Some Thoughts Along With Lovely Screencaps of Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon in Missing You

A drama obsession can flicker on in the most impossible to predict and oftentimes inconsequential of ways. All it took was one look, from him to her, and I was lost. Even as I bemoan the writing lapses in Missing You, I find myself looking for ways to make the drama make sense, if only to add to the enjoyment I derive from watching Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho on my screen twice a week. I find the writer is doing a better job with characterization and little details then she is with the who-dun-it silliness and the overarching narrative coincidences. I wish she would concentrate on her characters, and not just have Jung Woo spend countless minutes per episode taking fully clothed showers or brooding in dark places. I want character development like Jung Woo’s heartwarming interactions with Soo Yeon’s mom, like Zoe and Harry’s tiniest gestures and words with each other. Because I love Yoo Seung Ho’s performance here, and therefore am focused on his character, I want to share my thoughts on what I think is a very complicated role.

Jung Woo is the undisputed hero of the story, and his one moment of weakness when he left Soo Yeon laying on the floor to save himself (as he admitted later, it wasn’t to get help, he was scared and in that split second made a very human choice that I am truly in awe the writer went there) makes me appreciate him and root for him. Because he made a choice that haunts him, I want him to find absolution because he deserves it. He was kid with the choice between likely death and saving himself, and he saved himself. I understand that. Soo Yeon is a straight up heroine, abused and tormented but still striving to overcome her painful past and I root for her to truly let go of the rape and then find a romantic path for her future with the guy she now loves, whether its Hyung Joon or Jung Woo. But Hyung Joon is the most fascinating character for me, because he’s the only one who is not rooted in the pain inflicted on him but striving to carve out a world for himself going forward without the spectre of the past hovering over him.

If we take background, both Jung Woo and Hyung Joon have inadvertent ties to Soo Yeon’s past history. Jung Woo’s dad set dogs on Hyung Joon and maimed him, then tried to kill him. That led to Hyung Joon’s mom ordering the nurse to kidnap Jung Woo, which led to Soo Yeon getting taken along as well and then raped. Both Jung Woo’s dad and Hyung Joon’s mom are responsible for setting things in motion, and all for money. Jung Woo’s dad because he was so greedy he couldn’t stand his dead father giving money to the new wife and son he had in his latter years. Hyung Joon’s mom for choosing to do something illegal and reprehensible in ordering Jung Woo’s kidnapping to protect her own son Hyung Joon. They compound each others wrongs, even if Jung Woo’s dad stands at the very top as being the true villain of this tale. But neither parent’s actions should reflect on either Jung Woo or Hyung Joon. What both men have are their own mistakes and issues with Soo Yeon.

Jung Woo left Soo Yeon and chose to run away. It is a choice he made, I hesitate to say mistake because to stay he could not have helped her either, and one which he is suffering for. Hyung Joon told Soo Yeon the truth about the newspapers reporting that she was raped and murdered, telling her no one is looking for her and that Jung Woo abandoned her. That was all true, but he could not have known Detective Kim was in fact still looking for her. Nor could he have known of Jung Woo’s immense guilt and his looking for her. And if he did, I know he wouldn’t give a shit because he hates Jung Woo who in his mind is but an extension of his evil half-brother and because he thinks Jung Woo abandoning Soo Yeon in that warehouse was a coward’s decision. Hyung Joon asked Soo Yeon not to leave him, because he has no one now that his mom is dead. And Soo Yeon heard his pleas, and whether that jolted her back to existence because of someone wanting and needing her, we will never know. But she chose to stay. Detective Kim was collateral damage in Jung Woo’s dad’s continued attempt to track down Hyung Joon. There was no murder, which required intent, because all Hyung Joon did was put the coke can on the brakes to slow down the person he believed to be pursuing him on behalf of Jung Woo’s dad, never knowing even after the car rolled down the cliff that it was the kindly Detective Kim coming to bring Soo Yeon back. And did Soo Yeon want to go back? I actually would say no. How could a teenage rape victim living in a small town to a poor family, with her name plastered all over the newspapers, ever hope to move on and shed the ignominy of public scrutiny of being “that girl who was raped.” Her only chance for a clean slate was to leave with Hyung Joon.

What I see in Missing You is actually two parallel love stories. There is the love story of Jung Woo and Soo Yeon – who meet as teenagers and had their love cut short because of a horrific and senseless crime. There is the love story of Zoe and Harry – two people who have been each other’s sole companion for fourteen years and are everything to each other. The reason for Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon to adopt their English names is as a way to break from their past. Zoe to erase who Lee Soo Yeon was (domestically abused poor girl who was raped) and Harry to escape who is after Kang Hyung Joon (Jung Woo’s dad). But Zoe has never truly erased Soo Yeon’s feelings and memories, even as she’s formed new ones with Harry. It’s almost like she is two people, and she loves two men. I think back to how Hyung Joon survived, a 12 year old boy with a gimp leg who used his smarts to get that greedy nurse to agree to take care of two children by telling her that only he can get the money when he turns 18. Witness that Zoe doesn’t even care that Nurse Hye Mi died, whereas Harry was affected when he was her dead body. What was life like for those two during those 6 years before Harry turned 18, when they had to rely on Nurse Hye Mi? They must’ve relied on each other, she nursed his leg, he tried to heal her broken spirit. And after he became of age, he was able to take care of Zoe completely, and we see that he has done everything he can for her. She is a successful and confident fashion designer, she knows he’ll take care of all her problems. He tries to do what’s best for her, but he lets her do whatever she wants if its something different. It’s like he’s her security blanket without being a set of chains weighing her down. She can fly, but she knows he’s always there to catch her if she falls.

What I love the most about Hyung Joon is how he puts Zoe first. In the world’s most serendipitous car accident when they ran over the rapist, the first thing he did was reach out his hand to shield her as he braked. What I can see the writer doing as Harry’s downfall in terms of losing Zoe, i.e. she returns to being Soo Yeon, is that he will seek revenge against Jung Woo’s dad (and by extension likely Jung Woo) for what happened to his mother and himself. I wish Zoe and Harry could go back to France, go back to their own peaceful world of two, where all the greed and hatred of the familial conflicts are no longer pressing down on them. Coming back to Seoul really is so painful for them both, and I can see why he wishes Zoe didn’t come. I loved how he always steps up to shield her, like when he saw her so affected by Jung Woo’s presence so he said that Zoe is his fiancee. You can see how that jolted Zoe out of her emotional basket case moment and she remembered that she wanted to leave all of this behind because she’s Zoe now. Zoe doesn’t want to reunite with Jung Woo, that is her choice and Harry is merely making sure her decision remains intact.

