Juicy OTP Spoiler for Upcoming Episodes of Cheongdamdong Alice

I had a weird dream last night where the six lead characters of Cheongdamdong Alice were sitting in a circle playing something akin to a cross between strip poker and truth-or-dare. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? It’s been forever since a drama made me gnash my teeth during the interminable wait between episodes, so much so its caused me to dream about characters and future plot lines. After Seung Jo poured an entire jar of soy sauce on Tommy’s head and punched him out (LOL on the Ben Hur reference beforehand), I seriously don’t know how Se Kyung is going to reconnect with him or who she will use as a white rabbit into Cheongdamdong. I’m waffling between whether I want the whole Secretary Kim ruse to be lifted earlier, or have Seung Jo keep it up so that he and Se Kyung can continue their hilarious interactions and totally swoonworthy moments that all are courtesy of Seung Jo. If I stop and think about how blumbling he is towards anything remotely romantic, who thinks yet another reason for Yoon Joo to dump him was his cluelessness in love. It’s even better seeing how it contrasts with his competency as the President of Artemis. I would love if the drama showed us Se Kyung’s slow rise as a designer even while she’s dangling her hook for a Cheongdamdong husband. I’m dying for the reveals to slowly come one by one as everyone starts to realize the interconnected relationships, as well as new friendships forming and solidifying. I need to somehow download new episodes directly into my brain because I don’t know if I’ll have to patience to not want to know every new development all at once. Check out a super duper juicy spoiler below.

A fan at DCBH, Moon Geun Young’s Korean fan club, spotted her and Park Shi Hoo filming at a school. Eagle eyed witnesses report back that they were practicing and filming a……….KISS SCENE. Kyaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaahhhhh, wanjeon daebak! Of all the drama OTPs I’ve watched this year, I have never wanted two characters to kiss as much as I am dying for whatever will lead to the first kiss between Seung Jo and Se Kyung. IT NEEDS TO BE LONG, MOUTHS MUST MOVE, AND HEADS MUST BE TILTED. That is all. Knowing this is Park Shi Hoo, it will definitely be good. The man has publicly admitted that after his fans were upset with his dull closed mouth kissing in Family Honor, he vowed that he will always kiss like he means it in his dramas. I know Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess definitely can vouch for that. I’m so excited it’s not even funny……. I wonder which episode it’ll arrive? If its a dream sequence I will not be amused.

Cheongdamdong Alice MV:


Juicy OTP Spoiler for Upcoming Episodes of Cheongdamdong Alice — 22 Comments

  1. This is a romantic comedy with substance. This drama has shown enough good in every area from casting, acting, directing and script for me to relax and thoroughly enjoy till the end.

  2. Wow thanks ms koala. Why Saturday seems too far away? I’m getting tooooo anxious for the next ep. The MV you shared is nicely edited. Loved it!!!

  3. These two are seriously my OTP of the year. 🙂 so I can’t wait for their first kiss. It’s not going to be one of those lame accidental ones right? Bring it on!! 🙂 the production really teased us with their lame posters early on.

    I wonder if after sj humiliated tommy, if tommy will somehow initiate another way to get in touch with sk. And still be the white rabbit for her.

  4. Hahahaha..
    And this is like the first time in a LOOOOOOOONG time that I just feel a hint of jealously inside of me that screams ANDWAEEEEE!!!!

  5. LOL. I want a slow reveal because Seung Jo is so much fun when he doesn’t realize he likes her. Plus I do like having Se Kyung brush him off all the time. She just shoots him down so well.
    So yeah, delay I want the big reveal done later. It would be such sweet revenge on Yoon Jo or Tommy. Or anyone else in that office. Especially In Hwa.

  6. Why do I feel that the kiss scene is just a dream? A really really good dream. Lol. I don’t want Alice I mean Se Kyung becoming dirty just to have a chance to go down that rabbit hole. I honestly can’t guess the direction of this drama but I just want PSH and MGY to kiss and marry and have little mad hatter babies. 🙂

  7. Eeeeeee! I cannot wait til Saturday. This drama is so good. I will watch it even if it lost steam halfway through. I just love Park Shi Hoo now.

  8. Wahh! I can’t wait! Seriously, I’m in the middle of exams and I don’t even care that I’m wishing for Saturday to come faster!

    We need a promo or a written preview or something!

  9. >>> Knowing this is Park Shi Hoo, it will definitely be good. The man has publicly admitted that after his fans were upset with his dull closed mouth kissing in Family Honor, he vowed that he will always kiss like he means it in his dramas. I know Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess definitely can vouch for that.

    I LOVE watching Park Shi-hoo, but personally I don’t think the guy can kiss well(not that kind of more convincing Lee Min-ho type kissing, at least).

    Somehow I hjust get the feel PSH seems a little uncomfortable and awkward about kissing (to me at least).

    Enjoyed PP and the kiss (the surprise element, the earnestness of it all, the romance). But not so his actual kissing.
    To be honest, PSH’s lunge and his positioning of that big kiss in his/her apartment(?) during Prosecution Princess was well … kinda clumsy and awkward.

    As for Family Honor – cardboard.
    Ditto for Queen of Reversals – I liked that last ending kiss in the playground, but on closer analyses = alsmo mostly cardboard plastering.

  10. now really thank you so much for sharing every little Cheondamdong Alice thing, you sure are not alone in this beautiful obsession. As for the kiss to be honest I’m pretty scared too.. Our dancing CEO sure is a professional daydreamer lol

  11. I’m really curious to how they got to the point where the kissed and how their kiss would be. I know Moon kisses with CJM (in Cinderella’s Sister) and JGS (Marry Stayed Out All Night) was pretty explosive. Guessing from everyone reaction to PSH kissing scenes from his previous dramas….I should expect nothing less than spectacular….rubbing hand together…can’t wait to watch it.

  12. I look forward to read your recaps as it is not shown on time in my region. Moreover, I dont under Korean and I have to depend on your recap to understand the show. This is my first show of Park Shi Hoo. His acting is superb! He can act so funny and he dances well also. He really cheer me up with his acting on this show. Thanks Koala : )

  13. Woah … like some I think the kiss scene could be SJ’s imagination and its moving a bit too fast and if it happens … more likely SK might just give him one tight slap or push him away. She is NOT into him YET and it will be hilarious to see his reaction thereafter.

    Whatever our speculations, I am counting down to tomorrow for ep 5.

  14. this drama is soo good so far. What I love is while being entertain and add a fairy tale thing into the show, It also touch a realism approach and still remain to deliver the narrative purpose. If they will Stick to it and stay true to their vision. This drama will become one of my fav drama end of the year along with can we get married. I hope they will keep doing that.

  15. Is it pathetic that I’m excited it’s 3PM here on a friday afternoon? That means it’s 3AM saturday in South Korea! which means…tomorrow by 10AM it’ll be 10PM in South Korea and CA will have aired. YAY. I don’t even care about subs at this point. I love PSH and MGY together. I can follow along by their facial expressions and nonverbal behavior haha

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