Missing You Episode 6 Cuts of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye

Much as I want to park myself in front of the computer to recap Missing You episode 6, at least the Soo Yeon-Hyung Joon scenes, I’ve got a giant turkey to wrangle and a bajillion delicious side dishes to conjure up. I wish I had a magic wand. Or minions. Either will do. So I’ll have to see what I can write today in between watching football, baking a turkey, and generally being a full functioning member of the family.ย The storyline continues to bake my brain (at one point Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon’s car just happens to RUN OVER THE RAPIST in the gigantic metropolis of Seoul, and the rapist steals Soo Yeon’s phone as well to menace her later), but Yoochun is acting his hat, socks, and lucky for his fans, likely his pants will come off soon. The boy is on fire with the emoting and really I feel terrible that Jung Woo is stuck in some weird limbo of living a semblance of a life as a cop juxtaposed with severe traumatic grieving on the sidelines (he even goes back to sit in the dank warehouse where Soo Yeon was raped). This drama continues to love piling on the water works, not just in terms of tears, but the use of rain and even showerheads galore to pour the water of pain on the protagonists. I am thisclose to wanting to put Jung Woo and Soo Yeon on a plane and tell them two to reunite and get over their shared trauma and go have babies far from Korea. Which leaves Hyung Joon all for me. Me me me me! And I’ll share with the other noonas and ahjummas who love him. He continues to be beyond perfect in this drama.


Missing You Episode 6 Cuts of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye — 21 Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I share your pain..24 pds turkey bake at 6am when family snoonzing, sobbing from YEH emotion scenes..nose blowing turkey smells catching your post…my goal loose pds even party at noon..let have some turkey luve..crazy date..oh black Thursday/Friday…wth!

  2. Omo, omo! Guess I’ve got to confess my sinful thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚ YSH was born to be a star and he’s got charisma and sex appeal galore.

  3. Thank you Koala Unni.. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I watch it raw before the big Feast today… I love all three characters and all of them are doing a fantastic job. I am only sad as there is no preview for the next episode… I can not wait to watch it again with subs so I know what they are saying.. I am not sure who do I ship as part me want JW/SY or HJ/SY. I am still scared as I see what SY did and that will karma will go back to her even though I was happy that rapist died.. well, I hope so… Therefore, Happy Thanksgiving to you Koala Unni and everyone else!!!

  4. Happy thanksgiving to everyone in US. Ep 6 rocks. love love love all Harry and Zoey interactions. YEh is superb. Heard IMY is no. 1 in rating.

  5. Gosh.. He’s hot!!
    “he’s only 19, he’s just a boy..” *keep repeating this to myself in order to keep me sane*

    WTH.. YSH, will you mary me?? LOL *attemp fails*

  6. “I’m a woman infront of a boy asking him to love me…” Hehehe! Wish i could have YSH in my life… but im a jealous gal… so even if i say YSH is mine… it wont happen : ) Thanks for the cuts… but how come u dont include the shower scene of them where Zoe cried and Harry was there to comfort her….

  7. oh my God….
    if you always make YSH gifs like this, i will end up being a pervert noona
    *sigh -___-!
    damn, i never know about YSH before but this drama change him into one of my fav actor. His gaze will make me faint.

  8. thanks koala sis, i am late for this post. even as i love chunnie, the boy’s is getting better and better one drama after another… no one can deny the chemistry that YSH and YEH have. and last night’s episode was a sight to behold, the colors and most of the scenes that are banner worthy are that of YEH/YSH. ๐Ÿ™‚ expect some later. ๐Ÿ™‚ i really love the scene with YEH sitting by the window, about to call YSH.

  9. My thoughts exactly:

    And this “at one point Hyung Joon and Soo Yeonโ€™s car just happens to RUN OVER THE RAPIST in the gigantic metropolis of Seoul, and the rapist steals Soo Yeonโ€™s phone as well to menace her later”
    Cause there is no such thing as a restraining order AGAINST THE CONVICTED CRIMINAL WHO RAPED YOU!

  10. Oh how I love this pairing. I’m riding the second lead ship and I’m never leaving it. Even if the writer decides to pull that classic bad move and have the character do something so outlandish and out of character just to get the preferred pairing together, I’ll still be sailing this ship. Your bad writing cannot erase these moments!
    Cutest couple :3

  11. all this kid do is just acting..causing many palpitation to everyone..dont you feel any guilty????o lord please forgive meee

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