I thought it telling that Harry passively sits there and its Zoe who walks over and puts her hand on his shoulder and announces that she only loves Harry. Personally I think it’s stupid for Zoe not to reunite with Jung Woo, since it’s bound to happen anyway and I want them to reunite fast and hash out their issues. I don’t care if the two men fight for Soo Yeon/Zoe, because I like the believe the writer will weigh a teenage potent love with a 14 year relationship. It’s impossible to deny that Harry and Zoe’s relationship is balanced in that they share equal power structure with each other, though it’s an unhealthy attachment to each other. She tells him not to leave her, he tells her not to leave him. It’s sad because we know they are happy, but it’s a happiness that is built on unresolved pain and fear. And because i know once all the issues of resolved Soo Yeon and Jung Woo obviously will be together, I just wish the writer would not write Hyung Joon as evil for the sake of padding the happy ending for the OTP. I see two abused and frightened kids who were each other’s everything for 14 years, don’t flush that down the toilet for the sake of plot. Harry and Zoe genuinely love each other, but sadly Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon might never be able to overcome the odds to be together.

I have this sinking sensation that the writer won’t bother with developing Hyung Joon’s character because ultimately this story was premised on the OTP separated and missing each other. I do feel though that Soo Yeon doesn’t appear to miss Jung Woo. He’s still in her heart and affects her, but she’s living her life fully with Hyung Joon. When she had the run-in with Jung Woo in the living room, which turned into an OT3 stare down of sorts, afterwards she was just bopping along just fine. When we saw her driving with Hyung Joon, before mowing down the rapist, they were completely normal as if nothing happened. I think the writer either has to acknowledge that Soo Yeon has resolved feelings with Jung Woo but at the same time Zoe is currently in love with Harry, or else I’m not going to buy any reconciliation between Jung Woo and Soo Yeon that doesn’t feel like Harry was thrown under a bus. It’s with dramas like Missing You where I keenly feel the need for a better writer at the helm, with so much potential in the set up (first loves torn asunder by brutal crime) but so far is botched in the execution. Here’s to hoping Zoe ends things properly with Harry before returning to Jung Woo, because Harry has loved her for 14 years unconditionally and honestly has been a super duper great and supportive best friend/boyfriend. He has the potential to be a totally cold metaphorical assassin type character who plans in detail to take town his foe (namely Jung Woo’s father), but I love the way he loves Zoe/Soo Yeon with every fiber of his being on the line.


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  1. Thanks Mrs Koala, very good her thoughts of the couple Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho. I love the love triangle of Missing You, and somehow brings me internal conflict.

  2. Yes, Soo Yeon might get back together with Jung Woo. But i think it might be for a short time only. Remember the scene where Jung Woo laid down on the warehouse floor with blood running down his temple (perhaps from a gunshot)? So there could b possibility of Zoe ending up toghether with Harry… Who knows…

    Whatever it is, i’m looking forward to watching all MY episodes…

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Miss Ockoala…but what made you come to the conclusion that Soo Yeon is the rapist’s killer? because they showed her wearing leather gloves in the car? I still have my doubts about that…and to be honest, I’ll feel uncomfortable knowing that she did that…There’s no doubt that she has the motive. But, As you yourself said in your piece, planning a murder requires intent…although I know what she went through, and I understand her need to confront and resolve her past in order to move on in her life, I don’t want her to be that cold blooded to the point of planning a murder…because that means that she will have to pay for it, by probably going to jail…and how is that a retribution for what that slimy individual did to her?
    Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that bastard dead! (I was pulling my hair with rage when Jung Woo let himself beaten by that asshole) but not by Soo Yeon’s hands…and certainly not by premeditation… So drama please…don’t add murderer to her already pretty angsty baggage: raped, abandoned, emotionally crippled.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Miss Koala…but what made you come to the conclusion that Soo Yeon is the rapist’s killer? because they showed her wearing leather gloves in the car? I still have my doubts about that…and to be honest, I’ll feel uncomfortable knowing that she did that…There’s no doubt that she has the motive. But, As you yourself said in your piece, planning a murder requires intent…although I know what she went through, and I understand her need to confront and resolve her past in order to move on in her life, I don’t want her to be that cold blooded to the point of planning a murder…because that means that she will have to pay for it, by probably going to jail…and how is that a retribution for what that slimy individual did to her?
      Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that bastard dead! (I was pulling my hair with rage when Jung Woo let himself beaten by that asshole) but not by Soo Yeon’s hands…and certainly not by premeditation… So drama please…don’t add murderer to her already pretty angsty baggage: raped, abandoned, emotionally crippled.

    • I don’t think Zoe killed the rapist. I don’t think any of the 3 leads killed the rapist. I was referring to them running the rapist over with their car earlier.

      • My money’s on JW’s jerk of a father to shut him up since he would be a witness to what happened all those years ago.

    • In writing that’s called a red herring. The author leads you in one direction with subtle hints, only to develop another more plausible story line. It could be her, yet it could be many people. It’s a guessing game which when resolved the solution was obvious had we not gone down the wrong road of thought. I am suspecting her because of the call and why would she be out of the house when she was so scared, but kdramaand is never that simple and I’m a simpleton.

  4. Yoo Seung Ho as Hyung Joon/Harry can melt the friggin North Pole , freeze it over again, And then melt it all over again! Incoherent. Babbling.OMG Yoo! Seung! Ho! Please writer-nim give this character breathing room to stretch his wings!

  5. God, your thoughts are totally in line with mine. Harry and Zoe are my OTP. I hope after Zoe resolves her past she chooses Harry, because their love for each other is undeniable, on both sides, she showed it when she waved her fingers about his face to make him forget and when she came to korea even though she was so frightened “only thinking about [him]”, and his love for is plain obvious.
    As for Jung Woo, i think both him and Zoe just need to have closure, because personally I can’t see their relationship working (but the writers could also kill him off for the sake of their relationship being the end game). Because even after everything is said and done, he saw her get raped, and he’ll always be connected to those horrible memories she wants to forget. I don’t know, but wouldnt a girl in that situation always be a little uncomfortable or self-conscious, knowing that he has seen what she wanted noone to ever see.
    Im thinking to hard. It’s 1.47am right now. Im gonna sleep off my thoughts.

