Moon Geun Young Poses for Bazaar Magazine and with her New Co-star Park Shi Hoo

One great bonus of having Moon Geun Young make her acting comeback after a two year school hiatus is that she’s also back in various periodicals for my viewing pleasure. She’s as good a print model as she is acting, though I have to confess she’s not my favorite when it comes to posing. I find that she doesn’t own the camera lens in stills as well as she does when she acts, but that’s a minor quibble since I find her far and away the best young actress of her generation. For the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Moon Geun Young transforms into a modern lady that still retains a playful pensive vibe. Even better than these gorgeous Bazaar pictures is the first ever couples picture of Moon Geun Young with her Cheongdamdong Alice leading man Park Shi Hoo. It was snapped by Vogue Korea at its party held during the Busan Film Festival, where both actors attended though they didn’t walk the red carpet together. Perhaps they were trying to keep their chemistry under wraps and whet the fans appetite some more. I have to say they look great together, and I’m just LOLing forever knowing that Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won won best couple for Painter of the Wind, then Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Woo also won for The Princess’s Man, and now Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo will be making this strange love triangle complete by filling in the last remaining pairing combination. Alice has started filming already and I’m dying to see the first official stills. Apparently May Queen just got extended to 38-episodes so Alice will be going toe-to-toe with this makjang bag of crazy come December 1st. 


Moon Geun Young Poses for Bazaar Magazine and with her New Co-star Park Shi Hoo — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you! I always wish and pray for your continued success and happiness, Moon Geun Young! You’re my role model ^-^

  2. Omg, how great does our Ms Moon look in that nearly backless black dress! Am totally loving this more mature look although I still think she looks baby faced and too young next to Park Shi Hoo although not losing hope entirely with MGY’s ability to emote at a deeper level than other actresses of her generation. Am definitely curious about this pairing and am waiting for Alice with much anticipation.
    And yes indeed well pointed out – would be a total hoot if PSH and MGY wins the best OTP!!

  3. I don’t know, Koala, I think the PSH/Geun pairing may give your Geun/Geun pairing a shakedown.

    We know how intensely we have felt their passion for other actors, it will be a treat to see her face a more manly actor than she did in MSOAN. I am referring to both beauties – JGS and Kim Jae Wook.

    I agree with everyone that says she looks comfortable with him. That is a good sign!

  4. I almost died when I saw,the first pic a couple of days ago….they look so cute together….i’m a firm Geun-Geun shipper but I’ll be darned if this coupling doesn’t give that one a run for its money….and I’m loving the sensuous photoshoot too

  5. I agree, MGY and Kim Jae Won are some actors that I think don’t look great on pictures/photoshoots.

    It is hard for them look great IMO. On screen they are awesome and gorgeous but on magazines they don’t look that great…

    But I totally love this Bazzar photoshoot plus the cosmopolitan photoshoot 🙂

    • Actuall ockoala said that she liked her as a print model just that she can’t pose very well. I agree with her, moon geun young potographs beautifully when she isnt posing but looks awkward in onviously posed potographs and doesnt ommand the lens in stills live she does when she acts.

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