Yoo Seung Ho to Enlist in the Military After Wrapping Missing You

Cruel drama fates say what?!?! Okay, my last 24 hours have been insane (15 hour flight back to Taipei with 2 Koala babies, trying to get sleep but they are bouncing off the walls and up at the crack of dawn after 2 hours of shut eye, trying to tire them out with a swim and tired myself out instead) so I don’t know if I am hallucinating this or it really is happening. Yoo Seung Ho is enlisting in the military next year! Right after Missing You wraps! The double whammy of pain I’m feeling is like tripping and falling flat on my face…..and I happen to land in a pile of shit. The thought that his last drama before enlisting is MY just pains me. It’s totally like Kim Jae Wook enlisting right after Mary Stayed Out All Night. Though if I have a moment to calm down this is actually good for his career. He’s already a big star but just needs age to vault into the A-list leading man status. What better way to hit a bajillion birds with the same stone – he’s gone for 2 years during which he grows up (and gets some army abs, YY?), he doesn’t need to do any more second fiddle roles (which to be honest he takes because he wants to rather than those being the only roles offered to him), and he doesn’t need to enlist further down the road when he’s pushing 30 and at the height of his career. I’m simultaneously happy and sad, rather like sending my kid off to an elite college on the opposite coast. It’s good for him but good lord am I going to miss him.

Oh, and in case it’s not clear, I’m dropping the MY recaps. I’m on holiday for the next two weeks and don’t have the time or energy to parse through this turkey for the increasingly infrequent moments of tender reflection and emotional honesty. It’s clear the writer is writing her story around Soo Yeon and Jung Woo reuniting and none of the characters or narrative threads are going to be dealt with in any meaningful way. As such, my hopes for what this drama could be are clearly just that and its a drama best watched for those who simply want a catharsis on the OTP getting back together. Ratings for this week’s one episode dropped significantly, between 2-3% in ABG and TNS, a combination of where the story is headed and the fact that MBC aired one episode while KBS aired Jeon Woo Chi both days. As cray cray as MY has been, I did enjoy that parts that worked so well, like the Mommy scenes and the sweetness of Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon’s adult relationship (before the writer turned him into a total psycho). I hope Yoo Seung Ho enjoys filming the rest of the drama. Just for him I’ll keep watching until the end since its another 2 years before I get him back on my screen after this. It’s still stunning to witness how hot he looks in MY. Let’s post an early farewell to my baby boy.


Yoo Seung Ho to Enlist in the Military After Wrapping Missing You — 49 Comments

    • ALL? Like, you, me, them, us? Er, the last time I checked, everyone speaks for themselves. Unless someone appointed you to be our spokesperson while I was gone, no? (-;

      Anyways. Thanks for the post on our gorgeous boy, Capt. K. This news is so bittersweet. Bitter, because he’ll be out of k-dramaland for two years (unless he suffers an injury like Won Bin and will be out after 191 days ^_^). Sweet, because he’ll be legal by the time he gets discharged. ^_^

  1. Omg. Just imagine how drop-dead gorgeous he’ll be when he returns in a couple if years. I can finally drool over him wholeheartly. I’ll miss him though. : (
    I also stopped watching MY. My heart couldn’t take the angst. Have a great holiday Ms. Koala!!!

  2. Well that escalated quickly! I think it’s pretty acceptable though. Comeback after you become a real grown up and accept more mature roles as a leading man.

  3. He’s gonna come out as one smoking piece of meat. And he’ll finally get age appropriate roles to play. Great move on his part to enlist early. Gonna miss him so much….

  4. The Vogue pic where he poses in denim like James Dean will always get Me. Always.
    Cute kid, smart and talented.
    Mrs Koala, I wonder: Dropping IMY and 2 weeks of rest… Does it mean we will have a refreshed recapper, just in time for Flower Boy Next door? ^^

  5. i see a trend here…. right after shooting a drama with YEH, her male co-star enlists in army e.g Joo Ji Hoon, Gong Yoo, and now YSH… ūüėČ

    just saying.

    • Errr, not really for JJH, he enlisted 2 years after doing Goong. He did Mawang and Antique Bakery as well before enlisting. I don’t think YEH sends her costars scurrying to acquire some army abs.

