Video Preview for Episode 13 and Spoilers for Episode 14 of Nice Guy

With eight more episodes to go, I just have to remind Nice Guy to stay awesome and don’t go cray cray on me. Not that I have any indication it will, but I’ve been burned so many times I just want to say an extra prayer that Lee Kyung Hee has indeed mapped out her entire story and is merely filling in the blanks along the way. If I were to think about the current state of affairs in NG-land, I might be chuckling until my belly hurts. The OTP has matching head injuries, one with a subdural hematoma that can burst anytime and his head hurts on occasion, the other has traumatic memory loss and the road to regaining her memories does not look like a cake walk in the least. On top of that, the evil duo of Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn are out to get them, for financial and personal reasons, while Team Eun Gi has their heart in the right place but doesn’t strike me as nearly as devious and ruthless as Team Jae Hee. Which is why Maru really is the perfect guy to give back to Eun Gi what his presence in her life may have cost her. Not that she wants Tae San over Maru, but more like Maru probably thinks he’s not long for this world so at least he’ll give her back financial security and get rid of Jae Hee before he bites the dust. No matter what happens, I’m just enjoying whatever happy moments come my OTP’s way.

Preview for episode 13:

Jae Hee: It’s like Director is another person, she plays so well with Eun Seok.

Eun Gi: If you find me a burden, if I’m in your way, won’t you run away from me?

Maru: Didn’t you agree that if I returned Eun Gi to her rightful place, I’ll get half of Tae San Group? Since I’m getting half of Tae San, of course I’m willing to do anything.

Jae Hee: I wasn’t expecting to see you again. There is some regret, but its good to see you.

Maru: Don’t lie to me.

Detective: We are from the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office. Tae San Group has decided to file a complaint against Kang Maru.

Lawyer Ahn: When the game is over, he won’t be able to extricate himself that easily.

Jae Hee: Do you know what intentions Kang Maru had when he approached you? Eun Gi-ah, Eun Gi-ah!

Spoilers for episode 14:

According to a poster on DC, Eun Gi loses her post-accident memories as well due to whatever traumatic thing Jae Hee told her. The condition signals that her original memories may be coming back again. But this causes her to no longer recognize Maru and she’s cold to him, not believing who they are to each other. Maru has no choice but to follow her from a distance to keep her safe as she heads home from the hospital.

Jae Hee kneels to Maru to confess that she was the one who set him up as a corporate spy and she regrets it. Maru is disgusted by her actions and tells her that she makes him want to retch. Lawyer Ahn confirms his suspicions on Eun Gi’s condition and wants her declared legally incompetent so she cannot take over Tae San.


Video Preview for Episode 13 and Spoilers for Episode 14 of Nice Guy — 24 Comments

  1. gahhh so complicated … i was just getting all happy because maru finally allows himself to love eun gi back. urgh i freaking hate jae hoe and her minion >;0

  2. Hahaha when i saw the BTS pictures that was the one (now the header in the site^^) that immediately made me think that it must be a header for Unnie’s playground;))) and someone thought the same;))) how cute they are in that picture;))))))))))) omg i am sad when i think the possible endings even now;(

  3. God, I realize this drama slowly buyt surely has road into MISA part 2.. LOL

    Please writers not this time… You had make me cried so hard for Moo Hyuk, You can’t do this to MARU! Arghhhhhhhha

    At least there is a hope he can get cure right? right???

  4. I am actually liking how the direction of the plot is going. It’s intriguing and what makes it even more awesome is the actors and actresses!!
    I can’t wait till tomorrow! <3

  5. Thanks foe preview Koala.

    Dear Script Writer-nim,

    If you can make people happy why don’t you make us upset?
    So please…make this drama happy ending.

  6. i really hope the story won’t drag the memory loss and both Eun Gi and Jae Hee issue for too long. I just can’t stand watching Ma Ru suffer. From begining My only concerned and the reason I follow this drama is him. He is like a suffering person, trying to cover his pain, and not allowed anyone to involve what he called his lousy world. He is really a nice guy even from beginning. Even when he is being a jerk, he helped Eun Gi and stayed by her side. In those moment, i can really feel his geniune feeling often come out. He is really has a soft heart. Hi ladies, in this world you’re not the only one who have problem. Give the guys some space, okay??? Hope Eun Gi’s case would be solved quickly and gave the poor guy A huge! Until now, not even once someone who know his real own problem. if the story develop and make him alone forever like MISA, I swear i will terror the writers this time. I don’t have enough tissues to cry again because of him.

  7. I keep screaming for Maru to get his hematoma sorted out cos its still not beyond repair!!! Maru ,you’re No Good to the ladies in your life if you kill yourself!! PLUS US! We.Dont.Want.You.Dead.

  8. with all the angst, i just want some BLOOD, someone should DIE.
    I don’t know who but someone should pay a life for all the boiling
    feelings I had for the last episodes. Hear ME white goat!

  9. double amnesia wtf T_T what kind of twist is this?! how the…?! this is not fair!!! ~_~ this is weird. Hopefully LKH can pull this plot twist off soon. I trust her to make an awesome ending for our OTP. >.< Don't disappoint us please.

  10. i am so addicted to this drama…please kill off at least one of the baddies….PLEASE…….i don’t care anymore on who gets Tae San Group just as long as EG and MR are to be together somehow…please fix it so MR stops hurting so much ….give him a little happiness . Every time a new episode comes out i watch 3 times first with no subs, second time after a read your recap, and the last time with subs from viki for the additional chattter above the subs. Thanks to all for the sheer joy of this addiction!!!

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