SBS Releases Dreamy First Teaser for Cheongdamdong Alice

We’re three weeks away from the premiere of Cheongdamdong Alice with Moon Geun YoungPark Shi HooSo Yi Hyun, and Kim Ji Seok. The promotional materials have been few and far between but today brings us the first glimpse of the drama in action. A short 15-second teaser was shown after Five Fingers on SBS, and I’m sure it was a dramatic tonal shift for folks watching the intense FF and then seeing a snippet of CA. The teaser doesn’t show us anything about the plot but gives us an overall feeling for the drama. It feels like a romantic fairytale, with the entire presentation glossed with a veneer of a book illustration. Despite the visuals making it seem like a standard love story (with Park Shi Hoo reaching out his hand for Moon Geun Young like he’s saving her), from what I’ve read the actual narrative is supposed to be a subversive take on the saved by a Prince old-fashioned love stories. In CA, Moon Geun Young is an average hardworking girl who glimpses the world of the super rich in Cheongdamdong and for whatever reason (I’m sure its more than she just wants to be rich), she decides to pretend to be a sweet Candy heroine in order to land herself a rich Cheongdamdong heir. The teaser is totally my thing for these types of stories, bright and airy, with a sweeping feel of sweet romanticism. Moon Geun Young looks fantastic (albeit still younger than her age with her enviable baby face), whereas Park Shi Hoo needs a new costume designer and hair stylist. His suit and hair style are an atrocity. It’s only at the end that we see the second leads So Yi Hyun and Kim Ji Seok so I can’t say much other than the four leads look fantastic together. I love the allusion to an ordinary Alice falling into a foreign world that is rich and haughty Cheongdamdong and I hope the actual drama manages to bring more to the table than just a by-the-books love story between an average girl and a rich guy.

First teaser for CA:


SBS Releases Dreamy First Teaser for Cheongdamdong Alice — 34 Comments

  1. OMG, I’m waiting for this drama :). But I’m completely agree with you Koala, Park Shi Hoo needs a Stylist ASP, can’t think of him looking like that the whole drama :(. Although Moon Geun Young looks definetely ravishing.

    • “Although Moon Geun Young looks definetely ravishing.” YES..that is absolutely true. Believe her break from dramas has done her heaps of good.. cheers..

  2. What have they done to my PSH??? He looks like a modern day fop… hope it’s for the sake of the storyline and not some stylist’s flight of fancy cos if it’s the latter, that stylist should be banned!

    • STFU. It is her blog and the article was in no way offensive to any race, religion, political party, community, country or individual. With the exception of you of course, but you are just some silly-minded human being.

      • I’ve never met Mini Squid and did not make him/her my minion. By the way, it’s minion. Not minions. Singular, not plural. Unless Mini Squid is actually Mini Squids. Which would be super cool. Or perhaps you are lumping Mini Squid and Xing together, hence the plural. I’ve also never met Xing, and he or she is also not my minion. Together they would therefore also not be my minions.

        Don’t get me wrong. I love minions. Which omnipotent dictator doesn’t? These are my minions. Have they been spreading my gospel to the world and thus offended your tender sensibilities?

        I’ll lock them up for a week without food. I’m sure they’ll calm down and behave more appropriately going forward and will not dare say anything that does not involve fawning over your fave entertainer.

      • OMG. And THIS was intended to be a response to my above post! I can’t do anything right, tonight! I would be a terrible minion!

  3. Moon Geun Young looks fabulous. Park Shi Hoo… does not. I’ve always found him to have a squarish face and that’s just accentuated when his hair is gelled up like that.

  4. MGY looks fantastic.!!..I’m loving the idea of this story the more I hear it…also read an interview where MGY talks about how she signed up for this because she felt this was role she beleived she was one of the few that could do justice to…loving her confidence and that makes me more excited about this….3 weeks!!..damn, time sure flies

  5. Considering this drama was able to land those two male leads and Moon Geun Young I have hope that at least the premise was more than meets the eye. As for how it will play out writing wise, I can only wish for the best, I mean it can’t become as bad as M3 can it? MGY alone has me on this train come hell or high water so I can only hope its an enjoyable ride. I am just happy that she is on my screen in a legitimate rom-com as she has done more melo/serious roles in her career.

  6. After all the melodramas that being air recently, this is going to be a breath of fresh air that everyone need. Moon looks absolutely gorgeous here…rubbing my bands in anticipation

  7. Why rich guys have to wear some ugly and laughable clothes? lol

    like ”looK I’m rich and spoiled” lollol

    Moon looks so pretty! Thank god! I thought she would dress ugly because she is ”poor” on the drama.

  8. Can we have him back to his awesome “Mane of Glory” hair… MGY look great. OMG.. That guy is from my fav show Chuno…. Oh yeah, the girl is from Assorted Gem which is okay but love her in Gloria… =) I hope in the middle of the drama they change his hair…. and his clothes. too.. Why is the stylists in Korea sometimes is soo blah….

  9. Considering that it’s only three weeks away, I was expecting a bit…. more from the trailer than a couple of stills pasted together. Still looking forward to the drama though. The premise sounds old but the fashion design aspect puts a twist on it. And I love seeing pretty clothes in dramas.

  10. he need a hair trim even though he looks gorgeous already. maybe some later episode he will have a make over and look even more sexy!

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