The Pretty Cast of Flower Boy Next Door Gather for Script Reading

Oh Mah Gawd. If a mere script reading picture of the leads of Flower Boy Next Door can turn me into a gibbering idiot, I cannot imagine what will happen if I see official stills of Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, and Kim Ji Hoon from the drama. When the trailers come out I’ll probably be reduced to rolling on the floor like a himono onna. Forget about watching the actual drama, I’m sure watching me watch the drama will be a new form of entertainment as is. Any attempt to recap it will involve something like “OMGOMGOMG, she’s so cute, OMGOMGOMG, marry me Ji Hoon!, OMGOMGOMG whisper more sweet nothings, Si Yoon!” Well, you get the drift. I have to admit that mean ole LizzyD (I love you, dongsaeng, but that was a cruel thing to do to your unni) does have a point when she insisted on sending me photographic proof that Yoon Si Yoon’s face appears have to changed, again, this time from his Me Too, Flower! days. She’s right, but that doesn’t take away from him looking even cuter, not to mention with the acting he did in M2F under his belt, my boy is ready to woo me all over again here. I love how scruffy and slightly surly Kim Ji Hoon looks during the script reading, which apparently is how his character is described in the webtoon this drama is based on. LOL, already in character, Ji Hoon? I didn’t know you were a method actor. Rounding out the cast is Park Soo Jin (so bleh, she’s about as interesting as wet toast but works well as the second lead bitch we can all easily hate like she was in My Girlfriend was a Gumiho), Kim Yoon Hye (formerly known as Woori, and she’s alright), and Go Kyung Pyo (talented and charming in Operation Proprosal). The drama premieres on January 7th on tvN (totally marked it on my calender already, kekeke).

I think the last drama where I loved all three leads equally was Mary Stayed Out Last Night with Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Seok, and Kim Jae Wook. I’m not gonna jinx Flower Neighbor, though I did end up loving M3 because of the three actors and their great chemistry even if the story was written by a mentally slow bunny. I think I will be shipping Shin Hye equally with both guys just like I did in M3, and my final choice will be tipped likely by the story and which guy she loves more.


The Pretty Cast of Flower Boy Next Door Gather for Script Reading — 34 Comments

  1. “Any attempt to recap it will involve something like “OMGOMGOMG, she’s so cute, OMGOMGOMG, marry me Ji Hoon!, OMGOMGOMG whisper more sweet nothings, Si Yoon!” -> LOL LOL LOL
    Dear koala…why does you always make me laugh when i read your article?? 🙂

    I already mark my calender..oh and reminder in my phone too 😛

    • “OMGOMGOMG, she’s so cute, OMGOMGOMG, marry me Ji Hoon!, OMGOMGOMG whisper more sweet nothings, Si Yoon!”
      Adding to LOL

      Wait, isn ‘t that one is supposed to watch a drama?

  2. Kim Ji Hoon!!!!!!!! *takes a minute to catch my breath*…he recently tweeted what looked like BTS of a photoshoot and damn, if certain men can make me sweat when they wear suits…..even though I’ve been excited for this show since the beginning cuz of SUFBB and the cuties that are the leads, its KJH’s and Go Kyung Pyo’s casting that actually makes the most happy..the former cuz he made such a gr8 impression with his last 2 project before army duty and I’ve been waiting earnestly to see what he picks now and the latter is a such a talented cutie who I’ve been wanting to see more off ever since his SNL stints

  3. God. I think I had a heart attack when I came to the site. Not even when I opened the article.
    I would be too busy drooling over them. Then maybe hours later actually get around to listening to the conversation of episode 1.

  4. Kim Ji Hoon looks handsome. I usually don’t like scruffy types, but he’s selling it! I keep thinking, don’t! I’ll just go crazy deciding between the two guys… The drama I’m waiting for!

