Kim Ji Hoon Tweets First Blurry Shot of the Three Leads in Character in Flower Boy Next Door

*Faints* What was that? *Faints again* Oh yes, the first ever look at the three leads of Flower Boy Next Door in character during the photo shoot for posters and stills. *Faints for the third time* I woke up this morning and Kim Ji Hoon tweeted the above blurry shot of himself with Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon on the set of FBND. It’s like I went to bed happy with just the pictures of them at the script reading and then woke up to the drama version of a tooth fairy leaving me something under my pillow. Sweeeet! I’m hoping Yoon Si Yoon isn’t as derpy as he looks in that still below, with his mile-wide goofy smile. I love love loved him in Me Too, Flower! playing a sunny on the outside character with a laundry list of dark demons within, who has quite a temper and isn’t scared of mouthing off to even the woman he loves. Park Shin Hye looks so pretty and sweet, but I’m hoping her character is more than just a foil for us to appreciate the hot guys. Kim Ji Hoon looks amazing in character, what with the leather jacket and guyliner and grungy rock star attitude. Below are a few more pictures he recently tweeted that shows us without a doubt that scruffy, abtastic Kim Ji Hoon will be back on our screen in a little over a month. Plus his hair! It looks sooooo good here. His sageuk look in Joseon X-files doesn’t count, and his hair was a horrific nightmare in Wish Upon a Star with the magically receding hairline with each new episode that made me fear he would have a tonsure by the end of the drama. I am indeed a very happy Koala right now. *Goes back to fainting*

No, the army didn’t give him these abs. He had them before he left for military service. But since this is his first post-MS role, I still need him to do the following obligatory scenes: shower AND bath (but not during the same scene because I want two of such scenes), rain brooding and changing out of the wet clothes afterwards, exercising and then walking around shirtless afterwards, and finally, a bed scene just because this airs on cable channel tvN where anything goes. I might as well shoot for the stars and ask for the moon.


Kim Ji Hoon Tweets First Blurry Shot of the Three Leads in Character in Flower Boy Next Door — 60 Comments

    • I knew you’d be first. I’m now wondering how that last picture magically cut off at exactly that point in his lower abdomen area. And not just half an inch lower….

      • It’s the weirdest thing (or maybe just FATE), but I had a niggling feeling that I had to go to the playground, and lo and behold! I found that the esteemed ockoala had posted new JKH pics. Thank you, thank you and again, thank you. If, by internet magic, you can post that last pic cut just a bit lower, I would be forever grateful. Hope Santa is as good to you this Christmas, as you are to your faithful readers! 🙂

      • I remember JB saying in one of her recaps that it was a Felicity like situation where they probably started off by shaving one end to make things even and then it just kept getting worse so they probably kept shaving it to get it

  1. First photo *yum*…scrolling down for second photo *cutie*…scrolling again for third photo *jaws drop* then *faints*….Ms Koala pls give us a warning next time you post something like this. I don’t want to end this year dead from all heartstopping photos you keep posting in your blog. Thank you for almost killing me. LOL

  2. you’re so naughty, Koala…but thank you for the treat…I can’t stop staring and drooling. I’ll be ecstatic to see Kim Ji Hoon in a tvN style bed scene, but can’t imagine Park Shin Hye having anything to do with it. To me, she’s still the nice little girl next door.

  3. Park Shin Hye must have save so many lives not just a country but the whole world…how lucky can you be to be partnered with so many yummies I meant men in all her projects. If I were her, I’d ask the writer to end the drama with her ending up with both male leads. Sorry I’m just greedy that way =)

  4. Ockoala you have me in stitches. Hehehehe…… 🙂
    Please keep some smelling salts by your side so that you may keep showering us with your gem of articles. It was hilarious. I do hope too that under a peeping, introverted, anti social girl there will be a girl of substance worth rooting for.

  5. Ehm I am actually wondering what to get as a Christmas present for you. Like those fly zapper things to revive you? Or a bib? Or a bottle of smelling salts- is there such a thing?
    Or a magnifying glass.
    Like seriously.
    Not that I am not enjoying the posts. I am. Am having all these mini heart attacks and spazz attacks just thinking about the 2 men. And the reams of possibilities kissing-wise being on a cable drama.

    • Wait. Who is going to be doing the kissing? From past dramas, none of these 3 leads can kiss. Maybe Baby Jailbait can pop on over from Missing You and teach them a few tricks?

      • Yoon Si Yoon can kiss. You did not watch M2F. He can K.I.S.S.

        Baby Jailbait can kiss, too. But YSY does not need to learn new tricks. I bet a truckful of knickers that Kim Ji Hoon can also kiss despite never being allowed to (yet).

        Park Shin Hye? That’s the great unknown.

      • Ditto on YSY kissing. The boy’s got lips.
        In Love Marriage, KJH kissed a LOT. He is good, too!

        The previous two flower boy shows had some awesome kissing.
        This may be the breakthrough PSH is looking for to go from wide-eyed innocent to shexy lady?

