Episode 6 Cut of the Swoony Almost Kiss in Cheongdamdong Alice

There was a time when watching K-dramas centered around waiting for the OTP to kiss. Yes, there was character set up, plot development, narrative progression, all of the good stuff that oftentimes in the eyes fans merely serve as fillers to propel to the OTP together. This was true especially of rom-coms, when the story was wafer thin and the entire purpose was for the OTP to get together. This year I subconsciously veered away from that when I discuss my thoughts about dramas, finding myself concerned more with whether the emotional threads make sense and how the connections rope me into supporting the characters relationship building. Looking back, I watched all of Nice Guy and never really cared about Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won kissing or making out (though they were great at doing it onscreen), and instead that melodrama really highlighted the realization that I can want characters to get together without caring about seeing physical manifestations of that expression of love. Then along comes Cheongdamdong Alice to remind me that a great sizzling OTP romantic tension will rouse the drama fan in me in hollering for the OTP to JUST KISS ALREADY. The steadily developing chemistry between Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hooย exploded in episode 6 into something so thick you can cut it with a spoon. How did that happen? Where did all that chemistry come from? And I’ve seen both actors other dramas and I can say its totally different than what each has had with their other co-stars. Not necessarily better, just totally different and unique to them. Seung Jo appears to have his heart on a platter, all boyish hesitation mixed with manly desire. Se Kyung is cool as a cucumber with Seung Jo until she’s literally knocked off balance, and then it seems like her entire emotional axis got rearranged in that moment and things can’t ever go back to the way it was before. When I first heard the heroine had an ex-boyfriend she loved and then I watched Namgoong Min rocked out as Seo In Chan (with amazing chemistry with Moon Geun Young), I thought this drama was toast since it’d be neigh impossible to get me to jump to the OTP ship. I was wrong, I was so wrong I was on another planet. Check out the scene in episode 6 that has everyone squealing and fanning ourselves.

Episode 6 Hug-Almost-Kiss Cut:



Episode 6 Cut of the Swoony Almost Kiss in Cheongdamdong Alice — 70 Comments

  1. Everytime, i watch that scene, my heart goes “dugeun dugeun”. What can I say, PSH, u r the man! No wonder the Moon went blushing after that! And no wonder he tweeted for fans to stay tune for this scene! He must have feel the OTP chemistry exploded too. IOI

  2. Omg Park Shi Hoo does it again! Pardon me while i take a cold shower! I didnt realize that when Park Shi Hoo stated that after Family Honor he will passionately kiss in all of his other dramas, that the passion will also go into attempted kiss scenes also! Did u all squeal when he pulled her close or was it just me?
    Also thank god I had faith in Park Shi Hoo and decided to give this drama a chance, because it is totally worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. PSH has this thing about him. He has this particular kind of chemistry that makes everyone forget about everyone else even when initially one is only sort of okay with him. Sexy is spades, but not of the traditional sort. Of course he is handsome. Of course he has the kind of skin that women (and many men) would sell their mothers for. Of course, there is โ€œthatโ€ smile. But many actors have such a checklist, so it has to be more than that. He always presents his characters as men who really SEE the women they love–not just the outside prettiness (’cause let’s be honest, they have all been different kinds of lovely), but as if he loves them for everything they really are–warts and all, gaffs and al, failins and snot and drunkenness–that he loves them beyond his knowing, that he loves them passionately, often against his better judgment. Of course he is hot, but he is also warm. This is why he has such a fan base. Who wouldnโ€™t want that kind of love?

    Moon Geun Young has the kind of eyes that regular people cannot have. If I showed that much honest expression in my eyes, I probably would have gotten fired from every job I have ever had and be living on the streets. The combination is explosive (and it is only episode 6)!

    • trotwood, PSH’s angsty stare…got me swooning and thudding on the floor over and over again! Gah, if any man looked at me like that, like I am the only woman on earth…? ***Blushes*** I haven’t seen his other dramas but they will definitely be on my to-watch list.

    • I agree. I often forget about PSH when he’s in between dramas. And pictures of him just don’t appeal to me, but once he’s on screen interacting, it all comes back. He just works well when he has an object of affection. If that makes sense. I didn’t finish FH or Iljame, but all other PSH projects I have seen. But I honestly don’t remember much about most of them except TPM.

      • I think this is why in the past, he has often started out as the second lead and then writers change things to make him the lead. From what I hear, this happened to his character in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor and in Queen of Reversals. PSH made second male syndrome pay off, but now I don’t think he will ever be cast as the second lead.

    • Trotwood, you had me laughing like crazy. I was away so just got to watch 7 and 8 and I swear, at some point I stopped the video and was looking at his face, I meant the man is flawless, how is that even possible? Yes, I could see the temptation of selling one’s mother for his skin…LMAO here!!!