  6. Hello . please can someone tell me whats the name of the 2ND shoe in PLAYFUL KISS EPISODE 11
    when oh ni gave to the boy . it is black and brown . WISH TO GET THE NAME OF IT . THANKS

  7. same thought here.. I couldn’t help to think that soo yeon is killer of the rapist.. Although I dont want to come up with such conclusion, but there is a high chance she did that.

  8. I hope too that the writer won’t make Harry’s character so bad that Zoe have no choice but to leave him. So far I think the writer will go that way cuz its easier than to improve Harry’s character. I don’t mind the main otp to be together as long as the writer won’t throw Harry under the bus. After all Zoe survived because of Harry. So please Ms. Writer don’t make Harry turn bad….

  9. I totally agree with everything you said. And I’m glad you posted this. HJ really is a complex character. I think the problem with the Harry/Zoe relationshop is that it seems too platonic. SY might have been 15 but HJ was just 11 when they started living together. How can they see each as anything more than siblings? Yes, HJ flirts with her, but will he ever make the move to take thier relationship to the next level? I’m not sure. They are 25 and 29 and unmarried – and yet they can share the same bed like its nothing special.

    If this were real life, JW would have been a welcome intrusion to their life. He would shaken things up and forced HJ to change the parameters of his relationship with SY. But HJ and SY would have ended up together. But alas, this is a drama and I think the writer is going for the kdrama cliche of First-love-trumps-14-year-relationship.

  10. we haven’t seen the interaction between adult jung woo and seo yoen yet. and of course many people including me, ship for zoe and harry who come out first. but I think it would be unfair if seo yoen end up with jung woo after spending 14 years with harry. he healed her wound, support her and protect her. if there’s no hyun joon she might end up suicide but because of him she can survive. so my be its too early for judging who will be end up with seo yoen, but i hope it is hyun joon. he deserve to get her than jung woo.

  11. Isn’t Yuchun the male lead in this drama? I am confused. I haven’t stared watching this drama yet. Cos I only see YSH and YEH whenever I see IMY post in this blog.

    • You are correct.

      AKP is officially IMY Second Lead Loving Central.
      YEH/YSH are our OTP and we will go down fighting for them to be together, despite the fact the show would have to reverse the trend of 98% of dramas out there for that to happen.
      Heck, 98% of love stories out there from any country don’t end with 1FL and 2ML.

      But as reality has no power over us, we will continue to dream.

    • This is my blog so I post my thoughts on whatever drama I’m watching. I don’t advertise or promote dramas hence there is no need to give all the actors equal presentation. Plus there are a billion forums dedicated to Yoochun so I’m sure he’s getting plenty of exposure and recognition for this role. I just want to talk about Yoo Seung Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye’s characters because that is what interests me.

  12. actualy we haven’t seen the interaction between adult jung woo and seo yoen yet. and of course many people including me, ship for zoe and harry who come out first. but I think it would be unfair if seo yoen end up with jung woo after spending 14 years with harry. he healed her wound, support her and protect her. if there’s no hyun joon she might end up suicide but because of him she can survive. so my be its too early for judging who will be end up with seo yoen, but i hope it is hyun joon. he deserve to get her

    • I don’t think Harry helped heal her wound, if anything, he helped her cover it up. If it was healed, she wouldn’t have been so scared to return to Korea or to see Jung Woo again.
      Hyun Joon probably has no knowledge of the rape, so there’s no way he could help her heal if she doesn’t reveal that to him. In that instance, Jung Woo might be the only person who can help her since he witnessed it.
      As much as I love Harry and Zoe’s interactions with each other, their whole relationship is based on pain that they’ve covered up. Being together would probably ensure that those wounds would never heal so they will always be haunted.

      I think that might be the biggest difference between SY’s relationship with HJ and her relationship with JW. Even when they were 15, JW has seen the worst of her life and accepted her unconditionally. On the other hand, HJ has only ever seen snippets of her life, he knows nothing of her upbringing, her abuse, or her rape. When contrasted in those terms, she might be better off with JW (though that’s probably not healthy either).

  13. I honestly don’t get why JW should get back together and be the OTP. They barely had a romance and then the rape incident tore them apart. I don’t see how they can re-unite after something that tragic happens. This is the same thing that destroys marriages (which have a stronger base) in real life!
    I also don’t think Zoe and Harry should stay together. They have this interdependent relationship which isn’t healthy. They both need to find themselves and become independent so that they can go deeper in their relationship if they want to.

    If the writer turns him evil it will be a cop-out. She shouldn’t sacrifice him for the OTP who realistically speaking, shouldn’t get together again.

    • I also don’t see why Soo Yeon and Jung Woo need to get back together, but clearly that is the purpose of this drama and who am I to undermine it by denying that the writer will do everything to get them there.

      I also agree – Zoe needs to return to being Soo Yeon and then leave both guys. After some time she can go back and find the one she loves. Which would be Hyung Joon if I were the writer.

      • Exactly!!!! Let her go away for a little while, get therapy, and come back to…………………………..
        Hyung Joon!!

        Just because PYC is the lead and an idol, doesn’t guarantee he gets the girl. He just needs to yearn deeply for the girl in order to get more CF offers. I learned this from King of Dramas.
        (Although I don’t think our idol is actually hurting for exposure.)

  14. That’s actually what got me the most. How genuinely happy Harry and Zoe are together. I love how she grew so badass and successful. And I love how she expresses her love for Harry. She hugs, she jokes around, she tells him how she feels (in other dramas people usually just pine quietly). It’s real. You can feel it just looking at them. Seriously I’m having chest pains just thinking of the inevitable breakup.

  15. Wow, you sure made things beautiful writing it like that but I disagre…

    Imo, HJ is very manipulative and is controlling Zoe, is not that he is always there for her, is that he made her always NEED him in her life.
    She is so dependable of HJ, and he made her like that. this relationship isn’t the same. HJ has more power over Zoe than she has over him.

    I see also she doing as he wishes, not wanting her to upset him.

    Also in the house, he knows who JW is, but seemed to have fun seeing JW suffer while seeing Zoe and talking to her, and he also know how zoe suffers to see JW, however, he still enjoys the situation….

    how is this thinking in the best for Zoe?

    all I see is HJ wanting zoe to himself……..

    • Where did you see that? Not on screen, not yet at least. So far, I do see their attachment to each other. But otherwise, lovers trying to please each other is nothing unusual. They still do their own thing most of the time and their conflicts are resolved sweetly. If anything Harry has been very respectful of Zoe – how else could he have earned her absolute trust?

