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At this point Miss Rose has settled into another one of my Sunday routines – my latte, a copy of the New York Times Sunday edition, and the latest episode of MR. Episode 18 was once again wonderfully sweet and funny in that Miss Rose low key way. I have to admit that the dragging pace has really set in, with the moments that really work (such as any scene between Cheng Kuan and Si Yi, and even the Yi Chun-Si Yi melancholy warmth) buttressed with the work shenanigans that are so infuriatingly dull. Thankfully Si Yi’s set up from the last episode is resolved quickly and swiftly, just like I expected, and Ting Ai gets her petard handed to her. But Vivian doesn’t appear to have learned her lesson yet, and the previews show she is still trying to win back something that doesn’t belong to her. If I set up Si Yi and Vivian on opposite ends, its actually hilarious that Vivian keeps trying to grab Cheng Kuan back and he doesn’t want to go to her, whereas Si Yi keeps trying to throw Cheng Kuan back and he’s desperately trying to hold on to her.

This is the first episode that Si Yi truly got on my nerves even if I understand that this is part of her caring and considerate personality that has made Cheng Kuan fall in love with her in the first place. She’s just so damn giving, always putting Cheng Kuan’s welfare first in their relationship, but not putting his feelings first. What makes this OTP work is that with every give on Si Yi’s part, Cheng Kuan pushes forward. This line just got me right in the gut when Cheng Kuan said “I won’t want the next 50 years of my life to be as empty as the last 16”. Amen to that! It’s undeniable that the three leading men in this drama – Cheng Kuan, Sheng Jun, and Yi Chun – are the real shining stars of the story. We love their ladies they love, but only because they are such honorable and wonderful men that we all wish we had one for our own. I spy a proposal coming up in the next episode, so ladies please get your swooning couches ready to catch you.

Preview for episode 19:

Vivian: Cheng Kuan is planning to propose to her.

Cheng Kuan: Luo Si Yi, I can’t promise me to be a perfect score husband, but I promise to you that I will do everything in my power to create a perfect score family with you. Marry me!

Si Yi: Deputy General Manager proposed to me.

Yi Chun: So did you accept?

Si Yi: This happiness comes so sudden and unexpected, I’m afraid it won’t last.

Vivian: If you don’t want to let this happen, you have to do something. Gao Cheng Kuan cannot marry anyone other than me.


Video Preview for Episode 19 of Miss Rose — 15 Comments

  1. Likewise Ms. Koala, but mine is black coffee with Sunday SF Chronicle. Hehehe…
    Seriously, why is Ck hold SY back when she decided to leave the company? It’s not necessary; just let her goes.
    2ndly, why does SY say to break up? It so hard to end up together with Ck, she should treasure the relationship not break up. Break up – what good does it do to them both? Unnecessary!!!!
    Lastly, is YC on the same boat w/ Vivian or he is at shore can’t decide whether or not he shall stay on shore or step onto the boat?
    Hey, a marriage proposal, this means that MR is ending soon hah? Probably 24-25 ep max as CK hasn’t even focus on getting rid of the GM which was his original assignment.

    Well, other than the irritate content of the drama, I have to admit that I’m super duper enjoy watching Roy Chiu acting. Plus that he looks so perfect, I can’t find any flaws on him. Go go go Roy. I a few day saw an article on saying that Tiffany Tang is breaking up with Roy due to incompatible education level. He was just a high school grad, but she was college grad. Don’t know how trustful is this news! If so, hey Roy’s babe, let go her, we’re here waiting for you. J/k.. Hehehe

    • Hurray, more Miss Rose news. I literally applaud whenever I see Miss Rose news. I have become so obvious in my house that when I clap, my daughter says (in the bored way that only 14-year-olds can), “Miss Rose stuff?”

