Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Releases New Stills of Kim Ki Bum and Wallace Chung

I feel like I’ve fallen into a twilight zone and I can’t get out. In that weird place, a bunch of folks are cosplaying characters in the classic epic wuxia novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils by Louis Cha. Wallace Chung, having made a name for himself playing wimpy or douchey or emo wuxia heroes, has decided to wig out and don a bunch of rags and fur to play legendary Beggar Sect Leader Qiao Feng. Even worse is former Super Junior member and baby-faced cutie pie Kim Ki Bum making his first C-drama debut cosplaying the Prince of the Dali Kingdom Duan Yu. You know, as much as the majority of the casting for this latest adaptation of DGSD is completely unsuitable, I was at least open to giving it a chance. By keeping my expectations at below zero, this drama has nowhere to go but up, right? But seeing stills of Kim Ki Bum as Duan Yu has me grabbing my gut laughing my head off.

I’ve actually heard positive feedback about his performance in this past Summer’s other body-switch drama I Love Lee Tae Ri, where he played the adult version of a teenage boy who grew up overnight. Acting potential aside, his whole look as Duan Yu is just hilariously doofy and derpy. I don’t know how I can possibly take him seriously! As much as the C-netizens in general are mocking this adaptation already, I’m weirdly entranced by Wallace’s fur-laden scruffy pretty boy version of Qiao Feng. As usual, Wallace fangirls think he looks fantastic in every get up, and normally I would beg to differ vehemently, but this time I don’t think he looks half-bad. Granted he doesn’t have the onscreen presence to play such an awe inspiring hero, but if he looks dashing enough I might find some enjoyment in his scenes with Jia Qing playing both his OTP of Ah Zhu as well as her younger eviler sister Ah Zi.

What’s with the horrid turquoise colored robe? WHY? I cannot imagine any dye-maker in ancient China managed to produce a robe of the shining shade of bright blue. Even I would beat this douchebag up if I were an ancient dude and ran into his sauntering form walking on the street dressed like that.

Prince Duan Yu of the Dali Kingdom and his OTP (thankfully not half-sister) Wang Yu Yan.

Wallace’s costume fitting stills as Qiao Feng. If he just stood there these might work, but the LOL-tastic poses ruin the whole “I am a martial arts hero” effect for me. He looks like a kid playing dress up.

Zhang Meng is officially the least attractive Wang Yu Yan EVER. I may think the collective three beauties of Idy Chan (80s), Carmen Lee (90s), and Crystal Liu (2000s) can’t act their way out of a paper bag, but honestly this character is a giant flower vase anyways and just needs to look insanely pretty. Like a goddess level pretty, and those three ladies were stunningly beautiful in character. Zhang Meng? Not cutting it IMO.

Crystal Liu in the 2002 version.

Carmen Lee in the 1997 version.

Idy Chan in the 1980 version.


Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Releases New Stills of Kim Ki Bum and Wallace Chung — 17 Comments

  1. I’m choking at the sight of Kibum as duan yu. He doesn’t look the part at all. And that robe kills my eyes. I was open to trying this out too, since I loved the previous adaptations but I think watching Kibum as duan yu might just kill me

    • LOL, I know, but both girls were dressed almost identically in both roles, and their XLN pictures are easier to find and better quality.

  2. Kim Ki Bum has some serious growing up to do before he can pose as Duan Yu. If you need a young, k actor for the role, why not get Song Joong-Ki? But maybe this role is too flimsy for Joong-Ki. I’m waiting for Wallace’s Best Time to roll out in January.

    • There was absolutely no reason to use a Korean actor except on the off chance of attracting K pop/entertainment fans.

      I can alread tell that this will be disaster… who thinks wuxia hero when he looks at Wallace Chung?

  3. I want to cry and laugh. And repeat that process. I wonder what did people think when they cast the characters. Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is my favorite Louis Cha’s book and I have watched two adaptations of the series already, the 1997 TVB and the 2003 one. To me, the 2003 was the best adaptation so far. I wish I can say that I will keep an open mind about this adaptation, but I think I lost most of the hope. I adore Wallace Cheung, but somehow when I look at him I still see Gu Xi Zhao, and I would rather him play Duan Yu or Murong Fu because he could totally pull those roles off. However, I can see some spirit of Qiao Feng, even if right now it looks like he still lack that majestic, commanding, larger-than-life air when one thinks of Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng is not just a beggar, but like this ultimate perfect hero.

    As for Ki Bum as Duan Yu, I have no idea what did they even think when they chose him for the role. He got that youthful, naive air around Duan Yu, but ultimately there is something…off about him. Perhaps it is because of the costume, which is mortifying at best. If Duan Yu is flamboyant then maybe he would actually wear such a color, but he isn’t. At heart, Duan Yu is still a scholar and a devoted Buddhist, and it is very hard to see him in such a robe like that. Maybe I’m bias because Duan Yu is my favorite character in the book, but still.

    PS: I prefer to remember Carmen Lee as Xiaolongnu than as Wang Yu Yan. I have some pathological hatred against that character. Her character development is almost nil.

  4. I think among the three beauties Carmen Lee is at least a decent actress. She did well in the mother daughter dual role in DGSD and had good chemistry with Benny Chan. BTW I think Benny Chan is the best Duan Yu I have seen so far. Generally I despise this character. He seems to lose all character the moment he met Wang Yu Yan and becomes her lap dog who follows her around but Benny Chan somehow makes Duan Yu seems charming and cute.

  5. Yes, & they have all gone on to play XLN. I will puke blood if this version of Wang Yu Yan plays XLN (if there is another remake)

    • there is another remake out soon that will be produced by yumama. i actually think the lady he worked with in schemes of a beauty would make a decent XLN.

  6. I still can’t stop loling forever…. XD

    This one gets the cake on the fact it’s saving all the snarky trolling fans the footwork of manip, they just have to attach paste things tog and viola!

    I still see Wallace’s XF as a lunatic who loves to pick his outfit while the dryer is still on and it’s a cycle of kitchen rugs and rags.

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