      • The reason why I love tvN not only because the writing and directing are good, it’s because it is less prudish.Unless the actor has a no kissing or whatever clause in the contract- everyone suddenly turned into a good kisser in their dramas.
        * wait* – pulse check.
        See? I’ve suddenly turned so demanding 🙂

    • Maybe KJH’s never liked any of his costars because his kissing has been bad. The shower scenes were much more enjoyable. drool Unni- Stop trying to get rid of all your knickers in preparation for the flower boys’ appearance. You’re setting a bad example!

      • I didn’t say I’m betting MY knickers. I’m betting all of you guys’ knickers. I am a shining example of decorum and propriety.

        I think KJH just never had a drama where his character was allowed to release a lot of pent up sex appeal. He’s usually so buttoned up, in LM and WUAS. He didn’t have a kissing scene in FFML.

  6. Jie Jie- did you put that last photo last because you were afraid no one else would read a word you wrote otherwise? hahah He’s always good for a shower scene… or 2 or 3. I think he needs some of that oil the kdrama ab-men favor so much. Get on it, Jie Jie!! Slurp slurp

  7. Koala! Thank you for sharing the joy.

    I totally wished for an open robe scene in the last post about KJH!
    I totally made the mistake of suggesting he wear a sleeveless T as he did in all of his non-saguek dramas.
    I totally would never have been so greedy as to expect Picture #4!

    Open Robe insert hope!

    What are the rules on your headers, anyway? Are they clothing optional?

    How are they going to work this? If he is an ass to start, and then becomes nice, doesn’t that make him a typical first lead?
    And if YSY is nice to start, as a typical second lead, why would we want him to get the girl?

    And PUL-LEASE do not give us a Baker King reset YSY.
    We need to see the shadows. His (what we are led to believe) real life persona is so sunny it hurts.

    I have no expectations for the pretty Miss. I always root for her, no matter how bland they make her, she just so…root-for-a-ble.

    Cannot wait, and am glad KJH twitters photos!

    • I have several clothing less Headers of Lee Dong Wook and Park Shi Hoo. I’ve gotten some very heated (happy) responses when I rotate them in.

      I dunno – I love Si Yoon and Ji Hoon equally, this is going to be soooo hard to pick a side. It’s like picking between my two kids.

  8. ..I am being bombarded by KJH news everywhere I go. Perhaps a sign to finish the last 3 eps of Love Marriage. Re kissing, while watching Love Marriage, I paused and replayed the kissing scene in the bathroom just to check if there was “contact”.. bwahaha.. watching kdramas bring out my inner pervert..

    KJH, yummy indeed..

  9. i’m all for the shower scene too…ke ke ke…

    hmmmm….hope we see Shin Hye in a sexy dress…since she’s a stay-at-home girl, is that why she’s all covered up while she has two hot guys next to her? I love her, but really would love to see her in a ‘runaway’ role of her lifetime…
    can’t wait!

  10. You ladies crack me up! Ever since I found this site I’m like a constant reader. Im beComing obcess with all these guys.. WOW is that man hot.. That’s a great bathrobe he is wearing.. I can’t wait till January!!

  11. Evening office hours and no one shows up though they swear to. Even the police come by to check why I am still here, only to find me passed out on the floor in front of the screen showing the last picture of KJH. Bruise on the forehead from trying to see “below” the picture; pupils permantly dilated from the pretty. Praying this is going to be as good as I hope. Wondering how much I would still watch for these three cutiepies even if the show disappoints. Wow, can’t even write in complete sentences. Oh, Captain Koala. Can you be in love with a drama before it even airs?

  12. Can’t wait for this, can’t wait for this. 🙂

    On an unrelated note, I really really hope that CCDA is good. That will fill my void between IMY and FBND starting.

  13. love tvn! make real kiss scenes and bed scenes! well i of course
    Song Joong Ki is the best kisser out there! lol especially in nice guy, idk how many time they kiss in there.

  14. From what I have seen of the comic YSY’s character is quite eccentric lol I love him no matter what. No second lead shipping for me (even though he is lovely). Can’t wait!!

  15. Yes, a TvN drama is not complete without a hot kiss! Makes me wonder if PSH will have some serious liplock action with either YSY or KJH…AND both will make me deliriously happy!

  16. Looks like everyone quite worried how PSH will perform in her liplocks scenes. I’m too … seems that her history of liplocking in dramaland not quite bright. Lets consider when she kissed JGS and YH she cannot go overboard because You are beautiful and HS is for teenager consumption.

    Now, knowing that FBND will be aired at 11pm + Cable network + non high school or college student = hot liplocking and irresistible chemistry.

  17. thank you!!! *Nosebleed* what a mind blowing pictures
    just finished watching Kim Ji Hoon in ‘Matchmaker Lovers’ drama. He’s smile, gosh so cute! ^^

    may I know what his twitter please?

  18. Ji Hoon is gorgeous… He’s got this certain look in his eyes that exerts sexiness… he’s just pure hotness! Loved him in FBND. Thank for the last pic…

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