Missing You Episode 5 Recap

I was all set to recap only my beloved Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon scenes from Missing You and then habit kicked in and before I realized it I recapped all of episode 5. Oopsie. I wish I only watched the scenes I wanted because watching everything else continues to highlight for me how utterly hackneyed the writing is. The moment the adults show up the gratuitous pain level is pulled back significantly, but in the first half of the episode the only sane adult character literally drives off a cliff and dies. I’m shaking my head and going “what the fuck?”, but then Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye showed up and their collective pretty and insane fursploding chemistry made me not care anymore about the insipid script. Watching MY is a exercise in my patience because the presentation is lovely to behold but the director just marinates his shots in symbolism and bathes it in repetitive compulsion.

The adult portions has turned the corner a little bit but not enough to revive this soggy story into something more than “boy let girl down, boy wallows in guilt, money does bad things, everyone lives in painful memories.” Seeing the stills earlier this week of adult Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon did revive my interest in this drama and I am genuinely enjoying all their scenes. I like the fiercely protective side of Hyung Joon I glimpse beneath his exterior though I know the drama will inevitably turn him all evil just to make it easier to validate why Soo Yeon should be with Jung Woo. But if Warrior Baek Dong Soo has proved, it’s that my baby boy doesn’t shy away from taking complicated characters who are different shades of grey rather than black and white. With Nice Guy done, the ratings for today’s episode continues its slight upward trend which makes me happy. I want desperately for this drama to do well in ratings solely because I’m tired of Eun Hye getting any flack for picking drama turkeys.

Episode 5 recap:

Soo Yeon is further emotionally destroyed to learn that the world thinks she’s dead and even Jung Woo has abandoned her. Hyung Joon is also crying for his mom. These two totally abandoned and broken kids at least have each other. Watching Soo Yeon wrapped like a mummy and Hyung Joon with his gimpy leg and forcibly separated from his mom, this drama reminds me of how torture horror was a spin-off of traditional horror in the early 2000s, taking what is already scary and heaping on the pain and demented torture until the point we become desensitized as viewers. The good kids in this drama already have a shitty life, but the writer just wants to pile on and on and on, because she can.

Detective Kim keeps searching for Soo Yeon. Jung Woo keeps feeling guilty and sad. Jung Woo tags along with Detective Kim to find Soo Yeon, refusing to give up. Jung Woo is so gorgeous we all need to take a moment here and appreciate his fine cheekbones and manly pout.

He goes to her neighborhood and sees that she’s scribbled “Missing You” on the wall. He touches her scribble and cries. Yeo Jin Gu, this boy’s future acting career is limitless. Just don’t pick crap like this anymore, m’kay? Soo Yeon’s mom screams at him to leave since she holds him responsible for Soo Yeon’s death by him running away.

Nurse Hye Mi illicitly buys passports for her group and Detective Kim follows her after getting a tip from the passport maker. Evil greedbag Han Tae Joon and his lackeys get close to tracking down Nurse Hye Mi and Hyung Joon. He sees chalk drawing on the wall and remembers that Hyung Joon drew something similar before. Or else he is just a super smart sleuth. Nevertheless, by the time he goes to that hiding place, it’s empty.

Because only Hyung Joon can get the money on his 18th birthday, he convinces Nurse Hye Mi to take the two kids with her as she makes her escape. Tae Joon calls Nurse Hye Mi and says he’s thisclose to finding her. Hyung Joon grabs the phone and knows his older cacklingly evil half-brother is almost on them. He tells the group they need to leave NOW.

Detective Kim also makes his way to where Nurse Hye Mi is hiding out with Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon. Hyung Joon sees Detective Kim’s shadow outside the window, but since he doesn’t know who he is, he thinks he’s Tae Joon’s lackey. Detective Kim calls Jung Woo and says he might’ve found Soo Yeon. Hyung Joon uses a distraction and shoves his coke can under Detective Kim’s brake pedal to keep him from pursuing them.

