Written Preview for Episode 15 of Miss Rose

I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying the fake and improved Vivian, mostly because the other one was so one-note. Puff Guo is doing a swell job of playing Vivian either when she’s being insanely bitchy or even when she appears to have a heart and her feelings get hurt. This is so much better a female antagonist to have around then Tia Li managed to pull off in Office Girls. I’m hoping both Yi Chun and Vivian play a critical role going forward in testing our OTP, because what’s a great love story if everything comes too easy. So far it has been hard only on Cheng Kuan, and even then it was an emotional toil that he was dealing with but we haven’t seen either Si Yi or Cheng Kuan really step up when the shit hits the fan. They have offered, but it hasn’t reached that point yet, and now they are back in happy land blissfully enjoying their newly legitimized relationship while unaware that not everything will be smooth sailing.

The spoilers and media stills from upcoming episodes of MR have been slim to none, and I think it’s because Roy Qiu is also filming a movie simultaneously with Miss Rose so the drama is likely on pretty tight live airing schedule nowadays. The good news is that MR airs once a week so I don’t worry about the cast having to churn out two episodes days before it airs. The bad news is seeing how tired Roy looks in some scenes, especially since Cheng Kuan is in almost every other scene in recent episodes. I was worried the drama would decrease his screen time to accommodate his movie filming and breathed a sigh a relief to see that he’s still gracing my screen as much as he always did. I’ve heard rumors that MR is slated to be a 33-episode drama, and I don’t believe that for a second. No Sunday night drama has ever gone past 25 episodes and most SETTV dramas end between 18-22 while the other channels typically cap it at 14-16 episodes. 33 would be insane!

Written preview for episode 15:

The engines rev up and Miss Screw’s love journey is about to wind to a close. Cheng Kuan longingly holds Si Yi’s hand and romance blankets the two of them so their bodies start getting closer and closer to each other…. Momma Luo sees her previous future son-in-law Kuan Kuan arriving at her doorstop and she enlists Si Qi’s help in making sure he can’t leave. That night, Si Yi and Cheng Kuan sleep in the same room……

Vacation over, the M&A genius returns to the company! The moment Cheng Kuan walks into the management meeting he hears of ill-tidings, Si Yi has been made the executive assistant to Yi Chun?! As his love is taking a great leap forward, he has to endure his girlfriend working in close proximity to her ex-boyfriend at work. Seeing Yi Chun and Si Yi’s comfortable ease with each other, Cheng Kuan feels pangs of jealousy.

Vivian has transformed into the most considerate supervisor. She brings drinks for everyone and also invites people out to a lavish dinner. During the meal, Vivian and Cheng Kuan take a very close picture together at the request of others, and seeing it makes Si Yi feel very awkward. When Yi Chun and Cheng Kuan spar over who is taking Si Yi home, suddenly Vivian steps forward?!

Sneak peak at episode 15:


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  1. Actually, at a 2nd thought, if Roy is tired, I don’t mind him taking short break with less screens. Just replace him to Sheng Chun and Xiao Ke, the 2nd OTP. Heehe…

  2. Lastly, thanks for the sneak preview Miss Koala. It’s really fulfill my craving.
    My 1st time watching Megan Lai, and thought she acts very well. So I have been searching for her past dramas, so many, any recommendation anyone?

    • No problem nothing to worry, even cheng kuan appearance started to trim down as long as on the last segment/part per episode both he and si yi be on the screen together either happy or sad moment or even on fighting mode against each other or anyone and surely Sheng Jun and xia ke blooming relationship will dominate the airtime.

      • Hi there. Don’t think Megan has ever been lead heroine. She was usually the second female lead. She was in Silence and Mars with Vic Chou. Also minor role in Taiwanese BOF called Meteor Garden.

  3. Hurray!!! Happy orphange shots (just open an orhnage already!) Boooo!! Vivian getting better strategy. Although, I have to say that this turn is better for the drama. I need a villain that I can believe is a worthy opponent; if she stayed the way she was, it would just make it easier for people to keep dismissing her. And even though I love him (remember, hands off people!), hurray, more awkward Yi Chun moments! He does discomfort like nobody’s business. I just hope they do not make him turn to the dark side. ASking for Si Yi to be his secretary makes sense for his character on both the personal and professional fronts, but true devious behavior that would make him too much like Vivian, and heaven knows I don’t want the two of them together!

    • Ms. Trotwood,
      Hope things get better in eastcoast (ny, nj).
      Yeah as we’re all suspected, the strong Villain, Vivian is on her way with plans lay out and Ai Ting is fanning the burning fire. Ur.ur..
      Ep 16 preview shows both women start to have strong cat fight in the car.
      Sad part is that the psychic reader says SY would bring bad luck to anyone she dates. And she plans to back out as she doesn’t want bring bad luck to her love one, CK. ck say he is not afraid of these bad luck. Ah.. I don’t think I can sleep tonight because of this.

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