First Official Stills of Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You

What is Missing You trying to do with my baby boy? Is the drama trying to make me love him even more, because that won’t be necessary. I love him enough as is even though I preferred his goat best friend to him in Arang and the Magistrate. The first official stills have just been released of Yoo Seung Ho playing second male lead Kang Hyung Joon in MY (by the way, I keep wanting to call him Hyun Ki Joon and I’m sure certain folks will know where this similar name comes from). His character is described as having an unrequited love for Yoon Eun Hye‘s character and also harbors a deep-seated hatred of Yoochun‘s character. What better way to spice up a love triangle than to make a third wheel hate one while loving the other. I’ve also read that he’s half-brothers with Yoochun, though one may be illegitimate, not quite sure about the rather complicated character chart for this drama. I don’t think Seung Ho is trying too hard to look older than his age, but I don’t quite like how the drama styled him. The blue blazer stills looks nice enough (the still above is my favorite with his angry and pained expression), but the ones where he is wearing a grey overcoat makes him look like a kid wearing his grandpa’s old clothes from the 60s. And what’s with the cane? I’ll only accept the cane if its not some foppish fashion statement but that his character is genuinely maimed and needs to walk with the aid of a cane. What would be even more awesome is if Yoochun’s character somehow is blamed for his injury, adding more fuel for why he doesn’t like him. Missing You premieres next week on MBC.


First Official Stills of Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You — 22 Comments

  1. Ooooh that first screencap of angsty YSH. Jailbait is gonna kill this and I’m gonna need my bucketdealer @langdon813 when MY starts. I hope this drama does the actors justice, I am still not sold on the pairings and the triangle but I’ll take what I can to see them back in a drama.

  2. OMO.. what has this drama done to YSH?! that long jacket -,”
    it seems i’ll have 2nd male syndrome again.. huhu.. i’ll definitely watch it when NG end. But it’s according to UEE chemistry with tae hyun in JW.

  3. the second teaser is a “meh”. i guess many people underestimate with this drama even though the actors have large fanbase. hopefully the story not dragging and the rating isn’t bad

  4. What’s up with all the negativity!? Aren’t they ALL professionals!? Let’s give it a chanc, maybe they’ll nock our socks off!! ^.*

  5. The OST kinda remind me of one of the Secret Garden’s theme songs. Look forward to great performances by the leads, especially YEH. All the best to the entire cast and crew!

  6. Sorry, still not buying it. Would it have been so difficult to find an adult actor? They’ve styled him as a 30 year old and all it looks like is a kid playing dress up.

  7. There were words in this posting?
    My brain identified the target (of my affections) and went:
    “Why does he have a cane?”

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