Jung Woo goes to the broken street and repairs it happily as he waits for news of finding Soo Yeon.

Detective Kim drives off in pursuit of Nurse Hye Mi’s car and during the car chase he can’t stop his car and his car drives off a cliff. Seriously. I did not make this shit up. Hyung Joon makes his getaway with Soo Yeon still wrapped up like a mummy. Soo Yeon turns around while Hyung Joon rests his head on her shoulder, relieved that they’ve gotten away.

Young Jung Woo stands in front of the cliff and mourns decent upstanding Detective Kim. Soo Yeon’s mom and Detective Kim’s now-orphaned daughter is also there crying. So I am, but only because the sole normal human adult in this entire drama has been killed off.

Time jump of 14 years coming up! Here’s where the story is in a nutshell. Jung Woo is now a detective and has a reputation for being a crazy motherfucker who will wipe a criminal’s ass all over the floor if he catches one. He’s left his dysfunctional family and now lives with Soo Yeon’s mom and Detective Kim’s orphaned daughter Eun Joo. They are one happy and sad family – happy together with their little semblance of a family, sad because of the loved ones they lost.

Jung Woo goes to prison and sees the scumbag who raped Soo Yeon and warns the man that when he’s released shortly, Jung Woo will make find any reason to kill him. He also covers the CCTV and beats the man up.

Jung Woo goes to the wall and cries about how much he misses Soo Yeon.

A woman dives into a huge indoor swimming pool and then for NO DISCERNABLE REASON WHATSOEVER starts to flail around and then drown. In what is clearly just 5 foot deep water. Seriously. Not making this shit up either. Everyone also seems to be dropping like flies in this drama. Jung Woo is called to the scene to deal with the death. Accidental drowning or nefarious muuuuuurrrrder?

Ah Reum tries to call her brother Jung Woo and her mom grabs the phone and tells her not to since her dad will be pissed. They are in Jeju at a fancy hotel.

Adult Soo Yeon, now a fashion designer named Zoe, runs through the backstage of her upcoming fashion show being held at that hotel. A model is throwing a hissy fit and Soo Yeon walks right up and slaps her once, and then again for good measure. Soo Yeon tells her this show is important.

Soo Yeon hears the sound of a cane striking the floor, over and over, and she immediately perks up like a dog sniffing a bacon bone. She looks around and then gets on the floor to crawl around. She spies a pair of male legs with a cane next to it and she scurries over and grabs the leg saying “I found you!”

Turns out its some White dude and not her man. She asks where the owner of that cane is? Adult Hyung Joon, now known as Harry, walks over from the other side and greets her. He reaches out his hand and Soo Yeon plays coy. He asks if she wants him to walk over (without his cane)? He beckons again in the meltiest voice in the world and of course Soo Yeon is putty in his hands and she runs into his arms.

They hug and then it’s off!

Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon walk through the lobby of the hotel. Soo Yeon walks backwards while Hyung Joon faces her. He says he just came from Las Vegas and it was really for work, which causes Soo Yeon to shake her head at him with a smile indicating she doesn’t believe him. They banter and flirt with each other, as he ribs her about slapping that chick due to her fiery temper, which Soo Yeon blames on lack on sleep since she can’t sleep on the plane. Hyung Joon says that makes sense, since the woman he loves deeply isn’t one to slap another willy nilly.

Hyung Joon points out that the slapped chick looked scary, what if she calls the cops? Soo Yeon isn’t scared, because the man she loves will just hire her a very expensive lawyer. Suddenly Soo Yeon stops walking because Hyung Joon gets really close to her and she grows flustered. He leans in and then bumps his head on hers adorably.

They smile and walk away, with Soo Yeon grabbing Hyung Joon’s arm. I know this happiness won’t last so imma savoring every second of it while I can. Stepmother and Ah Reum watch them and Stepmother recognizes Soo Yeon as the up-and-coming fashion designer. She heard Zoe has a sponsor but doesn’t think Hyung Joon looks like the guy. She thinks Zoe is cheating on her sponser with a boy like Hyung Joon and wants to use that to scout Zoe.