  5. YSY !! I totally drool over him!!! How come he manage to be manly with that pretty face, I have to give him a credit. His acting in M2F is splendid. Hope he can have good chemistry with Shin Hye later on. But based on experience, Shin hye always manage to have good crazy chemistry with anyone that partnered with her before. Making us *fans wanna ship her with anyone that paired with her. Name it, Yong Hwa, Seung Gi, JGS, Lee Hwan, Joo Sang Wook and hopefully this time YSY. She made my drama life so fun …

      • the only partner that i think i will not shipping shinhye with is bong tae gyu…her partner in don’t worry i’m ghost. The story is good, but i just don’t want to ship them LOL 🙂

  6. In my last post about a script read, I made a comment about everyone being bundled up (yet again) and worried about the temp in those rooms (or “that” room because they all look the same). But here . . .Please note that KJH is in a t-shirt while everyone is . . . The man is THAT HOT. I mean what can I say? I am squealing and yelping over this. The show starts during the semester break, and I will be spending all my time looking for subs. I am with you, Captain Koala. I will probably need to get up in the middle of the night to watch this because I do NOT want any of my family members to see what I will look like with the drool and clapping and the giggling and the eyes darting about frantically trying to look at all the pretty all at once.

    • @trotwood
      KJH, his hotness is powered by army abs.
      If we do some mathalogical predicting based on his previous shows, not counting sagueks, I believe will will see his upper body .05793 times per episode, which works out to a LOT of drooling and himona rolling for the run of the series.

      I can’t wait!

    • haha…I noticed the same thing about the T-shirt and KJH’s hotness when I saw theses pics over at dramabeans and came to the same conclusion. Great minds think alike:)

  7. Himono onna in the making here too. Being coherent with that 100 000 Watts smile on my screen is irrelevant and impossible anyway. Now, that’s 1 drama which won’t give me second male syndrome. Sorry Kim Ji-hoon…

  8. So invested! Cannot wait! Love me so YSY, my LJK clone! PSH!? I’m a fan too! KJH thrown in for the goodness that is the drama gods! December is such a quick month! It will be here before we know it!

  9. Kim Ji Hoon. What I would give right now to become that piece of paper he’s holding (HOLD ME KJH!!!) with that face full of perfection looking onto me so intently. You hot piece of meat. Rawr!

    A random thought. I think scruffy Yoo Seung Ho would sort of look like him in the future, if he ever manages to grow facial hair, that is.

  10. Dear K, I really don’t mind, and I trust many of your readers too, plus would love to read the “OMGOMGOMG” kinda recap of yours… *fangirl ftw* ^^

  11. LOL! I would read this article even if I was not interested in the subject. That i am definitely not!
    I am so looking forward to this drama after absence of PSH for what seems like ages. I had wanted to see her with LSG but for the first time after looking at these pics with YSY and KJH am getting to look forward to the pairings. Hope the two leads will not make it difficult for me to choose who to root for. It definitely seems to be in the cards. I am not concerned about the chemistry since PSH have always looked perfect with everyone and the male leads have good acting to support their good lucks. Do hope PSH keeps her long hair.
    Writers and directors ………please don’t let us down…….God forbid but not another Mary….
    Have not truly enjoyed any dramas this year mainly because of the miscasting ( noona factor) or bad ending. Another reason ….as if needed any… eagerly anticipate this one.

  12. now… now… koala sis you’ve actually made me to like YSY, not that i hate him before it’s just that he’s just an actor to me. too much pretty and mind you, no one’s complaining here. 🙂 i am super excited about this already. *gets calendar and marker*

  13. Unniiiiii!! I’m sorry. I forgot how sensitive you are about your little bfs. I will not mention it again. I really hope this series will be as well-written as the previous tvN dramas I’ve seen. I learned from tvN that with the right PD/Writer, I can love a drama even if I’m neutral on the actors and even if the acting is mediocre.

    • LOL, you can always tease me about my man-boys-cuties anytime, kiddo. Mention away, I’ll just sass right back at’cha! 😀 I actually think YSY’s face settled in, just like Jung So Min’s did after her PS. Sometimes it takes awhile to really set.

      Your Joo Joo Yeobo’s face is also looking mighty “different” in the latest 7th Level shooting stills…. What’s with the Baker Boys and the knife? Am sad.

      • Erm… No comment on your YSY. I learned from Thumper that if you can’t say something nice then don’t say nothing at all. hahaha I also find JSM’s eyes really distracting in CWGM when she makes faces. It’s especially upsetting since I thought her smallish eyes from before were adorable. What Yeobo drama? I know nothing about a drama with a super hot boy man opposite an old hag with a droopy face who can’t act. Oh wait, Thumper said…. damn. But yeah he got some upgrades but nothing huge at least. He’s looking yums.

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