Then what does this idiot do she run to Mr. Luo begging him not to let CK go! What the heck was she thinking? She wasn’t thinking because the last place she should have been was fasten the shackles back on CK ankles! If she does something like this again, SY will be on my list of main leads that don’t deserve a GREAT man like CK. I finished my RANTS, but I’m still pissed over this! SY act like she wasn’t there when Vivian told CK he nothing without her! Then she goes beg Vivian’s father like Vivian words held any kind of truth! She differently doesn’t take after her smart mother!

    This the second extremely stupid thing she has done, first one letting her best friend marry a cheater because of course it better to find out after you married with kids! The pain would have been triple if she would have married him had a child. SY lame excuse was she didn’t want to see her hurt, well it better then seeing her destroyed and raising a child alone and with a possible STD! I know it seems like I don’t like SY, but I do I just have zero tolerance for stupidity just to be stupid.

    • the stupidity displayed by SY is quite necessary pseudo heroic mentality for the drama to get more vicarious participatcion from the viewing public

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