The dead woman is Nurse Hye Mi and Jung Woo goes through the house looking for clues. He sees a locked door and tries to break it down but is stopped by his partner.

They go into the study where there is a huge gorgeous framed picture of Hyung Joon hugging Soo Yeon hanging on the wall. Jung Woo stares at Soo Yeon and reaches out to touch her face, clearly sensing something familiar.

Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon drive through the Jeju countryside. He asks about her unwillingness to come back to Korea but she says she was chosen so she has to come. He worries about her but she assures him that she’s fine being back in Korea and she’s thrown away all those bad memories. Soo Yeon says all her good memories were made with Hyung Joon.

Hyung Joon gets a call from Jung Woo informing him of the passing of Nurse Hye Mi and introducing himself as Detective Han Jung Woo. It appears Hyung Joon remembers the name and makes the connection on who Jung Woo is. He pulls over to talk and Soo Yeon asks what is going on. Jung Woo hears her voice through the telephone and he finds it familiar.

Soo Yeon is prepping for the fashion show and she sees Hyung Joon standing there smiling at her which visibly relaxes her. But later when she turns around and he’s gone, she becomes agitated and runs around looking for him. Stepmother accosts Soo Yeon and shoves her business card to her but Soo Yeon brushes her off.

The show goes off without a hitch but Soo Yeon is nowhere to be found for the designer stage bow. Soo Yeon runs back to their hotel room and finds Hyung Joon sleeping on the chair with his head phones on. She tells the sleeping Hyung Joon that she was planning to get mad about his no-show but now she can’t. She stares at him and then takes the head phones off and covers him with a blanket.

Soo Yeon stares at Hyung Joon as he sleeps, and then when she falls asleep, he wakes up and stares at her. OMO, my heart, be still.

Soo Yeon is awakened by a call from Hyung Joon who is on his way back to Seoul because of Nurse Hye Mi’s death. Soo Yeon is shaken to hear that Nurse Hye Mi died in what appears to be a drunk swimming incident. Oookay. She asks if she should go with him but he tells her to go back to France and he’ll meet her there as soon as he’s done here.

Hyung Joon arrives at the house and shakes hands with Jung Woo, introducing himself as Harry.

He’s taken to the morgue and when he sees Nurse Hye Mi’s dead body, Hyung Joon is visibly shaken and Jung Woo needs to steady him.

Soo Yeon ends up going to Seoul as well but she walks through the airport scared and wanting to be inconspicuous, putting her hoodie over her head and avoiding eye contact. She’s still so scared it’s sad to see. She tries calling Hyung Joon, who appears to be her only contact in her phone, but his is turned off.

Soo Yeon gets into a cab and its raining outside she opens the window a sliver to let the drops fall on her face. Jung Woo drives Hyung Joon back and he also opens the window and puts his hand out.

After Jung Woo drops Hyung Joon off, as he’s driving out of the compound he stops to open the gate. He sees Soo Yeon standing outside and she’s mumbling the rain chant and shuffling her feet the same way. Jung Woo freaks out and tells her to stop but she doesn’t see or hear him so she runs off to get out of the rain. Though why she was standing in the pouring rain in the first place eludes me. He tries to climb over the gate tor reach her but fails hilariously. The episode ends awkwardly here with Jung Woo hopping around the gate.

Thoughts of Mine:

I think all the adults are doing great but so far Yoochun really captured his childhood counterpart’s overall vibe the best. But then again, Yoon Eun Hye is playing a Soo Yeon that is radically transformed from her teenage self, while Yoo Seung Ho’s Hyung Joon really wasn’t terribly developed to begin with as the childhood portions were devoted to Jung Woo and Soo Yeon. I do think Hyung Joon is a fascinating character because, unlike Jung Woo’s flight-or-flee instinct during the rape aftermath when he ran away, everything Hyung Joon does is calculated because he’s forced to. From the moment his half-brother Jung Woo’s dad released the hounds to attack him in the house and he managed to escape, he’s been fleeing with his life and future on the line. He’s now taken Soo Yeon’s life and future under his arms, but he’s not without his own ulterior motives. To Hyung Joon, Soo Yeon represents the one good thing in his life when it all went to hell. When he saw her life also destroyed, he made a decision to save both of them.

