Miss Rose Episode 13 Recap

Episode 13 wasn’t anywhere near being a stellar episode of Miss Rose, but two things made it fun for me. I had a blast writing this recap, which summoned forth a ton more good-natured snark than I’ve exhibited lately. It’s probably a way for me to let off some steam and anxiety of two straight episodes of Nice Guy where my mind and heart have been pulled through the wringer. The second bit I loved was seeing how this was a crucial episode that is setting the stage for the next phase of the story. I’m dying to see how the drama handles Cheng Kuan and Si Yi dating out in the open. Will there be skinskip galore? Will she stop calling him Deputy General Manager and call him by his name? Too bad there is no standard “oppa-ing” in Chinese, because if Si Yi calls Cheng Kuan gege I might choke on my tongue then and there. This pairing has shades of the Office Girls Zi Qi-Xing Ren dynamic, in that it’s believable they are equals in life stage and emotional maturity.

While the OG babies were young and fresh into the love game, I see Si Yi and Cheng Kuan as seasoned and sure of themselves when it comes to handling the development of a relationship. With that said, it was a tad frustrating to have an entire episode hinge on Cheng Kuan leaving Guang Qiang, made all the more annoying when Si Yi repeatedly tried to stop him. I get part of her rationale – the failing Guang Qiang needs his leadership and too many people on that company for failure to be accepted – but it’s the second half that involves him throwing away his career for her that grated on my nerves. That’s the typical self-sacrificing heroine stupid-speak that drives me bonkers, and in this case it was so unnecessary since Cheng Kuan took his darn time to decide and is more than capable of making such a decision about his own life. I appreciate Si Yi’s thoughtfulness in wanting to do what is best for Cheng Kuan, but its time for her to stop being his secretary and step into the shoes of his girlfriend.

Screw 13 – Leaving to get closer to you:

SI Yi tells Miao Jin that she just tendered her resignation. Vivian flounces in and is all like “great, saves me time and money, the exit is to the left and don’t pass my boyfriend’s door on your way out.” Or something like that.

When Si Yi drops a picture as she’s packing and goes to pick it up, Vivian accidentally stomps on her hand which is when Cheng Kuan walks in. Perfect timing, dude. He helps Si Yi up and stares at the hand in anger, though the hand did nothing wrong except be stupid enough to get stomped on.

Cheng Kuan turns to Vivian, who is technically correct in saying it was just an accident but nevertheless comes off looking like the clueless and heartless bitch that she is. Or conversely we can assume the accident was that she was accidentally born and raised a bitch, i.e. shit happens. And its Si Yi’s fault for being stepped on by shit. Cheng Kuan spots the resignation letter and stares at it distastefully, like it contains a laundry list of Nazi war crimes. He rips it up and uses his Deputy General Manager authoriTAY in not permitting it. What? In Taiwan employers can refuse to allow an employee to resign? What is this, slave central over there?

Vivian yells that she already approved it, to which Cheng Kuan points out that’s she’s just the Board auditor and has no authority over human resource matters, while he’s the DGM here. Vivian screams at him that he’s nothing without her, so don’t go throwing his weight around. Ouch. Both Si Yi and Miao Jin look horrified and uncomfortable watching Vivian put Cheng Kuan down. Viv, that was a dumb ass move. Vivian immediately realizes it and tries to backtrack, saying she didn’t mean what she said. Errrr, yes you did. Just like when you have diarrhea – it might be an accident you crapped your pants, but it’s still crap that came out. Cheng Kuan also knows she meant it and steels his face before turning around and walking out.

Manager Kang and the General Manager talk about how Cheng Kuan is trying to nail them for taking bribes from Chairman Wang so they decide to stop it now and get rid of any evidence as well. It would make me happy if they did their plotting in darker rooms and cackled more. And maybe dress like Sith Lords.

