Yoon Eun Hye Embodies Fall Fashion in High Cut Magazine

With Missing You ramping up for its premiere in a few days, the cast is busy at work but when there is a project to promote I know there is bound to be plenty of ancillary goodies. The first main photo spread to come from one of the three leads of MY is courtesy of the ravishing Yoon Eun Hye. The pretty baby is singlehandedly ushering in Fall and I couldn’t be happier. It’s my favorite season, I love the crispness from the bite in the air and the varied colors in the foliage. For her photo shoot for High Cut magazine, which she has graced too many times to count, Eun Hye is doing something I find fascinating. She’s delivering the dead fish eyes in two of the three pictures, but what’s brilliant is that she’s doing it on purpose to convey a sense of melancholy and desolation, as opposed to she can’t act or take a picture hence the subject comes off as having dead fish glazed over vacant eyes. My beloved Yamapi sadly suffers from that affliction on occasion. The K-news is calling this an early look at her character of Lee Soo Yeon in MY, a woman who is apparently suffering from great emotional burdens and quite sad. I never doubted she could do a melodrama, but I still have my doubts that this particular drama is the right one based on the old-school trailers and one-note stills. Oh wells, whatever will come will come, but I’m betting she’ll look beyond gorgeous in the character of a fashion designer. Eun Hye does tend to look tired when she is in fact tired from the crazy K-drama live shooting schedule, but for this drama it’ll likely fit her character to appear like she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders.

I love love love all three outfits that she’s modeling, though the coat and leather pants outfit would have looked much better if the coordi put her in high heeled boots. The fur collar scarf and the crazy awesome fur cap is very Anna Karenina, which is a fashion influence this Winter season particularly since a new movie remake with Keira Knightly is coming out soon. But the other two outfits feel very school girl bohemian chic and I can see anyone wearing the entire ensemble or pieces from it. I hope Eun Hye’s wardrobe in MY is creative and intriguing, so that if I don’t end up liking the drama at least I can enjoy her fantastic fashion porn in it.


Yoon Eun Hye Embodies Fall Fashion in High Cut Magazine — 30 Comments

  1. Love love love…. Especially the 2nd pic… I love that outfit and the crazy hoodie…. Beautiful… Love the colors….

    In other news, her directorial short film has been nominated once again at the Seoul Independent Film Festival… Glad she’s getting such an honor for something that originally was only a school project…

    • Yoon Eun Hye Congratulations for your: Short Film “knit” was nominated in the Independent Film Festival of Seoul:

      Independent Film Festival 2012 invited finalized announced

      Any year in Seoul Independent Film Festival 2012 Invitation presents a colorful and enriching programs. The first year, noting that a new sector to find a new director for the purpose of ‘new selection’. And finals competition in this sector is expected to be viewed through today and the vision of independent film from the other side. Among his films are created, or the first or second piece, showing the region’s strong ambition than existing. Actor Hyung – Keun (<five too many) from the first time this year, selected works, which had had transformed into a supervisory director of choesihyeong transabdominal, as the opening film indie forum topic my classroom , Subculture, director of the Vancouver International Film Festival invited back nudity was director of Hoon Park And His filmography includes the first idol star actress Yoon Eun Hye> <knitting until one side of the 10 convenience through examination of the separate 'new' Choice Awards selected, passed the $ 5,000 prize


  2. I love the second picture! I really can’t wait to watch Missing You.

    Thank you for always updating us about YEH related news 🙂 We can always count on you <3

    • She’s been acting, directing, designing and running her own management company, so I guess there’s a reason for her to look tired, no? And I guess she hasn’t fully recovered from her recent illness, that’s why she looks a bit unwell in those pics. But just the same, she still looks pretty and chic.

  3. She looks exhausted. I prefer her in very fitted and slim silhouettes. Boxy is not good for her. She has the it factor……She always owns whatever she wears. The outfit never wears her. I guess that’s what you call charisma.

    • In boxier clothes Eun Hye looks more girlish and soft. In structured outfits she looks sultry and womanly. She’s a fashion chameleon and I like her in either silhouette but feel that Fall/Winter really projects a boxier/layered/comfier look. I guess I’m trying to say this is my preferred look for the seasonal clothes she’s modeling.

  4. Yep she is gorgeous in anything that she puts on. I really am no fashionista and cannot pull off any of this types of fashion trends. However she pulls it off so well

  5. Our girl never gets tired….Does she ever rest even when she is sick? She is so professional. Maybe that is why is loved by many…she is a chameleon indeed as what koala mentioned. Yup you were all right if we are the ones to wear those clothes we will never look a bit like her hahaha..

  6. With those sad eyes or just staring at nothing expression she can still look sexy and innocent at the same time…that is unfair! lol….One of My fave looks of her are the ones from her gionnie advertisement wherein she was with ethan ruan…Good luck for IMY!I am positive this will be a big success as it was bought by other countries already even if is not yet shown 🙂

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