      He’s a second lead after all, so the writer may make him out to be allll evil later, and if that’s reasonable or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

    • I have to disagree, Lizzie. I think you are wanting to see Hyung Joon a certain way.

      1. I have not seen him manipulate or control Zoe. When he was a kid he begged Zoe to say. She could have said no. She could have left. He told her the public believes she was raped and then murdered, which is a fact as reported in the newspapers. What should he have done? Disregard the newspaper reports and tell her Jung Woo and her mom think she’s alive and Detective Han is looking for her? What possible factual basis could prompt Hyung Joon to say something he doesn’t know to Soo Yeon? He could have chosen NOT to say Jung Woo abandoned her and isn’t looking for her, but in his mind that is also a fact. He did not see Jung Woo looking for her.

      2. He didn’t make Zoe the way she is. Her trauma made her the way she is.

      3. Why would you say she has more power? They need each other equally, neither has anyone else. Recall that it was Harry asking Zoe not to leave him because he can’t chase after her.

      4. Zoe does whatever she wants. She came to Seoul. He was mildly angry and the sweetly aegyo’d it away. Then she sassed him back. Their interaction in that scene was just like 99% of couples when one does something the other doesn’t really like. It’s not called a power imbalance or control, it’s called having a different opinion. But when Zoe showed up, he was fine with it. Also, when he missed her fashion show, she ran to find him but then said she was planning to get angry but seeing him asleep she didn’t. They are like a normal couple, each wanting what is best for the other but not afraid of expressing their own opinions.

      5. Of course Hyung Joon knows who Jung Woo is, and why shouldn’t he have fun seeing Jung Woo suffer. Jung Woo is the son of the man who tried to kill Hyung Joon (and did kill Hyung Joon’s mother), and he is also Hyung Joon’s rival in love. If Hyung Joon laid down the red carpet for him that would have knocked me off my feet. I’m surprised Hyung Joon didn’t punch Jung Woo out. In a deleted scene from ep 6, after Jung Woo leaves the house, his partner sunbae wonders what got into Jung Woo to behave so poorly back there. The partner says that if he were Hyung Joon and Jung Woo behaved like that with his fiancee, he would have punched Jung Woo right then and there, and it was only because Harry was a gentlemen that he was so polite.

      7. As far as Harry knows, Zoe is still affected by Jung Woo but he doesn’t know the extent of her feelings for him. Remember – all he knows is that Jung Woo abandoned Soo Yeon in that warehouse after seeing her raped. In Harry’s mind, the most logical conclusion would be to make Jung Woo leave because his presence is making Zoe uncomfortable because of his connection with her past. He does not know that Zoe still loves him in that way. Or does she? I don’t know if Zoe knows. All I see is that Zoe and Harry are living a happy life together right now.

      • Yup. Well said. 100% agree. If anyone, it was JW who was the interloper. Look, if my middle school ‘first love’ comes on to me now when I’m happy with someone else 14 years later, in front of my fiance, I would find him really really weird and inappropriate. I do agree that JW and SY have things to resolve between each other, but saying that she owes him something and that they have to continue the disrupted childhood romance that just barely started is kind of a stretch.

      • Totally agree with you ockoala… i will personally feel terrible if the story just shift Zoe’s feelings to Jung Wu and totally ignore the 14 long years of ‘mental therapy’ Hyung Joon (Harry) has given her.. it would be very unfair for Harry if his character will be turned in to a total evil (revengeful or something) after all his childhood has been very dark and traumatic itself (not to forget that he has no fault or control over it at all) unlike Jung Wu (even though he still care for Zoe, still we must not forget that he abandoned her!) So i hope the writers will never-ever make Harry a ‘monster’ in this drama… it will be very unfair for Harry’s character.

  16. I didn’t realize you were recapping and following I Miss You until someone told me yesterday. I am really loving this show and was sad when Dramabeans decided to stop recapping, so I’m really excited that you are!! I look forward to reading your insights!!

    I totally agree that they should look at the fact that Harry has been an integral part of Zoey’s recovery and without him she may still be a horrible dysfunctional mess of a person rather than successful and happy. But as most synopsis I read before the show aired described Harry as “cold and calculating,” I fear you are right about the fact that they are just going to paint him as the villainous second lead.

  17. Actually, we are only EP 6 into the drama, the adults are barely into the story.
    While I can see the chemistry between YSH and YEH, I can also see the sparks between PYC and YEH in the few moments when they stare at each other teary eyed. The last scene in Ep 6 had me in tears.

    I’m on the fence on both sets of OTP, leaning more towards PYC and YEH, because I cannot shake the feeling that the love between HJ and SY is destructive in the sense that it is wrapped up in denial, fear and need. That is not to say the love between JW and SY is pure, what’s with their horrible past. Heck, I can’t even tell whether SY if still in love with JW like the way it was in the past.

    But somehow, I sense more hope in the relationship between JW and SY because the only way to move on in life is to be able to confront your past and learn to let go. I don’t see HJ and SY doing this, because it is clear that rather than helping SY and himself move on, they just want to pretend that they are someone else altogether.

    • I honestly don’t see how SY and JW can move past it and let go. If they get together it will still be the big elephant in the room.

    • Well said…I certainly wish for PYC and YEH…We haven’t yet seen their relationship as adults, yet most people here have already written them off because of their bias for YSH (understandably so…the guy is gorgeous). I love him too by the way.
      But YSH’s character here is not a nice guy, and there are already plenty of indications of that, even as a kid. Ms Koala chooses to excuse him for using the can to stop detective Kim for pursuing them. But I certainly don’t… He was already calculating enough at that age to know that this action could kill him. Why? because when the car went over the cliff, he saw it and he just laid his head on Soo Yeon’s shoulder as if nothing happened. Any normal human being would be horrified by the consequences of their actions, but HJ was not.
      Also, the way he’s pretending not to know who JW is while watching the emotional encounters between Zoey and JW with coldness is calculating to me. On the other hand, when he broke down in front of the nurse’s dead body, JW was the one comforting him. So the writer is already telling us that HJ is not such a nice guy, despite his extreme protectiveness towards Zoey. And I don’t thing she’s going to throw him under the bus later to justify for JW and SY’s reunion. The writer has laid it all out there, and people are just choosing not to see it.
      I think the writer is doing a good job so far because she/he is essentially telling us that in HJ/Harry’s case, what you see is not what you get. And I’m sure that even Zoey knows something about that, but I’m not going to go there for now.
      As for Zoey,s relationship with JW, she is obviously not over him. I sense fear, anger and resentment.
      Fear because she’s still has feelings for him (she felt the need to go touch Harry’s shoulder in the living room scene as if to be shielded from him) and because his presence means that she has to confront her painful past.
      Anger and resentment because he abandoned her at a crucial moment of her life. One only get these kinds of feelings when you still care for someone strongly, otherwise you just feel indifference towards them.
      Her relationship with Harry is too perfect, but it’s a false sense of perfection and harmony and I bet you it won’t to be too long before we start seeing cracks in that “paradise”.
      I like JW because he’s real. He’s raw and wild. He’s made mistakes, but he’s not running away from them. He’s paying for them, and he’s learning from them. He gets drunk and cries. He’s living with Soo Yeon’s family because he understands that he did wrong by leaving Soo Yeon at the crime scene. And thank God that her mother has forgiven him.
      I wouldn’t call what Harry and Zoey have love. It’s more like they are hiding into each other, each for its own reason.
      Overall, I’m crazy about this drama.. and thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts.