      I know her eyes too, I will have no family left by the time I trade them in for all those skin and eye features

  4. Oh yeah, thanks for posting this. I am not watching it yet because of finals; it looks like another marathoning of shows will be in my future. Your blog (and dramabeans) is the only thing helping me through this trying time.

      • Christmas week will be about baking and me watching drama. Who said it was about family? I see them all the time! I want my drama, and I want it NOW. I regularly get up at 2 AM to do work during the school semester. I’ll just get up at the same time over break to start watching drama. How many hours do you think I can fit in?

    • Hi, trotwood. I am done with finals and am so happy now that I can dramathon like crazy!!! Happy studies for finals and then dramathoning will be all worth it!

  5. i love mgy. i love psh. when i watched mgy present an award to psh before, i thought, “hmm, they would make a cute pair.” i was elated when i heard they would work together for this drama, but, like others here, also a bit nervous. but this scene! and they didn’t even kiss! i felt se kyung’s and seung jo’s longing for each other and understanding that they can’t go through with it, like a push and pull within themselves. if the almost kiss had me squealing, i don’t know what i’d be doing when they do kiss.

  6. *fans self* I cannot for the life of me explain the sheer force of magnetism that is Park Shi Hoo. I mean, I like him just fine but I don’t ever swoon or fancy him. BUT once he gets into character, my oh my, I am a lost cause.

    I also think that his and MGY’s acting styles compliment each other really well. She kinda tones him down and makes him more relatable, while he brings brings the sizzle and ooomph. And I just adore how effortless and yet explosive they are together.

    • PSH’s has that intense stare…like he’s a slow burn about to combust at any moment from all his surpressed emotions! I can’t wait! Love this man!

    • Exactly Yeisha, I feel the same way. I don’t think I much care until I see him running around the room like a nut then I melt completely. Oh, he is also going to be the death of me:)

  7. I don’t know how many times I played that scene…. really I’m in a pervy mode, but the way Seung Jo looked at her, I think he needs a room. lol I can feel his desire for her. Too HOT to handle.

    • Why is he still wearing it???? SJ is too busy chasing SK that he forgot his revenge plan and she forgot her social climbing scheme…ehehe…it’s call sarang.

  8. Man, I remember looking at the promos and being kind of mystified by all the swooning over Park Shi Hoo. He’s easy on the eyes, yeah, but there are better looking guys out there in dramaland. Then I watched the first four episodes of Alice.

    …And then, waiting for this weekend to get here, I burned through Prosecutor Princess in a day and a half. Now I’m getting through Queen of Reversals with The Princess’s Man next on the list.

    I get it now. Oh my god, do I get it. There’s something about him that’s magnetic in a way that is so very, very dangerous to all my free time. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched that scene above, but I imagine it’ll number well into the double digits by next Saturday.

  9. i must admit i am more a fan of MGY than PSH but man, ain’t he rocking the drama so far?!

    who would’ve thought get knocked out by the chemistry of this two… hahaha, no one could have said so after episode 1.

  10. PSH and MGY both have the ability to have amazing chemistry with their co-stars, which makes their pairing create a magical feel. I am looking forward to MGY working with WonBin in a serious drama. Now, that would be a magical acting and I can’t wait to see if sparks will fly too. Modeling is so different from drama.

  11. WHAT A SCENE JESUS!!! I almost cried for some reason, it was that intense.. and the ost in this scene is just killing me…. Congrats to PSH and MGY and thank you for giving us this scene which we replay again and again…

  12. Man … great scene, great pacing and superb acting by MGY and PSH! T This really beats the roll in the hay and make out scene. This is simply MAGICALLY!!

    Really got me hot under my collar. So much sexual tension oozing out from SK and SJ and it almost spilled over right through my screen. I am sure everybody is screaming for them to kiss but I am glad it did not happen as yet. It will just kill the entire ambience, mood for the forthcoming episodes. This scene merely teases and tantalizes us like a sweet treat in anticipation of their love developing, blooming and ripening and it continues to build up to a crescendo and when it finaly bursts, I just can’t wait to see the fireworks between the both of them – hopefully somewhere in Paris eating crepes or simply holding hands and walking around.

    This episode really gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling; just like sitting in front of a fire place with your love ones. There are so many scenes between SK and SJ that touches me deeply – SK and SJ learning each other’s taste (when they were drawing pictures of Paris), SJ meeting up with SK’s parents (I love the way SJ looked so at ease and at home while chatting with SK’s dad & that look he gave to SK,that longing to be part of her family when dad asked him on his marital status and SK giving SJ positive affirmation when SJ avenged SK for Tommy’s insult. It is such a great way to start off to build up a relationship and cements its foundation before trouble comes along.

