Cheondamdong Alice Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Preview

For a K-drama about a modern day twist on the colorful Alice in Wonderland fantasy tale, the cast of Cheongdamdong Alice were uniformly dreary at the press conference held today. Both Moon Geun Young and So Yi Hyun showed up in all black, the former in a youthful pattern v-neck black dress with a bell flare while the latter went with a curve hugging square neck long sleeve number. I can’t say I like Geun Young’s dress, the crinoline look on the bottom isn’t particularly flattering, even on someone as tiny as she is. Plus the all-black just doesn’t fit her cheerful vibe or the drama concept. Park Shi Hoo went with an all-blue double breasted suit and he looks just okay, rather dandyish but not quite all the way. His tux at the Busan International Film Festival was spectacular on him, wish he could have worn that same cut here. Kim Ji Seok is channeling Dokko Jin from Best Love, down to the same scarf that was featured so prominently in BL, and he continues to up his sleazy looking factor. I like him but he needs to tone down the smirking big time. A 20-minute trailer was released at the press conference and I am still totally baffled at what this drama is about aside from poor girl wants to marry rich, which is truly nothing new or even interesting at this point. To say I am beyond underwhelmed going into CA is an understatement. With other dramas that are currently keeping me occupied, I’ll probably be okay if this one leaves me lukewarm, especially since none of the cast members look like they have any chemistry in the press conference pictures or in the long preview. Here’s to hoping this is a case of bad-promos-surprisingly-great-drama.

20-minute long preview for Cheongdamdong Alice:


Cheondamdong Alice Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Preview — 35 Comments

  1. She looks so cheerful and healthy! I’m really liking this hair on PSH for whatever reason…also liking the cutesy chemistry between the two of them though I doubt it will beat the Geun-Geun charm…I’m not going to be checking out the long trailer because it almost always spoils for the 1st 2 eps to an uneasy degree

      • I missed these two… I’m checking out your previous post now. Especially that Valentine’s day tribute… mwah!

      • I miss them. Too bad JGS is off dressing up in wacky costumes instead of making more dramas (better dramas, hopefully) with MGY. I really hope they get another shot together. Also, I hope they both choose better projects going forward, since I haven’t loved anything they’ve done in the last few years. (Well, except for M3, but that was for the chemistry, not the project.)

  2. To be honest, as much as I love Moon Geun Young, the long trailer really don’t seem that interesting and the chemistry between the leads really seemed awkward at the conference. I’m still praying a miracle will descend upon the drama and make it good….please, please make it good.

    • same here, i don’t see great chemistry so far. Usually I even can see good chemistry only by ptotostills. In the conference pic not so much chemistry as I expected.

      Hope this situation will change once the real drama is aired.

  3. I will watch the first 2 episode and decide if I’ll commit. I love Moon Geun Young, but when I saw the live conference yesterday, I wasn’t feeling it. I liked Park Shi Hoo dramas before, but I never really watches his interviews or anything like during the press conference, I thought he was pretty cold (?!) and not gentleman like… LOL…maybe I was expecting too much…I think that’s the problem we all have….I didn’t really feel any chemistry between Geun Young and him on screen or at the conference… Rather, I thought she match between with Kim Ji Seok because I noticed that they both keep glancing at each other..LOL…and he was very sweet for picking up her little blanket at the end of the conference.

    • And there’s other videos floating around of Geun Young and Shi HOo getting interview, it was awkward to watch cuz Geun Young keep looking for responses for Shi Shoo, but he didn’t really reply much..maybe cuz she have had amazing chemistry with her previous co-stars before that we’re expecting too much out of them…LOL

  4. I actually like Park Shi Hoo’s suit, at least he put on some color! And from the promo stills, it’s pretty similar to his character. I don’t know why MGY didn’t wear something more fun!

  5. Oh koala, I remember you saying before that Park Shi Hoo can have chemistry with a plank of wood! I hope MGY doesn’t turn out to be that plank. :'(

    How come awesome + awesome is looking to be boring? Please be good drama, please be decent and fluffy and non-melo…

  6. I kept telling my friend that this is gonna be awesome with MGY and PSH in the cast. She’s so skeptical and now, so am I. watching the trailer even frightened me that she might after all be right. Oh please..please.. drama be good!

  7. What is up with MGY’s dresses for this production? Her poster shoot stripe number made a skinny woman look fat & this ugly piece above gives her huge hips. Stylist needs a serious talking to. I like PSH suit, though.

  8. Wow… if I’m happy about something then that MGY looks so healthy. There were times I was so worried about her. So it’s nice to see that she looks so good – I can even forgive this unflattering fashion choice. Though I like that it’s pretty simple. 🙂

  9. I’ve completely join her dress and the theme is Alice Cheondamdong so I think the stylist did well and it suits her delight for my eyes ^ ^

  10. i don’t get how kim ji suk fits in all this but this being a K-drama i guess they’ll find a way to squeeze him in there. IDK about the chemistry between PSH and MGY who is just perfection if there was ever any but i hope we get more scenes with her and Maru from CYHMH. I saw some sparks there.

  11. I’m not complaining.
    I saw Park Shi Hoo for more than 1 minute :–)

    I have big fun with King of Dramas now, but a good rom-com would be more than welcome. And if Alice fails, January brings the pretty boys who have not disappointed me so far! Bring it on!

  12. Sculls on his scarf? SCULLS? Go on with your bad pirate self, Kim Ji Suk!

    I can’t even comment on anything else because that boggles me so much.

  13. Having read all the comments on the press conference, I have to agree that it was really impasse. In fact I was speechless on the dress code when the leads walked in. The girls looked like black ‘widows’ and for the guys, I really can’t make of it.

    As for Moonie’s dress, what on earth was the stylist thinking? She looked so uncomfortable and kept shielding herself – upwards and downards. Having a 2 year hiatus, she needs to warm up again especially during photo taking time.

    As for the second part of the press conference, I enjoyed it more as the main leads looked more relaxed and at ease with themselves and their colleagues.

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