K-movie Queen of the Night Courting Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young as the Leads

After turning down the second male lead in Missing You, Chun Jung Myung has stated that his next project will be a movie. His last movie Blue Salt was okay for me, but I do love it when my faves head towards Chungmuro over staying in Yeouido it always means they are scaling new heights in their acting career. This week the K-news outlets are reporting that PIE might reunite with his Man of Honor co-star Park Min Young to headline the upcoming movie Queen of the Night. It’s a thriller about a man who appears to be married to the perfect woman, who then starts to suspects there is more to her past that he knows. This movie will be directed by the PD who helmed Wonderful Radio with Lee Min Jung, which was a throwaway bit of entertainment that wasn’t terribly good or memorable and I recollect the directing to be serviceable at best. The movie is scheduled to start shooting in December so the two leads are in serious talks at this point. Though word from Park Min Young’s agent indicate that she is leaning against taking it, which makes me sad since I just loved her with PIE in MoH. Heck, they are the only reason I stuck to that atrocious drama as long as I did. Even if she doesn’t do it, he looks like at lock at this point which makes me happy for his career trajectory.

I think it’s a good idea for both PIE and Park Min Young to take a break from dramas. They have had a string of duds in a row lately – Cinderella Unni, Man of Honor for him, Man of Honor and Dr. Jin for her. Yes, in between they have done some good dramas, but its not enough for me to shake the feeling that neither are getting the right scripts. The Duo was awesome but PIE’s character was not all that nor was his performance one of his best. City Hunter was a Lee Min Ho vanity vehicle and Park Min Young was just along for the ride. Perhaps a stint in move-land will do them both good so I’m hoping this casting new comes true.


K-movie Queen of the Night Courting Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young as the Leads — 12 Comments

  1. Is that a joke? They want to re-team 2 actors who had an pic fail together? I love cutie Pie but let’s be honest, their chemistry in MOH was ZERO (Lee Jang-woo kept me until I couldn’t bear it anymore). PMY is blacklisted as an actress in my book: The only thing she can do is crying. Let her do ads for perfume or whatever.
    So basically, him = OK. Her = Out.

      • Mine too. I can’t stand her …..Didn’t watch CH because of her …..Inspite of my love for LMH.
        Couldn’t bear her cutesy act in SS. Watched it for the boys…..I loved chilled out Mr Nice Guy in that one. Not liking the self destructive one right now.

  2. pmy is one of those actresses that i like as a person and find her harmless overall but sadly believe that she cannot act to save her life. For that reason I hope this casting doesn’t come true. I think PIE needs someone who can match him acting ability wise especially in a movie like this. Plus I personally found them to have minimal chemistry if any at all with one another in MoH and would rather have him paired with someone who he has sparks with.

  3. How dare they even offer him the second lead and to YC?????? What were they thinking? Believe me, I like YC… but he’s light years behind CJM.
    I thought MOH had respectable ratings…..

  4. Park Minyoung acts just fine to me as i have see worst?lol She’s one of those actresses that goes easy on the eyes but leaves you stressed out when she cries a lot. I like her in Romcoms and puhleeez do one.

  5. “”City Hunter was a Lee Min Ho vanity vehicle and Park Min Young was just along for the ride.””

    that was SO true… HE HE … me luv Lee Min Ho. can’t help it, the boy is so good looking and CAN act too. I hope he will one day collaborate with my fav MGY, please please please…

  6. Is it strange that I liked PIE and PMY more as brother and sister than as a romantic pairing?
    They were super duper cute, but I didn’t feel the spark.

  7. O feito será bom ambos os atores trabalham bem.Min youg não foi so um icone em City Hunter, seu trabalho é e deve ser valorisado mesmo que o papel chave foi do Lee Min Ho o que foi imposto a atriz foi feito com perfeiçao;Não so pela belesa e carisma mais também pelo seu trabalho, Park Min Young para min é a atriz perfeita contudo a mesma se esforça no que faz sendo assim ela é a minha favorita!!Não disfasendo do ator Lee Min Ho pois o ele trabalha muito bem e também se torna assim o ator favorito em seus feitos!

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