Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 6 Recap

I have to say a mea culpa for running my 2012 OTP poll too early. I said in that post that the only remaining drama OTP left in 2012 was Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo in Cheongdamdong Alice, which hadn’t aired yet when I ran the poll. I doubted then that those two would have chemistry enough to impact the poll in any significant way so I didn’t feel bad about leaving them off it. I now feel bad. No, I don’t just feel bad, I can safely say that if CA aired even a month earlier and this drama ended before 2012 wrapped up, Se Kyung and Seung Jo would give my 2012 OTP choice of Jae Ha and Hang Ah in The King 2 Hearts a run for their money depending on whether the second half went down the crazy crapper. If I was watching episode 6 standing up, by the end of the episode my knees would have buckled from so much chemistry onscreen radiating outward and sending my heart rate soaring. Holy mother of something or another, there wasn’t even a kiss in this episode and yet I haven’t felt this level of anticipation in god knows how long. I said last week that I’m dying for naturally developing closeness between Se Kyung and Seung Jo and today we got it. It was beyond good, it was like cosmos exploding or stars imploding level of good.

Watching CA is like experiencing the osmosis absorption of dramatic satisfaction, where a fictional story with well-developed character and a fascinating plot line nourishes our weary souls and gives us just that bit of entertainment to lift the spirit. This drama’s unexpected but totally appreciated awesomeness washes away my recent disappointment with Missing You being all over the place and going nowhere. Moon Geun Young’s two year hiatus was well worth it since I don’t recall any rom-com in the last two years that has hit with this level of substance, romance, and oddball humor for me. Watching Seung Jo and Se Kyung fall in love by spending time getting to know each other, it makes me wish more rom-coms will remember that romance is only as believable as how well-written the two participants are. Forget the gimmicks and the plot shenanigans to get two leads to run into each other, what really works is for the audience to connect with their hopes and dreams so that we sincerely believe that the impending romance makes sense and has stakes in the long run. Everything I just wrote is indeed happening in CA and that is why this drama is deliciously brilliant to watch. Never has a high five made me happier in any drama, and for once a pretend telephone call is as poignant as it is cute. I love you CA! I love you so so so much!

Episode 6 recap:

Se Kyung thanks Seung Jo for everything and he smiles to receive the thanks he’s been waiting for.

Seung Jo goes home with the box of emoticon rabbits, sitting down and taking two out. He looks at them and thinks back to Se Kyung pretending to be the President while posing the rabbits. He laughs and says she sure likes dramas since she makes a reference to Kim Joo Won’s dialogue from Secret Garden.

Se Kyung sits at home and thinks back to Seung Jo happily packing up the rabbits and telling her that his name is Seung Jo. Se Kyung smiles and says his name a few times before shaking her head to clear her mind. She gets a text from a new number showing one of the happy rabbits and saying the text is from Jean Thierry Cha. Seung Jo sits at home wondering if he should have sent it. Se Kyung runs around her all excited and then sends him a text saying thank you.

Seung Jo gets a call on his other phone from Se Kyung who is all excited to report that the President texted her a happy rabbit picture. Seung Jo lies that the President asked for her number. Se Kyung says its all thanks to him and worries about his condition, reminding him the hospital told him to drink more water. Seung Jo says he’ll call her if he feels sick.

She hangs up and gets to work designing an outfit for the President. She flips through her cell phone and sees a side profile of Seung Jo in a picture she took of a suit. She stares at him with a smile before putting it down and getting back to work.

Seung Jo sits at home filling out the questionnaire. He suddenly imagines Se Kyung sitting next to him asking him the questions directly. He goes down the list – his favorite movie is Love Affair, his favorite food is crepes because he loves sweets, and his favorite plays is the Montmartre section of Paris, because there is a great crepe store there. When asked about his preferred coffee drink, he says latte since he likes sweets. She asks when was the last time he cried. He thinks back to her letter and says December 8, 2012.

Seung Jo goes shopping for a camera and then we see him at home continuing to fill out the questionnaire. Se Kyung sketches and drapes cloth on a model in her room. Seung Jo falls asleep while still filling out the questionnaire.

Se Kyung wakes up to find Ah Jung in her room and reading Yoon Joo’s secret diary. Ah Jung is upset and asks what that is and what Se Kyung has been up to lately? Se Kyung admits it belongs to Yoon Joo and Ah Jung realizes why Se Kyung has been so weird lately and interested in Tommy Hong. Se Jin comes in and tells them to get a move on with the packing, the moving trucks are here. Ah Jung vows to finish this convo with Se Kyung later.

The Han family moves into a rental. Everyone tries to make the best of it except for Se Jin, who cries and whines about the old fashioned bathroom. Dude, can I smack her?

When they are alone, Se Kyung reveals to Ah Jung that she used Yoon Joo’s wedding picture to exchange for the diary, admitting that she envies Yoon Joo. She might have mocked Yoon Joo but that was just a lie because she couldn’t live like her. Ah Jung says Yoon Joo was always like that so this method works for her. But Se Kyung is not that kind of person, she needs to live her life according to her own principles. Se Kyung asks if she has to keep part-timing forever then? Is that the life that will bring her happiness?

Se Kyung walks out to clear her mind and Ah Jung joins her. Se Kyung knows she doesn’t need Ah Jung’s approval to do this, but Ah Jung says that she will gather information on the new Artemis President for her. Ah Jung worries that Se Kyung will find herself in even deeper trouble, but Se Kyung says she’s in deep trouble already with years of education but can’t even get a full time job. Ah Jung tells Se Kyung that if Yoon Joo can do it, so can Se Kyung, who agrees since she’s never lost to Yoon Joo since they were kids. Ah Jung asks why Se Kyung is interested in the President and she reveals he’s going to be her White Rabbit.

Dong Wook reads the questionnaire that Seung Jo filled out for Se Kyung, laughing at how goosebump inducing the answers are. Seung Jo is happy that Se Kyung will know all these things about him. Dong Wook wonders why this is necessary to design clothes for Seung Jo, who likes it since it makes him think about the past and feels like things he did when he was in grade school. Dong Wook cautions him to answer truthfully and points out that he almost blew his cover last night. Seung Jo warns that as along as all three people who know keep their mouths shut, then it’s all good.

Ah Jung wonders who this Secretary Kim is? Se Kyung says he knows all about the President and Ah Jung calls him the mini-White Rabbit then. She decides to start gathering information on him for Se Kyung.

Seung Jo goes through the list of people who know and thinks Secretary Moon is the weak link. Suddenly he gets a call from Se Kyung and he worries about what to do. Dong Wook smiles and tells him to answer. Seung Jo answers and after he ends the conversation, Dong Wook excitedly asks what’s going on? Seung Jo wonders if he doesn’t have anywhere else to do since the weather is so nice, why is he here? Seung Jo says he’s off to meet Se Kyung for “work” and then picks up two nicely wrapped presents for her. He asks if this is too much and Dong Wook says its way too much.

Seung Jo meets with Se Kyung and hands her the presents, this time without the wrapping paper. He says this is so she can do her job properly. One of the boxes still had a red bow on it and Seung Jo quickly grabs it off. Se Kyung takes out a few preliminary sketches to show Seung Jo and he likes them but offers some suggestions to make it more tailored.

Ah Jung sits in a coffee shop and logs onto the employee intraweb at Artemis and looks for Kim Seung Jo but can’t find any such person. She calls Se Kyung and says there is no one named Kim Seung Jo working at Artemis. Se Kyung looks over at where Seung Jo is buying them coffee and quickly hangs up. Ah Jung ends the call and Secretary Moon arrives to meet with her.

Se Kyung stares at Seung Jo and asks if he’s brought the questionnaire? He says its not done yet. What about the pictures of the President’s closet? He’s forgotten and apologizes. She asks for Seung Jo’s name card and he swallows and then gets a text from Secretary Moon saying trouble is brewing. Ah Jung asks Secretary Moon if there is a Secretary Kim Seung Jo who works with him? She identifies herself as Se Kyung’s good friend and says she’s working with someone who claims to be the President’s secretary.