Yoo Seung Ho has said in interviews that he wants to play a bad guy, which prompted him to turn down the lead in Warrior Baek Dong Soo and take on the antagonist role in that sageuk. It’s also one reason he wanted to do MY, because his character is willing to do anything to protect himself and the woman he loves and isn’t above doing something dangerous or wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised that the writer turns him evil per Yoo Seung Ho’s desire, though the fan love for his character could also turn the tide and have him pull a Park Shi Hoo. I’m so bummed Detective Kim died because Hyung Joon thought he was one of Han Tae Joon’s lackey’s and tried and stall him with the coke can and ended up sending the man tumbling down a cliff. That is such crappy writing, to kill off Detective Kim to add more angst to all the characters and strengthen Jung Woo’s resolve to be a detective and fight crime as his life’s calling. Oh well, it is what it is. Have some puuurfect Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon gifs to savor.



Missing You Episode 5 Recap — 73 Comments

  1. thank you Koala Unni for the recap. I have watched it raw and Yoochun is doing a good job so far and YSH and PSH. I saw the preview and I think the chemistry of all three will be good. Oh, I watch the first episode of Weonchi raw it is not that bad either……

  2. It’s kinda amazing how this pairing (YEH and YSH, I mean) actually manages to not be squicky at all. I mean…I still think it would have been better to cast an older actor, but YSH’s making it work.

    • YEH-YSH is the next Ha Ji Won-Lee Seung Gi pairing (with the girl 9 years older than the guy) and yet its just magically delicious.

      YSH has being bringing it since he was a wee lad. I still remember my JAW DROP moment when he went through all 6 T-ara girls in the “Lies” MV when he was just 17.


      • This is random: I remember a Strong Heart episode when Ji-yeon guested and she got, understandably, all giggly & giddy when describing the kiss she shared with YSH in the MV. It was too CUTE!

      • YEH got all giggly in an interview last week about YSH backhugging her during a MY poster shoot. I’m assuming it might’ve been for this still.

        At this point, I think YSH must be one of the hottest guys in RL in K-ent, because his co-stars young and old go adorably crazy for him.

  3. YOO SEUNG-HO, why SOOOOOOO perfect?! You’re making this noona flaaail about helplessly. That gif set is perfection personified! I could look at YSH-YEH all day long. Could we not have had atleast one kiss b/w them before JW returned in SY’s life?! :”(

  4. wow, yoo seung ho is so hot!! And i can actually say that without feeling squicky since he’s the oppa here! I still remember seeing him for the first time in God of Study and being impressed with him in an otherwise boring drama..and now he’s all grown up into a manly guy!!

    Also in the gifs (thank you for them by the way!), I noticed he was taller than Yoon Eun Hye 0_o which woah, he must’ve gone through a major growth spurt recently..and also that bit of weight gain doesn’t hurt either 😀

    Thanks for the recap by the way!!

  5. Mwah 😉 wow!!! What a fantastic recap! I still didn’t hv the opportunity to watch this episode yet …

    Apart from the silly unreasonable scene, the pairing side already quite promising, salivating and great tease to the noonas if not ahjumma hi hi hi!

    Kamsahamnida Ms Koala dearest 🙂 🙂 😉

    Cheerio !!

  6. oh bloody hell! (excuse the language Captain!) 🙂

    love the gif!!!!! i loooooooooooooooooooove them to pieces already!!!! they are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute together!

    i can feel that chemistry alright! that look from Hyun Joon is to die for! oh i really hope there will be kissing scenes for them!

