Vic Zhou and Liu Shi Shi Commence Filming Romantic C-movie Love Season

Downside about being Liu Shi Shi this week – attending a movie filming launch event sporting a straight bob hairstyle that does not flatter her gorgeous cheekbones and instead makes her look matronly. Upside about being Liu Shi Shi this week – she gets to make a movie with Vic Zhou! Okay, the upside totally completely unequivocally outweigh the downside. Shi Shi and Zai Zai! Together! In a romantic movie called Love Season (the title itself practically screams out the impending romance)! Shi Shi is really rolling her way through the leading men of Taiwan, having now worked with Nicky Wu, Ming Dao, Wallace Huo, Peter Ho, Eddie Peng, and now my beloved Zai Zai himself. Rumor has it Roy Qiu is headed back to China to do two more mainland dramas after he wraps Miss Rose, and if Shi Shi get cast in one of those dramas she will have validated why she’s one of my fave C-actresses. As for Love Season, the movie is being filmed in the picturesque city of Pu Er in remote Yunnan province in Southern China, an area that is widely admired as being one of the prettiest scenic regions in the vast Chinese landscape. The story is about a woman from Beijing who travels to Pu Er in Yunnan to research the lost first love of an old Taiwanese grandfather. She meets Zai Zai’s character, a man visiting from Taipei who turns out to be the grandson of the man whose story she is researching. Together they strive to unearth the truth of a love from the past as well as teaching each other to bravely face their own emotional burdens. The movie will be filmed in Pu Er, Beijing, and Taiwan. Yay, I’m so beyond excited!

Below is a shot of where the movie will be filmed in the old parts of the city of Pu Er.


Vic Zhou and Liu Shi Shi Commence Filming Romantic C-movie Love Season — 13 Comments

  1. I hope LSS becomes a movie star and Tangren is forced to sign some new actresses. They make some of the very best dramas in China but casting her/Hu Ge in every one got real old real fast.

  2. Zomg Zai Zai used to be my star crush when I was like, 8 to 9 years old. My older sister were nuts over him. This movie sounds promising. I might check it out. 🙂

  3. Had bad day yesterday. When I get angry, I have a tendency to watch early episodes of Mars (I love when Ling gets rid of the teacher who sexually harasses the heroine). And now what do I see? But Vic Zhou in all his godlike godliness (I know, I should have better language) in multiple places.

  4. I’m glad ZZ’s put on weight. He was way too skinny before. I was a little worried seeing him that way.

    @trotwood, Vic in his ‘godlike godliness’ is a perfect description for ZZ! 🙂

  5. I think Liu ShiShi is much more pretty than Reen Yu.I think LSS should have become Vic’s girlfriend in the real life instead of Reen

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