Secretary Moon gets a call from Seung Jo and steps aside to answer. Secretary Moon tells him to come clean right now since there is no Kim Seung Jo working at Artemis. Se Kyung texts Ah Jung saying Seung Jo went to the car supposedly to grab his name card. Ah Jung texts back that Secretary Moon frantically ran off to answer the phone.

Seung Jo and Secretary Moon return to Se Kyung and Ah Jung, respectively, and solemnly says that Secretary Kim is President Jean Thierry Cha’s…………shadow warrior, i.e. his double. Mwahahahahahaha, LOL forever! Se Kyung says “buh?” She searches on the web and reads that shadow warriors are doubles for famous people. He says his job is secret that is why he’s not listed in the company directory. He works only for the President.

Se Kyung asks if Seung Jo looks like the President, since shadow warriors are supposed to look like the famous person. Seung Jo smiles and says he’s the better looking one. He tells her that all rich and famous people in the world have shadow warriors. Se Kyung tells him to prove it then, since she has never met the President and this whole far-fetched story is just unbelievable. Seung Jo insists its all true so Se Kyung tells him to prove it!

Se Kyung gets a call from Ah Jung who tells her that Secretary Moon just told her that Secretary Kim is the President’s shadow warrior. Ah Jung says there is no reason for Secretary Moon to lie. Se Kyung wonders if this shadow warrior thing really is true? Seung Jo walks out and tells Se Kyung to follow him since she asked for proof. He’s casually wearing her scarf and she grabs it back and they are so cute.

Tommy and his assistant go through all the files on Cha Seung Jo they were able to find. They find out that he lived in New Haven in 2000 and rowed crew. Tommy flashes through his mental files and sees a name of someone who attended Yale around that time. In Hwa goes to meet with that same person.

Tommy is about to head out to meet that person when In Hwa arrives and shows him Seung Jo’s graduation picture from Yale that she got from that guy. Tommy smiles that she beat him to the punch. In Hwa says there must be a reason for Cha Seung Jo to change his name and not let people know he’s the son of the Royal Group President. Tommy and In Hwa decide the first step is to get closer to President Nam.

Yoon Joo is preparing dinner and breaks a dish because she’s still in shock about the plan to marry Seung Jo to In Hwa. During dinner, In Hwa suggests donating clothes to the Royal Group charity drive. Yoon Joo stares at her and thinks to herself “Seo In Hwa, what do you know?”

Seung Jo brings Se Kyung to his condo, passing by Driver Kim in outside, who continues to keep up the ruse for Seung Jo that he’s just Secretary Kim.

They go inside and Seung Jo takes her to his closet and shows her letters addressed to Jean Thierry Cha with this address on it, proving this is his home. Seung Jo tells her that he even knows the President’s home code and even Driver Kim just confirmed that he’s Secretary Kim. She wonders if its right to be here when the President is not home. Seung Jo says he comes everyday to clean. He tells her to take pictures of the closet while she is here.

The doorbell rings and she wonders if the President is home. Seung Jo says the owner wouldn’t ring his own doorbell and goes out to check. He sees through the intercom that it’s Yoon Joo and freaks out. Se Kyung opens the closet doors and starts taking pictures.

Seung Jo opens the door and Yoon Joo barges right in and sits down on the sofa. Seung Jo tries to drag her out and she asks why and Se Kyung hears her voice. Seung Jo forcibly removes her so when Se Kyung walks out she sees no one in the living room. Seung Jo drags Yoon Joo outside to talk in the hallway and she sees a pair of woman’s shoes on her way out. She asks if he has a woman now, and why he wouldn’t introduce her? He asks her to get to the point and she asks if he knows about the marriage alliance being planned between him and Seo In Hwa? Seung Jo looks stunned.

Se Kyung sees her bracelet sitting in the accessories drawer and smiles. She also sees Seung Jo’s wedding bracelet with Yoon Joo and reads the inscription as “SJ Cha.”

Yoon Joo says that her mother-in-law is working with Tommy Hong to arrange the marriage. Seung Jo says it will never happen and things are over being him and Yoon Joo. She accepts it but asks him again to guard the present situation. Do not just think about what he wants, also think about what the other person wants. If he does that, then he will be able to protect this new woman. She wishes him well with all her heart, because that also means she will be able to live her life going forward.

Seung Jo returns to Se Kyung and she asks why the bracelet is inscribed with SJ Cha instead of JT Cha? Seung Jo says he doesn’t know why. Se Kyung points out that the President appears to have OCD, all his clothes are arranged from light to dark, and the materials are arranged from thin to thick. Seung Jo says the President has mental problems, he’s also petty and quick to anger. They both simultaneously call him brain addled and then laugh about it.

Seung Jo purposes messes up the closet a bit and Se Kyung stops him. She asks how he met the President and Seung Jo quickly says it was when he was studying abroad in Paris and was a part time house keeper for the President. Se Kyung says that based on all the super expensive clothes he wears, she thought he came from a rich family. Seung Jo claims that all his clothes were given to him by the President so he isn’t an embarrassment when he appears in public. Seung Jo claims that he really suffered when he lived in Paris despite being so good looking. He randomly makes up having worked construction part time jobs in Paris, and pointing to a picture on the wall and says he worked on that construction. Se Kyung scoffs and says that place has been built for 30 years already, revealing that she is very familiar with Paris.

Se Kyung draws Paris on a map and then a few of the major sights such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. She draws a Michelin 3 star restaurant and reveals that for the last 7 years she’s been dreaming of going so that is why she’s memorized the city. Seung Jo says he’ll show her around if they go and she draws even more spots on the map as Seung Jo points them out to her. He describes a place makes a delicious Bouche de Noel and she knows what it is. They smile and imagine Se Kyung in a car driving through Paris.

Se Kyung gets a call from Secretary Moon saying that Ah Jung is totally drunk. Seung Jo offers to go with her, claiming that Secretary Moon is his superior at work. Ah Jung is drunk and still talking about shadow warriors. Secretary Moon moans that she’s been going on like this for hours now. He spritzes water on his face to calm himself down. Se Kyung arrives and goes to check on Ah Jung while Seung Jo tries to find out if Secretary Moon let anything slip.

Ah Jung walks up and meets Secretary Kim and is about to reveal Se Kyung’s Cheongdamdong dreams but Se Kyung covers her mouth. Ah Jung ends up crying about how sad poor Han Se’s life is. After they walk out, Seung Jo confirms from Secretary Moon that he kept the ruse going. Secretary Moon glares at him and says “shadow warrior?!?!?” He gets up to go to the bathroom and then sends a text saying he left, telling Seung Jo to clean up the mess himself.

Seung Jo runs out and finds Se Kyung trying to rouse the sleeping Ah Jung in the stairwell. Seung Jo hits her a few times but she won’t wake up. He finally piggybacks her and poor Seung Jo almost buckles under her weight. As they walk home, Seung Jo wonders when Se Kyung moved to this new place?

As Seung Jo is about to put Ah Jung in bed, she throws up on his back and he freaks out. Se Kyung goes to clean up his coat while he looks around her room. He smiles when looking at the Han family portrait and then he sees Yoon Joo’s diary. As he’s about to open it up, Se Kyung’s dad walks in asking who he is? Seung Jo turns around and the two men stare at each other. Se Kyung returns and everyone is dragged outside to talk.

The family stares at poor Seung Jo while asking Se Kyung how she got to know the President of Artemis. Se Jin says it was because of the In Chan bag scandal and Se Kyung wrote a letter to the President. Dad thanks the President but wonders why he’s willing to help Se Kyung? Seung Jo says the President isn’t helping her, he’s getting help. Se Kyung’s sincerity touched him and he’s discovered there is still a person as good as Se Kyung in this world.

