Episode 5 Preview and New Stills of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You

He hasn’t even made an appearance yet in the drama but each new still of Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You is sending me into ever higher fits of incoherency. He. Is. So. Gorgeous. Korea should be prohibited from sending him out to lure all the noonas to the yard because then we would be forced to out ourselves as members of ICOMYM. Now that Kim Bum is of age, and my other baby Shin recently turned 21, Yoo Seung Ho pretty much stands all alone at the pinnacle of hot Korean actors who are totally and completely illegal to drool over in real life. Funnily enough, Yeo Jin Gu is really starting to get there, since he’s like 15-going-on-25 based on his performance as the child Han Jung Woo in Missing You. Once Yoo Seung Ho is 21, I’ve no doubt Yeo Jin Gu will step right into his shoes and become the noona-killer he’s destined to be.

The acting of the kids in MY have been uniformly outstanding (Yeo Jin Gu was the weak link in episode 1 but by the end of episode 4 be was back to delivering the knock out performances he’s capable of) so the adults have quite large shoes to fill. Based on the stills and the new preview for episode 5 below, I’m pretty sure the adults will transition seamlessly into their roles. All my hesitation rests with the writing and I wonder what the writer has in store since I think we’re done with the buckets full of woe that was poured on the children. Jung Woo becomes a dogged cop, Hyung Joon a cool financial advisor, and Soo Yeon a talented fashion designer. What’s left other than a grand reunion and the bad guys getting their comeuppance? All I know is that my eyes will be glued to the screen for every Soo Yeon-Hyung Joon scene, and the rest can involve crickets chirping for all I care.

These two might actually lead me to break my vow and write fanfiction for them. Nnnnnggggg, they are so perfect together! T___T Now I’m also further convinced that Yoo Seung Ho was just screwing with my mind in Arang and the Magistrate when he donned that ridiculous get up and dropped a somnolent performance as the Jade Emperor. He was probably testing my love for him. Ha, my love is strong and my faith has been rewarded with this.

Yoon Eun Hye is so utterly glorious as Soo Yeon. I love her hair, her makeup, her outfits, everything about her is just perfect in this drama as far as I’m concerned. Well…everything other than her character but I’ll see what the adult version turns into first. I also just realized that Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon live together when they return to Korea. PD-nim, if you don’t take advantage of their dating and living arrangements and give me some serious skinship, I will make a voodoo doll with your name on it and send one to every Seung Ho-loving noona out there for a collective blood letting session. Got it? Hyung Joon may have a limp but I’m sure his lips work just fine.

Episode 5 preview:


Episode 5 Preview and New Stills of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You — 32 Comments

  1. Haha…. I’m in school reading this and biting my hand because I don’t wanna laugh out loud and look like a lunatic… But seriously, I wanna see how them living together will be shown… How will they and HJW deal with this situation…
    Anywayzzz, can’t wait for the next episode..!!

  2. LOL! I’m only watching for Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho, so I’ll totally be second shipping like crazy and hoping that this drama will be one of those were the second lead ends up getting the girl!

  3. OMG. I could not stop laughing at your last line. “Hyun Joon may have a limp but I’m sure his lips work just fine.” Where do you come up with this stuff.

  4. YSH is much too young for me to drool over (he’s almost young enough to be my son, if I was on one of those 16-and-pregnant shows), but he is a wonderful actor. I hope he keeps it up and continues his excellence streak through his 20s and 30s.

    I actually like that he’s OK with not playing the lead in every drama. He makes me think of a younger Kim Bum that way.

    I actually think all the adult leads are good choices for compatibility with their kid coutnerparts, at least from the brief clips and pictures we’ve seen. Here’s crossing fingers, toes and eyes that this impression is correct.

    • I actually think Yoochun in the stills-previews looks/acts/is the most like his childhood counterpart Yeo Jin Gu. Has the same level of intensity with this very passionate character. Agree that the adults are all going to be just fine carrying on the torch.