  6. wohoo…another shocked news!
    but overall im still happy with his decision..
    hope he could be more mature,,more charming..n more successful in the next 2 years..gonna miss u seungho-yaaa.. ToT
    anyway,,thanks for ur hardwork koala! ^_^b
    i really appreciate all ur thoughts bout IMY *which i do agree the most
    have a nice holiday!^^

  7. MS Koala – you are super mommy indeed. I really want to take my two babies back to taiwan but the 20 hr flight(s) is a little overwhelming. I think it’s shorter coming back but it’s not much consolation.

    YSH – a little bit of a shocker as it totally goes against the grain, however, it’s probably the best decision he’s made. He’ll be around to do all those 28 & 29 yr old roles when he’s that age cause all his entertainment cohorts will have to serve. ūüôā My motto is sooner in, sooner out. ūüôā I guess for an idol, it makes less sense, but for an actor, I think it’s a great move. And 2 yrs passes pretty quickly. He’ll only be 21 when he gets out. Still a baby in my books.

    YSH – fighting!!!!

    • It’s doable. Mine are supremely trained for long flights. I’ve taken them by myself to Japan, Taiwan, and London this year alone. I’m a strict mommy but if they behave they get to see the world. Win and win. ūüėÄ

      I love YSH for going now especially since he wants to serve with guys his own age. Such a good head on his shoulders.

      • You’ve probably been asked this before, but if you don’t mind answering me, what do you do for a living. Sounds like you travel often.

      • I have been wondering the same thing as angskeet. You wouldn’t happen to need an assistant. I can send my cv overnight express!! I’d behave, too, if I got to go to Japan, Taiwan, and London in one year!

      • I don’t mind answering – I’m a lawyer in RL. I travel for work often enough (less now than I use to deliberately since I hate being away from home and the family), but also travel for fun. Those trips above are all for fun this year. ūüôā My little cousin has asked to be my personal assistant/nanny all the time, trotwood. I told her if I ever needed one I’d call her so for now you have to wait. ūüėČ

  8. Awww, you’ve stopped recapping it?

    This might actually mean that I might need to finish the drama by physically watching it. I might just drop it since I was only interested in Harry and he clearly has lost it.

  9. Thanks Ms K for the recap. I will watch this show but not following closely as this is a last piece of YSH’s work before he enters military. Have an enjoyable vacation.

  10. He seems so smart and grounded which makes him even more attractive, I mean interesting. I meant interesting, people. Really, even out of the army I’ll still eb old enough to be his (gasp) mother (I think). Anyway, once again ntoicing the funny names Captain Koala gives her pictures. That James Dean one, in case you don’t know, is called “babyboyvogue1.” Oh, Captain Koala. You make me smile even with the small things. Have a great holiday.

  11. This news is out of the blue but it’s definitely a wise decision by YSH. I become interested in him through Missing You. I think it’s admirable of him to try different roles each time even rejecting offer to play first lead in WBDS and choose the second lead character instead. And now, enlisting early too. I wonder what the other actors or male celebrities feel when a lot of them try to go later than sooner. Envy perhaps because this boy is still young yet he’s already popular, an establish actor and soon will be done with army. Anyway, YSH has such charisma and ability to play a leading man, but since he’s still not age-appropriate and has very young looking face for adult role type, I’m excited for when he’ll be back from the army 2 years from now, completely ready for it with suitable age and more manly. I don’t need to see him return to high school roles or play second fiddle or child character after IMY, so yeah, I’m excited for his comeback post-army duty. This is definitely killing many birds with one stone.

  12. Sad for us, smart for him.
    Now his decision to NOT go to college so he can focus on his career shows even more foresight.
    A career in entertainment is mined with opportunities for both success and failure. I have to guess he has a very wise and supportive team helping him. Doesn’t he seem surprisingly well-adjusted?

    I will be honest here, I don’t think I will be able to handle the hot that he is becoming. Seriously, those eyes, that jawline, that profile and hair bulked up and ready for duty? It’s gonna be devasting in two years.

    • “Seriously, those eyes, that jawline, that profile and hair bulked up and ready for duty? It‚Äôs gonna be devasting in two years.”

      Dang, just thinking about how hot he’ll be makes me spazz like cray cray.

      Go and become a man, my dear boy. Noona will be waiting. ^_^

  13. He’s gorgeous in that last pic, I must admit and think this is a very intelligent move on his part and wish him the best. Since he forfeited going to the uni, enlisting in the armed services is a logical next best thing for him (i.e. abs and pecs).

  14. that’s a great idea:) you know, he’ll come back after 2 years as a real leading MAN…man with abs, man with more charisma gained from army..all of that adult stuffs will be added to YSH’s image after 2 years, just brilliant.