Dad asks Seung Jo about his parents and he says he doesn’t have any. His mom died when he was in junior high and he’s lost touch with his dad. Dad asks Mom to grab some snacks and soju and asks if Seung Jo is married. Se Kyung keeps trying to shush her dad but Seung Jo smiles and says he’s still single and turns to give Se Kyung a quick glance. Mom comes out with the soju and Dad pours Seung Jo a glass and the two men drink.

Dad asks Sung Jo where he went to school and Se Kyung keeps trying to end the conversation. Seung Jo reveals he studied art in Paris. Dad says he wishes he could send Se Kyung to Paris. Seung Jo says his dad didn’t approve so he went by himself and took on part time jobs to pay for tuition. He learned the hard way that when one has nothing, there is nothing to fear. He realized that one can fall to depths of despair, but from that low point he regained his energy for life and started over again. Dad sighs and says he never imagined that at his age he would be living in a rental and asking for help now. Dad asks if getting energy back means all the hardship can be overcome? Seung Jo says yes, especially since Dad has the support and love of his family.

Se Kyung walks Seung Jo out and thanks him for today. She asks how he knew she moved? Seung Jo admits that he followed her home that day when she learned that In Chan took her money and left the country. He was worried something might happen. Se Kyung smiles and then changes the subject, asking why he poured soysauce on Tommy Hong? She asks if he really did it? Seung Jo says he didn’t do it just for her, Tommy Hong also insulted the President of Artemis.

Se Kyung smiles and says he did well. She raises her hand and Seung Jo waves back at her like a dork. Se Kyung smiles and asks if he doesn’t know what a high five is. They smile and high five each other, their hands not letting go immediately. Se Kyung finally lowers her head and pulls her hand back.

She walks back inside and Seung Jo smiles as she leaves, then stares down at his hand with an even bigger smile. Seung Jo walks down the street and does a little hop skip action. He’s beyond adorable. Se Kyung sits in her room and looks at the red bow that Seung Jo accidentally left on the camera box and she smiles. Ah Jung stirs awake on the bed.

Se Kyung takes care of the hung over Ah Jung, revealing that Seung Jo took her to the home of the President of Artemis. Ah Jung is just happy Secretary Kim is not a fraud. Se Kyung gets a text from Seung Jo asking to meet at a fancy French restaurant tomorrow to prepare for the party. Se Kyung smiles and says Seung Jo works so hard at helping her out. Ah Jung warns Se Kyung not to fall for Secretary Kim, apparently she heard from Secretary Moon that Secretary Kim is butt poor. Se Kyung deletes her long reply text and just sends back a yes.

In Hwa hears that her family is dining with President Nam tonight at the same fancy French restaurant. Yoon Joo reads in the news about the new connection between GN Fashion and Royal Group. Her brother wonders why the two families are getting closer. Her brother asks if Royal will turn down the marriage alliance and Yoon Joo says no, Royal needs the connection more. Her brother says its a done deal then and Yoon Joo will be seeing Seung Jo from now on. Yoon Joo says Seung Jo claims its over between them and he never wants to see her again.

Yoon Joo gets a call from her husband that she is dining with the family tonight along with President Nam. Yoon Joo tries calling Seung Jo who ignores her call. He reads about GN Fashion’s donation to the Royal Group online. She’s in the car freaking out and finally steps on the accelerator.

Se Kyung and Seung Jo arrive at the French restaurant and he claims its for a tasting of the party menu so she can plan the right outfit. He starts describing the dishes but Se Kyung knows them all and can say it in French. He compliments her, saying her accent is better than his. Se Kyung says she worked hard in her dorky way to learn French. Se Kyung asks if he’s seen Before Sunrise? Like in the movie, where the couple pretends to call each other as a way to reveal their real feelings, she used to pretend to call a friend studying in France and speak French to improve her grasp of the language.

Seung Jo offers to do it with her right now and calls her. Se Kyung hesitates before answering and they start speaking French. Seung Jo asks where she is and Se Kyung says a restaurant. He asks with who and she says a person she knows. He asks if its a man and she says yes. He asks if its a date and Se Kyung says no, she’s working. He warns her because its a man. Se Kyung says he’s not like that. Se Kyung says initially she thought he was weird but…… Seung Jo stops pretending and asks in Korean what she means by weird. He calls her Han Se like Ah Jung does and she picks up the pretend call again but now they speak Korean.

Seung Jo asks why she’s working with a strange man? Se Kyung says its not the man who is weird, it’s she who is strange these days. He knows that she’s can be like that, right? She ends the call saying she has to get back to work. Seung Jo looks taken aback and ends the pretend call. Se Kyung asks if they can eat now, she’s hungry. Seung Jo says to go right ahead.

Min Hyuk and In Hwa arrive at the restaurant, talking about Yoon Joo missing this dinner because she was in an accident. They walk past and then Seung Jo and Se Kyung walk out. They run into President Nam in the hallway and Dad takes note of Se Kyung. Seung Jo asks Se Kyung to wait for him outside and grabs President Nam to talk, acting all casual. President Nam watches Se Kyung leave and asks Seung Jo if he’s here dining with his girlfriend?

Seung Jo says his personal life is none of his business and walks away. Dad follows him and says he has right to be interested in his son’s personal life. Seung Jo asks why he’s cosplaying his dad now, and reveals that he knows Dad is doing something with GN Fashion. He tells Dad that it won’t work. Dad asks Seung Jo to come back, he needs him. Seung Jo says he knows Dad needs him and there is always a cost.

Seung Jo still remembers what his dad said on the day he signed away his inheritance. Dad said that he paid for Seung Jo’s entire life and for that Seung Jo has to live according to Dad’s wishes There is nothing free even between parents and children. Dad smiles and says this is the business law in this world. If Seung Jo accepts this then he can succeed. But Seung Jo is still the same idealistic naive self. That is why he can be played by others, hurt by others. Does Seung Jo think his little revenge succeeded in doing anything?

Dad walks away and we can see both men take deep breaths. Se Kyung finds Seung Jo walking through the lobby and asks if anything happened? He says nothing and asks if she wants to have a drink with him.

They go to the pojanmacha to drink. She drinks and asks if he is a light weight when he doesn’t drink. He admits it and says that he has nothing yet he has high tastes. Seung Jo confesses that he lied to Se Kyung – he said he lost contact with his dad but in truth he knows where his dad is but he doesn’t want to see him. Se Kyung says nothing and Seung Jo asks why she’s not peppering him with questions like she usually does. Se Kyung says she doesn’t feel like its the right time to ask questions. Seung Jo says she has 100 questions for the President but none for Seung Jo.

Se Kyung says there is a lot that is similar between herself and Seung Jo. He doesn’t think so since she has a good relationship with her dad. His father has never complimented him in his entire life. No matter what he does its not good enough for his dad. That is why he doesn’t want to see his dad. But what’s funny is that his dad still matters to him. When he sees his dad, he wants to hide his weakness and show all his strengths in front of him.

Se Kyung asks if he really never once complimented Seung Jo? He smiles and takes a swig of the soju. Se Kyung stands up and wants to give him a high five. Seung Jo stands up and they high five, holding hands afterwards. Se Kyung says he did well and everything from now on will go well for him. He says the same for her.

Suddenly Se Kyung gets jostled and she falls into Seung Jo’s arms. They stand there just holding each other.

As Se Kyung comes to her senses and tries to push herself off, Seung Jo tightens his arm around her waist and pulls her back into his arms. They stand there, their faces just an inch apart and both of them clearly totally in the moment. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THIS MOMENT IS SO HOT I COMBUSTED JUST BY WATCHING IT.

Seung Jo leans in but Se Kyung is the first to turn her face and move out of his arms. He lets her go and takes a deep breath before saying they ought to leave now.