Si Yi gets a call from Cheng Kuan’s mom asking to meet, and for once the Mom character doesn’t sudden turn evil and shoot fire from her nostrils the moment she learns her son likes a girl who is not as rich or successful as the one he’s currently forced to date. Mom thanks Si Yi for being a good secretary, and also being the person who changed Cheng Kuan and made him more considerate and open. So you did notice, Mom! I was worried you were secretly blind, on top of being willfully clueless

But then Mom points out that Cheng Kuan is at a pivotal point in his career, and Si Yi wouldn’t want to be the cause of derailing it now, would she? What is this, Mom? Cheng Kuan is not the HSR from Taipei to Taichung suddenly decide to jump tracks and head to Hua Lian. The man can adjust his life as he sees fit. Si Yi concurs with Mom and says she wants the best for Cheng Kuan and she knows what to do.

Cheng Kuan is at the orphanage playing with kids, because nothing beats doing charity work as a way to let off steam and de-stress. He sees one orphan off to the side reading and the kid says he needs to keep learning so he can be as successful as Cheng Kuan one day. He doesn’t have parents to support him so everything he wants to achieve he has to do it by himself.

Kid Buddha’s wise words enlightens Cheng Kuan and further confirms his resolve to extricate himself from under President Jiang’s thumb and set off on his own Johnny Appleseed quest to spread his seed. Or something like that. Let’s just say he realizes that everything he has now was given to him by someone else, and if he wants control to make his own decisions in life, he’s got to start over.

Cheng Kuan gets a call from Yi Chun asking if Si Yi is with him since he can’t find her anywhere. What if she were at a spa getting a scrub for 3 hours? Would you two give the lady some space! Si Yi is walking around Taipei ignoring calls and moping, because she wouldn’t be able to ignore calls and mope at home where it’s comfier. I would totally mope at home, because true moping requires wearing tattered old PJs and inhaling a quart of slow-churned butter pecan ice-cream.

Cheng Kuan races around looking for Si Yi but can’t find her. As he’s giving up and walking by the bridge, who else does he run into but Si Yi. Taipei, a city where only Gao Cheng Kuan and Luo Si Yi can run into each other because they are thinking about each other. They stare at each other and then Cheng Kuan rushes forward and pulls her into his arms. Okay, this was awesome. They break apart and Si Yi tearfully tells him that she’s not worth him throwing away his future for her.

Si Yi doesn’t want Cheng Kuan to leave Guang Qiang because he’s so talented and the company needs him. She wants to take the blame for the government bid irregularity. Cheng Kuan tells her to trust him and do as he says, he knows what he’s doing. Listen to the man, Si Yi! He’s smart and thoughtful, whereas you cry on a dime and didn’t even try to bitch slap the hussy who stole your former boyfriend from under your thumb.

Vivian is reflecting on how she put down the man she professes to want so she tries to get her dad to go easy on Cheng Kuan, likely hoping she can make amends this way. Cheng Kuan walks into President Jiang’s office and tenders his own resignation from the company. He promises to finish this project at Guang Qiang and then he’ll be gone.

President Jiang refuses to accept the resignation and warns Cheng Kuan not to test his limits. Cheng Kuan asks President Jiang to respect that this is his life and he is choosing to live it this way. Cheng Kuan bows and says he will find other ways to repay President Jiang’s kindness all these years. Other ways that don’t involve selling himself to his shrewish daughter.

Vivian pouts to Ting Ai about Cheng Kuan dumping her for that old main Si Yi. Ting Ai, the queen of manipulation herself, suggests that Vivian try another way to stake her claim. Whatever happened with Ting Ai and Ah Zhe? Was she just happy to break up a couple more than getting the guy? Whatever, I don’t care enough to want to know.

Vivian goes to see Si Yi’s parents, who welcome her warmly when she says that she works with Si Yi at Guang Qiang. Vivian not so subtly lets them know that Cheng Kuan is her fiancée and wonders if Cheng Kuan is very nice to Si Yi since he’s like that with all girls. LOL, you are lying through your teeth, wench.

Si Yi’s parents are crestfallen to hear that Cheng Kuan has a fiancée, and further made to be embarrassed and put in their place when Vivian even asks them to dry clean an outfit for her. Being passive-aggressively demeaning to the Luo parents is yet another sign that Vivian is the Wicked Witch of the East. After she leaves, Dad grumbles about having this woman come here to warn off their daughter.

