Official Stills from the Teaser Filming of Flower Boy Next Door

Yes, I am the drama fairy. I don’t give out quarters for lost teeth, I give out rom-com happy flower boy (and pretty girl) goodies for K-drama addicts tired of the Winter gloom and the melodrama glut. You want some cuteness? Well here’s your cuteness! tvN released official stills of the cast of Flower Boy Next Door from the filming of the first teaser trailers. In the teasers, Park Shin Hye’s shy and frumpy introvert artist transforms in her dream into a chic lovely young lady who can order a rotating selection of flower boys from her closet with the push of a button on her cell phone. Who knew there was a brand spanking new fantasy out there yet to be tapped? She orders up Yoon Si Yoon’s character, but before they can kiss chastely she’s rudely snapped out of her reverie by the exact same flower boy pounding on her door with a grumpy scowl on his face. She peeks and is rewarded by not just one, but five totally hot guys on her door step. She looks worried when I would have thrown open the door and launched myself at them like a missile. It’s also cute how her dream apartment is this airy little joint and her real pad is this overstuffed lived-in teeny tiny space. Have some pretty and don’t call me if you faint and hit your head. Imma go snuggle up with scruffy Kim Ji Hoon now. How can he be so darn rawr-tastic? And his hair? HOMG its just perfect to rake my hands through, with none of that Wish Upon a Star nastiness lingering. *bliss*


Official Stills from the Teaser Filming of Flower Boy Next Door — 33 Comments

  1. Yeah! Bye bye doom and gloom. Welcome happy feelings.:)
    All boys are hot, it’s unbelievable. And no, I didn’t change: My loyalty is still with YSY.
    On a side note, I love her apartment: Little (minisized) furniture and a lot of light. Feels like home already.
    January, come faster!

  2. *drools* Yeah I dont think I processed any of your words after seeing that first still
    And yes, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jinja? I’ve been waiting to hear if its good before starting. I’ll probably save up a few eps to binge when I’m traveling at the end of the month. Thanks for letting me know!

      • @ockoala she’s right. School is really good. It is a realistic depiction of highschool and has lots of hearts in some scenes that in only 2 episodes it will tug your heart and in some scenes you will laugh or smile in the silliness of highschool students. I am still waiting for Kim Woobin’s character and I can already foresee bromance overload. lol

      • Agree. School 2013 is good!!! The story is grounded with genuine feelings and reasonable actions. I really like what I saw in the first two episodes.

        *meanwhile drools over KJH*

      • I def love it because it feels very real to me. Although there have only been two episodes, it doesn’t seem like romance is central but rather the characters’ experiences in school. (Student and teacher alike.) The writing and mood so far indicate that any later romance (if they even have any) will be organic instead of cliched.

        Definitely check it out if you feel like something a little more rooted in realism and characterization.

  3. I always feel good everytime i see PSH..its like some involuntary neurons in my brains saying “That’s a Natural Beauty” though i don’t mind if its not nor against it..just that… Yeah, I agree.. School 2013 seems good w/o those Sounds,lights and Halo everytime “kids” on the screen..

    • You are so right about PSH…..cannot put finger on any one thing why it’s like that for me too. Watching her makes me happy.

  4. am I dreaming? Why does everyone have good hair styles in a drama?!

    lol jokes aside, Kim Ji Hoon is just looking so awesome. I thought the stereotype was that manhwa artists are awkward types and have bad fashion sense, I guess I had the wrong info. He is the complete opposite.. and I like it!

  5. After my pupils got back to normal from looking at the first pic, I went to save it in my folder of favorite drama star pics (something I scroll through on bad days) and laughed out loud because it is called “scream2” (oh yes, I as screaming in my mind–its 3 AM here, don’t want to scream too loudly). Now I am wondering what picture Captain Koala has labeled scream1!

  6. Words can not describe my excitement for this drama! Not only it’s full of pretty faces (and bodies, rawr), but the storyline has so much potential for awesomeness. I’m ready to give it all my love. Don’t let me down, show! 🙂

    P.S.: Jeoulous of KJW’s hair. It does look soft and fabulous.
    P.S.2.: YSY, you cutie!!! No SLS for me here. Rooting for you all along ^ ^

  7. This has nothing to do with anything, but I think the supporting flowers resemble, in order of appearence in the group shot:

    Jae Joong, hisself, his sexy self, Lee Seungi and PIE.

  8. Awwwwwe. YSY, you are so cute. Can’t wait to see more promotional materials from this drama!

    Ps. I agree with everyone who is recommending School 2013. SO GOOD.

  9. Mrs Koala,

    Since I have been a real nice lady this year and that you are the drama fairy, if I lay Kim Ji Hoon’s pic above on my pillow, will it transform into his real self next morning?

    Nope. *soupir*

    At least, I can still DREAM that he will. LOL

  10. Thank you for this Ms Koala. Definitely looking forward to this drama. After Nice Guy, I have had no appetite for another melo (NG was just too good to follow up with another)so I have been getting my fix on light and funnies from TW rom-coms despite the occasional draggy and often silly episodes. Hoping that this drama has the substance of a good rom-com with the actors/actresses as cherry on top. 🙂

    Oh, yes I checked out School as everyone suggested above. It looks promising.

  11. I believe that KHJ and YSY are appearing on Strong Heart if their pictures are anything to go by. None of PSH’s ??? Any confirmations?

    • So right! You are the drama fairy. It helps to pass the time with all the regular”goodies” that you keep supplying us with. It’s not just that but the way you do it makes me a regular on this blog. You do have a gift for creative writing with a touch of humour which makes it so unique. 🙂

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