Seung Jo and Se Kyung walk down the street and she tells him to go home now, the bus stop is right there. He tells her to have a safe trip home. Se Kyung walks off and calls Yoon Joo, who answers in the hospital. Se Kyung asks what the first danger of the three dangers Yoon Joo said she might encounter is? Yoon Joo pauses and then says “love.”

Se Kyung stops and turns around, and there is Seung Jo standing there waving at her with a giant smile on his face. Se Kyung stares at him and you can see how her heart is hurting. OMG I’m crying here from the thought of either of them hurting each other or any misunderstandings. T___T I can’t handle it and its not even here yet. Drama, why are you so fucking perfect?

Thoughts of Mine:

Raise your hand if you alternated between swooning, laughing, and almost crying in this episode alone? Which incompetent person was in charge of the promos over at SBS, because this drama was one of the worst promoted offerings I’ve ever seen. The posters suck, the character stills were pretty fugly, the trailers were dreadful, and never have I been that down in the dumps before a drama aired starring one of my favorites as I was before CA. Episode 1 was admittedly choppy and that added to my worries, but by episode 2 this drama took off and since then hasn’t looked back. My mind is already going a mile a minute on all the possibilities as to what might happen, and how the various relationships will all unfold. Will In Hwa try to personally win Seung Jo’s heart, or use her brains and try to persuade him that a marriage alliance will be mutually beneficial? Will Seung Jo try to play GN Fashion against Royal Group, or really is he completely done with his revenge as he told Yoon Joo. I was really moved by the honesty in his conversation with her in the hallway, when she told him what he needed to do to make this new relationship work. I don’t think she still loves him, though she clearly once did, but she’s a ballsy woman and once she moved on she wasn’t looking back and I love that about her. I think even if she finds out Se Kyung is the girl she won’t turn into a crazed jealous bitch trying to undermine her.

I’m totally loving all the side characters, from exasperated Secretary Moon, befuddled Driver Kim, amused Dong Wook, and in-the-know BFF Ah Jung. It’s like Se Kyung and Seung Jo are surrounded by a support group that is slowly forming a circle around both of them, and I couldn’t feel happier knowing that their growing relationship is being watched over and likely protected by others who can see how perfect they are for each other. While Seung Jo has been getting all the attention since his character does all the hilarious things for Se Kyung, her character development really took a great leap forward in this episode as she slowly revealed hints to Seung Jo about how she views him. She also shows through her reactions to the handholding and the embrace-almost-kiss scene that he affects her like a man, and its clear that Seung Jo is cognizant of this as well. They are not trying to hide their growing affection for each other, but neither is pushing the relationship forward faster then its naturally progressing. God how I adore them so. Seung Jo is such a unique hero and Se Kyung hits all the Candy traits but doesn’t fall into a paper cut out stereotype. Not to mention Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo brings their characters so vividly to life that I already can’t imagine anyone else in the roles. SBS is just killing me with the lack of previews, but this allows me to imagine all sorts of naughty things in my mind, right? πŸ˜€

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 6 Recap — 105 Comments

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    Who knew that PSH AND MGY would be sizzling on screen despite their age difference? Their chemistry just sizzles off the screen.

  2. Thank you koala unni. OMG I love this episode. Although, I hate her sister. I love the friendships and the interactions of everyone except the sister due to she is spoiled brat. Omg I was screaming kiss her.. Wow the chemistry was sizzling. I can not wait to watch it again with subs. I just hope not until 3 am like yesterday. I love this drama, king if drama, and school 2013…

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  4. I never thought that I would fallen in love with CCDA this much! PSH as SJC is just so dorky adorable lovable goofy with multiple personality awesome guy. I think I will have to hold onto something once the s@$t hit the fan. I don’t know how I will take it once I see him get hurt due to misunderstanding later on.
    I agree with Ockoala unni PSH & MGY chemistry… this OTP is so hot that it can melt all the left over snow here in Seoul hehehe
    Thank you Ockoala unni for your wonderful recap, I may not always agree with your comments but with CCDA I am right behind you!

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    I just one tiny question. Didn’t Seongjo recognized Sekyung’s Dad from tv when he watched his dad?

  6. Seung Jo looked SO HOT when he wanted to kiss Se Kyung!!! His eyes were locked onto her lips and you can just feel the intensity of how much he wanted to kiss her! OMG. *Fanning self* Park Shi Hoo was such a great kisser in Prosecuter Princess too. I can’t wait for it to happen in this drama. Even though Se Kyung didn’t give the same “longing” feeling of wanting to kiss Seung Jo in that scene I’m guessing it’s because she was startled and unsure of her feelings for SJ still. But I did notice that once Yoon Joo said the first big crisis was “love” Se Kyung immediately turned around to look back at Seung Jo like she realized she just might be falling in love with Seung Jo! I don’t know how I can wait for next week. I am more excited about the next episode than I am for Christmas! LOVE CA!

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    When Seung Jo tightens his arm around her waist and pulls her back into his arms. Yes… It was so HOT… very very HOT! Now I can’t wait for their kiss…

  8. I totally agree with EVERYTHING u said!!! This episode was amazing!!! I’ve seen the ending like 10 times!!! and I felt I need more so I was waiting for your comments and needed feedback of how incredible it was!!!

    What I love about this drama is the freaking awesome main actor!!! he is amazing! I already loved the main actress so its always nice to see her, but SJ makes me think that is how the main actor from “Lie to me” shouldve been. He was serious and cold at the beginning and then he change to a dorky guy with no reason. In this drama he is really a dorky but pretends to be serious, just with her, he is dorky all the time!! haha thats why I love him!!

    How he did “ring ring ring ring” it was incredibly cute!!! I just love this two!!!!

    Thanks for your recaps and comments!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Ah jung is so much like the Chesire cat character πŸ™‚ And it’s really breaking my heart before it even aired if SJ found out that SK is actually using him. And What would SK do to redeem herself??? Otoke?!!!

  10. Thanks Ms Koala for the recaps and yes I love this episode. One minute I’m laughing so hard that hubby thinks I’ve gone insane and next I feel like crying just seeing how naturally their relationship is growing for each other. Who would have thought these two would have such amazing chemistry and dang it I love it when I’m proven wrong. Can’t wait for next weeks episodes.

  11. I have to say, I never really understood the Park Shi Hoo love. Until now. I ADORE Seung Jo, not to mention his posse of therapist/secretary/driver types. PSH and MGY are adorable together.

  12. “As Se Kyung comes to her senses and tries to push herself off, Seung Jo tightens his arm around her waist and pulls her back into his arms. They stand there. their faces just an inch apart and both of them clearly totally in the moment. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THIS SCENE IS SO HOT I COMBUSTED JUST BY WATCHING IT.”


    That scene…wow…I’m still hyperventilating like…WHOA!!!!!! Now that’s what I call EXPLOSIVE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!

    • Tell me about it…!!! I kinda wanted to cry from happiness in that scene.. like, what the heck happened to me? why am i digging this OTP so much that i want them to date in real life???

  13. OMG!!!! the almost kiss scene was totally awesome! i was yelling like a mad woman: kiss her damn it! and you, KISS HIM!!!!!
    I think the strategy from the PR people was to set the bar really low so that the drama itself would catch the views. You are right, the teasers sucked and the plot info available made it sound like a drama full of cliches and shenanigans but i’m glad they proved me wrong and i gave them a chance. Now, i just can’t get enough!!!!!
    Seung Jo is such a complicated character and PSH is doing it perfect, i can laugh, cry and fall in love with him every single minute. MGY is the perfect acting match for him, she’s nailing Se Kyung’s complicated character, she’s a nice girl to the core but has to fight the world and change herself into somebody else. It’s also necessary to mention that PSH and MGY have great chemistry on screen, i want more skinship, high fives, trippings, dinners, etc… us viewers need some action!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!
    I also think that the supportng characters are the perfect complement to our leads, it wouldn’t be same to watch SJ without Secretary Moon or the Doc… the same applies to SK, AJ is the best bud a girl can have. About the baddies, i’m actually happy that YJ is not the evil character and is actually trying to help SK to achieve her goal to become a CDD wife and in this episode she showed she had moved on from her previous relationship with SJ and is wishing him happiness… thank you, writer nim! finally a character that is not stuck in the past! i would love to have her as my frenemy….
    We now that the tide is starting to rise there will be many misunderstandings ahead, and as you mentioned the lack of previews are also messing my poor brain thinking about all the possible scenarios to come.
    Thank you for the recap!!! πŸ™‚

  14. Hmmmmm

    ( a moment…)


    I’m so freaking in love with this show!!!