Manager Kang and the GM meet with Chairman Wang and put an end to their shady bribery for procurement scheme. The Chairman is pissed to be out so much money and have this end so abruptly. As he leaves, Sheng Jun approaches him and asks if the Chairman would like to undermine the GM and Manager Kang, who cut him lose without a care.

The Guang Qiang secretaries have heard that Si Yi is leaving and are sad. Everyone goes to a management meeting and the GM makes a point that Cheng Kuan is late. He arrives bearing an envelope that he hands to the GM first. Inside are the bank account statements for Manager Kang which contain the trail of evidence of him accepting bribes. The GM immediately tucks it away and tells Cheng Kuan that he will personally handle the matter.

Cheng Kuan stands before the entire company management team and announces that he’s tendered his resignation and is leaving the company. He accepts full responsibility for the fall out from the government procurement project. Cheng Kuan bows low and deep before the gathered employees and then ends the meeting.

After the meeting, Si Yi rushes to his office and asks why he is doing this? The company needs him and he can’t just walk away like this and ruin his future. Cheng Kuan is curt with her and says he knows what he is doing, and he can find a good or even better job anywhere. He tells Si Yi to stay here and continue to be a screw. Si Yi asks him if he’s got plans already?

Cheng Kuan gets a call from his mom and he asks to be alone to answer it. After Si Yi and Sheng Jun leaves, Cheng Kuan sits at his desk and thinks to himself – he needs to leave Guang Qiang so that he has a chance to get closer to Si Yi.

Manager Kang and the GM discuss what to do now that Cheng Kuan has evidence of their accepting bribes. To vent his frustration, the GM has Manager Kang wear a mask of Cheng Kuan’s face and he beats him up. The GM decides that Manager Kang has to be the scapegoat this time. He suggests Manager Kang go study abroad, or take a leave of absence, promising to bring him back when things blow over. Manager Kang reluctantly accepts this arrangement.

Si Yi decides to take matters into her own hands and runs off to intercept President Jiang and Vivian, begging to take responsibility for the government bid fiasco so that Cheng Kuan can stay at the company. She tearfully explains that he is a wonderful boss and the company is lucky to have him because now it has a chance to survive. Lady, did you forget the part where Cheng Kuan WANTS to leave the company.

Vivian and President Jiang listen to her and then ignore her pleas. Vivian must be thinking “Seriously? This is my competition?”

Si Yi gets called home where her dad rips into her for being too close with a man who already has a girlfriend. Dad is PO’d and grumbles that he wouldn’t wash Vivian’s clothes even if she paid him double. I love dad! Dad warns Si Yi to just be a secretary going forward and not have any personal interaction with Cheng Kuan.

Mom isn’t so ready to toss in the towel and grumbles that Cheng Kuan is not like that douchebag Yi Chun and there must be more to it. As long as they are not married yet, anything can happen. LOL, Mom sure has a very flexible moral code when it comes to her daughter’s happiness. She asks how Si Yi feels, and Si Yi says she doesn’t allow herself to feel anything for Cheng Kuan. Her answer makes Mom curious, since not allowing herself is not the same as not having any feelings for Cheng Kuan.

Thoughts of Mine:

Don’t worry, I still love MR to pieces. This was just a slower episode and rife with opportunities to have a little more fun with it. 😀 Can’t wait for the date and kissy kissy coming up!


Miss Rose Episode 13 Recap — 13 Comments

  1. Yay, Thanks for the recaps. I read them before watching, so that i can know if i should waste my time watching a bad episode or not. BUt for miss rose, I can watch the bad….Only you Roy!!!!

  2. Love this recap! I agree that this was a somewhat frustrating episode, and I love the snark. Especially because it comes from a place of love. Thanks for giving me some great laughs (although my coworkers think I’m crazy. What else is new?)!

    Favorite lines: “Kid Buddha’s wise words enlightens Cheng Kuan and further confirms his resolve to extricate himself from under President Jiang’s thumb and set off on his own Johnny Appleseed quest to spread his seed.” Hahaha!

    “What if she were at a spa getting a scrub for 3 hours? Would you two give the lady some space!” Seriously, what is wrong with going off the grid for a few hours? Si Yi has a known history of leaving her phone/not hearing it. I’m a little amazed they didn’t file a missing person report. Sheesh!

