Li Yi Feng is Playfully Charming in New Magazine Photo Shoot

I luff this boy! Li Yi Feng is one of my few C-actor biases and I make no bones about loving him purely for his extreme adorableness plus charismatic onscreen charm. He won my heart in Sunny Happiness and I’ve never regretted it since. He’s had a series of dramas since SH that I’ve tried to watch but all fail to be any good so I’m still waiting for another project from him to satisfy my craving. One can only watch SH that many times, and I can bring myself to re-watch his cameo appearance in the craptastic Happy Michelin Kitchen where he reprised his Xian Yun Chao character from SH. Currently he’s filming a period drama as the male lead with Ying Er as his OTP, and while I can’t quite imagine the two of them together, early BTS stills show lots of cute chemistry that gives me hope. It’s called Happy Times Pretty Bickering Enemies (欢天喜地俏冤家) and just the name sounds like a fun and harmless romp. Before this period drama airs I’ll be about to check out the modern drama that just wrapped filming called Tiny Times 1.0, which is an adaptation of the popular C-novel of the same name (the first of a trilogy of books) co-starring Ivy Chen, Peter Ho, and Kiton Jiang. Sometimes I’m amused by how name dramas China churns out, and how many dramas or movies C-actors do in one year compared to their Korean and Japanese counterparts. Of course the hit rate of good stuff in China is much lower so I guess doing more increases the crap shoot of actually having a decent or breakout hit. Until Li Yi Feng hits that perfect role for him, I’ll continue to just appreciate the little doses of his charm from photo shoots and TV appearances.


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