    I’ve been on hiatus for like 2 years of not watching korean dramas because I just can’t seem to catch anything to my fancy.

    I love MGY and I <3*2 PSH!! Thus I decided to choose this show but the first episode bored me. I skipped and watched episode 4!

    Now ep 6 is so awesome!

    The way they fall in love is so natural. Their chemistry is so cute. I don't even notice that he's that much older than her. To be honest, I always see that MGY has a very mature personality despite her young looks. Thus, in my head she always seems older than her age. (Weird?)

    I don't hate anyone in this so (so far) and that's hard for korean dramas…

    I actually feel bad for YS when she wished PSH good luck, to be more careful this time, and not be hurt so that both of them can live. I feel that despite what she aimed for, in her heart she still holds a dear place for him.


    • COMPLETELY, I LOVE your comment “combusted”, I too am combusted and will be dead if there is no happy ending here, I will need to hold on to everyone not to loose my mind through the rollercoaster I think we are about to expereince

  15. First, thank you capt k for the recaps as always. I don’t always remember to say it explicitly. πŸ™‚
    Second, our otp is on fire!!! I agree that there must have been some incompetent people behind the promos. But also I remember that the otp wasn’t all that comfortable yet at the press conference either. But whatever, they have their characters in fire now and my wish came true with them having a lot of scenes together. I have watched ep 6 now 4 times without subs and once with c subs. Theses two are irresistible and oh so adorable together. It’s a different kind of awesome chemistry – almost more mature in a way. My heart is already worrying bout their future pains. His father said that people can easily play him and I really wish that sk could protect him.

    I too love the conversation btw yj and him in the hallway. I actually think it would be 100 times awesome if yj, sk and sj had a three way alliance with one another to battle yj’s mil and sj’s father. My mind is spinning with all the different possibilities of things that could happen… In hwa is definitely a huge threat. I am sure she will go the business route which probably is why sj’s father likes her cause he’s all business business even in personal matters. She and tommy know that jtc is sj. Tommy seems like he is on in hwa side of things but I am guessing that sk is gonna need someone to console her when the crap hits the fan so he seems likely to be the one. I feel like yj needs to step it up and help her hubby battle in hwa. I imagine that sk’s father int going to like sj much once he finds out who his father really is.

    There are a lot of hidden secrets here… Layers and layers… Please let us have a lot of loving and cute moments btw our otp and stuff before it all comes crashing down.

    I am so glad that our two sleuths fleshed out secretary Kim a little. And that sk noticed that he wore expensive clothing. I did feel a little bad for him when he commented that she has a 100 questions for the president but none for him, as the secretary. πŸ™

    Such an awesome episode!!

    • I forgot to mention the almost kiss scene. Omg I could feel the tension.,, fans self. Squeeel … When can we have a real kiss? Please, pretty please with a cherry on top?

  16. I love this drama. I spent the day waiting for the subs to get into the 90s so I could watch without missing any juicy details. I haven’t had much time to watch dramas at all this year with a full time job and a toddlers running around (and a husband, so really two kids running around). But the baby was sick last weekend and I was sick this weekend so I found myself with actual time to kill and tried this drama on a whim after reading recaps for the first two episodes… so happy I did. I marathoned the first four last week and waited impatiently for the weekend to come so I could get my fix. This is definitely one of the best developed series I’ve seen in some time. At first it looked like we were heading into Makjang Crazyland (my least favorite stop on the KDrama train) but Park Shi Hoo is too hilarious for this show to ever get over the top depressing.

    My only comment is that I like Yoon Joo but she is being so foolish right now. There is no way that President Cha is going to out her to her in-laws because that would implicate his son and the whole deal would be off. And he’s got just as much to lose as she does… as she pointed out, he needs this to work out more than GN does. There’s no need to be getting yourself banged up in traffic accidents. Just meet with the guy and tell him you’re in the family too so that he knows to play it cool.

    • My guess is yoon joo and cha il lam had more going than just taking the 30,000. And that was what cause cha swung joo’s mental condition. Because pah mentions in an interview that if you knew what he had been thru, you would understand why he is so wacky.

  17. Yeah, the awesome just keeps on coming. Have to say that I love what the music director is doing also. I LOL’d at the scene where SJ gives her the gifts and the background music is “Santa Baby”!

  18. I raise both my hands : ) Fully agree with you. Thanks for the effort of writing a detailed recap. I love to read your views of this episode also. I am looking for the next episode.

  19. @ ockoala (or to the KPlayground) πŸ™‚

    Must there really be (huge) misunderstandings? I mean, is there no other way of moving the narrative along without falling back on the usual misunderstanding…?

    Anyway, so far, so good but I’m (reluctantlyβ€”not 100% invested yet) watching so as to not suffer a great big disappointment during the latter half. Hoping *crossing fingers* it won’t come to that.

  20. Just like you, I was totally underwhelmed by Ep. 1! But thank god I stuck around until Ep. 3 totally suck me in till now! I’m gonna stay around until the end because I really want these two to marry in the end!!!!

    Am I the only one that’s bother by PSH keep wearing his SJ Cha bracelet that he made with Yoon Joo?! Even when SK ask him about the bracelet, he was wearing his…it really bothers me…LOL…because for me, it’s like a symbol of him still loving Yoon Joo…I’m wondering if PSH really loves that bracelet, that’s why he wears it and the drama team totally didn’t care or missed it?!…

    Anyways, this week almost kiss was awesome!

    I really love PSH in this drama, he is totally perfect! but I also have to give credit to the writer for writing his character really well! Really well to the point that I felt like it totally overshadow SK’s character, when she’s the main character…it wasn’t until today’s episode that I feel a little better about her character, but I’m not totally pull into it yet and I really don’t want to doubt Geun Young cuz I really love her, and I hate how PSH’s fans dis her in his blog too….

    • I was wondering about that bracelet too – I kept being distracted by it in the second half of the episode. I wonder why he was wearing it? I hope the writers give us a good explanation for that, because otherwise, just no. I do not want him to still have lingering feelings for YJ. And I don’t think he does, beyond wanting his petty revenge, which even that I feel he’s over now that his days are full of Han Se-kyung.

    • It’s not the same bracelet. SJ gave YJ’s back to her in episode 2, remember? His is in the accessory case which is where SK found it. He’s been wearing a different bracelet that looks similar. The one that he and YJ wore had an open cuff, this one is closed the entire way around. I’m pretty sure the bracelet is product placement hence both are likely from the same jeweler hence the similar designs.

  21. Who knew this couple would be so… PERFECT! <3 They have the sizzling hot I-want-you-now chemistry as well as the confidant, comfortable, friend chemistry. That was the hottest almost-kiss scene aldkjfalkdfj I LOVE THIS DRAMA! I did not expect to fall for this drama at all. I am dying from lack of previews and in need of the next episodes ASAP, please.

    Who did the promotions for this show? Why were they so lousy?

    A few more things. Seung Jo and his dad need to get some parent-child counseling. If Se Kyung and Seung Jo were to get married, it would be one awkward meeting between the parents. Yoon Ju is awesome. I really like her. This is the first drama I've liked So Yi Hyun in. I am so curious about how she will react once she finds out about Se Kyung and Seung Jo. Furthermore, I hope she and her husband really do love each other even if it started from desiring wealth and status.