  18. I don’t disagree that Zoe and Harry love each other, but I don’t think it’s romantic, at least not on Zoe’s end.

    And to my mind, that’s part of the reason she’s with him: he’s safe, because she doesn’t feel romantically or physically attracted to him. And after all she’s been through, that makes perfect sense to me.

    (JMO. :))

    • I have to agree. I think Zoe and Harry LOVE each other, but I don’t think Zoe is “in love” with Harry. I think they skipped right over that, LOL. I think Harry is “in love” with Zoe since they met as kids. Same way Jung Woo is in love with teenage Soo Yeon. At this point, Jung Woo isn’t in love with Soo Yeon either, he’s fixated on the memory of her. He needs to re-fall in love with adult Zoe for that relationship to even have a shot of being realistic.

    • On episode 5, it’s clearly that Harry said sarang (love), but Zoe said choa (like). After slapping incident, Harry said that “Of course, the girl I love isn’t going to slap someone.” And Zoe replied, “I don’t care. Because the guy I like is going
      to send a very expenseive lawyer.”

      So I think Harry knew that Zoe doesn’t love him.

  19. Thank you Koala unni for you insights. In my opinion, there is are unresolve issues between JW/SY. I understand that Zoe/Harry is perfect for each other and love the way they are with each other. But, I think that is not really a great relationship as it is he make her happy and she make him happy. He is there for her when JW is not which in my mind that I think he just needs her as to be happy. It is not really healthy. Zoe is there for Harry due to that she want to get away from her past. But for me, it is not love… Where is the delete scene on episode 6?

    • What is love, then? I think love has many forms and is told in many stories. I doubt every of us in real life has a first love romance at 15 that will stay with us forever and ever… At some point in a relationship, love == trust, and the initial butterfly and passionate romance take a back step. And look, I still feel butterflies the way Harry and Zoe flirt with each other, look at each other…

  20. Great post on story so far. I really hope the story ends on a happy note but I am getting Tess of the D’Ubervilles vibes from the story just from ep 6 and looking back at trailer.

  21. Ummm… if you think about how the drama plots usually go, Zoe is probably going to find out that it was Harry’s mother who was behind the kidnapping and thus resulting in Zoe being raped. That will make her waver I guess? I mean, why else would she choose JungWoo after being with Harry for 14 years? And yes, I do agree that SY seems to be fine without JungWoo. Doesn’t even miss him or think about him. Had they not gone to Seoul, she could’ve lived happily ever after with HJ.

    • Good point about Harry’s mom. It is important in a K-drama to introduce the previous generation’s sins into a relationship.
      My brain always rejects this interference as it really has no bearing whatsoever on how the pair feels for each other.

      Actually, this dovetails beautifully into SY’s own history. Is she responsible for the (later proved false) murders her father (didn’t) commit. How responsible will she hold HJ?

      What bothers me is when these sins become something of a time filler/killer as either the OTP or the 1L/2L eventually realizes this, too. All are forgiven as we enter the final episodes.

      • On the other hand though, JW’s dad is equally at fault here. He made HJ disabled, threatened HJ’s mom before she turned it around trying to get back at him. I mean, the adults are all at fault, we know that. The rape incident was completely and utterly unexpected though.

  22. I followed your thinking very closely up there. I like how you laid it all out.
    If I pull up even higher and look at the run of the series, and how they will handle the loves: JW/SY or SY/HJ?
    If I were the writer, I would totally leave it open all the way to the end.

    Personally, I agree with everyone who feels that all JW has to offer SY is pain, pain and more pain. I don’t give a flying fark how much he misses and loves her.
    Trauma like that doesn’t eventually pull people closer.
    Let’s draw a parallel to a couple who bears and loses a child to disease. Horrible horrible I can’t even begin to imagine the anger, helplessness, etc they would feel. It is nobody’s fault, but the unthinkable happened. Couples who experience this often times cannot bear to be with the other because of the memories, so they break up.
    It is not always 50/50 as to who wants to leave more, but usually both agree so as not to continue to hurt each other just by being alive.
    Why would JW want to be that daily reminder? I never understood it, and I don’t think I will ever. He needs to get the heck out of her life, so she can achieve some sort of peace.

    I want to also point out that in CYHMH, the writer did manage to present a 2ML who was just as deserving of the 1FL. He was dark, but never fully evil. We saw why he was the way he was, and many of us second lead shipped even though we really liked Cha Dong Joo.
    This gives me hope that we will see growth with the HJ character, too.

    I know netizens can affect how a drama unfolds. I would love it if YESH! can pull a PSH, but PYC fans are prolly a lot more influential at this point, so I am only hoping.

    • I don’t understand why anyone who ships Soo Yeon with Jung Woo appears to want to paint Hyung Joon evil, and take every little thing he does and add a nefarious or selfish intent to it. It’s so much more heartwrenching to see that there are three injured kids turned tormented adults trying to work through a complicated love triangle with intertwined histories.

      I don’t blame Jung Woo for leaving Soo Yeon, but that is a burden he has to bear and to repair his relationship with Soo Yeon is something he needs to do by himself. No one will, and should, give him a hand. Hell, if I were people around Soo Yeon, I’d erect a wall to keep him out. I don’t care how sad he is and how much he loves her (which I find impossible to accept, he has loved his memory of SY for the last 14 years), he is irrevocably tied to the worst thing to ever happen to her. And he saw it. Even had they been saved right then and Jung Woo never left her, life tells us the chances are these two will never make it work. How much harder will Soo Yeon have to work to get over the rape when Jung Woo is around. I agree that couples who experience shared trauma rarely stay together.