    SK and SJ, fighting!!!

  13. Oh, sorry but I forgot to mention one more thing.

    I just luuuvvvv the way SK handles SJ. Though there were times she is really exasperated with him, she never writes him off as a weirdo or mental patient. She really treats him with respect as a human being and person. In fact as she gets to know him better, she is learning to loosen up and warming up to his antics( like the hi five at her home and side street still and the french conversation at the restaurant).

    I expect some nerve wrecking moments but hopefully none too angsty. I kinda of looking forward to SK acting as petting and quick to throw in a fit when bickering with SJ. Then SJ sees a reflection of himself … haha that would be fun.

    Whew a load of my chest in saying how much I adore CDDA especially the interation between SK and SJ.

    • Feisty, don’t forget when SK was taking SJ’s measurements with the tape measure…he was turned on for sure! Gah! Love this OTP…rooting for them so early on in the drama. I hope it doesn’t get too heavy because I am loving all the lighthearted bickering and tender moments. Love your description of the tension building…suqeeing like a crazy fangirl here!

  14. Gosh, I watched this like 6 times last night. I know a show’s good when I instantly have to rewatch a scene, and I did that like 3 times last night–the high five, the fake phone convo, and this scene. SO GOOD.

  15. This scene was fantastic. Last week I replayed the shoyu scene over and over, amazed at the intensity of PSH eyes as he poured the soy sauce over Tommy Hung. Thank you for cutting out this snippet.. save me lots of time replaying this hugging scene over and over this week.

  16. I loved both MGY and PSH separately in their works prior to CDDA. And now, I love them even more, if that is even possible. SK really has this hesitation around SJ – but I think she is realizing her own attraction to him as much as the brain says, don’t go for him cause he is “poor”. As for SJ – I feel like he just wants to go for it, as he sees fit/opportunity. His heart seems like it just keeps opening up for her.

    I was fanning myself at this scene, and I watched it a few times over. You could totally fry an egg on this scene, it was pure sizzle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. This is definitely now on my list of hottest Kdrama scenes ever. Sometimes not kissing can be even hotter than kissing. My computer needed melted down. Glad many shared my sentiment.

  18. I still ship Park Shi Hoo with Moon Chae Won (if those 2 ever do a modern drama, I’d die of happiness) but he is knocking it out of the park here. But with Park Shi Hoo, that’s just par for the course.

  19. Swoon, swoon, swoon! My absolute favorite part of dramas is the sexual tension, whether we get an actual kiss or not. And this was epic!

  20. “I thought this drama was toast since itโ€™d be neigh impossible to get me to jump to the OTP ship. I was wrong, I was so wrong I was on another planet.”

    I’m TOTALLY with you here! I felt…and now feel…exactly the same way. Loving this drama!!

  21. Thank you Captain!

    Isn’t the background music (“Daddy Long Legs”) awesome and romantic?
    Playing it at that scene was very effective not only in emphasizing that moment of budding romance but also in highlighting the sizzling chemistry of the 2 leads which we all love!

  22. Ahhh!!! with all the hype, I was waiting for it to complete airing. BUT it’s Park Shi Hoo and too much excitement, so I ended up watching it after all. In one sitting.

    Every time I watch it, I’m anxious and scared to see Seung Jo. He’ll be destroyed when he finds out the truth. He wears his heart on his sleeve. She has so much power over him that it’s scary.

  23. Brilliant directing and editing! All of the angles and shots of these two’s embrace…totally amped up the chemistry level…HAWTNESS!!!

    I don’t know what was hotter…PSH’s angsty stare or his HIP THRUST HUG!!! Gah…I die. Falling so hard for PSH’s smexiness. His angsty gaze reminds me of Lee Min Ho’s angsty gaze in Faith. ***SWOON***

  24. I share your feelings when watching Nice Guy – somehow I did not manage to connect emotionally to the OTPs and just did not care enough whether they kiss or not to reflect their feelings.

    But CDDA is so different! This scene is so hot and intense and I thoroughly want them to kiss so badly! PSH is so magnetic and awesome.

  25. wow wow wow – i never thought i’d ship this pairing. but seriously, now that i think about it, everyone that MGY is paired up with, I end up falling in love with too. and surprisingly so! from Kim Rae Won all the way now to Park Shi Hoo – i just love ’em!

    • Exactly! When i watched MMM, i bcame a geuns shipper. Now that i watch CDDA, i need PSH to propose my Moonie. NOW! Hahaha… i just cant get over it.
      Ah but i cant feel any chemistry between MGY and Chun Jung Myun in Cinderella sister..

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