Cheongdamdong Alice Releases Official Posters and More Stills

OMG what is this? Bleh bleh bleh all around for the group poster for Cheongdamdong Alice starring Moon Geun Young, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Ji Seok, and So Yi Hyun. SBS released the posters today and to say I am underwhelmed is an understatement. The other poster (below the jump), showing Park Shi Hoo as the white rabbit-esque figure leading Moon Geun Young’s Alice down a foresty rabbit hole, is decent enough but both actors are hidden in the corner it really lessens the visual impact of their presence. But I have to give a giant thumbs down for the full cast poster above, which is just unimaginative paired with gaudy. It looks like a sell sheet for a circus troupe, plus all four leads look strangely out of it. The drama is airing in two weeks and I’m still beyond excited but I was hoping for more snap, crackle, and pop with the promos. The K-news has discovered a coincidental link between three of the leads that I totally forgot about though I lived through it – back in Spring of 2010, three Wed-Thurs dramas premiered on the same day and went on the duke it out for ratings between Moon Geun Young in Cinderella Unni, Park Shi Hoo in Prosecutor Princess, and Kim Ji Seok in Personal Taste. For awhile my drama friends referred to these three dramas as the Trifecta of Suck, though all three generated quite a heated fandom. I’m hoping CA puts a little more creativity into it for the rest of its promos. C’mon CA, turn on the oomph!

Below are the first stills of Moon Geun Young in the flashback scenes as a high school student, which is so not a stretch for her to play. She looks fantastic.


Cheongdamdong Alice Releases Official Posters and More Stills — 19 Comments

  1. I bet one of the dudes is based on Anthony cosplaying a brown colonel Sanders(PSH)and KJS is Terry. The clothes r obviously stolen from their manga-character wardrobe.

    • LOL. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, only you can bring in a Candy Candy reference to make be double over laughing. PSH does look like Colonel Sanders, and to think he’s Anthony makes me cringe. But Kim Ji Seok as Terry. Hell no way, he’s so smarmy and our Terry Is. Not. smarmy in the least. Bad boy charm only.

      • I was also going to say Kim Ji Seok looks as swarmy as he ever has in that poster. And that’s saying something, given his outfits in Personal Taste.

      • lolz, nonono of course I’m not saying PSH IS Anthony and KJS IS Terry. Heck no, but that’s not stopping them stealing fr their wardrobes.

  2. Goodness what does MGY take to look so young? In the school uniform stills she looks almost exactly like she did as the young Song Hye Kyo in Autumn In My Heart!

  3. I feel so “a-duh.”
    Did everyone else get the Alice in Wonderland connection but me?
    White Rabbit/ Col Sanders/Bobby Uniform(?) finally clued me.

  4. Wow, the first poster is terrible, one of the worst I’ve seen in a while. The second one is cute and fits the fairytale-ish premise better, but just like you said, Shi Hoo and Geun Young are squeezed into a corner that I can barely see their faces.
    With each news about CA I get more anxious that this drama might suck unicorns*. Please don’t, show, I’ve been waiting for MGY comeback for so long for you to ruin it.

  5. The dress worn by So Yi Hyun in the lower half of the poster – I’ve seen this three time recently. It was worn in an unrelated ad and also at a film fest or award show. I really didn’t like it the first time, but I’m surprised the people in charge here chose it.

    • Excuse me he looks worse than Mr Darcy.It must be the hair.
      Argh what did they do to the cast?I was so looking forward to this.I think a big fat clue was Se Kyung giving a breathing ” Mr President ” at the funeral.Omg I don’t want a brainless money tuned heroine.

  6. I really really want CA not to suck – I adore all the actors and after the emo of all the other dramas I am following, a romcom would be a welcome relief.

    I just hope that this is another case of City Hunter – where I wasn’t keen on promos and posters, by and large, but ended up loving the drama.

    Because as of now, I am just not feeling it. Noooooo!

  7. Their promos have been extremely underwhelming to date. I’m hoping the actual drama will be good. I really like MGY, PSH and KJS. It would be a great way to end the year with a light, romantic comedy.
    I was underwhelmed by King 2 Hearts trailers earlier this year and the drama turned out to be such a gem. That said, King 2 Hearts had great posters and stills though.

  8. Though all the posters and trailers haven’t been doing the drama (and of course Moon or PSH) any justice, I’m still praying the actual show is 10 times better. My fingers, toes and even eyes are crossed….please be a good drama.

  9. Good grief! What did they do to my MGY and PSH?? Urghh!

    The second batch of stillers poured icy water on my hopes for CDA. I almost bawled my eyes out when I saw both the stills. It was NOT what I anticipated and hoped for (I was hoping on the lines of Devil wears Prada). My guess is that given the Victorian feel, is it to distinguish CDDA from the other fashion dramas? Even then, in my opinion, the promotional posters / videos somewhat did not execute properly. It doesn’t give me the vibes … Sigh …

    With all sincerity, I really hope our princess MGY’s judgement and choice in this drama is on the spot (for whatever reason). Even it’s not, I will still watch it because I think the casting is good and somewhat has a different feel.

    Though the saying goes ‘A Pictures paints a thousand words’, I really do not know what to make of both the stills. I will hold bated breath that whatever reservations I have of this drama, it will be proven totally unfounded.

  10. Really embarrassing, but I liked the poster because it was so clean and tidy haha! But yeah, not the best drama poster out there… > <

    She looks so awesome as a student! More convincing than me in my uniform haha~

    The second poster is my favourite, if only it was a bit bigger!

    I totally agree that they need to step up the promotion.. I mean, a few stills? Two posters? One teaser? (Not counting the first one, because that was like 20 seconds of randomnes.. and just utter blargh.)

  11. I used to love SYH before she started picking the most miserable wet towel roles of all time. I re-watched Resurrection yesterday and remembered that the girl used to have some spunk and humour. She better not be another zoloft. Here’s hoping she saves face like that 2nd lead female did in Protect the Boss. And sorry to add more to this rant but PSH looks like he’s gone backwards as opposed to forwards with this role.

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