  3. This is the first time that I have been able to watch an episode BEFORE reading the recaps, so it was a treat. I love the snark, too. However, I liked this episode quite a lot. Yes, it was slower that many of the others (how long were they going to stare at each other on the bridge?!?) and I could really care less about spending so much time watching the antics of Manager Kan and the GM, but I also think that the character development, especially for Chen Kuan, is important. Did anyone else think when Kid Buddha talked about wanting to be just like him, “Oh, adopt him already!!!!” I mean, clearly Chen Kuan loves kids, and it’s not like his mother seems to be doing anything but hanging out at tea rooms and going shopping Cruella deVivian. Anyway, there were some perfect moments for me. I love how the mother figures Vivian out at gives her own warning back about not being able to “keep” someone who is not really hers. I love how this family is very helpful and kind and even subordinate acting to others until that person attacks one of their own; then they circle the wagons. I think this is what Chen Kuan likes about them. They may not be rich, but they are independent. Also, I do like how on the bridge, the shot shows Si Yi “almost” hugging Chen Kuan back but still not willing to let herself do this. I know that many people will see her decision to try to keep him from resigning as this noble idiocy bit and ignoring Chen Kuan’s wishes; however, I think this is consistent with Si Yi’s character. The first time, she is just trying to protect him, but the second time when she races across town and gets by the most inefficient desk attendant and security guard (what was with the bright yellow braid on the uniform?) ever, it is not really because of her relationship with him, but I think it is about her relationship with the company and the other workers. Remember, this happens after the other secretaries talk about all the corruption and the stock prices and how the company was on its last legs. They are worried about their jobs. Si Yi has been friends and has been taking care of all her coworkers for far longer than she has been in love with Chen Kuan. Yes, she partially does it because she recognizes his talent, but she also does it because all those people need their jobs, and the company will fold under the current GM and his shady deals. I saw this as an attempt at a rescue mission for them.

  4. Thanks for the recap!
    So agree with this:
    “That’s the typical self-sacrificing heroine stupid-speak that drives me bonkers, and in this case it was so unnecessary since Cheng Kuan took his darn time to decide and is more than capable of making such a decision about his own life.”

    What exactly is so great about the company anyway? As Trotwood listed above – SY knew that for years they had been losing money, that the current management sucked, etc.
    If she loves CK, wouldn’t he be better off somewhere else, even if the company fails?

    I hate to sound too practical, but it may be the best thing for everyone if CK’s starts his own company with the talent from Guang Qiang. He would have more control, the bad guys would be gone, and he could work his magic to make tons of money.

    And why would his leaving end their relationship? Is there a law that says people can only date if they work together?

    Can’t wait for us to get past all this and to the important part: the kissing.

    • I LOVE this idea!!! It is like what happens in the Kdrama, The Queen of Reversals. The lead, played by another obsession Park Si Hoo (the King of starting out as the second lead only to become so popular that the writers make him the first lead), ends up leaving the horrible soul-sucking conglomerate run by his father and step-brother. But the best part is that he doesn’t just leave, but the entire team goes with him. Si yi could work in HR, recommending the people from Guan Qiang that should be hired and keeping at bay the ones he should avoid.

  5. If there’s one thing this episode brought home for me, it’s that I hope to never see another heroine doing the “waddle of despondency” ever again!

  6. Oh no, there a note saying that while CK & SY enjoy their first outing sweet date, suddenly some gangsters interrupt. Hopefully everything is ok for them. I got the source from watching “what is love” in ep 14.

  7. The problem with most taiwanese drama is that they start off good and then they start beating round the bush that makes you lose interest and after that you don’t know whether you want to keep watching. Office Girls and now this one is another case for me.

  8. i like this episode , though i really feel that its going so slow , so im waiting for a really massive , amazing ending to make waiting worth while !! i like si ti’s character she is so cute and soft and tender , though i hate when the main female lead gives up her love thinking he would be happy without her , its so common !! i would love to see her stand up for one moment slapping that bitch and saying HE IS MIIIIIIIIIIIINE !!!
    anyways thank you very much , i love ur recaps u really convey it so cutly , i like ur side comments hhh u kinda read my mined

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