Second Teary Teaser for Missing You is Released

Aish, I can’t lie. Two teasers into Missing You and I just don’t like what I see. The story feels so stale and soggy already, even the two sterling young leads Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun can’t sell me their everlasting love that started at the age of fifteen and appears to have been truncated due to the poor girl having an abusive father. If this drama wanted to go dark (and I’m talking about Byakuyakyo level dark), I would be all for it. But if all we get is the heroine getting slapped around, the hero wanting to save her but can’t, and then something big happens and wham they are separated for 14 years, imma going to cry foul on basing an entire separation on the back of something less than truly dire. Heck, in Winter Sonata the guy lost his memory and the girl thought he died. In Autumn in My Heart, they had to deal with the whole “we’re not siblings anymore but that makes our weird incestuous love for each other legal now but totally cannot happen.”

I’m also turned off by an extended childhood sequence where the PD and writer wants to hammer home the point of how totally in love they were and cruel the fates are for separating them. I tend to love swoony first loves when its presented in snap shots or snippets, allowing us to explore the depth of the love as the memories come back and the characters try to reconcile their adult selves with their childhood feelings. I also find the cinematography really uninteresting because it comes off like the PD is trying too hard to inject mood into the presentation rather than letting the actors breath a bit. Despite my love for Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Seung Ho, this is going to be one uphill battle for this drama to win me over. No matter what, I’m definitely checking it out to see how my baby boy Seung Ho romances the gorgeous Eun Hye noona!

Second teaser for Missing You (English-subbed):


Second Teary Teaser for Missing You is Released — 51 Comments

  1. Look stale to me and how I can’t stand looking at the child actor portraying the younger Yoochun. I have a bad feeling that this is going to be a great let down.

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  3. To watch or not to watch…. I like all the actors and actresses but the storyline does not make any sense at all to me and how they will make it work… I have no clue. It just does not look appealing. Please drama gods make it good.

  4. hmm, looks interesting! I still feel 20 (or is it 24?) episodes is looong. Hoping for the best. Looks like ’tis the season for melos with NG, MY, & later JIS’s drama.

    Speaking of Byakuyakyo, that was “intense”…still have to complete it but Ayase and Yamada were stellar. Yamada is one crazyyyy talented actor.

    • I love YJG…He’s amazing actor..but PYC will not be him..Only great actor like Kim Soo Hyun can pull off the acting of YJG as adult actor..I don’t care about people who said PYC and YEH have a dominant pairing because of their big name..and they will grab high rating..
      for me, that only a stupid though!!
      I have to say 3 flower boy with amazing acting skill in this year were
      Kim Soo Hyun.,Song Joong Ki.,and Joo won..
      and 3 flower boy with suck acting were
      Park Yoo chun.,Jang Geun Suk., and Lee Min Ho..
      Kim Soo Hyun absolutely the best in this year..Joo Won also bring BM with his acting level..and right now.,i can say no Kang MaRu without SJK..That how all ahjunma’s feels now..
      i don’t feel any heartbreak about the teaser,plot and photos..if it’s true i can say it’s can’t be more tearsjerking than Nice Guy..Daebak drama of the year..
      MBC you better continue the special drama until NG ends..So stupid decision..when NG left only for episode.,then MY will debut..!! hahahaha so poor.

  5. I guess this is the typical candy character and sins-of-the-parents angst kind of drama, or are they gonna go the byakuyako route. Kim So Hyun (young female lead) is pretty but her acting (previous works and this trailer) lacks the oomph factor. But, this trailer solidifies (at least for me) Yeo Jin Goo’s intensity esp. on his crying scenes.

  6. I agree with all of what you said, especially being impatient with:
    “an extended childhood sequence where the PD and writer wants to hammer home the point of how totally in love they were and cruel the fates are for separating them”
    Why do these stories keep telling us that loving the person you fell in love with first is better than perhaps meeting as adults?

    Actually, now that I think of it, many times the first love is the second lead who cannot let go of the past, and their love is doomed. That seems more realistic to me.

    People are NOT the same at all times in their lives. The 10 – 15 year old view of love is not developed enough to represent how the 25 – 30 year old feels. Meaning, no kid no where is mature enough to be able to commit to a lifetime of love. It’s just not psychologically possible.

