New Secret Garden Making of Footage Released as Hyun Bin Gears up to Return from Military Service

Who is coming back tomorrow? Can I have a “booyah” from y’all as we start chanting “Binnie! Binnie! Binnie!” After 22 months of military service, Hyun Bin returns on December 6th from being an active duty marine in the Korean armed forces to the life of an actor and entertainer. His agent has confirmed that he has been fielding scripts for movies and dramas non-stop, as well as old and new endorsement deals left and right. This is probably the most high-profile entertainer discharge of 2012 along with Lee Jun Ki. When Binnie enlisted it was a media circus with reporters and fans swarming the base. I’m sure it’ll be a redux of that scene except with lots of happy tears and screams as his ardent fans welcome back this talented, gorgeous, and hardworking guy. My preference is that he pick a drama as his first post-military service project, but he’s been getting such critical acclaim with his movies prior to enlistment that I wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks primarily with film from now on and return only to television with a very unique production. To fan the excitement of his return, check out the making-of featurette with never before seen footage appended to the just released Japan Secret Garden DVD. He really did have lovely chemistry with Ha Ji Won, though I still wish her hair were less like a fluffy toilet plunger head and his character was less of an emotionally manipulative ass.

Making of Featurette in the Japan DVD Release of Secret Garden:


New Secret Garden Making of Footage Released as Hyun Bin Gears up to Return from Military Service — 49 Comments

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. I kept liking all the male leads that acted with Ha Ji Won, thinking it was them, until one day I realized that she is just great. (I mean so is Hyun Bin, but still.)She could have chemistry with a table. I just love her!

  1. “Binnie!!!!”
    I personally prefer him in dramas as well. I thought his last movie before enlisting wasn’t that great to be honest (the only things I loved in it was his English and his model allure.)
    So excited for his return. Will check than all fingers and toes are there.

  2. lee jun ki is back, kim nam gil is back, kang dong won is back, and now binnie is back!
    army, you have been merciless with us but now it is time to give back what you took away*evil laugh*

  3. I’m totally dying to see him act opposite Yoon Eun Hye as well…Their kisses are going to be off the charts….they are both amazing kissers.

  4. Binnie!!!! Binniee!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    I just let out the fangirliest squeeeeee.
    I’m sooooo happy. *hugs, Koala*

  5. I would like to see him opposite Ha ji won again. They had the best chemistry I’ve seen in K-drama. Best Otp ever.After 2 years I still consider Sega the best drama ever. Of course it is my opinion.

    • I completely agree, the writing may not have made sense 100% of the time but I’ve never more fervently and rabidly shipped a drama couple before,

      hyun bin & ha ji won jjang!!

  6. ** Dances in the streets with joy!!!!
    I’m so excited! I LUV this man. *** dancing continues!!! Since we are making a wish list, I would love to see him with Shin Min-AH. That would be my two favorite actors together. Or maybe he and Kim Sun-Ah again???? *** more dancing & shooting of I love you oppa continue..

  7. Wow… all I can say is that time flies by soo quickly. Where did it all go?

    The awesome thing is that he is returning. I don’t watch many films as none of them really capture me anymore. But I hope he does a drama again once in awhile.

  8. Binnie !!!!!!
    Tomorrow??? Damn, Secret Garden finished in 2011 & he left a month later and now he’s back already……That was a really fast MS

  9. Binnie!!! Finally, but times sure whizzed by isn’t it?
    He does have lovely chemistry with HJW on SG… Binnie and his chemistry with HJW are the only 2 things I liked about the SG.
    Ok, so I lied, I was addicted to the drama but have to roll my eyes at several parts, one of which is the nonsensical falling rose petals resolution.

    I hoped he picks a drama too, would love to see him on screen twice a week for at least 8 weeks!

  10. Did Christmas come early?!?! This is one of those times when I ma happy I am not in Korea. I would really embarass myself, ditching work to be one of those fangirls (ahem/ajummas) squeeling and screaming upon his release. I would be caught on camera (because I would stand out being fairly older than the traditional fangirl). My bosses would see I wasn’t sick, and I would get fired and have to come back to the states anyway. See, how this is all good?

    Oh Binnie, see what you do to normal people?

  11. oh and of course the clip is playing my (not-so-secret obsession): Sung Si Kyung. I LOVE that man and will be forever grateful to SG to introducing a foreigner to his beautifully, enchanting voice. I literally become a nicer person listening to his music–and that is a feat in itself.

      • I found a playlist of 96 of his songs, and I play it while I am grading exams and papers. All of my students should send cards and letters of thanks to Sung Si Kyung because I am pretty sure the failure rate would be higher if his voice was not there reminding me that there is still beauty in the world even if I am not seeing it in my students’ work. Having some difficulty getting all his cds in the states. Amazon has some and Yesasia has some, but . . . And I am talking about not spending $300 on one cd, so if anyone out there has ideas . . .?

        Yes, that’s him in my avatar.

  12. Ockoala seems to be slowly warming up to the fact that Ha Ji-Won and Binnie had sizzling chemistry in SeGa. Give her time, and she might even be moved to include SeGa on her top 10 list! 🙂

  13. He left as his film international film career took off.
    I really wonder what his motivation would be to do a drama – live shooting, no sleeping, hectic changing, car accident involving thingamabob.
    I t’s not as if his fans have forgotten about him.
    BUT I would LOVE that to happen anyway.

    PS How come, if it is the same writer, we got all this delicious skinship in SG and almost nothing in AGD? Both were weekend dramas. Different time slot?


    I only got into kdramas last year, and Hyun Bin was one of the big reasons I became so obsessed.

    Such great news.

  15. I preferred Binnie in drama. However, if he’s pairing up with HJW in film, I am all for it!!! I love their chemistry..definitely one of my favorite OTP ever next to Yamapi/Maki and Kimura/Matsu!

  16. Sooooooo HANDSOME! …his chemistry with Ha Ji Won (beautiful) is off the charts!

    *Runs off to go see Secret Garden for the 100th time*

  17. O MY GOD! O MY GOD! HE is coming back TODAYAYAYAY!!!!! O MY GOD!
    Cannot believe these two years are DONE already!!!

    Emma (feeling old now…)

  18. KOALA, thanks for keeping us posted of Hyun Bin,we’re an avid fan of him, Such a great & a handsome actor. Surely we’ll keeping in track of any of his development. Fighting!

  19. i agree i think that hjw have great chemistry with all her co actors, but with hb we get to see how close they are behind the scenes. completely different. the chemistry was undeniable, one of the reasons why sega captured a lot of people’s attention. besides, hb’s acting here was phenomenal! how he turned into a girl and an arrogant guy, he is multi talented. can’t wait for his future projects!

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