Lee Jun Ki Rocks the Modern Attire in Latest Interview Stills

I never need an excuse to post about Lee Jun Ki, nor do I need to make up a legitimate reason for splashing his pictures everywhere. I miss him, and he’s so gorgeous back in modern wear, so what more can I say? Lee Jun Ki wrapped Arang and the Magistrate two weeks ago, delivering a fantasy-esque happy ending to the fans of the drama and the pairing with Shin Mina. Perhaps my indifference to the script affected how I felt about the pairing, which started off so promising to me but gradually fizzled by the midway point when I checked out. They are double the pretty, to be sure, and their acting styles also mesh very well. I wouldn’t be adverse to them doing a movie or modern drama together at some point down the line. For the most recent news interview pictures, Jun Ki is back to rocking Kay’s hairstyle from Time Between Dog and Wolf, except he’s way more puppy than wolfy with his bright smile and twinkling eyes. He does look exhausted though, and I’ll never get accustomed to watching my favorite stars endure the grueling K-drama live shoot grind. Jun Ki has teased that his next project will be a modern one, so I’ll all atwitter to find out what it is and who he’ll be acting with. Until then, everyone can feast on his chiseled cheekbones with me!

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Lee Jun Ki Rocks the Modern Attire in Latest Interview Stills — 29 Comments

  1. nice (hair) style, LJK! ^^

    still remember him on family outing 1st season with lee chunhee, park yejin and kim sooro on filming at breakfast duty at bamboo forest… so funny!!

    not realy interested on ghost story but it’s nice to see hapy ending for AaTM ^^

    • AHAHA OMG he was so adorable there… all ready to show off his martial arts prowess but turning out to be on Jae Suk and Jong Shin’s level (in terms of variety games).

      LJK is <3

  2. Lee Jun Gi will always be my number one Korean actor, loves him since “time between dog and wolf” my first time ever watched Korean drama, and fell in love with his looks, his talent and his devotion to his work, in his latest drama he didnt use a stund’ that means he is a real pro! looking forwards to wach the next project

  3. Now than he has a manlier look I have to say I prefer him like that. In Arang for some reason I thought it was strange. Which is strange cause I Loved him in The King and I. Don’t ask me…
    He is always a treat for the eyes but I have to say he needs to rest: Eyebags alert.


      • I love love love the shape of his eyes, so beautiful! Maybe it’s just me but I happen to like him with eyebags, gives him a somehow more mysterious look.

    • Forgot to say THANKS! I will feed off this post for a long time.

      And, what I like about him is he is NOT going for that stick skinny look, but as Grimm says he is a man.

  4. I’ve always liked him but I think the army has done him wonders in terms of increased sexiness…there’s this mature, self-assured vibe that I get from him on screen which is so incredibly hot….While I loved Arang, I’m still peeved that we didn’t get any past-army abs shot…only one measly nekkid shoulder shot…here’s to hoping he’ll pick a melo next where he gets to take plenty of brooding showers

  5. Soo handsome!!! Can I get someone recommend more good shows to watch with him in it? I’m currently watching “Arang & the Magistrate” & I seen My girl.

  6. A very good morning Ockoala..Thanks for posting LJK for my breakfast dessert and feast of my eyes…my he has a very nice big shoulder to lean on.What a smile he gave, he is so MAN..from MG ,TBDaW ,Iljimae and now Arang, can’t for his next project..got to catch up with Hero the only one I missed so far.

  7. He’s the only one actor that admire so much<3 He is excellent in acting ability, He is good looking than others, He is fantastic!!! LEE JOON GI <3 We Love YOU <3<3<3

  8. Looks really good when suited up. Too bad I dont get an eyefest of this kinda dish-in-a-suit on my gals’ TGIF nights out!

  9. Look at Lee Jun Ki looking all 2008! What was up with this photo shoot? Yes the man is gorgeous but the styling is all wrong. Everything is just off, the length of the pants, the poses, the background…argh. Who did this?!

  10. I love Jun Ki! He can really act, has mean fighting skills, ride a horse, has that deep sexy voice thing going on owh and of course…he’s drop dead gorgeous! I would like to thank the Korean army for making him extra hot ^^ and also Koala for understanding why we go crazy seeing this perfection on screen 🙂

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