    Do I love the idea that two people who knew each other as children can grow up, move away, re-meet and re-aquaint themselves and discover their similar backgrounds form a solid basis for a relationship? Yeah, that’s cool. It’s fun, too, if one of them had a crush on the other. But don’t tell me one of them has been carrying a torch for the other through their short lives.

    I would love to take a poll.

    • I agree with this comment. Perhaps it’s the idea of fate that people find so appealing – that the one you should be with is the one you met first – but I don’t have much sympathy for people pining for lost loves experienced before they ought to be old enough to know what love really is. Great point about the the male lead and traditional second lead switching profiles in this drama – that’s another strike for me.

      Also, am I the only one who thinks that Yoo Seung Ho is and looks painfully young for his role? No wonder YEH’s character calls him ‘little boy’ – he IS one.

    • I love the comment, well childhood love in nature should be pure and innocent without prejudice,but due to the hostile environment it made them more needy rather than innocent love, it will depend on the writer if the adult version would cling to that pain in the past….

    • I have to say that I’m already annoyed by ALL THAT CRYING. Jeez, it’s really that miserable in MY world? This drama is just waiting for me to play Stack the States with it and measure it against the pain factor of other melos before it. Also…Yeo Jin Gu is a talented young thing, but I’m tired of him crying over his dead/gone/missing first love. MoonSun was enough for me. He needs to take over the spot Lee Hyun Woo has been occupying and try on those roles for size.

      • actually the twist can be, there was no past to hold on to, cause like I said it was a time of comfort, so it can be miunderstood as love, so drooling about past love can be avoided…but how they become who they are at the present can give a tiny space in their lives as they become someone else is a good twist….it can climb to a certain emotion and relationship avoiding past issues….

    • ** tip toes belatedly and sheepishly **

      I am so glad that you developped this topic! First loves are not meant to last and shouldn’t, imo. Life is all about movement thus these feelings, the mutual attraction whether it became physical or not at a young age will evolve as the 2 people involved grow up as well. Now if you add the concept of fate, then holding a torch for the same person for many years makes sense. Yet I don’t suscribe to this theory at all, which I find burdening and guilt-tripping with the immature idea that one has missed his/her chance with the “one and only person fit out there” for him/her.
      Clinging to an already gone past is such a crushing illusion once you realize that both people have grown up and that you can’t go back to that time; that’s not living, that’s merely surviving.

      In spite of my liking of YEH and PYC, I am not gonna watch that tear-jerker. Instead I’m probably gonna play “old” DBSK CDs to enjoy PYC’s voice, my fave amongst all 5 of them.

      • bottom line life is what you make it, life is complicated if you choose it….well somehow dramas were meant to have a story….

      • would it be better if Beyonce sang “the best lie I never had” it’s the answer to YEH’s lie to me….

  7. Oh, if it went super dark like Byakuyakyo, I would be so happy. I loved it b/c Ayase & Yamada were just that good in it. I saw it so long ago. I really could see Eun Hye pull off something like that.

    I digress… I admit as positive as I am, the trailer does nothing for me other than the fact that I want to see the adults onscreen and I want to see what actually happens in the drama. Sometimes I think it’s more like an MV than a serious drama.

    I actually am highly anticipating this. The trio is fab for me. Love them to pieces. As I have said before, I love watching first love dramas – I totally dig them even though they aren’t that realistic. I do believe there is a charm in the fact that he is still looking for his first love. She is still alive. I mean, if she cheated on him and he was still pining over her, then I’d say move it right along. Anyhow, I hope they knock my socks off in the end, and in a good way. But for now, I am just trying to not get my hopes up too high. That would be dangerous 🙂

  8. “No matter what, I’m definitely checking it out to see how my baby boy Seung Ho romances the gorgeous Eun Hye noona!”

    I’m with you, Capt. K! ^_^

  9. Koala, i just noticed that ur becoming an Anti follower of I Miss You drama…well, i do hope that would change once u see it. Well, i dont expect that ul recap IMY at all, or might finish recapping it just like wat u did in other dramas…and mostly if it comes from MBC – like METS, Arang and … hope not IMY.

    • I’m clueless as to how I could be an “Anti follower” of a drama. Critiquing what I have seen and having an opinion that isn’t rainbows and unicorns makes one an “Anti”? o__O Ooookay. I’ll follow along with MY and see where it goes, but I have no clue if I’ll end up liking it or not.

