Lin Geng Xin is a Playful Gentleman for GQ China Magazine

When was the last time you saw a really creative magazine photo spread? I’m quite easy to please when it comes to actors I like doing fashion stills since their natural gorgeousness goes a long way to compensate for the “stand there and look at the camera” uniformity evident in pictures. Recently Nicky Wu (aka 4th Prince) did a fantastically creative split screen type of photoshoot for a C-magazine, and now comes his Bu Bu Jing Xin younger brother 14th Prince Lin Geng Xin just bringing a gigantic smile to my face with his GQ China photo shoot with one of the cutest little girls ever! I love his derpy playfulness and how natural he pulls off being silly and sweet. This was actually for the April 2012 edition but I thought it perfect to showcase right now since he’s pretty much won my heart as sarcastic straight-shooting noona-crushing second male lead in Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang. While he was dubbed in BBJX along with everyone else, we hear his real voice in DGGG and I find his slight lisp adorable and such a juxtaposition from his big boy physique and smart aleck ways. While I liked his 14, in BBJX I was appreciating more the great acting from Nicky’s 4 and Kevin Cheng’s 8 while savoring Yuan Hong’s amazing 13 so I’m happy to be finally able to swoon over Lin Geng Xin without reservation in DGGG.


Lin Geng Xin is a Playful Gentleman for GQ China Magazine — 17 Comments

  1. He’s terribly cute! I’m going to check him out in DGGG ’cause I loved him as 14th Prince and his portrayal of warrior/prince in love was great.

  2. So cute I can barely stand it >_< love the one with the teddy bear, and the roses,… Heck, I love 'em all! And i didn't take much notice of him in BBJX but he's really standing out in Drama Go Go Go.

  3. The little girl is the best! Her glare in the first pic: TERRIFIC! They are just so cute! About the fashion, I like hers than his, but at least they didn’t make him suffered from weird fashion. And in fact, I ship 14 with Ruo Xi. They don’t have much scenes but their chemistry is fantastic. Wish they have a pictorial together 😀

    • I know! She’s looking at him like he’s like that big brother that just does things like that to annoy me!!

      I love how she gets him back with her hand in his gelled hair.

  4. Thank you so very very much for these.
    In DGGG, he gets to use that annoyed face a lot to disguise his not-so-secret jealousy.

    I tried to think of what type of character he is – the friend who stays close, feels confident enough to criticize, give advice, to wait up for you and take care of you in your drunkenness – all very second lead stuff, to be sure. If he were able to pull a PSH, I would grant him Mr. Knightly status.

    Even in BBJX, I got a very Austinesque vibe from him. He seems to belong in that era – whether Georgian or late Qing, doesn’t he?

    OMG, his drawling lisp is delicious – full of disdain but hiding a yearning heart.
    So so very handsome when he rarely smiles. In blue and in white.

  5. wahaha I have someone in mind, I would love to mess up his hair and make goo goo eyes as I skip away hahaha the Bumble the bee dance….:-p

  6. My God can’t he be any cuter! I wish I could watch him in a drama with 1) good storyline AND 2)him as male lead. I’m never good at second-lead shipping unfortunately, that’s why even though tempted to watch DGGG, I just can’t. Especially with Jiro’s newly surgeoned face dangling around it I can’t even…

    OTOH, dear Koala, may I know where you watch I Live in Cheongdamdong, hopefully with english sub? Been looking everywhere to no avail. And I wonder why you never write a review about it although I do remember you raving about it in one of your posts 😀

    • We are all looking for that. 🙂
      More than one Kdrama threatened to recap because of how much they love it, but problem is the 170 episodes!

      I think maybe one day in the future some very kind and loving fans may try it over a long period time, but I can’t see it being a priority due to its length.

      • I can see why recapping is near impossible. But the subs, it’s rarer than T-rex around the internet. How could it be?? :/

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