  22. I honestly feel that Park Shi Hoo IS the Chemistry in this OTP (whatever that stands for — i just know that it means main couple). MGY doesn’t do anything for me. I feel that her acting and facial expressions are similar to her previous characters…it which is a bit dry for me. Park Shi Hoo, on the otherhand, is totally across the board..hilarious and captivating (and OH SO stunning in his suits…yumminess)

    • Hi Elisabeth! πŸ™‚

      I agree PSH is wickedly funny and handsome in this drama.
      You’re entitled to your opinion about MGY’s acting…However, I think MGY’s facial expressions here are different from her previous dramas. Have you seen “Cinderella Sister”? How about “Painter of the Wind” where she won Daesang Award? I don’t remember her in these 2 sample dramas displaying the same facial expressions she displayed here in CA. The first one she played an unsmiling character, while in the second, she played the role of a girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy painter in a historical period.

      Do you remember in episode 3, where she scolded Seung Jo for using the country accent when Seung Jo confronted her about the “cheap-looking” bracelet she gave the Chairman? At the end of that dialogue she stuck her tongue out like a child. It was funny! I don’t remember seeing that from MGY in her previous dramas. Have you?

      Anyway we all have preferences so it’s okay if you’re not yet feeling MGY’s acting. There’s 12 episodes to go; hopefully she’ll show something different soon and one that you’ll like. Hang in there! πŸ™‚

      • @bashful:

        I was laughing so hard when I was reading Elizabeth’s posting because I just finished Cinderella’s Sister yesterday. The same kind of acting? LOL. Cinderella’s Sister was by no means a great drama, but dramabeans and many online respectable bloggers still chose her performance in CS as one of the best in 2010. Part of the reason was also that she played the cute in Mary Stayed Out all Night, in which she showed a complete different but equally convincing character.

        MGY didn’t disappoint me. I like PSH a lot from this drama, but I guess I’ve seen a similar kind of character in “Greatest Love” and “Protect the Boss” so I am more invested in all the female characters in CA. But surely, PSH’s character is surely more favorable and likeable, but I find MGY’s character more realistic and more relatable, at least for me.

        No need to have an argument over who is a better lead than the other one. I always see drama as a constellation of characters and everyone is important.

      • Huge MGY fan here who loved reading all your comments! No matter how crappy the drama is MGY always delivers and she has played a very diverse set of roles. In my humble opinion, no one is at par with her talent from her generation of actresses! Plus, I heard she was great in “Closer” too! Here to share the love for MGY! And PSH too πŸ™‚

    • I would really recommend the first four episodes of Cinderella’s Sister. MGY totally completely transformed into EJ, who was unfeeling and bitchy on the outside but vulnerable and longing for love inside. The scene where CJM pulled her hair down is ABSOLUTELY DAEBAK! Not only that MGY was gorgeous in that scene (like hair shampoo advertisement, but her facial expression looked like a wounded animal). Swoon..such a formidable actress! No wonder dahee claims that MGY is love of her life! You

      • Thanks @ennui for a very good description of MGY’s character in Cinderella Sister…Loved that CJM pulling her hair scene too. But my favorite scene in Cinderella Sister, was when she cried after not catching up to CJM’s character who left. She brilliantly showed the pain of someone who lost her first love. **tears,tears*** Though it was of a lesser punch, she demonstrated that same brilliance, that same heart-break when she cried at the Han River in episode 3, after learning So In Chan’s character left for Brazil with her savings…
        I can hardly wait to see how she will act out the scene where she would learn Sec. Kim is really the Chairman.

      • “The scene where CJM pulled her hair down is ABSOLUTELY DAEBAK!” Totally agree with you about that scene.

    • Well, MGY didn’t win so many awards for nothing. U’ll be spellbound if u have watch “Painter of the Wind”. Her portfolios have most of the male leads waiting in line. But then of cos, everyone is entitled to their own opinion just like I am entitled to mine.

  23. Right again, Koala! That embrace + almost kiss was (almost!) hotter than an actual kiss. Who knew MGY & PSH would have this kind of crackling, magnetic chemistry?!

    P.S. It’s okay about no video previews…. that way, they can stay frozen in what I’m sure is the favorite scene for all of us. πŸ˜€

  24. Korean dramas have high production value, but I’ve been lately disappointed in the stories. I even got bored with K2H. But I’m so in love with this show. The writers have done something really amazing: 1. The characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional 2. The turn of events in each episode are truly unexpected. Drinking benzene – totally didn’t see that coming although when I rewatched the episode the writers totally set that up: SJ was complaining of hunger & thirst and even got distracted by a vending machine. And the hug at the end of episode 6 – really had no idea she was going to get pushed like that. 3. Finally, the growing affection between the leads are believable – both had good reasons to be drawn to one another. And their relationship is multi-faceted. SK is obviously genuine with SJ and he with her despite both having motives they’re not revealing to the other person. I like SK’s character so much: she’s smart, clever, realistic about the world and girl got backbone (I didn’t expect her to demand an apology from Tommy Hong!). Although she is desperate and sees marrying a rich guy as her only means out of poverty, you can tell she not at heart a conniving person. Although she wants to marry rich, it seems she’s not someone to easily use other people towards her ends. I can write a thesis on SJ and SK. Thanks for the recap. I think this show’s rating would be a lot higher if it’s aired at a different time slot. Saturday and Sunday nights – is that prime time? What a waste of a show. SBS should have moved this show to a better time slot.

  25. Thanks much Captain Koala for another awesome and exciting episode recap! I’m a fan of your drama recaps because your joy and appreciation for the drama really comes through in your writing. Thank you again! πŸ™‚

    What can I say that my fellow CA fans have not yet said?
    How about…I wish for more self-combustion-inducing scenes in the coming episodes! LOL! πŸ˜€

    Kudos to the writers for continuing the high level of entertainment. I thought the pretend-phone-French-conversation was very clever; not only does it offer proof of how Se Kyung mastered French despite not going to France, it provided a way for our OTP to communicate some of their unspoken true feelings for each other. So cute!

    Agree, agree. The side characters are so likeable. The misunderstandings that are about to occur give me worries and yet I can’t wait for next week and root for our OTP. Also, did I mention I love our OTP? While the dialogue and the plot are so captivating, they will be for naught if the execution from the lead actors is not there. But as we all agree, the execution is there, a very superb execution. Good Job PSH and MGY! Good Job writers! Keep it up! Fighting!!!

  26. I’m about to watch this episode. So excited!!

    Gosh, it feels like I was a drama pauper a month ago, and now I’m rolling in drama riches. I’m watching three incredible dramas–CA, School 2013, and King of Dramas (are you watching this? IT’S SO GOOD), and they just keep getting better and better.

    • I am SO behind dramas. Have yet to watch last week’s KoD episodes & School 2013 E4, AND haven’t even started this show. ughhh, I feel SO left behind. Everybody squeeing about this show isn’t helping any. NEED. TO. FIND. 14-15 HRS…somehow.

      • Yeah, I’m behind on School (only on E2) and I WAS totally behind on KoD until I marathoned 5 episodes yesterday. To be honest, KoD was in a little bit of a lull for me around episode 6 or so, but the comedy picked up again and the relationships are just so wonderful. I LOVED last week’s episodes.

        Dramas are time consuming! I hope you find the time to watch CA soon, though, because it is fabulous.

  27. Sigh.
    I’ve been live streaming this drama. I’ve since discovered it can only be watched if you have no one around you because even live, I was laughing, almost teary and then swooning the next moment.
    Even her saying ” thank you” was enough to bring a lump into my throat.

