King of Dramas Releases Teaser with a Park Shin Hye Cameo Appearance

I actually watched the teaser for King of Dramas, the upcoming SBS drama to follow Faith, earlier this week but just haven’t gotten around to posting about it until now. Starring Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Choi Si Won, and Oh Ji Eun, this is the only upcoming weekday drama that I’m totally looking forward to. Too bad it’s flying under the radar but I like what I’ve seen so far. When I watched the teaser, I had to blink and rewind a few times since I thought I spied Park Shin Hye for a few seconds. Turns out I can recognize Shin Hye even in a bare second, because she is indeed in this drama! She’s cameoing as likely herself, and acting opposing Choi Si Won’s self-absorbed top Hallyu star character in a drama within the drama. The reason for her cameo is the PD of KoD directed her in You’re Beautiful. I remember one fun thing about On Air was the sheer breadth of cameos by real top stars playing themselves so I hope KoD tosses a few more in for good measure. Sadly I don’t see any stills of Oh Ji Eun yet, nor does she show up in the teaser. While Kim Myung Min is the greedy pompous drama producer and Jung Ryeo Won is the idealistic and eager assistant script writer, Oh Ji Eun is playing the actress counterpart to Si Won’t actor character. I actually don’t mind how this love square end ups, whether the two leads gets together or mixes it up. I’m into for the wink-wink mockery of drama making as well as some fun snappy acting and directing.

Teaser for King of Dramas:


King of Dramas Releases Teaser with a Park Shin Hye Cameo Appearance — 11 Comments

    • Glad we agree. I’m 21 years old but I’d take Kim Myung-min ahjussi over Siwon any day (even shirtless Siwon). Doesn’t really help that I’ve never been attracted to Siwon. Loved him in Oh! My Lady but he just doesn’t do it for me.

      But I’d probably still watch it if it ended up being Siwon/JRW just because it’s been a while since a watched a decent rom-com *crosses fingers*

      • Chae Rim and Si Won were all sorts of wrong in Oh My Lady, but I digress. I’m even younger than you and I would legit faint if I were in KMM’s presence whereas all the hoopla over Si Won/K pop idols in general goes right over my head.

  1. so there will be another second lead female..oh ji eun? I don’t know about it yet >_<

    I love the writer king of drama. 'Sign' has the most memorable ending for me… Sad..but realistic #sigh

    Shinhye!! Fighting!!
    Hope you will comeback to dramaland a.s.a.p

  2. Dear Koala, I’m hooked on this drama, it’s impossible not to get addicted to it. It’s funny and exciting and ,at the same time, it seems to be about confronting one’s values. So far is very interesting and I’d wish you recaped this, but I guess is a bit too far on the road for that, after all, the drama finished episode 4.

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