Alice Ke is a Luxe Jewelry Model for TVBS Magazine

Taiwan is very similar to Korea in the sense that in both countries there are a select group of actors who do exclusively or mostly movies. In the cinematic world they get more critical acclaim along with a smaller fanbase. I find some actors or actresses much better suited for the big screen due to their onscreen presence and acting style. Alice Ke has been a movie actress way more than a drama lead, and after watching her in the just finished daily drama Gong Hay Fat Choy, I would prefer her to stay away from television and ply her craft on film. Office Girls was a fluke where her great chemistry with Roy Qiu an a genuinely delightful story overcame her natural tendency to under act. In GHFC, which had a truly dumb as doornails story and her character arc was ridiculous as well since she started off paired with Patrick Li and ended up marrying Kun Da’s character, she stood out amongst the antics like a sore thumb. I adore Alice and think her lovely restrained acting is like a breath of fresh air. This month she graces the cover of TVBS Magazine where she discussed stretching her comfort zone to play a very assertive and sexy character in GHFC and how it was an experience she’ll file away in her acting portfolio as a first for her. Following GHFC, this month she participated with other famous entertainers to produce a government-sponsored film encouraging people to seek treatment for depression. I love the pictures from her photoshoot where she models some serious bling so check it out!

Alice for TVBS photo shoot:


Alice Ke is a Luxe Jewelry Model for TVBS Magazine — 6 Comments

    • I think Alice might just be naturally really skinny. My mom is like that too, she’s always been tiny even though she eats a lot.

  1. Wow……I envy her wide set eyes. I prefer her and Cheryl Yang to Ariel Lin and Raine Yang. Never got the appeal of Raine. She’s always hamming and it got so bad in Drunken To Love You.

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