  10. Ive learn that dramas are like watching a baseball game.. Some hit homerun to the bases and run all the bases. Some just walk to 1st base than have to steal the rest. Either way I still watch hoping for another HR 🙂
    Thanks for the previews 😉

  11. I’m usually one who hates melo stuff so much (I’m mostly rolling my eyes through May Queen) but I really love the feel of these promos. I don’t even know why. I may not feel the same way when they try to hit us over the head with how sad it all is, but we’ll see! I’m still really looking forward to seeing these 3 together. And the child actors are cute too.

  12. Nothing is ever perfect except, in my opinion, they landed 3 really good adult actors for this drama, so just be patient and go with the flow. If you are truly fans then you will stay with the drama and support your favorite actor. That is what fans, who are loyal do. Hind sight is wonderful and if all our favorite actors, had this ability, there wouldn’t be any disappointed fans. So stop being negative and get into the wait and see mode.

  13. Im going to give this a try !!! these are all my three favorite actors and i just love them !!!! i know it will be good. fighting !!!

  14. I’m starting to think this is another one of those cliche love stories who can’t let go of their first love crap :/ I’m curious coz of YEH starring in this drama but for the other stuff about it…I’m starting to *yawn*

  15. well that looks…uhm interesting… I’m going to watch it, but secretly and will never admit it because currently i feel ashamed. And before people start throwing stones at me for being premature in my judgement, allow me to have mine and i won’t throw any back at you.

    • Like you, I am gonna watch it and not ashamed to openly admit it to anyone. Since I have always been a sucker for first love stories, I know I am gonna be so in for the ride. It helps that some of my favorite actors are the leads; so I looking forward to crying along with them.

      Obviously this is not everyone’s cup of tea; so be it.

  16. We only see teasers, not even the entire episode…

    The best is a “wait and watch the entire episodes or episodes” stance and then judge…

  17. LOL..

    Your review always sound like someone put a gun in your head and force you to follow this drama.. And I suspect that if it’s not Yoochun that will play along YEH you will find this drama a little bit more compelling. It just blatantly funny.. LOL
    BTW, some of us do find that heartbreaking mellow are compelling and can make a good story line.

    And I loveeee the kids actor. They are sooo good. I hope Yoochun and Eun Hye will be able to convey that emotion into their adult stage. Based on other summary, they describe the adult as a cheeky and bright character. I believe in the script writer and the director. They always make the most heartbreaking background story without destroying the character (much).

  18. ya..ya..ya..always judge something even the drama have not been aired..
    teaser just teaser, i believe even MY melo drama but the storyline will not always full of cry.. just wait until the drama aired so you can all judge it are the drama good or bad..

    if bad just leave it don’t watch it, it’s not that hard.. if you like it watch it until end!

    for me if YEH in it i will watch it until the drama end, i like the teaser and really curious about the story..and about all comment that this drama will be trainwreck well i’m sure it will be huge internationally like YEH other drama LTM..

    piss all ^^

  19. Here i am again trying to encourage everyone to give this drama a try.this is YEH’s first melodrama and im quite curious how she will do in this genre.seeing the teasers im not really affected cause there is no scene where eun hye said anything.the teaser doesnt say much about how this drama will go.i usually ignore the psynopsis especially if i like the actors.i want to reserve my judgement until i see the movie not based on still pictures and teasers.lve seen ALL YEH s work and So far eun hye never failed to capture my interest as a viewer.i always find her as an avid fan, i will definitely watch it and hold my judgement after i’ve seen it.every one has a different taste on drama, i will not say anything negative to influence others not to watch it.i’ll let them be the judge of that.this is a melodrama and i expect a lot of crying scene.dont care jow heavy it prepared.waiting anxiously.

    • You know I’m also one who believes in -do not judge a drama for its teaser- To me personally, theres no over the top crying in it and even if there was it’s a melodrama and one should expect tons of it. I’m ready to be surprised and amazed because it’s YEH and when given the right material, the girl shines. So it’s great to see people encouraging others to give YEH’s first melo a chance.

  20. I’ll check this drama out but I’m not really in the mood for a melodrama. I’ve dropped both melos, Nice Guy and May Queen. I am excited to see Eun Hye and how she’ll do.

  21. The adult part has just started filming so that’s why they can only show the child teaser for the time being. There is a little write out at Baidu site, INTERESTING! So dont jump into conclusion so fast. Be patient folks!

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