Missing You Reveals Official Stills of Leading Man Yoochun

As Missing You gears up for its premiere next week and its press conference this week, expect tons of stills and likely more teasers to whet our appetite. It’s actually rather late for a drama to be dropping official stills of its adult cast but this one has a rather long childhood portion so the adults aren’t showing up for a few weeks anyway. Much as I adore Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun, there is no way I’d check out a drama just for them (yet), so it remains waiting for Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho to show up that is my entry point into this drama. Of course, if the script is tight and compelling and the acting is rock solid, I’ll be onboard for the story rather than the actors in a jiffy. MBC released the first official stills of leading man Yoochun, which appear to be shot in the same studio as Yoo Seung Ho’s, with the same photoshop editor afterwards, and the same photographer calling the poses. Be sad. No, be sadder. Look in the distance. No, look really really far in the distance. I actually love the ambiance of the stills – the blues, blacks, and greys with the window creating a fractured effect all ringed with the raindrops of schmoopiness. But the execution is so posed, even for Yoo Seung Ho’s set, that to see the same thing with Yoochun’s leaves me baffled at why the production would recycle its own stilted concept. A bit of creative conversion would have done wonders to make Yoochun not look like he was aping Yoo Seung Ho. Not that I think he is, since he may have shot his stills first. On the upside, he’s channeling the right look of longing and frustration, his hair looks decently shorn, and his outfit is ridiculously hot on him.. Now I’m just waiting on pins and needles to see what the drama releases for Yoon Eun Hye.


Missing You Reveals Official Stills of Leading Man Yoochun — 31 Comments

  1. He looks good with that hair. but again.. reminds me of Jet Li, who by the way, I love. I’ll get to loving Yoo-chun soon. I hope.

  2. I’m really liking the vibe that these stills are giving us. I especially love how their (Park Yoo-chun and Yoo Seung-ho) eyes are so expressive, each has it’s own story to tell. Can’t wait for Yoon Eun-hye’s stills, maybe tomorrow? 🙂

  3. I never really paid attention to Yoo Chun and I admit that I’m only looking forward to watching this drama because of Seung Ho but this particular photo stills of Yoo Chun is making me change my mind. Maybe it’s his eyes. It definitely speaks volumes. Or maybe it’s his overall charisma..? I don’t particularly find him handsome, but there’s just something in the stills that makes me drawn to him.

    Huh. Maybe, just maybe, I’m going to like Yoo Chun in this.

    if there is something I trust in dramaland its Yoochun’s drama choices
    This drama is a win for me since it got yoochun + YEH + The cute guy + the sad plot (which may not be everyone’s fav but is definitely mine) .. A dream come true dama
    Even if it wnt be one of the gratest dramas, it will still be one of my favs I just know it in my heart
    i hope the kids part wont be too long , I wanna see Yoochun asap
    And OMG HE LOOKS SMOKIN HOT , his acting and expressions keep on getting better its amazing me

  5. I think Yoochun will surprise quite a few people. This kid can really act; he just needs more practice. Despite the gentle image, he can bring on the intensity, but thankfully, always understated and rarely over-the-top.

    Looking good so far.

    • Agree..i means this boy has only 2 years of acting experience and he is already that good… i really want to see him in a coupel of year…

    • I knew nothing about him before RTP and I thought he did a really, really good job in his role. He was very consistent with even tiny nuances that helped cement his character.

  6. YSH’s posters turned me off a tiny bit w overdressing and cane and stuffs, but this definitely pulls me in again. He is looking very good and promising.

  7. I came here for the schmoopiness, and I have not been disappointed!
    Thank you, Koala!

    Btw, I like MY a lot, I just like him. He seems to have a good sense of comedic timing, and can get those breathless encounters done like a champ.
    But, please, don’t give me a lot of weepy. Weepy gets on my nerves after while.

    But if I remember CYHMH correctly, they did a pretty good job of using words rather than long drawn out silent teary scenes.

    The strength of the Woori’s character was that she was a straight shooter. That is what YEH does well, too.

  8. I don’ expect to be blown away by Yoochun’s acting in this drama but who knows, we’re all in for a surprise. So far, so good, based on the stills. Let’s see how he’ll fare when the drama airs.

  9. Yoochun eyed look expressive. Hope he can deliver coz i love some melo and ig the lead id too wooden, then the messahe can’t be pass to viewers.

    YEH poster already came out. Saw it on soompi.It looks good. She tied her hair. Prefer it to be loose but she still looks pretty. Cant wait for her comeback.

  10. I’m very excited about Missing You, each new information coming out about this melo confirms me it will be great. The photos of Yoochun are very touching and reveal the feeling of loss and sadness of his character.

  11. Yoochun still photos were pretty good!! I thought that he was able to give off the necessary emotions there and by looking those photos especially the last 2, I just want to hug him & tell him “it’s ok, everything gonna be alright”.
    Positive vibes for Missing You!!!

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