Lee Seung Gi Releases Wistful New Ballad MV Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae

I was all looking forward to Lee Seung Gi‘s return to dramaland early next year with his fantasy sageuk when the boy up and snuck a mini-album drop on me this week. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to be pleasantly surprised, and to say the song and MV for Seung Gi’s first single off the mini-album is simply pleasant is an understatement. “Return” is a lovely melancholy ballad that complements Seung Gi’s delicious voice to perfection and suits this wonderful cold Fall atmosphere so well. Even better is getting teenage acting wunderkinds Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae to star as the teenage sweethearts in the MV. I shipped Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae’s characters so hard in May Queen (the adult versions were played by Han Hye Jin and Jae Hee), and I have to say their chemistry is still amazing even in the context of an MV.

It’s sort of ironic that currently we also have the other two teenage acting wunderkinds Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun angsting their hearts out on Missing You. As much as I appreciate Yeo Jin Gu, it’s actually Park Gun Tae that’s my teenage acting bias, especially since he keeps playing the younger versions of some of my favorite guys (Lee Jun Ki in Time Between Dog and Wolf, Yoo Seung Ho in Warrior Baek Dong Soo). This MV is therefore the perfect treat for me to liven up the senses from the recent steady diet of melodramas. Check out the MV and bask in Seung Gi’s voice while smiling through the cute high school crush moments between Park Gun Tae and Kim Yoo Jung. Both of them are also growing up so well! Sigh, Seung Gi is such a hyung/oppa now with so many youngsters coming after him.Β 

Lee Seung Gi MV for “Return” starring Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae:


Lee Seung Gi Releases Wistful New Ballad MV Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae — 25 Comments

  1. First time I listened to the song and watched the MV, my eyes filled with tears of happiness. Both the song and the MV are so beautiful and nice. Thank you Ms. Koala. Btw, the title of the song in the MV is “Return” or some translate it as “Turn Back”. “Forest” is the mini-album title and the third track in the album.^^

  2. yay, his healing 5.5 album ,that he made only for women :))all songs are masterpiece,espescially nr.4 Seung Gi written… he says these are will be songs you can listen to wake up and to get sleep at the end of the day,but all AΔ°ren,include me …are now in faint mode πŸ˜€

  3. and Park Gun Tae also played the young King Jae Kang in case you forgot ^^

    This MV is so beautiful and melancholic. Love it. You should listen to the other tracks too, only 5 tracks in total, and they are all wonderful.

    Seunggi said the drama probably airs in May, so that’s totally not early year *sobs* I hope it will come out earlier though because how can I wait that long!

    • Of course I remember! Baby Jae Kang, which makes it super duper cuter that he’s playing baby Seung Gi in this MV when in TK2H they were not the childhood-adult versions of each other.

      King Jae Kang T_____T crying forever still. That and Shi Kyung. TK2H was just brutal.

  4. Oh by the way Koala, have you watched the latest Running Man variety show episode? Seunggi and Shinhye are the guest and they are both so cute together. Shinhye should really be the leading lady in his next drama!

  5. Seung Gi’s voice is heaven… i was about to got to sleep since it’s 1am already and i saw your post. love the MV! Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae really have great chemistry. Thanks so much for the post koala sis. πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, both song and mv. LSG’s vocals here makes me wanna listen to it over and over again. One of the qualities I like about him is that his singing voice is always so calming and soothing, that I can just put his songs on loop.

    Also, Korea sure is using their child actors more often now and giving them the spotlight. Not that I’m complaining as the child actors are definitely a pleasant addition to the song.

    I think Kim Yoo Jung has a really lovely presence on screen which instantly makes you drawn to her. She’s so good at channeling delicate emotions, and handles it so naturally too. What a talent. My fav part here in the mv was probably when she called Seung Gi’s name. T.T
    And yes! Park Gun Tae is growing up very well indeed! Looks like he’s gonna be quite a hottie too. πŸ˜‰

  7. I love these two kids. I would watch an entire show with them alone. Where are the teenage/kid shows?!?! I can so see them in some adventure show–cross country trip to find long lost something or other but the end game is not as important as the journey type thing. They are that good.

    I may have to start listening to more of Seung Gi’s music. I never really think of him as a singer because I really only know him from King 2 Hearts.

    • You have to start listening his music πŸ™‚
      Try to listen:will you marry me,alone in love,because we are friend,etc.
      Happy listening…

  8. Awww…Seungiya! I’ve missed you. Though I can’t help, I really want to comb his hair. Haha. I want Jae Ha’s suave hairstyle back, please.

    Oh, is it too early to ship Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae? They are so adorbs together. Their screen presence and acting styles match so well, very calming and subtle. And can we have a coming of age movie with them plus Yoo Jin Gu/KSH together? I know people love to see them angst and cry their guts out but I’d really love to see these youngsters in a shoujo-type movie, like “Honey and Clover” live-action or something.

    P.S. Happy thanksgiving, Koala!

  9. Perfectly lovely. I found myself wishing for a drama happy ending for this MV. LOL! Thanks for sharing, Koala! This mini-album is definitely going in my collection.

  10. Perfect song to showcase Seung Gi’s beautiful and calming voice. And perfect MV to showcase the sad but age-appropriate ‘puppy love’ of Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae as young Seung Gi.

    I’m also happy that through MoonSun, child actors importance in dramas and films were high-lighted.

    Like @ladyjoryu said, Kim Yoo Jung has that unexplainable screen presence that you just can’t help but be drawn to her. It’s nice that at such a young age she’s able to show nuance and subtle acting, and you know her (acting) depth is just gonna get layered as time passes. And Park Gun Tae is shaping up to be a “Noona Killer” just like Lee Seung Gi.

  11. I first heard LSG sing because of PSH my bias, in “will you marry me” performance. I loved it. Then in “Alone in love” Japanese debut with her. It forced me into looking up his other songs and I found musical gems in “Delete” “Please” ” because you are my woman” etc. Now, ” return” has just floored me. It is all that was promised. For many LSG is an actor but for me he is a singer first and last interspersed with acting, emceeing, variety host in between. Although he is a close second in RM ….he was hilarious…first time I saw him in variety and realize why people missed him so much. He is a natural.
    Oh yes, nobody needs to convince me otherwise……LSG and PSH can only be good together. Now the question remains …in how many areas and how much better can they get when working in any project .
    Just perfect together.

  12. Love the MV and his voice is just heavenly <3 It's weird that I ship Park Gun Tae and Kim Yoo Jung in real life, but they're too adorbs together! My fav parts in May Queen were of them. πŸ˜€ Hopefully, they will be in a drama together again!

  13. I super love “Return” , the song has been in my head the whole day. The other songs in the album are really good too. So glad I bought his album, if only I can get his autograph on it ! *wishful thinking*.

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