Horikita Maki is Stunningly Gorgeous in Latest 2012 Photoshoots

Horikita Maki is one of my favorite J-actresses but I don’t post about her much since she hasn’t done a J-dorama I’ve liked in years. Her last dorama I watched all the way through was Atashinchi no Danshi back in 2009, and only because it had so many hot guys in it (Mukai Osamu, Kaname Jun, Yamamoto Yusuke) because otherwise the story is rather a mess. I liked Last Friends so when I heard she was starring in an Asano Taeko-penned dorama in Innocent Love I got all excited, and then the story just melted my brain from the angst and I had to call it quits. I forgot that Japan loves to go all dark just because it can. Since her breakout role in Nobuta wo Produce, Maki has been starring in a steady diet of doramas and movies (she did the movie version of Byakuyakyo, the dorama version starring Ayase Haruka and Yamada Takayuki) but it wasn’t until 2012’s headlining of the NHK morning daily Umechan Sensei (Dr. Plum) that she really hit a resurgence in her career. I guess when over 20% of the population in Japan is watching you in the mornings, you know you’ve got a widespread fan base. Up next for Maki is a movie with Nishikido Ryo as she continues to roll through the stable of hot talented young actors in her age group. I’ve been hoarding a bunch of new photoshoots she did recently so thought it was a good time to share. I love her with longer hair but those who only remember her from Hana Kimi is probably double takes with how feminine and alluring she looks these days. The girl has a to-die-for facial bone structure. Sniffles, little Nobuta has grown up so nicely.


Horikita Maki is Stunningly Gorgeous in Latest 2012 Photoshoots — 26 Comments

      • Well, gravure idols are Japanese models,actresses or idols who work in a variety of media ranging from mens magazines to DVD Idol movies.
        Some are a bit racier and some are quite innocent, it depends on the model and the type of work.

    • Not really. Maki started out as an actress but then soon after she started acting she also did some gravure modeling for a very short time.

  1. Always thought she was gorgeous. She is a little thin though. Perhaps just growing into womanhood and figuring out how she looks and feels most comfortable? Hope so.
    Haven’t been able to sit through any of her recent doramas. Hot guys or no. A pretty face truly isn’t enough to get me to turn it on, let alone invested.
    All I want now is one solid Tomohisa coupling. Just one!

    • My ultimate J-bias coupling – YamaKi forever and ever and ever!

      She gained a good 10-15 lbs making Umechan Sensei since her character had to do at least a scene an episode eating a meal, so Maki laughed and said she ate a lot of rice for every NG. She lost it after the show wrapped as usual.

      • Forever, ever? Lol. Totally agree. U see my user pic? This is all I need. One decent drama to treasure and coo over for life.
        But I suppose I’m willing to wait, perhaps when they’re in their 30s. I could see that. A mature love story. *sigh*
        Though I will admit he and Nana gave me a Kimura-Matsu redux vibe this year. It was nice. Nothing compared to YamaKi but quenched a dying fan’s thirst.

    • Well, I actually loved Atashinchi no Danshi and watched it several times. I’m now a little embarrassed, but I loved how they just all grew together and cared for each other as a family. And then the “twist” with her origins!
      I kind of shipped Maki’s character and Takeru, though, even though that was pretty much even less likely than her and her brother. Sigh.

  2. Beside Matsu Takako, Maki is my other favorite Japanese actress. I simply love the photoshoots! She’s so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    I too, can’t wait for another Yamaki drama!!! I’d go crazy if it’s a rom-com!!

  3. She has gorgeous bone structure and lovely shiny hair (yes I’m jealous over her hair)
    I can see why Umechan was a hit, even I who have never watched a whole asadora watched the whole thing plus the 2 SP episodes.
    Maki did look good after Umechan but she is naturally petite and the fact that she does work out keeps her in shape. There was a point soon after her B-day when she looked a bit too think but she now she’s back to looking healthy and radiant.
    Why can’t the dorama gods allow Maki and Yamai act together again, their chemistry was amazing. (just give me Kurosagi 2)
    I wonder if she’s going to be in a winter dorama, she’ll be in the Ataru SP but I wonder if she has a dorama lined up.

  4. She looks so gorgeous!! Both feminine and yet with that childlike innocence about her. Love her hair and skin and small elfin face of hers

  5. She is my favorite too..love her and have dvd collections of her dramas…haven’t watch Umechan yet..but got to buy the dvd to watch..She is simply stunning and can’t blame her she has the petite size…love her face her hair and her petite self…Thanks for posting her beautiful pictures..

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