    You are so right Ms Koala, the stupid people promoting the drama needs to be sacked. This is such a good drama and we haven’t even kissed yet. I felt all choked up when he turned the high five into a hand hold. Oh boy.

  28. Thanks so much for your lovely recap, Koala!

    I am floored by how this drama keeps getting better. I love it practically to the point of tears. Cannot remember the last time I was this obsessed about a drama. PURE CRACK I TELL YOU.

    Totally agree with everything you said here. <3

    That scene at the pojangmacha. Hotter than ten thousand kdrama kisses. *fans self*

    I love how slow their relationship is progressing, and yet every moment is so fraught with tension and emotion. It's realistic and swoonworthy at the same time. It's a soul connection rather than a love connection. I think it beats Jae-ha/Hang-ah (sacrilege, I know!) because their was more a sexy connection, lol, and the soul stuff came later. But here they are lovely from the start. I love how they just GET each other, how they love being in each other's company. How they talk about their dreams and disappointments in front of each other.

    I am already wincing to think about the hurt and betrayal to come, like you. It hurts so good already! *whimpers*

    I really loved that scene where SJ sat down with SK's family and talked about his past in Paris, which I think he was honest about despite lying about his identity. I could see his words about how you become scared of yourself in front of poverty, and how you have to get your own head on straight and take the right path, really hit Se-kyung. I think she'll come back to this moment when she has her Great Realization that she made a mistake. And yet I think this conversation also shows the possibility for SJ understanding her decision and forgiving her because he has been in her shoes. *fangirls forever over the writing*

    Waiting for next week is going to be TORTURE.

    • Thanks sPark*! (love your handle, btw.)

      Another thing I forgot to mention:

      Baek Ah Yeon’s song for the soundtrack, “Daddy Long Legs” – which is gorgeous and perfect – made me think of the fact that this is kind of an upside down DLL story (yet ANOTHER literary reference, lol. The writers sure love them). Rather than the secret benefactor the girl doesn’t know about, it’s the Daddy Long Legs figure that doesn’t know he’s being the girl’s benefactor. Which is perfect for an Alice in Wonderland inspired story, because everything is upside-down and backwards in Wonderland. Even the Mad Hatter has turned into the Handsome Prince. πŸ™‚

    • I hear you. They GET each other, in all the ways that matter. And more importantly, we (the audience) see how and why they totally get each other. It’s like when SJ asked her why she never asks questions about him but has a gazillion questions for Jean Thierry Cha and SK said that it’s because she feels like she already knows him.

  29. THANK YOU πŸ™‚ This drama is turning out to be so addicting HEHE
    PSH and MGY are amazing together….SO CHARGED MOMENTS <3 omg haha

  30. SIGH!!!!!

    can saturday be today now? i just want to continue watching this show so much…

    i love both the main leads individually…i’ve loved PSH since family’s honor but i was not loyal with his shows after FH for some reasons. Somehow his silliness in FH overshadowed his other characters after FH, in my point of view…but when i watched his antics in episode 2 of CA, i said to myself, “Oh, yeah! He’s back!!!”

    as for MGY, i’ve watched the girl grew up in movies/dramas and i love her since time immemorial. i agree with ms koala, i can’t think other actress to portray HSK..she’s doing a good job in portraying her role…the chemistry that we are so crazy about right now will not have same impact if it is not MGY playing HSK opposite PSH…just the right chemistry for SK and SJ played by an actress and an actor that we never thought would click on-screen but because they are very good that we experience this chemistry right now.

    i’m thankful that MGY took this drama. i may not have finished MSOAN (eventhough i love so much the geun-geun couple) because of the writing, but i have always agree that MGY is a naturalist in tackling a role…..she really deserved being the youngest recipient of Daesang award…

  31. I have to say a mea culpa for running my 2012 OTP poll too early. I said in that post that the only remaining drama OTP left in 2012 was Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo in Cheongdamdong Alice
    well there’ll always be a 2013 poll, especially since the rest of the show will air in 2013

  32. Did anyone else notice the sister-in-law also had a red phone like SK’s new phone?? Maybe I just have poor eyesight, but that could cause trouble… Ah. I love this show.

    • Hi Katie! I noticed it too. But I didn’t think it was important because even the lead actress in “Five Fingers” drama have the same one too. I just thought it must be latest model of that cell phone. πŸ™‚ However, now that you mention it, maybe it will be a source of trouble-a cell phone switch-a-roo revealing secrets! Ohh, that could be painful. We shall see in the coming episodes, if so…

  33. I nearly died when he grabbed her waist and pulled her back.. Props to her for being able to stay relatively composed haha I would have been a goner. Show, please don’t ever change.

  34. I am never a huge fan of PSH! I liked him so so at Princess’ man, he did a good acting job there, but to me, his face was just too mellow like he’s ready to cry. But in this drama, I hv the chance to see many expressions that he can make! He is super talented. Nobody, no-body could ever replace him as Jean Thierry Cha! That smile, that look, the fake cries + the first sincere cry when he read her letter, and his ridiculously crazy narcism expression. I love love love it. Love the characters, they are all so real and relatable. And like you mentioned before, the writers really did a great job, I also love all the characters, from the desperate daddy to materialistic Yoon Joo to smarty TOmmy H. I feel for all the characters. I hope PSH can win the best actor for next year!

  35. I’ve just only saw raw version. That’s why ur recap is really awesome for me especially your comments for this drama. Thx for loving this drama:-) i don’t know ur site before .I read one comment in dramabeam that koala love MGY. So, i started google ur page and love this page. Yes, MGY she’s the only one idol i love in the world. Aww, forget to say i’m crush with PSH since his drama How to meet a perfect neighbour till now. He has killer smile. πŸ™‚ PSH <3 MGY= PERFECT COUPLE

    Btw, there are two things that make me feel sad in this episode.
    1. Sj ask why there are a lot question for cha but none for me. Yes, definitely he want to describe his emotion now but Sk didn't accept it πŸ™ how sad..
    2. Sk know love is crisis for her goal. At that moment..yes, at the moment she looks to Sj πŸ™
    Your're recap make me sad !_!

  36. I loved this episode, like I love them all this show is just amazing and defiantly one of my favorites (other one of course being Nice Guy). Still I love how the plot plays out and how the characters interact with each other, clearly the actors know what their doing and did their homework. French is my second language and every time it is mentioned I love hearing the characters punctuation especially Moon Geun Young character’s. Thank you for your recaps they get me through my weekends while I wait for the subbing, catch your next one next week till then Peace, Love and all that stuff.
    -Wol Jinju(aka Mae Pearl)

  37. I’m glad I’m wrong in this case because I thought this was going to be just any other typical kdrama, and I WAS WRONG. I did, of course, give it a chance by watching the first episode, I kept going and by episode 3 I was completely hooked. JFC the romance/chemistry is heating up. Who knows a simple high-five can be so romantic? *SWOON*

  38. really have to agree with you about the almost kissing, both of them really acted so well and it convince me..he was touched and the desire was there ..while she was caught in of the moment..but they let it slide and back to the normality like a friend…I feel SK will end up falling in love with SJ not knowing that he is in the league of the rich..and she will let it go once she knows that he is…and he is already falling in love with her while denying it to his Doctor friend…Thanks for the awesome recaps and you sure a good judge of drama, which worth watching.

  39. Thanks for the recap! Totally agree…chemistry of off the hook for SJ and SK! I’m rooting for them and hoping SK doesn’t do a repeat of YJ on SJ. He is 100% adorable in this episode! This drama is surprisingly awesome. I did not know those were wedding/engagement bracelets?

  40. A lot of people are hating SH because she is going to fake herself to get SJ, but thing is…….. he fell in love for her true self, she didn’t decieve him and she also fell in love for the guy with lots of debts that she thinks is in the same situation as her.

    Nobody deceived anyone. they were true to themselves.

    • This is exactly the comment I was going to make.
      Both of them are NOT being truthful about themselves – who they are and what they really want from each other – so I call that even.

