First Peek at Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door

If I were Nostro-Koala then I would predict that the next craaaaaaaaack drama will be Flower Boy Next Door. Who wants to lay down bets now? It’s a rom-com, and goodness sakes the K-drama world needs a genuine rom-com like a desert traveler needs an oasis. It stars the triumvirate of Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, and Kim Ji Hoon – we have one cheerful adorable girl with one melt my insides young hottie plus one perfect specimen of a sexy male actor. That is a sure fire recipe for chemistry overload, and if the story and directing is as good as I’ve heard Shut Up: Flower Boy Band was, then 2013 will be off to a rocket blast great start. The cast has just started filming so it’ll be awhile before we get any official goodies from tvN. Never fear, because I’ve managed to sleuth up the first BTS pictures of the two leads taken by fans or posted by themselves on their twitter and weibo. I’m loving Shin Hye’s pretty baby look, not terribly edgy but she looks great and that matters more. Si Yoon is sporting a light red mop and it works on him both visually and the fact that he’s playing an artistic director named Enrique Geum. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to calling him Enrique. At least Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho‘s Western names in Missing You is the pretty and normal Zoe and Harry. If I’m this excited by these first stills, someone will need to hold me the first time I glimpse Kim Ji Hoon in character.


First Peek at Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door — 31 Comments

  1. AWWW… Puppy eyes everywhere!
    Sing with me: “It’s the final countdown!” Really, this show has to be fantabulous or I’m going to break something.
    YSY’s hair is not my favorite but I could bear his auburn ramyun hair in M2F so nothing scares me anymore.
    Enrique is indeed a strange name but hey, it’s winter: It could be a way to warm up the atmosphere: YSY latin lover, RAWR!

    • I second that. Had it enough, time travelling that is.
      2013 looks promising, hope the writers and production team won’t screw it.

  2. A boy, a girl and a man. The basic.
    But looking at who they are * squeals * this is the drama I am looking forward the most next year.
    Because the upcoming dramas casting gives me the ****
    Except for Incarnation of money.

  3. I like what ck1Oz said only I will change my order of preference:
    A man, a boy and a girl.

    Love YSY as a redhead. It looks like they will be dressing him all up in the neck again, like in M2F. It must make him appear bigger and older by hiding his young slim neck.

    NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED photos of KJH – Extra points to Koala if he is wearing a (open)(OK, loosely wrapped) robe, kimono, a sleeveless shirt of any kind, and shorts. Doesn’t it make sense that a webtoon writer has to dress comfortably? Maybe the heat is too high in his apartment, too.
    Unshaven or shaven? Not sure. Both. How about shaving?

  4. The pics and articles are totally welcome anytime. Waiting for more ….not too much though because I don’t want to know the details before the drama start . If it appears I just can’t help gulping it down.
    PSH somehow comes out even more beautiful in the actual drama or video because of her expressions, smile, behaviour and the way she moves. She is so lovely, cheerful and cute in RM.
    She has two adorable, small dogs….bongi and….I forget. She loves them and even took them to her fan meeting. That love for dogs is evident in the pictures above. The one with the husky is really the pick of the lot….so candid.

  5. This Romcom drama will surely a big hit in 2013 … so im betting this one too… with Park Shinye around plus my Takgu and Xfile man … who would not want to be with them around in Kdrama land…

  6. I hope this time I will like the correct guy, the guy who will get the girl, as I really don’t want to be in another second lead syndrome!

    This year only, I loved Lee Min Ki character in Shut Up Flower Boy Band and he’s just a cameo!, Kim Ji Hoon in I Need Romance 2 and now Seung Ho in Missing You. My heart won’t be able to endure anymore heartbreak..

    Anyway, I will definitely check this drama out.

  7. I’m so excited for this it hurts. I’m pretty much set this year drama wise, nothing new in the works and after King of Dramas finishes I’ll be eagerly awaiting year end reviews. But The Flower series is amazing and the cast makes me giddy with anticipation. 😀 2013 is gonna be great…at least the beginning of it.

  8. I honestly really care for pretty boys but I enjoyed the previous flower boy dramas so I’m looking forward to this one. Hopefully one day they’ll do a Hunky Man Next Door franchise ha….

  9. I already love this drama haha The casting director is clearly a genius and needs to cast all other dramas 😀 I am hoping that the drama itself will be a fun watch.

  10. I’m excited for this show, as it seems like it could be a very promising romance/comedy/drama. I wish they would release a detailed summary of the storyline, but I guess it’s still early for that. But just from the very short synopsis I find this show promising. Hopefully it won’t disappoint!

  11. I’m overly excited about this rom-com too…because Park Shin Hye’s in it and she’s got 2 HOT guys with her…
    and wait…it gets even better…it’s on CAbLE channel TvN which means we’d get to see some sizzlin’ hot chemistry especially the kissin’ part, keep my fingers crossed!!!
    what a great 2013 opener!!!

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