  7. Koala, those gifs are totally tempting me to take a peek at this drama! They look so adorable. And they’ve been together for 14 years? Ohhhh…my heart already hurts for him! Maybe he can pull a Park Shi Hoo here?

  8. Wow thank you so much for the recap! Now I can finally understand more since I watched episode 5 raw and I don’t speak Korean.

    I really loved seing YEH and YSH parts in this episode. They are ADORABLE together 🙂 When he bumped his forehead against her, I literally melted 😉 So much cuteness!

  9. i.will.go down.with.this.ship.
    YSH,, why are you so hot?! now, their chemistry is just sooo peerfect.. PDnim. please give them a kiss before JW take back SY. like CH and HJ on MQ..

  10. YEH and YSH are super adorable in this part. It’s everything that the stills say and more. Sometimes, the stills are better than the actual scene, but not in this case!! Tooo cute!!! I hope there is a little time before HJ turns all evil and what not.

    LSY still seems to be very affected by what happened to her even though she’s quite cheery once she’s around HJ. He’s like her security blanket in a way. The poor girl. I think this calls for HJ to give her lots more hugs.

    Love that photo of KJ & LSY.

  11. Gee people.I am not watching the show and not a YSH fan.But even my heart skipped a beat looking at his brooding love looks at her.That boy is dangerous.
    Yeo Jin Gu- boy has a future and can’t wait for him to be old enough to be legal.

  12. Love to see Micky is improving.. He acts better and better.
    YEH is gorgeous as ever, love to see her happpy-bubbly persona in this episode.
    YSH intense-melting stare is…. *sigh* ~ Are you sure that he’s just 19? *triple sighs*

  13. My heart beats so hard by Hyung Joon, I feel that at any moment I will have an attack, my god I had to control myself not to yell every time he went on scene,he is gorgeous definitely Hyung Joon team.

  14. oh koala! you are surely making my morning so bright and sunny! I love the screencaps and of course the gif’s! i suddenly wish i was Soo Yeon at that scene! hahahahahaha! YSH, you are sure making all the noona’s be awed by you!

    thanks again koala! ^_^

  15. YSH is definitely a good actor, but sooner or later Im pretty sure that Ms Koala will fall for PYC as well lol

    I didn’t find the episode end awkwardly, the last scene was quite heartbreaking to me

  16. omo..thank you thank you koala.you just make my day :*.and i’m super in love with YEH-YSH pairing eventhough yoo chun is my biased *sorry yeopo :p

  17. My heart already aches for their inevitable breakup. I just fell in love hook-line-and sinker for Kyung Joon. Please stay with him!!! Ahhhh. I’m sorry Yoochun! I really really like you in real life but I’m rooting against your character. P.s. Damn YSH can stare!

  18. Didn’t read the whole thing.. BUT now I’m going to watch the episode for their scenes!

    Every time you compare this to May Queen, I cry a little inside… not because I was second lead shipping there (in fact I was feeling the complete opposite there), but because I don’t want the lovey dovey moments to become all messed up!

  19. I really liked the face expressions of the actors in this episode. I thought YEH’s scene in the airport was very well performed. First when she shows her reaction after hearing “Mom” and second when she is approached by the cab driver. Once in Seoul, she returns to her habit of having her head down soon after arriving. Then she even puts her hood on. I also thought PYC’s performance in the final scene was very well performed. The emotion he showed once he saw Soo Yeon was very nice. YSH’s character hasn’t shown much emotion yet, but he’s performance is very steady so far and I’m looking forward to his performance in this drama.

  20. i love when YEH and YSH together, she seems happy and calm everytime she near him =) for the 2nd lead pairing, wasnt in the first eps it shown PYC got shot in the head? so maybe there will be 2nd lead pairing possibility? and yes, i love him, but gosh, i wont believe it he is just 19 if i dont really know the fact..

    and YooChun’s acting is also improve here..

