Yoo Seung Ho and IU for G By Guess Fall/Winter 2012 Ad Campaign

I wrote my first impressions of Missing You after one episode, and I have the same sentiments even after watching the second episode with only one additional thought. I have a feeling I’m going to be gaga crazy about Yoo Seung Ho’s second male lead character Kang Hyun Joon. This is not because I love Yoo Seung Ho, but stems from my weakness for broody cold male leads who only melt for the heroine and is totally emotionally scarred inside. Plus this one limps. A bona fide physical impairment to go along with his inner turmoil. Limp into noona’s arms, cutie pie! I’m totally sold on this alterna-ship and will happily sail my ship all alone while everyone else happily wallows in the river of tears that is an OTP separated for years and years due to some impossibly sad turn of events. Unfortunately I find male lead Han Jung Woo too bright and earnest for my tastes, but I’m sure he’ll be perfect for the heroine Lee Soo Yeon. Knowing that my baby is going to be all mopey and angry for the next two months in MY, I’m going to get my fill of happy Yoo Seung Ho through his endorsement G By Guess in Korea along with IU. I don’t think Yoo Seung Ho takes pictures particularly well (I like his acting better), but he and IU look so ridiculously adorable together I just want to miniaturize them and carry them around in my pocket. Their new pictures for the Fall/Winter 2012 ad campaign just make me happy. On a side not, is it me or is Yoo Seung Ho starting to look like a cross between So Ji Sub and Yoo Ah In?

G by Guess Fall/Winter 2012 CF:


Yoo Seung Ho and IU for G By Guess Fall/Winter 2012 Ad Campaign — 9 Comments

  1. Adorables and so relaxed with each other.
    I like that.

    I don’t want to think of Jisub when I look at YSH, I want to think of YSH, but yes, you are right.
    He looks sooooo young in these – guess it’s the clothes that make the boy or make the man.

  2. What do you mean by you don’t think YSH takes pictures very well~ Grrrr, haha.
    I am totally madly deeply in love with this boy, and your post just lighten up my stressful day~ Wheee~

  3. YSH or fetus caneboy as YC fans call him needs all the protection he can get from retarded YC fans. His fans were all butthurt after seeing YEH trying to strike a convo n making YSH feel at ease. Yah know other casts r unimportant only YC superstar is. Missing U is only his drama n others r just his accsories. No one can save d drama except him.

    *_* & O.o ‏@pianbear

    @KissChunnie @um3ira U’re right.they’re very protective.they won’t say it but it’s obvious they’re not fond of nugu now cuz attention’s all
    9:52 AM – 13 Nov 12 · Details
    10h Hien Nguyen Hien Nguyen ‏@KissChunnie

    @pianbear @um3ira it is only the matter of time that they will explode unnie, i can feel it, but it is ok.I am totally fine w that.
    9h *_* & O.o *_* & O.o ‏@pianbear

    @KissChunnie @um3ira I just hope she gets enough screen time then. Are her korean drama fans as huge as him?

    *_* & O.o *_* & O.o ‏@pianbear

    @KissChunnie @um3ira @zanfaith Ik. How can you be shy while being an entertainer? performing in front of strangers constantly…

    YC hitting a saesang is justified but shyness is unjustified.

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