Bolin Chen Returning to TW-dramas with Rumored Co-star Ivy Chen

Now this is an onscreen coupling that keeps working together but is rather low key about it. Word on the street is that Bolin Chen, coming off a career breakthrough performance in In Time With You co-starring Ariel Lin and has been doing movies since then, is about to return to idol dramas. He’s inked for a drama that will start filming in January and is set in a university setting. The crew has been scouting for the right location last month and has settled on the picturesque central Taiwan campus of Cheng Da (National Cheng Kung University) to film the drama. I’m loving more dramas filmed outside of Taipei and Tainan is a lovely city indeed to use as a showcase of more of the authentic flavor of Taiwan culture and architectural style encompassing Qing dynasty, Portuguese, and Japanese influences. His rumored co-star is Ivy Chen, which would make this their third onscreen pairing after doing the C-drama Modern People last year plus a Taiwanese movie Silent Code this year. They actually didn’t play the OTP in Modern People, with Ivy paired up with leading man Hu Ge while Bolin had this unrequited crush on her and they played best friends. I thought then that they had great chemistry and ought to do a straight up romantic drama together, and looks like I’ll be getting my wish soon. They also paired up last year for the Uniqlo campaign in Taiwan which was really lots of fun. To whet our appetite for this new drama, check out some really sweet official stills of Ivy and Bolin in MP.


Bolin Chen Returning to TW-dramas with Rumored Co-star Ivy Chen — 10 Comments

  1. OMO! I really hope this pairing will come true! Third time’s the charm, right?! I’ve been waiting for them to play OTP in a drama even since Modern People when I shipped them like crazy, although it wasn’t meant to be (sniff). Thanks fo the potential good news! Will keep my fingers crossed here 😀

  2. Why are you awake?
    Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    He reminds me of both Gong Yu and Tsumabuki Satoshi. They all have great hair, great lips and a very masculine vibe.

  3. A dream come true for me ……..I thought she should have been paired with him in MP.
    Bolin Chen……I call him Mr Natural. He is like Gong Yu in that regard but I prefer his looks. Both wear sweaters with such elan. I usually dont’ care for Asian men in cardigans but Bolin and Gong Yu make cardigans look good.

  4. Having just finished and really enjoyed Campus Confidential, I don’t know if I could watch MP knowing they’re not the OTP, but I can’t find any listing of another Drama with the two of them in it. Did this one go ahead, or was it canned?

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