Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye to Star in Flower Boy Next Door for tvN

Somebody pinch me to convince me that I’m not dreaming. While I was engrossed with other dramas this week, tvN announced the casting of its next Flower Boy installment and the leads are none other than Koala darlings Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye. This new installment is called Flower Boy Next Door, and I swear I’m all set to lavish my obsessive love on it based on the synopsis and the casting of two leads that are going to fursplode my screen with cuteness and potent chemistry. I confess to dropping Flower Boy Ramyun Shop after 2 episodes since I hated the directing and didn’t like either of the lead characters, and I still have Shut Up: Flower Boy Band on my watch list though I’m never in the mood to actually click play. Sometimes dramas are just like having a certain craving at any given time. In this new Flower Neighbor installment, Park Shin Hye plays a shy girl locked away in her apartment who crushes on the pretty boy neighbor of hers. She gets caught in her crush by another flower boy played by Yoon Si Yoon. It’s described as a modern day Rapunzel story, whatever that means. Her character’s name is a pun on Lonely Girl, while his name is the hilariously random Enrique Geum. I hope he also has Korean name that can be used from time to time. The drama will be based off a popular web cartoon called called “I Sneak Peeks at Him Everyday”. This all sounds so cute and totally up my alley. If I lived next door to Yoon Si Yoon, I’ve be sneaking peaks at him every second.

In the drama, Shin Hye’s character is described as isolated but has natural charm that awes the men around her. While Yoon Si Yoon’s character is a genius creative director who dresses bohemian plus has a love of soccer. The drama will air on Mon-Tues on cable channel tvN starting January 7, 2013. Unfortunately the PD is the same guy who did Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, so I’m hoping he’s improved in the interim period. What’s way more intriguing is that the scriptwriter is Kim Eun Jung, who has until now only written movie scripts. Included in her body of works are the movies Gabi, Hwang Jin Yi, Madeleine, and one of my all-time faves Il Mare. This is all so exciting I don’t know how to contain myself. Oh yes, I’ll go scream into a pillow now. Si Yoon! Back on my screen! With Shin Hye! Kyaaaaaa!


Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye to Star in Flower Boy Next Door for tvN — 39 Comments

  1. I did not watch the other Flower Boy installments or know the PD or SW, but this one caught my attention because of the shenanigans going on btw the two leads so I’ll give it a try.

    My first time watching the leads in anything and no I have no plans to watch their prior works. Carry on.

  2. Yay! I can now spaz with you! This does sound perfectly adorable, from the premise to the cast.

    As to the previous installments, SUFBB is, so far, my favorite drama if 2012, even though it is about as far from my darling sageuks or melos as you can get, but I did not care for Ramyun Shop at all.

    • I’m on the same boat. I did not like FBRS at all, to say the least, but SUFBB is in my top 3 favorite dramas of the year. I really hope it’s more like the latter and not the former.

      • Agreed. I remember that FBRS was quite popular and often talked about at that time that i felt like i had to watch it just to see what all the hype was about. I came in with pretty high expectations and wondered where the charm was. I thought it was cute, yes, but looking back on it now it just floats in water with all the other average rom-coms I’ve watched and forgotten.

      • THAT is the ultimate test of quality for a drama: 1 year later, see if people can remember it without being given a hint. Do they quote the name of the drama spontaneously? I watched it and liked it at the moment but honestly it’s blurry now.

      • I think FBRS was a good beginning.. as in it a first try in the idea. I liked it while watching it, but nothing special about it. BUT….. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band was amazing!!! I loved everything about it!! and really one of the best of 2012. But the “romance” wasn’t the main story, so maybe not everyone might be encouraged to watch it but once you start… u’d love it!!!!

  3. It was a matter of time before you posted this. :)) I also screamed with delight when I found this news earlier this week. I watched both Flower Boy franchise. I enjoyed both although I ended up dropping Flower Boy Ramyun Shop towards the end. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is great! It really hits the heart. You should watch it when you find the time 🙂

  4. Oh, this is fabulous news!!

    I confess to having ADORED FBRS, but only after I forced myself to make it through the atrocious first few episodes (especially the first one! gah!). Initially, the directing style was really off-putting to me and seemed weirdly over-the-top, but I think the PD really settled into his own as the drama wore on and the relationships developed.

    The PD certainly isn’t the greatest out there, but he nailed the emotional beats for me once the story got meatier. I’m super looking forward to this.

  5. I was waiting for you to comment on this match-made-in-heaven ^///^
    personally I don’t even know what I’m more eager to watch..
    Park Shi Ho x Moon Geun Young? Lee Seung Gi x Suzy? or even Yoon Shi-yoon x Park Shin-hye? *Dying from this favourite-male-actors-comeback-fever*

  6. I am usually very lazy to comment on your great articles and recaps buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I feel you wronged flower boy ramyun shop and its leads its my lovely Lee Chung Ah perfect leading leaady and the sexy sweet Jung ll woo it is the only drama I watched on a weekly basis in 2011 and not rushing trough it or shelving it and also re-watching it in 2012 . Even though Nice Guy is my No 1 but FBRS is a close 2nd . Give it a chance past the 2nd episode specially if you want sweet romantic comedy with emphasis on the comedy specially after the all the heartacke of Nice guy

    • I agree. I love Lee Chung Ah and Jung Il Woo, and their chemistry, along with the rest of the flower boys, was crackling. I think FBRS is underrated and easily dismissed as fluff. It had its serious undertones, but it never got downright too depressing. There was always something to be cheerful about on each episode.

      • I looooovvveeee FBRS its one of my best fav drama 2011. I’m glad the producer of this drama is coming from the same team. And happen to know that both of our lead is their first choice for the drama.