    PS : umm.. kinda new here.. so i dont really know, but do you have personal dislike toward PYC or smthg? you seems.. umm.. how to say it without upset you or anybody.. umm.. when you recap PYC’s part it seems like you dislike him, and just talked a little of his scenes, while the recap for YSH n YSH is loner and if i dont know, it almost make me think that the lead was YSH and not PYC. hope i’m not upset you, just curious =)

    • Koala and the Koalaites(?) have already declared the Playground Second Lead Central for the run of this drama.
      It doesn’t mean we do not love PYC, in fact, K did say she liked him in this role.
      There are plenty and plenty more sites that will fangirl PYC like there is no tomorrow, next week and next month.
      Can’t we please have a haven to love YESH?! Please? For goodness sake, he is SO BEAUTIFUL IT HURTS!

  21. I love the GIF! I would stare at it ALL DAY and giggle to myself endlessly. Thank you koala! I so love Seung Ho. His eyes are so amazing. Such emotion. Next to Yoo Chun, he seems to be the better actor. But I love how Eun Hye and Yoo Chun talk like the child actors. Super good. : ). Thanks Koala!

  22. Hi, koala! I’m back at the playground since YEH has another drama.
    I’ll be reading your recaps like what i did during LTM’s airing.
    I love love love the sizzling chemistry between YEH and YSH! OMG. I’m spazzing out just by looking at their stills and gifs. Cuteness overload!
    But i’d wait for the drama’s OTP. Since YEH can create great chemistry with anyone she’s paired with. 😀

  23. I think it’s so funny how everybody was like “YSH will outshine YC” “YSH has 12 years of experience, and YEH 8 YC will be killed” but lol at the end the one that shined the most as an actor was 2 years experience PYC…i am so happy that people want bring him down, because this will only make him work harder…

    Also it funny how some YEH and YSH fans are like “I’m only watching this because YEH or bc YSH” i means girl please why do you think chunsas/JYJ fans are watching this for? and i am sure they are more but they are not saying in every freaking article “i am only here for YC”, some of you are so annoying you know.

    I know you do not like YC, but he is the main here, live with it!!


    and about the drama i like it so far, glad the the darkest part is over.

    • This is Koala’s Playground, my dear. The noonas choose to drool/swoon/squeal over Yoo Seung Ho around here – live with it. ^_^

    • personal opinion, when you love YC then he shine for YOU
      but in this episode YSH really was shinee, its proven even in korea netizen was all search about him after this episode aired…

    • YSH has more years of experience, but there’s difference when you are the mini drama series lead. YEH has 5 prime time mini series leads and PYC has 3 before Missing You. That is huge. I’d consider their experience just as big as YSH. Aside from nonsense of bragging rights, I think all three are performing wonderfully so far.

      • i can’t consider that as big as YSH, sorry YC fans but in my opinion bunch of younger and talented actor can act better than him, YC still look green, he wasn’t prodigy in acting, how can three mini series 16-20 episode even as a lead as big as more than 10 dramas+ movies with 100 more episodes total as important character and sometimes as lead too, i really hate when people underestimated his experience just because YSH still so young, that was the reason why he didn’t accept young/child role anymore but pity him his age also the reason he can’t get lead role…

  24. Dear dramagods,

    Even if my eyes swell like hell from the weepfest, even if my brain shrinks from shitty plot devices, even if my stress level shoots up from reading the rants of Yoochun fans like the one above, I won’t complain. I’ll take them all. Just let my gorgeous Yoo Seung Ho end up with the lovely noona in Missing You and I promise, I’ll be a masochist. ^_^

  25. omg..those eyes.. Yoo Seung Ho is super hot here. Why can’t he be the lead instead! The chemistry is really exploding. I am really hoping we get to see more of them together instead of YEH meeting YC so fast and breaking YSH heart. Argh.. Want more of YSH and YEH!!

    Off to re-watch their scenes again.. hopefully someone will make a cut.

