Official BTS Video of Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon From the Missing You Episode 5 Fashion Show

I know I’m totally Yoo Seung Ho-bombing the playground here, which you can either chalk up to momentary madness or the honest truth that the boy is beyond winning in his role as Kang Hyung Joon in Missing You. As usual, ignore me if this isn’t your thing, all my obsessions wane eventually. During yesterday’s episode 6 of MY, both Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye were top searches on Nate and there has been a ground swell of viewers going ga-ga over the boy’s searing gaze. MBC just released the official BTS video of the fashion show scene in episode 5 and I almost spit up my wine when I got to Yoo Seung Ho’s scene. I can’t believe the production is acknowledging Yoo Seung Ho’s gaspworthy ability to shoot laser rays of love at the object of his affection, namely Yoon Eun Hye’s character in this particular drama. Starting at the 1:07 mark is that snippet and what almost killed me was the production splicing in a snippet of “Sexyback” and then darkening the shot while zooming light on his eyes only. Ahahahaha, oh my god, that was adorably priceless.

I went back and watched parts of Operation Proposal, which is somewhat of a romance drama mixed with a coming-of-age tale. While his same-age chemistry with Park Eun Bin was really palpable, he’s really taken it a step further here. I also notice that he’s got this amazing concentration and stays in character a lot even when the cameras aren’t rolling, such as when he was standing in the distance just staring at Yoon Eun Hye while she’s giggling and goofing off between shots. I’ve been thinking on what would have resulted if Chung Jung Myung accepted the role, since he’s older in real life than Yoochun so I’m assuming Hyung Joon’s character would be written older as well. I like this dynamic where Hyung Joon is younger than both Soo Yeon and Jung Woo and has to use his wits to scrape by in life. I think Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon have a mutually symbiotic relationship where they both need each other. She reaches for him as much as he reaches out for her. I wasn’t expecting Soo Yeon to love Hyung Joon based on the synopsis but now it adds so much more stakes to the story.

I loved the fashion show scene, despite finding it totally arbitrary that Soo Yeon became a fashion designer. Eun Hye looked so gorgeous and y’all know I think suit-wearing cane-holding Seung Ho is the bees knees. I think it’s a career disease that I’ll point out the stupid when I watch it, even if other stuff keeps me happy.

Official BTS of Fashion Show from Episode 5:


Official BTS Video of Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon From the Missing You Episode 5 Fashion Show — 33 Comments

      • lols, can i join the party? totally taken by his eyes. i’ve watched him on OP and Arang but gah! he is just so different here. melts. πŸ™‚

      • I watched him in OP. I liked him and thought he’s cute and a great actor. But even he cannot make me continue watching that drama. I hate the plot even in the Japanese version which is only about 7 or 8 episodes. To have such an already dragging plot stretched to 16, I lost my patience.

        But here, I agree, he’s different. He’s suddenly so hot and has such bewitching stare. His voice also, has it always been this uhm.. sexy? Or its just me.. sighh

    • Control, girls! We need to exercise control!
      He’s still not legal….yet.
      Though he flaunts it, we can only ogle it and not touch it…..whatamisaying….

  1. Ms Koala, please bomb away the playground with more YSH posts!!! I’ve been a long time reader of your site and have come out of hiding because of YSH. He is just ah-ma-zing! I confess that I come to your website everyday for my daily dose of YSH! Ahhhhhh…….

  2. When I watched this BTS way before you posted this, and they played Sexy Back for YSH, I freaking cracked up… I was like, “Oh my God. Are they really playing this song?” It was hilarious…

  3. I saw this bts clip yesterday and I spit out the water that I was drinking when they started playing Sexy Back and zooming in on YSH’s drool worthy gaze XD

  4. I have to say YSH has upped his game by a few notches compared to Operation Proposal *noona drooling over the scene where he pretended to be angry towards Soo Yeon*

  5. I’m happy to hear that the Korean fans are also feeling the hot intense stare of YSH in this drama like we do. And seems like who ever edit this BTS stuff notice it too. So now there are chances that we can get more YSH and YEH right? right? I hope they will release the BTS for the other scenes as well for example the one when SY went to hug HJ, when they walked and talked facing each other, the bed scene and the back-hug shower scene. After I watched this one BTS of them at the poster shoot. YEH seems to be more at ease with YSH. But its too short to tell.

    By the way, I cracked up seeing the image of YSH still looking at YEH when they are not filming. Must he do that? That’s hard-core concentration LOL

  6. Eng sub please. Lol. He is smokin hot! I wish the drama is a rom-com with YEH and YSH lead. I would totally watch that one. But since I’m not digging this drama as a whole, I’ll just rely on you Ms. Koala for my YSH fix. Yeah, I’m addicted too. *_*

  7. Go ahead and drop the YSH bombs all you want Ms Koala! I’m so happy for his growth as an actor. And yes, could totally feel he has up his game for this role. *hyperventilates and faints*

  8. @OCKoala, where can I find the HWANHYE SHIPPERS? It’s gone! I don’t watch this MY, not my taste, even for YEH. It’s just I hate melo dramas esp. heavy dramas, what I want is something that can make me laugh, not cry. Sorry chingus, i don’t want to have a heart attack by watching sad movies, whatever…I have watched “Stairway to Heaven”, it was so heartbreaking. So I promised myself not to watch anymore heartbreaking series.

  9. omoo im gonna be dead fainting every wednesday thursday hereafter …swooning over my babyboy YSH eeeeeeh. dont worry unnies, im 20 and a crazy fangurl of YSH.. this is definitely contagious

  10. owh please, please continue bombarding us with daily dose of YSH, Ms Koala.. The more the better, heh heh.. I just can’t get enuf of this him..

  11. owh please, please continue bombarding us with daily dose of YSH, Ms Koala.. The more the better, heh heh.. I just can’t get enuf of him.. mmm such a guilty pleasure :p

  12. Keep those YSH bombs coming, Capt. K! I’ll catch em all! ^_^

    Imagine how much hotter he’ll be five years from now. His muscles will be more toned, his stare will be more smouldering. By then, our other dear fab boy Yeo Jin Goo will be 20, taller, sexier and almost legal. *swoons at the thought*

    The future is bright and gorgeous, don’t you think? (-;

  13. Please don’t hesitate to post anything about YSH.
    I always look forward for your posts about him haha.
    I actually downloaded the episodes to watch him.
    Can I just skip to episode 5, or should I watch it from the start?
    I just want to see him, that’s all. Not really a fan of melodrama (i think NG was my the first melodrama I finished. Song Joongki is worth watching haha)

  14. Yer kidding, right?
    Too much YESH! ?
    That is like saying too much pie or stuffing or caramel candy apples.

    I showed my girlfriend that one perfect shot of him in OP at the very end when he goes back to the old school and sits at a desk. She said, “He’s not real, is he? He looks like he stepped out of a manga.”

    But now? He is manlier and more assured. Wardrobe helps, but like you said, he is an actor who knows how to find and convey the character’s inner essence. Just think, THIS Harry is the same as Woonah in WBDS.
    Completely different vibe.

  15. I think because he’s younger (character and actor wise) he has to put in extra effort to make it all believable.. Boy, if he knew he is selling it way too much and giving us second lead syndrome..

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