      A work colleague of mine – he and his wife of 20 years went to a certain country in Europe on vacation and they were attacked and robbed and she was gang raped. The recovery was grueling and in the end, they divorced because it was too painful for them both. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, but the pain was too much. Yes, theoretically us third party bystanders root for them to be together, but I root more for each to find happiness and peace in the long run. And if they can find it apart more than together, then I support that.

      I’m sure the writer won’t switch up the OTPs. I just want some good writing to validate what I see as a much more viable alterna-ship than the main couple tenuously tied by a short teenage romance and a horrific kidnapping and rape.

      • It’s not that I’m WANTING to paint Harry as evil – it’s just the way I see some of his actions. I also understand your point of view completely and agree with a lot of what you said. We just see a few scenes differently or with different thoughts/feelings.
        There is also the fact that YSH said he choose this role because he wished to play an “evil character” so that bolsters the idea that Harry is going to turn evil. Thanks for trying so hard to understand the writing/plot/story of this drama since I’m aware you’re not a huge fan of the writing! Kudos for your patience! This article is brilliant and made me think a lot about why I feel the way I do about the characters. So thank you!

      • i have to say i wouldnt want to be with someone who saw me being raped. hypothetical speaking. because yes, it would just remind me all the time of the incident 🙁

        so im following this story because i love the second lead OTP and wanting to know how the main OTP falls in love again with each other.

        thanks for the thoughts Captain! (how sad about your friend) 🙁

  23. The flash forward scene seems to suggest that both SY and JW will die, leaving a crying HJ? Even though the scene is unclear, it is possible that the writer will kill off SY and JW if she can’t bring them together…

  24. Totally agree with all that you said,however I really thought they were engaged..I mean they are totally comfortable with one another in the bf/gf way but I mean they slept together on the same bed…and yes all they did was sleep,but,that I think is a little more intimate than your regular relationship..or am I just being a prude?

    I think both Jung Woo and Soo Yeon are stuck in the past,they are putting both their teenage memories on pedestal..They totally would have to get to know one another again as their current selves..though I’m totally irritated by how in dramas couples that get back together after losing one another can get along just fine…like they are totally ok that the other person is not who they held in their mind all these years..

    And Hyung Joon,poor Hyung Joon…His biggest fault is being too in love with Soo Yeon…if being too in love can is a fault.

  25. Confession: I skipped through your words and focused on the photos!!!! Whoaaaa..those stares can melt the polar ice caps and then some. I want to marathon their parts later when the drama is over. In the meantime, I’m totally enjoying the YSH-YEH lovefest in the playground. Thanks! 🙂

  26. i just hope the writer won’t kill HJ’s characther to get the OTP as like as MQ’s writer did to CH.
    i agree 100% with you. although i didn’t watch epi 1-4, i just read the recap. i can understand the plot and all of HJ’s actions towards JW and SY. he didn’t mean to kill det. Kim. he told SY that JW abandoned her, it’s true too, if we look at HJ’s perspective. so, i’ll just sink with HJ-SY ship. if writer want to make JW and SY together at the end, i hope she did it in beautiful and logical way.

    • btw, will you recap this drama? the story is getting better.. and it looks like that SY will do revenge to JW because HJ convince her. (based on preview)

      • Huh? The preview looks like HJ was upset if SY was going to torment JW. I don’t think she said she would do it literally, but the fact that she met with JW, to HJ, is the same as her tormenting JW and HJ doesn’t like that. He probably just wants her happy, away from all the pain he has seen her going through. Really, JW needs to just apologize to SY and move on!

  27. I loved your explanations! That was exactly how I felt when I saw Zoe stand up and put her arms around Harry when they were talking to Jung Woo. I think the scene right after that where Jung Woo dropped his button into the glass of water and said the chant was also telling of the type of relationship Zoe and Harry had. The minute she turned around to face Jung Woo, she put her hand on Harry’s shoulder as if to anchor herself to the world she lives in now. He’s become her emotional and physical support. I kind of wished the kid version was extended a bit to let us see into Zoe and Harry’s lives when they were growing up together so we could get inklings to how their inseparable bond was formed.
    It’s understandable why Zoe would be unwilling to return to Jung Woo’s side; especially now that Jung Woo is the only one in the dark about who they are. When she looks at him, she sees the boy who abandoned her in the warehouse and who (in her mind) didn’t look for her afterwards. That’s enough to make her resent him since she cared for him so much before.

    • I beg to differ tho’.. I actually didnt feel ZOe’s putting her hand on Harry’s shoulder as an act to anchor herself to Harry ie the world she lives now. Rather i see it more as her way of reassuring Harry that he’s the man she choose to be with.

      • I don’t think she needed to reassure him though. Even he was surprised that she put her hand on his shoulder when she turned around. They both knew that she could’ve returned to Jung Woo anytime she wanted in the 14 years that they were together.
        She didn’t return because what she had with Jung Woo consisted of mainly horrific memories that she wanted to erase.

  28. I’m glad you are recapping I miss you which is my current obsession… and i completely respect your point of view but i have to disagree with certain things..

    I think that Harry/Zoe relationship is an unhealthy one, i mean, i don’t think Harry is pure evil, cause he is not, he cares deeply for Zoe but i can’t help but feel that he is kind of manipulating her, even when he was a kid, yes he stated a fact and told her that everyone thought she was dead, but telling her that he didn’t want to be alone, that his mom left him and all, he begged her to stay and yes she decided to stay for him, to be that only friend that JW was for her, but that doesn’t change the fact that Harry knew what he had to say for her to stay.

    Harry killed Detective Kim? Well he didn’t kill him directly but he had a major MAJOR role in his death, like come on, an 11 years old kid knows what happens when a car doesn’t have breaks! He purposely put the coke on the breaks and that is what caused the death of Detective Kim.. this scene i can’t see it in other way, that was what happened, and he purposely put his head on Soo Yeon’s shoulder so she wouldn’t look back and see Detective Kim’s car! and he didn’t showed any emotion when he saw that, he was calculating as a kid and he is still calculating, of course, the circumstances made him that way, with the whole family problem, but that does not excuse him for what he has done.