    YSH and YEH should totally have a drama to themselves! *super swooooon*

  26. its kind of sad the direction this story is going to go when my goddess Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho have so much damn chemistry. I just want to watch them be happy and battle the bad guys together.

  27. how can an international designer only have one contact saved in her phone?,,that’s so illogical..
    at least,,she has to save her assistant’s number..and let the assistant save all of the important numbers

  28. I can’t believe it..YSH looked so mature and now I am not sure that I can’t blame any noona or even ahjumma won’t fall in love with YSH (sweet young thing)..and here I often say I don’t fancy this noona/dongseng relationship.I don’t blame YEH she went gaga when YSH back hugged her..I guess I would too..maybe die contented if it ever happen(in my dream)Thanks for recapping Ockoala as long as you wish..but I have to agree I too love SY/HJ OTP..

  29. Ok, I love all 3 actors in this drama to bits…YSH will kill me with his eyes…he has amazing chemistry with my girl YEH….BUT…i might be the minority here, but unless they turn PYC into an evil, I want to see him end up with YEH…I cannot wait to see how their love is rekindled….I’m sure we are in for plenty of angst…Wow…PYC’s acting has improved so much…I’m in love with that guy!

  30. Dang! YEH is one hack of a lucky gal to have 2 hotties chasing after her!!! 3 of them are acting well. Most impressed with PYC – he has improved massively 🙂

    I am fine with either guys ending up with YEH… they all deserve some form of happiness in their sad sad lives. Hoping to a happy ending… Not likely by the tone of this drama 🙁

  31. Thanks for this!
    I will be late for all these since I have to wait for subs.

    Doesn’t this make our pretty Harry a murderer?

    “Hyung Joon uses a distraction and shoves his coke can under Detective Kim’s brake pedal to keep him from pursuing them.”
    or does it take intent for that crime/sin?

    And, so right on the overuse of repetition.
    WE GET IT, director, WE GET IT!!
    She missed him.
    He should NEVER have run off all those times he abandoned her.
    He misses her.
    They like rain.

    It was pretty low of them to kill off the only good adult character, but that’s how hero stories are. JW has to be without support to become the man Crazy Rabbit cop revenge driven first lead.

    PS – In CYHMH, they filmed a lot of scenes in Cha Dong Joo’s gorgeous house. I hope we get to spent a lot of time in Harry’s house, too.
    Now on to 6!

  32. i’m a big fan of YSH and the reason why i watch this drama is just because of him only YSH love his character and the maturity of his role here yeah i agree to those people who says because of his age he cant get the lead role for thid melodrama but i feel more thankful because of this drama and his last portray of role in WBD you can see how versatile he was that he was not afraid to challenge himself for different kinds of role and as i expected he really give justice to this role specially you can see he’s a grown up man now and the way he portray KHJ character he really nailed and for me he out shinned PYC sorry for saying thid but i just tell what i see and not only me who see that you can see how the viewer respond to YSH and for me he has also a good chemistry to YEH and that also another reason for me to watch this drama……i just cant imagine where YSH get his inspiration when acting this kind of role…..by the way thanks for the recap you put smile in my face because you put effor ton the scene of YSH and YEH and that makes me happy…thanks again.

  33. Ok, so just started watching this soap lastnight… actually cheated coz i came here to read first before i even started, lol. wanted to see if it’s good and worth watching. soooo far, sooo good 🙂 i’m in epi 5 and my gosh, why don’t you cry me a river… i have tissues galore. my husband thinks i’m nuts because i’m crying again because of my kdrama addition. i love this soap. love the child actors, the acting is SUPERB! i have to give it to the child actors, i want them to have their own soap sooon. the young Jung Woo is a hottie. i think his only 15 but my gosh, can i say his yummy looking. i cannot wait to see him in his own drama.

  34. Read your recaps and totally loved it….just saw this drama and ysh is utterly adorable, kept wishing he would get the girl, have to go watch all his dramas…lol

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