      But in the preview, it looks like YC is having a drink with . . . VIVIAN. *waving frantically from outside the window* “Don’t drink with the bad lady!!!! Don’t drink with the bad lady!!! Let me save you, Yi Chun! You are a better man than this!!” *gasping for breath before launching a physical attack on Vivian*

      Okay, now that I am back. I am looking forward to the proposal but not more of SY’s doubt. I get her doubts about herself, but it also mean she doubts CK on some level, but how can she the way he looks at her? Captain Koala is absolutely correct when she says that the three male leads are really hitting it out of the park–there are probably pictures of each in the dictionary to define “sincere warmth” or better yet “adoration.”

      I, like Pearl, hope that they do not just keep SY wavering to help with their extension needs but instead has the good guys band together to take down the GM (and Vivian along the way). I, personally, want to see the look on her dad’s face if/when he finds out that she changed Mama Gau’s medication. He puts up with everything she does, but I think even he would be shocked by this.

  2. Si Yi has been so meek that she is really going to rub me the wrong way if she doesn’t man up sometime soon. You’re right. Right now I am just putting up with her because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheng Kuan.

  3. Oh… I was hoping you would talk about Miss Rose ep 18 so that I can ventilate. Oh man! What a fine specimen of a man Cheng Kuan is. I tolerated Siyi’s meekness and lack of guts in this episode because it brought out Cheng Kuan’s steadfast love and those eyes… Oh my… swoon…

  4. SY was so annoying in this episode! couldn’t stand her attitude. i get playing the “don’t want to hold you back” card, but my goodness this has been overused too much in these dramas. getting tired of it! thought MR would be a bit beyond that, honestly.

    not to mention when SY was packing up her desk and Ting Ai was mouthing off, i was screaming at my screen, “punch her in the face! punch her! where’s your spunk, SY?” grrr.

    hope next week will be better.

    • She has been annoying since episode 13! I can barely stand to keep watching this drama I don’t see her as kind-hearted I view her as stupid at the very least “slow” She really have no respect for CK This man knows his worth to bad SY don’t realize what she has is priceless. I don’t feel right supporting CK and SY; if I continue to support SY I would have the same mindset as SY not valuing CK worth. CK is a great man we all can attest to that so why should he be stuck with such a weak, insecure, spineless woman? I wouldn’t want any man and especially CK with his confident, success and unlimited opportunity in life to have to spend his energy always lifting SY up when he should be able to lean on her knowing she has his back!

      When SY don’t take CK feelings or his words into consideration I find it to be disrespectfully. I know many may think I’m being harsh, but that how I feel. I stop seeing her as caring when she throw CK back into to the lion’s den when she begged Vivian’s father to let him stay at the company, I stop seeing her as smart when she got in the car with Vivian instead of going home with her man. I DO AGREE SHE IS “GIVING” because she always wants to give CK to Vivian, the company, Vivian’s father!

      I dread the scene when CK and SY are together because it always about how CK have man up and constantly repeat himself how many times do CK have tell this CHICK that he got this! SY need to recognize that CK is a “MAN” and he has a freakin NAME! She needs to stop acting like a child and become a woman worthy to be by his side because like Vivian stated in the car, what you can do for him. A real woman would have come back at Vivian but SY is still too immature and this needs to stop

  5. Thanks for this, too!
    I am down with this being an “episode that Si Yi truly got on my nerves even if I understand that this is part of her caring and considerate personality that has made Cheng Kuan fall in love with her in the first place.”

    If they are going to try to keep this couple apart for a few more eps, can’t we have a firey SY? Angry at something CK did or said?
    Even CK at one point has to want to shake the soggy soppy version of SYwe keep seeing lately. Isn’t this the lady with the spunk who stood up to the big boss and punched him in the netherparts?

    Still loving the men, like you said. Roy is good no matter what, but I like it when gets something back from his costar, not just tears.

    • Ck and SY must join forces and make a concerted effort to fight against all odds coz they got a lot of nemesis like vivian and his father, the general manager and his asst

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