    I love seeing Harry/Zoe together they have chemistry but i don’t see it as love, i think it’s more a sense of protection and safety. Harry LOVES Zoe but Zoe doesn’t LOVE Harry, she thinks she does, but i think it’s more the sense of familiarity and safety, of course this is only how i see it. In the scene where Harry says she is his fiancee, she flinched, and i don’t think it was in a good way, she was kind of surprised that he called her that in front of JW!

    Now, why do i think SooYeon does not love Harry?.. I mean, she likes him, but i don’t think it is love! (Personal opinion) , i think she loves JW, even after he abandoned her, she still loves him, why do i think that? , well she keeps doing the “bad memories” thing JW taught her, if she hated him why would she keep doing that? why would she do anything that reminded her of him? and she recites the multiplication tables like JW did!. I know that this doesn’t show completely that she LOVES JW but talking from experience, adapting it to the real life, would you do things, certain things u did with your ex with your new bf? like particular things like these ones!? No i wouldn’t.. so that’s why i came to the conclusion that SooYeon thinks she loves Harry but in reality she likes him more like family, like a brother!

    The chemistry between JW and SooYeon is how can i say it? Mmm.. it’s like electric? I don’t know.. it’s there and i feel it more than SooYeon/Harry chemistry, which i see as cute chemistry.. especially at the scene at the rain, when JW ran after her, the way they looked at each other, i felt it, and i think everyone felt it.

    Like i said at the beginning, i completely respect your opinion, and i actually agree with u in certain things, but i disagree in the ones i mentioned above ^^

    Thanks for recapping “I miss you”, continue the hard work..

    • He thought the Detective worked for his step-brother who was after him and had killed his mum. It wasn’t on purpose and can be said as self-defense.

      SY may love(?) JW but he will forever remind her of her rape and the fact he left her behind. It’s not easy to get over that.

  29. We can’t predict what will happen at the end of the story at this point. However, we do know Zoe and Harry have been together for 14 years. To me, that is Love. Therefore, we shall vote for the happy ending for them. I don’t care whether Harry will turn evil or not, but his love towards Zoe will never change.

  30. Great writing Koala! Fantastic! I love Hyung Joon for what he does for Zoe. They made a pact to forget their horrid past and they are depend on each other so much.. They know each other’s secrets. They are best friends.
    I was surprised that Zoe flinched when Harry said she was his fiance. Quite strange. Made me wonder whether their relationship was as romantic as it is made up to be. Zoe really depends on Harry and Harry happily steps up to the plate for her. Sometimes I wonder whether Zoe takes Harry for granted.
    I love the chemistry between Eun Hye and Seung Ho.
    Keep it up Koala! : ) Thank you for such an insightful article : )

  31. Thanks for this post Koala, love reading it.

    I admit that my feeling and judgement could be bias as the moment YSH appeared on screen he stole my heart and attention :P. But I do understand JW’s feeling and pain and I want happiness for him as well as for all our good characters.

    However, my hope is for SY once she reunites with JW and gets over her painful past, to miss the person who was there for her during the lowest point in her life, and choose him. JW still has a warm family and friends who cares about him, while our poor HJ has no one except for SY and he even has people still searching to kill him.

    But, even if HJ turns so evil and not get SY in the end, YSH has his wish come true to play a bad guy, so that is a good thing for him. Plus, I think he could really end up like Won Bin in Autumn In My Heart, unexpectedly stealing the heart and love and become memorable that way.

    I wish his character will not just be a prop in the love story of SY and JW though or a plain villain, because YSH has shown multi layered acting performance thus far as HJ and like you said his character is fascinating. I also hope SY will recognize and appreciate his love and devotion he has provided her through the 14 years they lived together, she could be dead or living a life trying to commit suicide if not because of him.

  32. I don’t think Zoe and JW together would be good. They would never be happy because both would remember the rape… and even if they do love each other, being together isn’t good.

    However, being together with HJ isn’t good either. She really needs to have real friends and all. I mean, she just has Harry’s number on her Cellphone !

    This is a sick relationship. Sorry. And HJ also doesn’t help… both should get treatment.

    I wonder when Zoe starts to show HJ isn’t the only one on her life, I wonder how he’ll feel, since for him she is the only one (he doesn’t have anyone at all…) he’ll feel betrayed I bet and his selfish side will show.

    So far he has been calm about it because he had no real threats… but lets see with JW back……

    • About her having only Harry’s number on her phone, I think that’s really illogical of the writing so I want to ignore it. As a successful career woman like Zoe, she must at least have the numbers of her co-workers.

  33. Out of all respect, I feel like your biasness is affecting your decision. As in, because you like Yoo Seung Ho.

    Because to be honest..he really isn’t the one for Zoe. Not saying Jung Woo is but I am more so convinced for Harry. It feels like he has her on a leash. And he’s manipulating her subconsciously.
    I am more than convinced that his character will turn dark..he already is showing signs of some kind of evilness.

    It’s probably just my interpertation..but based on how he acted I was actually ready to believe that it was him who killed the nurse just so that Jung Woo and Zoe could meet and he could torture them.
    In the preview he did ask Zoe if she wants to torture Jung Woo. He did observe them secretly on that camera in the car.
    And seriously the way he smirked where they were all in the living room just showed further his intentions are not pure at all.

    I never saw what you said you see..Because I actually think Zoe never saw him romantically..I feel as if he’s a brother, father, friend to her before everything else.
    She’s very dependant on him..when he dissapered from the fashion show she went looking for him straight away, at the airport she was scared because she was alone..
    Considering her past, I think the reason she is clinging onto him is to have some kind of security. Besides, she didn’t even have any other option.
    He had the money, and an adult with them..she had nothing..oh well, she did have him say that Jung Woo abandoned her and that everyone thinks she’s dead.. Which spreaks pretty loud words for me.
    She didn’t have a choice. If she did..I highly doubt they would end up together.

    • My two cents: I don’t think any of the YSH fans and the YSH/YEH shippers believe that HJ won’t turn evil. He is meant to be the bad guy. We expect him to go evil – infact I am looking forward to see how dark he turns.

      I think the writers want the viewers to believe that YSH killed his aunt (with the detective saying that the light was on in his room). But if it were a good writer, I don’t think that he actually would have. Not that it means that harry is a purehearted guy – its quite possible that everything is a plan of his.