        Oh Boy project so satisfying so far so I have no doubt in this. Hope PSH will give perfect kissing scene this time. I love this girl so much…but her kissing scene is not believable and so lack.

  7. Welcome to the spazzing club! I missed him, SO much.
    I sincerely hope the job will be well done behind the camera (no doubts about this OTP whatsoever.)or else I’m going to turn into a horrible bloodthirsty monster. Comprende PD-nim?
    Now let me admire that pic for the rest of my day…

  8. Of the upcoming dramas, this is the only one with the whole package for me. I like both the actors and the story sounds cute! I hope it can live up to my expectations..please!

  9. If I lived next door to Yoon Si Yoon, I’ve be sneaking peaks at him every second.
    Nah. I’d be knocking on his door every so often to ask him for sugar, salt, or any kind of supply that would coincidentally be lacking in my kitchen. ^_^

  10. Ramyun Shop was meh, but I adored Shut Up Flower Boy Band! Ever since Me Too Flower, I have Yoon Shi Yoon firmly in my biases list while I have loved Park Shin Hye since forever lol I am already in love with the drama, but I will still try to keep my expectations low.

  11. My mind cannot compute that YSY’s HOMGGG voice and face go together. Excitedddd for this one!

    I LOVED FBRS in the beginning but failed to complete it. :/ On the other hand, SUFBB hit all the right emotional notes for me. If there were an award for EPIC cameo in a drama Lee Minki would get it for his Byung-hee. Sung Joon was remarkable as well. That voice, that arresting stare….brrrr! Wonderful!

  12. Hated FBRS, loved SUFBB (which is on my fav top of 2012)

    I think you should try koala, I have to be honest and say I watched the frist 2/3 episodes and didn’t think much, but then I got so addicted, is no joke, I cared so much for the characters and their life.

  13. I wouldn’t mind watching this one also. The first two was good but didn’t stick to my mind a couple of months later. What does that say eh? :p

  14. For a longest of time I have wanted PSH and LSG in a drama as leads. This year I thought I will finally get my wish but……..:( . Not only do I love the chemistry between them, they are artist that I admire and love to watch and listen to. I like everything about them. Have been unable to complete flower dramas but will definitely watch this one because of PSH. Infact eagerly awaiting.

  15. Btw ockoala, love your articles and analysis………..have been doing so for the longest of time……since I first became PSH admirer a year and half back

  16. I thought this post was while ago.., ooohh, well. Loved Flower boy saga, will wait for January with smile! PSH one of my favorites,YSY is good, paring is wuhuhu.

  17. Can’t wait!!
    I know he is supposed to be all flowery, but I hope they give him an edge. Here’s hoping PSH has some dark secret too, that keeps her subdued rather than bright and sunny.
    She can do it, director, give her a chance to try something new.

  18. can’t wait! i adore both of these actors.
    i enjoyed FBRS (perhaps because i skimmed it for the laughs and small emotional beats) and thoroughly enjoyed SUFBB. it took me a long time to press play too, but it’s a good show that had me hooked.

  19. Hmmmm…loved FBRS have watched it repeatedly, and enjoyed it each time 🙂 Have been waiting for Yoon Si Yoon to come back and with Park Shin Hye, nice combination….love them both 🙂
    Happy times ahead!!!

  20. 2013 will start with a bang!!! YSY & PSH – love both to pieces – I just can’t ask for more!!! Super-di-duper excited! Yea!!!

  21. If stay true to the webtoon… we may see Yoon Si Yoon appearing in first scene in his underwear! LOL…

    I’m curious who will be cast as the Pretty Boy PSH has a crush on in the drama.

  22. SUFBB was one of the best dramas i watched this year! It’s story was amazing with all the BROMANCE. Not to mention the amazing OST. And not your average leading lady. Come to think of it, most of my fav dramas this year came from tvN. Eg: Reply 1997,queen in hyun’s man is in my top list. YES PARK SHIN HYE YOU ARE BACK IN A DRAMA *8QUEEEEEEE*

  23. i love si yoon since me too flower he was all out for his acting, and pairing with shin hye it’s such a dream come true for both fans, this will be daebakkk. and i want to see shin hye with yong hwa again and si yoon with so min

  24. Park Shin Hye! plays it safe in her acting, she don’t become the character the character become her which is boring. I hope she coming out of her shell in this drama and start to bring something to the table……because like my mother always said pretty face is just that a pretty face…

    • I can see where you are coming from because of a number of reasons:

      In YB and HS she herself admits that the roles are a lot like her real self in character ……and since the age is the same too so it does seem like that the character becomes her. But you have to admit its at least a likeable if not a loveable one. She acts what is required of her. You will not find that in TOH, Cyrano Agency and DWIAG. In her movie december23 you will find her very different. She was totally unlike herself in Seoul 1945. Infact, I was impressed by her at the age of 15 she could portray that role.

      Even though I may seem biased to some but I believe that she can only improve more with time and I NEVER find her boring because she is multifaceted and talented. She is the reason I got interested in South Korea, it’s people and culture

    • That proves that you might only watch You’re beautiful and Heartrings. She is one of a very few young actresses that can rock both Melo and Romcom. Before her role in YB, none of the charaters she played was like her self. She herself admitted that GMN, especially Gyuwon is a lot like herself, but that’s is all. Her role in CA is a lot more mature and cool. The Hello I’m a ghost’s role has nothing like her either. In fact one of the reasons I’m exited ab this drama, because this’d be the first time she play “islolated”, wounded and lonely role.
      Don’t just prejudge her when you knows so little ab this wonderful girl

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