      But everything else is honest. Both are transparent to each other.
      She has let him see her at her worst, and doesn’t hide her faults.
      I don’t know if he is even capable of hiding anything from her. She owns him right now.

      He WAS disinherited and cut off without a centime before he went to Paris. He does know what it feels like to be desperately poor.

  41. This drama is waaay better than Missing You. Park Shi Hoo is… wow. This really reminds me of prosecutor princess, though. KSY is a much stronger actress, though IMHO.

  42. Usually when I love a drama as much as I do this one, I can hardly wait for the subbed eps. to become available. But I kept putting off watching this ep. because I didn’t want the experience of watching the episode for the first time to be behind me. I knew it was gonna make me swoon and I just want to draw out and savor the sweetness of this slowly-falling-in-love phase for as long as possible. It’s hard to beat the headiness of nascent love, especially when the OTP is so awesome and their relationship is allowed to blossom ever so slowly.

    I agree with what Laica said about the scene where SJ sat down with SK’s family. I think in addition to getting SK to really start admiring SJ, it also made her realize that he admires her, too. Even though he was responding to SK’s dad’s question (about why the president was helping SK) with what allegedly were someone else’s (the president’s) feelings, he conveyed them with such sincerity that SK had to know that SJ genuinely felt them too. I think she’s really starting to see that underneath this rambunctious puppy, beats the heart of a good man.

    Koala~ One of the things I appreciate the most about your blog is the ardor with which you write about the dramas that you really love. It feeds my/our own love for the drama and makes the journey so much richer. Thanks for the lovefest!

  43. Oh dear, it went from “like” to “LOVE” in 5 seconds after today’s episode. Whoooooaaaa…where did that come from?!

    I know the answer. Pretend phone convo. Ah, they just had to use a scene from one of my favorite films, don’t they? And they did it in such a cute way, too! I absolutely luv it! I love the sudden switch in their expressions from playful to serious, it totally mimicked Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy’s poignant scene in Before Sunrise.

    And how much do I love that there is none of the usual bickering, wrist-grabbing, and other shenanigans in K-dramaland? The OTP is actually talking and getting to know each other like normal people! Who knew? πŸ˜‰

  44. Thank you so much for your thorough recap Miss K πŸ˜‰
    You know this OTP is like playing a merry go round; we enjoy watching them, they enjoy playing it..

    So loveable!

  45. wuooo… wuooo… wuooo… *speechless + spazzing + fanning my self on wrist grabbed scene* wuooo… here comes the sparkle hehehe…

  46. Oh wow , man this blew me away
    this is amazing cant wait to watch recaps just make me mad for more

    cant wait , seriously i am so getting on a bus internet too slow here

  47. raises both hands! although i am really glad we were given those sucked up promos making us have low expectations for CA, doubling the delight we have now.

    thank you for the recaps! this is just so amazing. πŸ™‚

  48. I remembered Flower Boy Ramyun Shop was poorly promoted as well, and it became my favourite drama ever. Cheongdamdong Alice is fast falling in that category. It’s equal parts crazy and heartfelt and I love when there’s just chemistry flying off the screen /squeals

  49. I’m sorry Geun-Geun shippers but PSH and MGY’s chemistry is out of this world!!!! In the last scene i thought my screen would explode… Damn it CA, u r killing me!!!!

  50. I haven’t watched a drama this perfect and satisfying in a long time. The chemistry from Moon and PSH is unbelievable…the last scene just exploded with desire, longing and hotness…..WOW!!!

    LOVE this show, MGY and falling in love with PSH❀.

  51. as if i dont love CA already.the writer did a Before Sunrise conection.i doubt that many people heard about that lovely movie,so remantic and so real.that movie and its sequel are my fave movies of all so happy i could sold,heart and soul to you CA !

    • I know, I totally love the reference to the movie!
      I was grinning like an idiot every time our two leads shared the screen! Loving this drama to pieces!!!!

  52. I much prefer dramas with bad promo,good drama than good promo,bad drama. The former will makes me watch with low expectation and pleasantly surprised with the outcome while the latter will just disappoint me big time. Besides, when a drama is good, despite bad promo materials people will come to know about it from word of mouth.

    So far, this drama keeps getting better with new episode. The writing, directing and acting have been pitch perfect in the way they convey every scene. We had a good laugh, we are moved, we swoon and we are kept wondering about what may happen alternately in one sitting. The characters have depth and feel relatable.

    i especially find YJ interesting. I initially thought that her character will become jealous of SK when she knows about SK’s relationship with SJ and will be another obstacle for our OTP. However after the hallway scene, I think she’s gonna help SK with SJ. She wants to protect her marriage and she seems to hope SJ will find his happiness too.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next episode!

  53. I love the way the writer developed PSH’s character. He can be crazy in a moment, quirky funny, full of revenge, then contemplative, introspective in another. PSh’s execution is perfect that I’ve gone from saying this guys is so crazy to laughing and sympathetic the next. I am worried that MGY character will be overshadowed by PSHs. But their chemistry is definitely palpable. We’ll have to see how the writer is going to carry the first few episodes to the next half. Oh, the Yoon Jo character is also interesting. Never thought the writer would go to the extent of having them collaborate, however, we still need to see how the relationship progresses from here. Somehow they made Yoon Jo’s character be misunderstood in the beginning but yet she’s actually a strong, practical, caring person that would go to great lengths in getting what she wants, albeit a gold digger, but she was consistent and had feelings unlike a character that is absolutely devious and indifferent. What a treat for every weekend. Thank you for your recaps Ms. Koala.

    • As far as how the humor is working so well, I think we have to give credit to MGY for helping make PSH’s over the top scenes work. In order to have the funny guy, you need a straight man. In order for the flighty character not to take us out of the story, you need the more grounded character.

      SHE is who we watch to see how WE should react to him.

      In the more emotional scenes, MGY is killing it. Her gazes out the window, and reactions to Tommy were filled with nuanced expressions. You can practically read her the train of her thoughts. THAT is something to admire.

  54. Thank you for your recaps Koala, I am new to your community but will park myself here since I LOVE this show and your recaps are SUPER SUPER SUPER, THANK YOU for including so many pictures, I love how you do this, many thanks,

  55. And the way he holds her hand tightly until the end… is to die for!!! i was like :No, i forbid you to let go of her hand, hold each other for eveeeeeer!!!!!

  56. Episode 6, time 43 minutes, when he is hitting her friend to wake up with his glows, I am dying laughing, but this show is tooooooo funny

  57. Thanks for the recap.
    The awesomeness that was the soju tent screen makes me so happy.
    He bared himself to her talking about his dad, making her feel better about her own family at the same time. And she listened so very carefully giving him what he badly needed with the high five and her approbation that he IS a good person, a good friend.

    The whole thing was already intimate simply holding hands.
    Forced hugging and almost kiss – WOW!
    Whatever feelings SHE wanted to keep hidden are completely out there now.

    I liked how they edited in the standard close ups with hand-held shots during that scene. The extra movement really evoked the suddenness of unsettled/off balance their physical attraction is causing between them.
    It broke my heart imagining him going through all the possible outcomes of kissing her and confessing, but then dismissing or suppressing that desire. Great silent acting by PSH.

  58. I’m first and foremost a geungeun shipper but dang no one can deny that Moon and Shi Hoo do have an amazing chemistry! I love that almost the whole episode 6 is more on them and seeing them starting to feel each, it was really beautiful to look at. Like everyone else, i’m excited and can’t wait on the next episodes to come and to know what will be the outcome of their continuing closeness.

    Thanks Captain for the recaps. I love your comments on the drama as always.

  59. And I love you, ockoala! Thank you so much for picking up this drama to recap. I totally agree, CA is “deliciously brilliant to watch”. The last time I was truly moved with excitement over the leading pairs was City Hall. Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo sure rock my weekends.

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