Han Hyo Joo Brings Classy Warmth to the Pages of Instyle Korea

It’s safe to say that pretty much everything Han Hyo Joo touches turns to gold for her. She burst onto the scene at a young age landing the coveted leading lady role in Seasons drama PD Yoon Seok Ho‘s Spring Waltz, which was gorgeous to look at but the story was terrible and poor Han Hyo Joo dressed like the cat lady for pretty much the bulk of the show. Since then what few dramas she’s done have all been incredible ratings successes, from Iljimae with Lee Jun Ki which hit 20s in ratings, to Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy with Lee Seung Gi which broke 40s, to headlining Dong Yi which broke 30s for a few episodes but averaged comfortably in the high 20s for its entire run. In this day and age where major Hallyu stars are finding drama ratings impossible to predict despite their big names attached, having three consecutive drama hits at her young age is quite an accomplishment. Granted I don’t think any of those three dramas were all that good substantively, but I confess to being quite addicted to the first two during its airing.

I only mention her television success because its starting to translate to movies as well, with her last movie Only You with So Ji Sub a crowd pleaser and box office success, and currently her sageuk movie Masquerade with Lee Byung Hun is also doing gangbusters at the box office. Either she has an amazing knack for picking projects despite being a very limited actress who I love because she’s so darling onscreen, or else I’m going to just ask her to buy a lottery ticket for me because her luck is just that good. Up next for her is the movie Bandage with Go Soo. I only wish my ultimate K-actress biases Moon Geun Young and Yoon Eun Hye could pick projects as well as she can. This month Hyo Joo graces the pages of Instyle Korea and she once again blows me away with her great pictorial allure.

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Han Hyo Joo Brings Classy Warmth to the Pages of Instyle Korea — 18 Comments

  1. I never knew what to feel about her. Her acting is very limited – pretty bad, actually – but her dramas are super popular. So most of the time I like the drama (Brilliant Legacy, some parts of Dong Yi), but wish they had a different female lead, LOL.

    I guess she really knows how to pick her projects – and leading men, haha.

    • @lemon, which actresses have good acting in your opinion? It’s easy to say she knows how to pick projects but who would let her choose if she couldn’t deliver?

      • Indeed. I found her acting a bit meh. Very limited facial expression, still lacking and stoic at times.

  2. Oh my GOD…
    How tiny is she???but anyway i love her in brilliant legacy,i hope she’ll come back to to act in a drama. It’s quite long time not not to see her in any drama

  3. Like Land and Sky was a daily drama high ratings expected
    Brilliant Legacy was a weekend drama so high ratings was expected.
    Iljimae with ultra famous Lee Jung Ki was a Historical, Action genre high ratings expected
    Dong Yi period drama with historical drama legend JI Jin Hee high ratings expected.

    Make her do a drama that’s not a weekend drama, daily drama, costume drama and not pair her with someone famous, we’ll see if she’d still do well.

    I would like to see her in a primetime series where she wears a normal clothing and not in historical genre just to see if she can live up to the hype of her generating huge ratings. Spring Waltz was primetime, but it failed.

  4. Her hair is to die for! Sooo gorgeous. But why do a lot of these actresses have really thin arms? I like me Michelle Obama style strong arms :p

  5. I really loved Dong Yi but I must say that I loved it because of JJH, but she still had good chemistry with him.

    I think her movies, well, the current one is a given. The one with Go Soo – i’m not sure but aren’t they part of the same agency too?

    I still like her even though her acting is very limited – she looks and feels the same in pretty much everything. But Capt K is right… it’s her charm onscreen that draws me to her. I like her and she both gorgeous and also next door girl pretty & cute. I also must say that I really only like her in sageuks. I have seen her movie with SJS, BL and did not like them much at all, yet I loved her in her saguek ones, so I’m just strange like that 🙂

  6. well we can never question the fact that at age 23 she is now one of the most sought after, famous young lead korean actress, received numerous awards so how can we question her acting ability and yes very lucky indeed and for choosing Lee Byun Heon agency she was able to get right projects indeed….i

  7. Everyone questions about her acting abilities, the award in Korea are all laughing matters, kids might not understand it-but there are words BRIBERY FAVORITISM, NEPOTISM in Korean Entertainment there. Her Daesang in Dong Yi is grade C category.Tried to compare her Daesung with Jang hyuk, or other actors in that category, totally laughing matter.

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