Flower Boy Next Door Releases Trailer with Adorable Drama Footage

There are no absolutes in drama watching. Even if everything looks great, and perhaps even too good to be true, that doesn’t guarantee a base hit much less a home run. Sometimes I think dramas ought to be all about the running game, small incremental gains rather than risking a 3rd and 30 and needing the quarterback to connect with his runningback far afield. As much as everything about Flower Boy Next Door looks utterly perfect, there is no way my predisposition for it is going to keep me from shredding it if it sucks. That will just make me sad. But with the release of the first official trailer showing footage from the drama itself, my worries are kept at bay because its so hilarious and cute. I made a mistake when I wrote that Kim Ji Hoon plays the guy Park Shin Hye has a peeping crush on, instead he plays a character not in the manhwa but is indeed the second male lead in the drama. I’m happy the drama is actually taking the general set up from the manhwa and fleshing it out by adding new characters and hopefully lots and lots of great scenes and interactions that really amp up the story. I don’t know why Kim Ji Hoon’s character is dressed like a fashion killer above. Not that I’m complaining, he’s still hotter than legally allowed despite wearing an ensemble that is best described as unfortunate. As much as I love him, I really love the first glimpse of how much sparks are between Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye in the trailer. Guh, please let this drama have tons and tons of shippy moments!

Trailer for Flower Boy Next Door:


Flower Boy Next Door Releases Trailer with Adorable Drama Footage — 28 Comments

  1. I replying this trailer over and over since it release and still not bored of it. This drama gonna be awesome. I cam see the spark between ysy and psh. Psh always manage to build great chemistry, she’s a queen of chemistry. Even if the drama suck at least i can watch my otp being in love in the drama.

  2. If a half-naked Kim Ji Hoon instead of Yoon Si Yoon would give me the “I see you” sign, then for sure I would need to be brought ASAP into the Intensive Care Unit. ICU. ^^ Yes that’s a bad pun which popped into my mind after the moving scene with the Ahjussi extra rushed to the hospital into ICU in KoD. 😉

    • Me, too, in the ICU with you.
      Thing is, he WILL be half naked (quick intake of breath) soon and we will rejoice.

      I like how YSY has taken his clothes off twice, that I know of, in dramas despite being rail thin. It tells me he has a good sense of self and is unafraid let the writers poke fun at the usual fanservice at his expense.

  3. Ooooooooooooh, despite the ahjuma shawl collar, he sure is working that outfit. How are we going to get all those layers off, ladies, in this cold weather? We will need to sneak into his building and rig his thermostat.

    By the way, I got most excited by seeing the three heads peek out from that door. Are they roommates? Is there really a Santa Clause?
    Bromance is what this creative delivers in bundles, so, yeah, is it FBND Day yet?

    And the VOICE returns, even half-dressed in a cute bear costume, YSY’s growl is silky to my hears and I rejoice.

  4. Okay, KHJ is indeed gorgeous, but since everyone above me is drooling over him… dibs on YSY!!! 😀 In a more serious note, the trailer looks fantastic! No SLS for me at all: I’m already loving the main couple. They have a nice balance of adorableness and hotness together. Hope the drama is as good as the promo is selling it. Because I’m so sold at this point that disappointment is not a word strong enough to describe myself if it sucks. I’ll be devastated, lol.

    In a even more serious note: Merry Christmas to Ms Koala and all of her readers! Even if you don’t celebrate it, Xmas is about happiness and all sort of good feelings, and that’s what I’m wishing to you all! Hope we stick together to watch this in 2013! Happy holidays!!!

  5. Ms. Koala, thanks for sharing the trailer. I can’t wait for Jan to come. There is just too much pretty on the screen but I’m not complaining. Bring it on ;).
    Happy Holidays to Ms. Koala and all the readers.

  6. I’m cool with the main couple 😀 KJH is clearly the most attractive guy though. I just need a shirtless scene from him and all will be well.

  7. I just found myself watching this trailer, then closing the page and going somewhere else, then thinking “what the heck am I doing; I must watch this 3 more times at least,” and then coming straight back to this page to watch the trailer again and again.

    I think all the guys in this are hot, but for some reason this pervy noona has had a YSY obsession for quite some time now. I normally like my men a little manlier, but his voice just absolutely kills me. I don’t know how a voice that sexy and deep comes out of that pretty boy face, but it just sends shivers down my spine every time. And then I found out he was a bookworm… *SQUEEEEEEEE* I love YSY!

  8. KHJ is definitely more good looking but the trailer actually puts some fears at rest. YSY and PSH show how good they are in this first trailer. The expressions and actions…….really worth watching repeatedly. The background music so appropriate too. Hope once the drama starts I can continue to back the main leads and not go back and forth or sympathize with the second lead

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