  15. WHY?!!!! I immediately went here to check your recaps after watching episode 13. I hate the drama now. Especially how Jung Woo acts after he kissed LSY. It’s like he’s the one who has the right to own her/he owns her now. -.- He just can’t say those things to the boyfriend of the girl he just made out with. He’s saying he doesn’t want to be greedy but what he is doing is BEYOND GREEDINESS! Kissing the girl who you know has a fiance, talking to her fiance like that as if he has the right to talk that way anyway, wanting to stay as friends just to make her stay by his side even though he the intention of stealing her away from him anyway. -.- but then when Harry told Joy that he waited the same amount as others did too just made me cry hard. ūüôĀ

    And I’m ranting here even though this post is about Seung Ho going to the military for 2 years. >.< Sorry!!

    But this is just sad. I'm going to miss him badly. Two years seems so long. If I could only do the same like what Jung-hwa did from Spy Girl movie when she secretly visited her hot bf Gong Yoo at the military camp. HAHAHA. But.. I'll really miss him. Aigoo.. :'( Please do well baby Seung-ho. And come back safely <3

  16. Wise decision. Good luck for him. He’s undeniably handsome, but hasn’t taken a role that catches my attention just yet, so I have great expectations for his post-army career. Hope he stays well and healthy, studies hard and chooses challenging characters when he comes out, and I’ll be sold for sure. He really has a lot of potential.

    And I can’t even bring myself to imagine when my beloved generation of ’87 leaves for 2 years… ūüôĀ

  17. Two years! That seems such a loooong time.

    But I feel it’s a good decision. He’s too young right now to play the kind of roles he likes to play. Hope he’ll come back looking more mature.

    Also, I think he’s the first celebrity I’ve heard of who doesn’t seem like he’s being dragged off to military service kicking and screaming. He’s a good example for the youth of korea.

    Too bad you’ve stopped recapping IMY. I’m going to miss your recaps. Whatever some some people say, most of us appreciate your comments.

  18. I’m¬†surprised…I¬†read¬†this¬†interview¬†where¬†he¬†really¬†seemed¬†frustrated¬†with¬†how¬†people¬†treat¬†his¬†age.¬†I¬†hope¬†he¬†has¬†a¬†safe¬†time¬†in¬†the¬†army¬†and¬†comes¬†back¬†without¬†his¬†age¬†hanging¬†over¬†his¬†head.¬†



  19. very sad about YSH going to military but the boy made a very wise decision!

    thanks for this year Captain! your blog have been a haven for me eversince LTM.

    wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Christmas!!! here’s to a great 2013 for all of us! ūüôā

  20. It’s a good thing that you dropped out MY, with all the negativity you have with this drama? It’s is the best decision you’ve ever made. There should be an end to every ranting you’ve made. I mean if you did not like the drama then state your opinion once or twice, don’t keep on dragging as if it is a trash meant to be trampled. With all the trashing and bashing you’ve made, you lost a number of readers.

    May you be blessed so much in real life so that you will see things on the positive side and hoping you will not experience what you make other people look and feel like.

    • Maybe one of these days you (fin) will be able to accept people with different opinions/perspectives from your own. And pointing out flaws in a flawed drama is perfectly okay.

      • Wow, fin, you need to get a life. People start their own blogs so they can have their own opinion. If Koala has lost readers for expressing her own opinion on her own site, those readers deserve to get lost anyway.

        And, if by reading these recaps actually makes someone feel or look negative (whatever that means), those people need to seek professional help. Really. Please do.

  21. He;s way too thin now IMO. I hope in 2 yrs he’ll come back with some muscles (and choco abs, of course)… I’m gonna miss my baby, but it’s gonna be worth the wait for he;s gonna come back a man.. Tho I quit watching IMY midway before the whole first-love-can-overcome-trauma plot messes up my brain, I might skim through the remaining episodes later just to get my fix of YSH :p

  22. Thanks Koala for your recaps and am sorry that you stopped because of people who can’t accept a different POV.
    YSH has a good head on his shoulders for choosing to go to the army now especially when he will be at the same age as his fellow soldiers. I look forward to an older and mature YSH.

  23. It seems we have not seen the last of his projects before leaving for the army. He is to appear in So ji Sub’s 12 min musical mv along with Park shin Hye. He is to act as the younger So ji Sub. That will be great to see them together. Never knew SJS sang and rapped. And YSH appeared as a cameo in YB in a scene with PSH. I believe he also once considered PSH as his ideal girl.

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