      Whether harry is the best guy for zoe – well, that’s what personal opinions are for. I personally ship them. I know that Zoe is dependent on harry, that thier relationship is unhealthy and that harry is meant to be the bad guy but they are happy in that little bubble of thiers.

      and just to clarify my thoughts on HJ/Harry

      1) HJ didn’t know the guy following them was searching for SY. He just hung up the phone with his step brother who said men are after him – and the train gave away thier position. THe next thing he knows, a man is snooping around. THe detective didn’t call out SY’s name. How would HJ know who he was?
      2) Zoe might not be in love with harry. But they are in most senses a couple. – witness: the photographs of them together, the fact that they touch each other so often, and Zoe is coy around him. They way she acts around him is not how a sister would with her brother. It’s to harry’s credit that he doesn’t expect more from her and is understanding of her past trauma.
      3) 14 years ago, SY was older than him. She could have chosen to go back to her family – which she didn’t. Her relationship with her mother was not the best – remember, her mother tried to sneak away when her father was beating her. And she had only just met the detective and family.
      4) Yes, SY is dependent on him. But he’s not manipulating her subconsiously. He asked her to go back to france (wanting to spare her the pain of having to deal with the death of thier aunt) – she didn’t. He got angry – like any normal guy would and in a few minutes they made up. Boy, that’s just amazing.
      5) When they were kids, he didn’t actually have money. What he had was the promise of money. He would have been 18 when he got the money and she 22. 22 is old enough to figure out whether who you want to be with. Living as a 22 year old in france, she had a choice to leave him – she didn’t.
      6) so Harry smirked in the living room – who wouldn’t? JW is the son of the man who killed his mother and maimed him. I think YSh was absolutely amazing in that scene.

      • i couldn’t agree more! ^o^b
        a little hyungjoon who really desperated about secure condition,,will not trust anybody (except sooyeon, who helped him before)..
        an what type of love that harry-zoe have??i really dont care,,whether it’s a dependence,family,security,or blablabla…
        but they’rea really happy,,understand n protect each other,,comforting n (flirting) each other very2 well..

        well,,the point is,,just wanna be these 3 maincasts will found their happiness in the end,,im still praying.. ^^

      • Well said. I also think that assuming HJ was ‘manipulating’ SY to go with him 14 years ago was a bit of a stretch. HJ barely knew SY, and had no reason to think that they would get along in the future. Some people make it out like HJ planned a kidnap of some sort. He was totally a bystander, seeing SY as a victim just as himself, and thought that they should both just leave. SY didn’t go home, neither of them saw JW searching for SY. HY just stated the fact as he saw it. I’m pretty sure he never thought that help could be on the way for both SY and himself. He needed to protect himself, and wanted to extend that to protect SY as well, from his perspective.

        And when they lived together in France, I’m pretty sure they developed real feelings to each other, starting from their attachment or something else, I don’t know. But, they both grew up fine, and had chances to meet many others. They could have found other partners if they wanted to. They chose to be together.

      • Also, I have not seen Harry lie to Zoe even when he could – so how could that be manipulating? For example, he told Zoe directly that he was worried and surprised that she chose to come to Korea for her fashion show. She, was the one to assure him that she was not affected by the bad memories anymore and is happy with the good memories with him. His worries are well-founded and it was really for her benefit. He told her the truth about what he was doing in Seoul, and didn’t want her to have to worry about issues with aunt’s passing. If he didn’t want her to come to Seoul because of some other reason, he could have lied and said he was in Vegas working because of an emergency! She wouldn’t follow him there. He was mad at her for 5 seconds, and she was coy and got back at him really quickly. At the end of the day though, of course he would not be happy about another guy, especially JW, to approach her again. Which guy would want their girl’s past love to approach her, especially in this case, where 1) he has a personal bad connection with the guy and 2) he believed the guy treated his girl badly in the past.

  34. I also like that even though they are now Harry and Zoe, I’m pretty sure they still know who each other really are the best. In the first scene when we saw adult Harry and Zoe, Zoe called out to him “Jun ah!” 🙂

    • yeah,,,interesting…
      she called him ‘joon-ah!’
      actually they dont forget about their past *their old name for sure*,,they’re just moving on…they’re so happy rite now..
      but who knows what was happened in those 14years…i bet nurse jung treated zoe badly,,since she never agreed about taking sooyeon to escape from seoul,,she did that bcoz of joon *n money of course*
      remember about harry-zoe’s conversation on bed *cough :D* harry asked why zoe didnt ask anything about nurse jung (aunt) at all,,n she said she didnt wanna remember bad memories…so nurse jung is one of her bad memories.. no wonder she really trust n appreciate harry for always being there for her n creating some good memories together..

  35. could not agree to more our dear koala!
    I know PYC and YEH are the OTP and yes they bound to be together in the end.
    I have same wishes as you, I also pray to drama gods to give us more believable resolution to end the relationship of Harry and Zoe.
    I know loving the Harry and Zoe relationship will lead my heart to be broken into million of pieces but I don’t care!
    Seeing them in their little happy world of two makes me smile like its always sunny and bright!

    I just really hope that in the end, all the tears, the pain of watching two of my most loved K-actors not ending together in a drama is all worth!
    Im trying to put my faith in you Missing you!

    And by the way ms Koala, thanks a bunch for the wonderful YSH and YEH pics! lovely! lovely! lovely!

  36. I just had to comment! I’ve been watching IMY. To be honest though, I skipped over the earlier episodes because I only wanted to see how YEH fairs in a heavy drama. I’m just so happy that she has gotten extremely well…no one beats her for me in crying scenes. She’s the only reason I watch Korean soaps. I see and feel the purity of her emotions onscreen- as if she’s not acting at all. Couldn’t care less for idol groups so all I know about PYC was what little I saw of his eccentric hairstyles in Xman. He is a good surprise in IMY – the boy can definitely hold his own! Although I’m floored about how good the acting in IMY is, I, too, feel something’s just don’t make sense in the story. My sister, who caught this drama on first, blamed my skipping the early episodes. Reading your take on it though (and doing a little backtracking on my own), it sure does seem to be poor development on some of the characters. Be that as it may, like the avid YEH fan that I am, I’ll just gloss over the imperfections and see the drama till it ends. What saddens me, though, is how Harry’s character turned out. It feels a lot like they cheapened his love for Zoe. Though others have started doubting and hatitng on him, in my heart and mind, he had nothing but pure love for Zoe. Couldn’t you all feel and see it in his desperation and in the end in his resignation that Zoe still left him after everything?! (BTW, I also noticed uhow he put his arm in front of Zoe during their run in with the rapist. I’m just wondering though if YSH had to be told by the director to do that or it was his own idea. Either way, clap clap!:)YSH is pure talent! I’m so happy he met up with YEH in IMY!:)

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