Uhm Tae Woong Announces Upcoming Wedding to Ballerina Girlfriend

Wahhhhh, chukhaye Tae Woong oppa! What a way to spice up the normally slow Sunday news cycle. Uhm Tae Woong has just announced that he’s getting married in early January 2013! You sly puppy dog, dating so surreptitiously without anyone being the wiser. Good for you, oppa, and I am so so SOOOOO happy for him. I love Uhm Tae Woong to pieces, some of his dramas such as Resurrection and Mawang are my all-time faves and even in crappy dramas such as Queen Seon Deok or The Equator Man he always manages to deliver a crackling performance that is mesmerizing to behold. Uhm Tae Woong’s prospective bride is neither an actress nor simply a private citizen. She is a ballerina named Yoon Hye Jin and is the prima ballerina at the Korean National Ballet. Nice! They were introduced through Tae Woong’s older sister Uhm Jung Hwa (I knew his noona wouldn’t stand by while her beloved baby brother stayed the bachelor)ย and started dating this year. The bride-to-be is currently 5 weeks pregnant and the couple is thrilled and ecstatic to be starting a family together. Everyone who loves Tae Woong knows what a giant awkward dork he is in real life, more boy than man at times, so we were rather despairing of him having enough game to woo and romance a girl. I’m letting out a giant sigh of relief and a humongous whoop of happiness for the couple.

The bride-to-be Yoon Hye Jin’s father is actually in the acting industry and is a respected sunbae named Yoon Il Bong and heย has won multiple awards. I would love to see her dad grill Tae Woong and then critique his acting. Heh. This is the kind of positive K-ent news that I love to read and makes me hopeful that my fave stars will continue to have a healthy personal life and hopefully all meet someone special and settle down while still having a thriving career.


Uhm Tae Woong Announces Upcoming Wedding to Ballerina Girlfriend — 22 Comments

  1. OMG FINALLY! I am so happy for him, he deserves all the happiness. It was almost an injustice for him to be unmarried for so long, now he won’t be the running joke anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ He has now transformed from the dorky single guy to dorky MARRIED guy

  2. Hahahaha! He totally fooled everyone with his I’m-so-lonely act on 1N2D…I was just feeling bad for him this morning after reading the Dramabeans recap of the 1n2d ep where he talked about how he goes to eat with ChaTae Hyun and his wife when he feels lonely…LOL
    anyways Chukahe to everyone’s favorite Uhmforce!

    • Whoa!!! You are so right! Both male leads of Chun Hyang are now getting hitched! So happy for them.

      Congrats, UTW! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats to Uhm Tae Woong. The one I would like to see walking down the aisle next would have to be Kang Ji Hwan. He deserves a good lady.

    It’s funny how Korean dramas tend to portray the hero or heroine to be chaste, that co-habiting is not a norm in Korea or that they still uphold the value of no pre-marrriage sex. Yet, this is not the first case of shotgun marriages among Korean celebrities. I somehow remember that Ko So Young was pregnant when she married Jang Dong Gun and now Uhm Tae Woong’s future bride. Looks like Koreans seem to be able to absorb this as part of normality unlike how they feature themselves in the dramas.

    Still, congrats to this future husband.

    • I second you Mi Ran, hehe, I’d also like to see Kang Ji Hwan getting married, he’s like that “age” already, hehe

      Congrats to UTM, now I wanna check out 1N2D that you folks mentioned above, hehe

      • Keke, that’s one more oppa out of the market. Best wishes to UTW, his bride, and their baby in her tummy. ^_^

        KJH to be the next to walk down the aisle? Yay!

    • OMG. Lee Seon-kyun! I hope someone interviews him for his comments on UTW’s impending nuptials and fatherhood. LSK has an awesome sense of humor. And their bromance is epic. So that would be fun to watch.

  4. Now this is what we call double happiness! Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Uhm! And baby makes three… UTW will be such an adorable dad dontcha think?

  5. Super elated to hear the good news about our dorky guy!

    Since his sister helped to introduce the gal-he should do the same too!

    I love both tae woong and jung hwa so much..hope to see them in a drama or movie together! ^____^

  6. Oppaaaaaaaaa!!! Why? Oh, why I’m not the bride? *snif* Yes, I know my husband of ten years maybe has a little to say in this, but… ey! Dreaming is free. Anyway, I’m sooo happy for him!

  7. I totally fell for his “lonely me, poor me, still single” act on 1N2D. LOL! He fooled us all! Good for him!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice way to keep his private life PRIVATE. I’m so happy for them….although I’m sad to lose another drama crush. So really the score is 98% happy, 2% weepy; hahaha

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