      LOL on the age thing. I’m sure I’m older than you, but nothing will keep me from appreciating the fine specimen of a young man that is Yoo Seung Ho. It’s like getting a very young bottle of Opus One and waiting for it to age. I appreciate it during its growth phase even if its too young. 😀

  5. A-hem, ALLMINE?
    Right now, I know that if I come here into your living room a few times a week, my heart will stop because of holyhell allmine YESH!

    Even if you hate hate hate Show, please keep posting these.

    And I am with you on the kissing on YEH, but this isn’t Jdorama.
    If this were Jdorama, not only would 1FL and 2ML kiss, they would do it more than once, and have relations.

    • I KNOW! Remember BB and watching my Pi all making out and sexy times with that abominable skank ho that was his cheerleading girlfriend for the first few episodes. We need some of that here. If this drama isn’t squeamish about throwing in teenage rape, it might as well go the other way and have some genuine steamy adult consensual and happy skinship. Who better to deliver it than ALLMINE + HOLYHELL YESH!

      BTW, LOL on the “have relations” – my mind just had a Miss Havisham moment there.

      The blogosphere is chock full of happy Yoochun fans who can crow about their leading man. This here is THE place to be for second leading shipping the hell out of Missing You. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  6. For some reason the only one I’m worried about when the adults come in is Yoochun. While I love him as a performer, he’s never captured my attention in his dramas. I’m hoping I Miss You will change that perception for me =)

  7. Well in that case I am parking my butt here in second ship land. I was totally all about the OTP but to heck with it… Ysh and yeh, please Show give us a little something before everything falls apart. There is lots of kissing in jdramas? Too many procedurals for me. Back to the point, please let us have at least one kissy between them.

    Anyhow I will probably sink with this ship. I am also fairly certain his character will be dying at the end.

    • I’ll borrow the lyrics from Dido’s “White Flag”

      I will go down with this ship
      And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
      There will be no white flag above my door
      I’m in love and always will be

  8. Though I only watched NG last episode & my curiosity was quenched with Ms Koala detailed & descriptive review & recap, for Missing You , he he! I have the feeling I might fall into the trap of watching it as RMPW… Oh no!!!

    Nonetheless, still hoping our Ms Koala to continue replenishing us with the stills & reviews on this MY… !

    Cheerio 🙂

  9. i think i get second male lead syndrome again as like as in SKKS. i ship.YAI wirh the leading lady and in the end.. i’m heartbreaking.. PSH.. give your luck for YSH…

  10. omoo. so excited. thursday pls come quick! and pretty ladies here are right… much hype for the yoochun lead but lordy, seung ho is the main dish here for me aisssh! and i dont drool over younger men.. ehem im 20 and i should be rooting for YC, but baby… YSH is an exception.so droolfest starts as soon as he appears aja! 🙂

      • Droolfest, swoonfest, squeefest.
        And all because of a gorgeous boy of 19. ^_^

        The noonas are waiting, Yoo Seung Ho!

  11. I am cracking up with your comment about the voodoo doll! LOL!!!!!!!
    I need to start with this one… its just that I am not ready to cry yet… Maybe in a couple of weeks!! thanks lady koala!

  12. Hyun Joon Team Hyun Joon Team Hyun Joon Team, I’m totally on Hyun Joon ship, but let’s wait and see the next episodes who knows!

  13. “PD-nim, if you don’t take advantage of their dating and living arrangements and give me some serious skinship, I will make a voodoo doll with your name on it and send one to every Seung Ho-loving noona out there for a collective blood letting session. Got it? ”
    Ok so I’m officially scared but my name is on that mailing list, ne?
    But seriously, I’m thinking about foregoing watching the drama and just skipping over here and waiting on the seesaw till a new gushing post about YSH comes out. Me thinks scrolling through stills and writing my own storyline about cane wielding underage eye-sexers far better.

  14. lols koala sis! i really love reading your post more so when you love it cuz we get more from you. 🙂 tho… i have sailed with the chunsa chip. 🙂 been a fun of chunnie. i also adore YSH and YEH looks so fabulous on all still i’ve seen so far. so agree with you with the her hair, outfit and yes everything about her just screams awesome in capital A. thanks for the post.

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